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Zindagi Gulzar Hai
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Zaroon & Kashaf
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Hola everyone! :)
WELCOME TO Zaroon & Kashaf's Zindagi Gulzar Hai Felicity. Im so proud that even before the show has started, the AT, is at almost 50+ pages, which is great! Shows how loyal you FAK, Sanam, Hum TV, sultana apa fans are ;] CONGRATULATIONS on the AT, here we'll do EVERYTHING FAK-SANAM-fied, ZGH-fied, and other fieds =P
Hope that we can keep this place CLEAN of any politics, please note that
if you are not a fan of the stars or the serial, you are NOT WELCOME HERE, dont say all the shit of 'this is an open forum, we have the right to discuss our likes and dislikes' the FORUM is open to all criticism, but an APPRECIATION THREAD ISNT! so please ensure that no unkind comment about the actors/characters is posted here, cz that ways u can hurt the people who follow them =)
Sorry for the rude-ish mumber, but i Had to, :)
The story, FULL story Cool is in the next to next post, read ONLY if u want spoilers, please =)

According to Umera, she has added a lot of stuff to the script of Zindagi Gulzar Hai, so be ready for surprises! ;]

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Posted: 07 December 2011 at 9:59am | IP Logged
    When i heard about the leads,i was happy-Ofc Fawad hai but then i asusual i had my complains with Sanam Saeed because my Fawad-Sanam Baloch craze is not over yet but then i read how the novel-readers said that its the story of an average looking girl,so anyways i got over the fact & accepted Sanam Saeed.She did a good job as Fizza of Daam(not a Mera naseeb fan so can't say.Hardly watched it) so now i am looking forward to the couple.

  The story reminds me of my all time favourites:Mayank & Nupur!Although i know Fawad & Sanam.S will create another history but for the time being i am happy with a few facts.

-nok Jhoks that will remind me of my fav couple:Mayur
-Fawad as a college student.On top of that,a spoilt bratParty
-humsafar end by February 2012,so if this drama hits the screen even in August!!the wait isn't that long.
-It's written by Umera Ahmed.After Doraha,i just love her more than Farhat IshtiaqBig smile
-The Network is HumTv meaning we'll get voice clarity unlike Ary Digital.

I'll comment on the book i'll start from page 64 tonightWink

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the story, written below, is for people who HAVENT read the novel cz of English/Urdu problems and want to know the story please note that not EVERYONE enjoys spoilers, so this might just spoil your whole drama if you want it all as a surprise! IM SERIOUS! Stern Smile and dont blame me if the novel is different from what the drama turns out to be, there obviously will be changes, considering the fact that its one of Umera's super initial novels Embarrassed
oh and this is how i wrote a SCRAP to my friend, with the whole story =P lol so just copy>pasting, k? ERRORS... DEAL WITH EM YOURSELF! Evil Smile Big smile =P

 Ok, so fawad is this rich handsome COOL young man, who is "the besht" types n then this sort of chote middle class family se this girl comes to his uni, her name's kashaf, and he BTW is zaroon junaid, k anyways, they hate each other cz they always have conflicts n since zaroon is always wid rich pretty girls, he pays no shit to kashaf n sort of hates her, shes not very pretty but all teachers wagaira adore her, cz shes brilliant so zaroon is sort of jealous of her, he makes it a point that he'll ruin the img of kashaf in frnt of every sir, esp sir abrar, who is a very imp character... Nd he pays special attention to kashaf cz he is also kashafs dads frnd...
      He starts behavin gud with kashaf bt kashaf sorta ignores him then 1 day in the library, she hears abt his plans when hes talkin 2 a frnd she rytaway goes 2 confront him, nd bht sunaati hai ussko, phir he also yells at her they have a huge fight n then she says stuff abt how bad a character he is n how he dosnt respect women, is flirty n loose character wala, toh he slaps her :O
Lol yeah :( bt then everyone comes n stops him bt she doesnt stop she keeps sayin stuff abt him n how she'll take the revenge fr the thappar...
khair, uni continues, then it ends =P and they move their ways, its like when uni gets over, woh apne raaste, yeh apne raaste types, sab apni apni zindagi main busy hojaate hain but, its like Zaroon misses something in Life, and he doesnt really remember a lot, but he remembers Kashaf and even he doesnt know why he remembers her... probably because she was different from other girls!? Probably she didnt die @ him just like other girls did? maybe she was better, more confident than him? Anyways, 7 years pass, and he still remembers her, and i dont remember but this guy, a friend of Zaroon, also remembers Kashaf... and he supposedly likes her?! :$ :S and Zaroon is a bit uneasy listening to this fact?!
*PEOPLE, correct me if im wrong or have forgotten anything IMP* =P
k, now, 
this part i had missed, so adding now:
After 7 years, i dont remember but Zaroon goes to a Big function, where he sees Kashaf giving the speech and he recognizes her, and he is stunned! :|
He couldnt believe its KaShaf, he prays that she hadnt seen him... she does see him, but ignores... =P but then the other day, he finds her place and comes to her workplace to meet her, the peon or secretary or whatever informs Kashaf k Mr Zaroon is here, so she says im busy, dont let him in... he keeps sitting there waiting ALL day 11 hours or something like that ROFL :P hes angry, but then he remembers he slapped her and that he could wait as long as she'd want, for her, atlast Kashaf k ghar jaane ka time hojata hai and she sees that he is still sitting waiting for her... so she calls him in... and they confront after 7 long years
they have a convo i dont remember and he says that i slapped u, u made me wait for hours and even though i was angry i still did it for you blah blah blah, and usko ghussa ata hai, shes like, are you done!? she calls the guard, and says, "inn ki shakal achi tarah dekhli aapne?! Aaainda KABHI iss aadmi ko mere office mat aane dijiyega" wid this she leaves! :(
ok lets come 2 the point, wahaan Zaroon's mom is pressurizing him 2 get married n hes like fine, lkin main apni pasand ki larki se shadi karunga and shes like ok, do u have sum1 in mind n hes like, yes but ull have 2 listen calmly and shes not very beautiful like fairies and neither is she from a well known rich family but i wanna marry her, she was in my college... and mom grows all ghussa n shes like WTH!? u cant marry sum1 whose status isnt like ours n hes like idc, i wanna marry her n shes like usska character kharab hoga, and zaroon is like the major reason im marrying her is JUST bcz her character is as clean n pure as it can b, she is a mature n pure girl, and he is like those rich girls whose status is like ours, dont have a gud/clean character and she has one, so his mom laughs off saying, how can u say her character is pure, agar aisa hota toh woh u ko phasati nahi apne pyaar k jaal main :P
and hes like phir toh aapko yeh sunkar bht khushi hogi k she doesnt love me, she doesnt even like lukin at my face, bcz i was cool n flirty in college :P
and shes like so WHY wud u wanna marry a girl who doesntt love u n hes like because i love her n i wont marry anyone but her...
shes like, very ghusssa and shes like beta ji ab apne dad ko khud btana...
he is now scared tht his mom will tell his dad this at lunch so he goes 2 sir abrar and sumhow manages to convince sir abrar 2 come 2 his house b4 lunch, sir abrar is like kyun bhyee n hes like i'll tell u everything in the car, atlast sir abrar agrees n gets in the car he starts askin him... what the matter is.. n he tells him how he loves kashaf n sir abrar is stunned hes like r u serious ya yeh bhii... hes like NO im damn serious and everything, n sir abrar is like agar aisa kuch hai then... he'll help him
khair dad n mom r stunned 2 see sir abrar, but mom welcomes him n all, then aftr lunch, sir abrar tells dad k he has 2 talk abt sumthin imp, dad takes sir abrar 2 his study, after sometime, zaroon is called in the study, both the sir n the dad's faces r quite serious, n his dad starts scolding him k WTH is this tht girl is not according 2 our status n class, n we've done so much fr u given u everything even b4 u demanded, and this is what u do 2 us?! and hes like, thank you very much for doing so much fr me, but i cant marry and spend my whole life wid sum high class girl whom i dont love... nd dad is like u can leave this house, but u wont marry a low class girl... but hes like fine, ill leave this place, and slowly steadily, return all ur favours and money, as i become successful... anyways, dad slowly maan jaate hain n hes like do wat u want... :P his parents go 2 kashaf's house fr rishta, and kashaf is in office, her mom calls her in the office n tells her k beta aaj bht acha rishta aya tha tumhare liye, guy does this n that he was in ur college n all n woh samajh jati hai k its zaroon, usey bht ghussa ata hai n she asks her mom to say NO to them...
        Now, its sir abrar and Zaroon;s plan i suppose, that sir abrar tricks Kashaf to come over at his place for tea... and he starts to ask her k why isnt she agreeing upon getting married to Zaroon when he wants to and shes like i cannot marry a man whose had a dozen girlfriends right in front of my eyes, if i wdnt have known zaroon then maybe i'd have married him, but the prob is i know him too well, hes not a trustworthy person , even if i forget that hes slapped me, theres other stuff which will always make me hate him! Zaroon is hiding in the other room, the door is slightly open so he can hear whatever convo sir abrar and kashaf are havingg... Kashaf on the other hand, knows that Zaroon is here, she had guessed it because she could smell his perfume, and she cud see an empty or half filled cup of tea on the dining table where sir abrar and herself were talking but even though she knew zaroon was there, it didnt keep her from talking her heart out, then after saying a lot, she asks zaroon to come out cz she knew he was there, he comes out and sir abrar is like, i think u guys shud talk it out alone, and he leaves
Zaroon tells her that why cant you marry me? atleast u know EVERYTHING abt me, and still out of all the girls, ive chosen you, because for me, u are Baa-Kirdaar, and how wud u know that the person u get married to someday is as innocent as he poses? how wud u knw if hes gud enuff 2 b ur partner? atleast u know me well and u know how 2 adjust urself wid me, wat if u say no to me 2day and tomorrow u get to suffer because u didnt know how a person HE was, ive changed today, and its because of you... he says.
Kashaf gives it a thought and atlast agrees upon getting married to him.
     now, theyre about to get married, and one day Zaroon comes to Kashaf's office and i think she doesnt like it and sort of insults, and he is like look, last time u insulted me in front of an office boy, i didnt say anything but now, i am ur Husband-to-be and u arent supposed to behave this way with me, we are now engaged, i want to take you out, and she excuses saying she doesnt like this BF GF system, im only wearing this ring, dznt make me do whatever u want me to, i dont like goin out aise n stuff
Khair, they get married, and on the wedding day, Kashaf is looking AS BEAUTIFUL as ever, she is waiting with the ghoongat in their room, Zaroon enters, and he doesnt look at her face, he keeps doing other stuff, eats chocolate, snacks, i think watches TV, changes clothes, and the poor girl is sitting in her ghoongat, she was very scared, that now zaroon has married her, now he will take all the revenge for whatever shes done, since College days but then he comes to her, and raises the veil and sees her face and he is astonished, she was looking very very beautiful, and he tells her, then supposedly he gives her something for moo dikhai and i dont remember kya hota hai but he asks her, u dont love me and she says no, and hes like will you ever be able to love me? she says YES Embarrassed the scene is pretty cute, i dont remember sahi se, but i hope they do it well ;] and extend the dialogues...
"Good Morning!" I lightly felt her hair.
"You wake up early everyday?"
"Yes". She was not paying attention to me at all.
"Kashaf! Wouldn't it be better if you looked at me for a moment? For a newly wed bride, the outside view cannot be better than her new husband"
I turned her around, so that she was facing me.
"Do you listen to music?"
"Yes, somewhat".
"Ok, then listen to this record, I'll be back in a while".
I said this and went to the bathroom. When I came out after half an hour, I found her sitting on the sofa. We had our breakfast in the room itself. She continued to smile at everything I said, but did not speak much. Her presence was enough for me.
[^^ courtesy: Fairy Hug ILY.]
anyways, i just realized main BAUHATTT deep jaari hoon, so lemme just come to the point, atlast theyre like normal family, Happily married Embarrassed shaadi k 2 din baad:
She left for her home this morning and I'm writing this entry. While doing so, I'm feeling really lonely. I could never imagine that the two nights that I spent with her could bring such a change in me. I feel as if a precious thing from my bedroom is suddenly missing. At this very moment, I miss her like anything. I'll call her in a while, I can't see her, but at least I can talk to her.

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(credit: Fairy17, for helping me out with the initial list Embarrassed)

-Afridimalikk- (Reeno)


fairy17 (Fariha)



Grace (Iqra)

InvisibleSmile (Shiza) *she hasn't come here, but ajayegi eventually* :P

ZumSRK (Zumie)





mary78613 (Maryam)

Mahaandneha (Noshaba)

Rabz_14 (Rabiya)

lonelyshadow (Amna)




















burningdesire88 (Fatima)







* to be added to the members' list, SCRAP me -AfridiMalik-
Names ingrey can make the new AT only!

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bas 1 aur... just in case! ;)

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Me me me here..I'm gonna read the novel during my winter break :p

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^and when is that!?
and u shud give it a try! Embarrassed but keep in mind, it was her FIRST novel! LOL

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Ohhh acha, will keep in mind..phir bhi I would love to read :$ and winter break starts next fri :D

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