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Posted: 23 March 2006 at 11:43am | IP Logged
Urvashi Dholakia walks out of Kandy Floss set!

The cat fights continue on Sony's catty chat show Kandy Floss. If the last two weeks have seen spats between Sandhya Mridul and Rakhee Sawant, this Friday

promises more.

At a shoot of the show in Bandra in suburban Mumbai on Wednesday, Urvashi Dholakia, better known as the catty Komolika, walked midway out of a conversation with Amrita Saluja over the issue of marriage.

The conversation, mediated as usual by affable host Archana Puran Singh, turned sour, when Amrita stuck to her credo that marriage was sacrosanct and that her husband was 'pati parmeshwar', and Urvashi insisted that such a view just doesn't hold true in this day and age.

"Yes, I just walked out of the conversation," admits Urvashi candidly. "Amrita was just stuck on the view that marriage is the ideal state of being, though she also contradicted herself by saying that perhaps, in the future, she may not say this!" exclaims Urvashi.

"No one's a sati savitri today. I wanted to know if Amrita washes her husband's

feet, to which she said she doesn't believe in such things," says Urvashi. "I couldn't take the conversation anymore, and just walked out."

"I am all for marriage and it's undoubtedly the most beautiful thing on this earth. I think marriage is for the keeps and no matter what the world has to say about the nuptial knot I truly believe in it and am happy to have taken the decision of getting married. I am superstitious about talking too much about my marriage but recommend it to everybody," says the lovely lady Amrita Saluja.

Amrita laughs the issue off, agreeing that Urvashi did walk off, but says the two made up later. "Urvashi was needling me when I stuck to my guns about my views on marriage. I guess they wanted a war, and we gave them one!", she laughs.

TV makes strange bedfellows, and chat shows make stranger enemies. But Amrita and Urvashi, we hear, have already kissed and made up!

source - tellychakkar

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Archie, pass the goss please

In the first of the series, Archana Puran Singh sharpens her talons to give you all the gossip and gloss in Kandy Floss

Apara Mehta and Smriti Irani


Rajeshwari and Varun Badola


Saif Ali Khan in Being Cyrus

Salaam, Namaste

Archana: Hi. It's me Archie again, and I am here to make you arch your eyebrows ( Action: arching her eyebrow) in surprise and in shock!

Before Saif could get the rosy-cheeked Rosa to marry him, Rosa went and got her portfolio shot by a famous lensman. Yes, sweeties, the acting bug has bitten the Italian tiramisu too. It's salaam namaste to shaadi for now.

Indian Idol, Abhijeet Sawant has gone in for a complete makeover. But his hair straightening effort has backfired so badly that the poor singer now just wants to curl up and hide in a corner. But dude, the problem doesn't only lie with my hairstyle.

There was a time when Amitabh Bachchanji used to work three shifts a day. But that was 30 years ago and he was raring to go. But now he is daring to go back to work and do 27 scenes in one day for a Bhojpuri film. Just the thought of that gives me a stomach ache. Now I swear you shouldn't risk your life like this.

On the sets of Salaam-e-Ishq, Govinda faced a strange problem. The chirpy Chi Chi's chee-chee-choon-choon seems to have stopped. For, whenever South African actress Shanon speaks, she speaks in her mother tongue and Govinda is dumbstruck. At present both of them are communicating through two expressions, 'salaam' and 'good bye'.  But if this, silent communication continues, the 'salaam' and 'good bye' may turn into salaame-ishq (love).

Nowadays Apara Mehta and her on-screen bahu Smriti Irani can't bear the sight of each other. I believe Apara is miffed with Smriti because she introduced Smriti to the stage and made her a theatre actress. Now Smriti has made Apara go backstage. Yes, she has befriended all of Apara's contacts and is grabbing all of Apara's roles. Apara, chill. What's the worst that can happen? People will say, 'Kyunki Apara bhi kabhi stage actress thi'.

After dicing celebrities, let me give you a slice of young life.

Boys will be boys that's a universal fact. Let's go to Olive and check out what our three studs of television are doing there. Chetan Hansraj, Akashdeep Sehgal and Shabbir Ahluwalia are on a Boys' Night Out.

Warning: This section is not heavily recommended for prudes. They will never be the same again, that I guarantee.

Following in pati's footsteps

Kandy: Hello, I am Kandy. I don't let celebs sleep in peace at night and I show them stars in the daytime. I like to keep them on their toes, babes.

If dating in the TV industry continues like this, Amit Jain of Yeh Meri Life Hai may well end up introducing Shama Sikandar as Yeh Meri Wife Hai.

The relationship actress Raveena and her bhabhi, Hum Paanch ki Sweety aka Rakhi, is no longer mast mast. I've heard that when Raveena had yelled, 'My dog is lost, my dog is lost', Rakhi had remarked, "People will say anything for publicity." How catty, na! Raakhi, beware. I've heard that Tandon is ready to do a Tandav and is dying to get her fingers – all five of them – on your face.

Producer Harry Baweja's actor son Harman is very worried about his debut, Love Story 2050. First Kareena said "No", then ex-girlfriend Priyanka Chopra said "Go" and now we've heard Aishwarya Rai has said "Ho ho ho" on being offered the role. Don't worry Harman, before 2050 I'm sure you'll get a heroine.

In UTV's show Arranged Marriage, Sweta Keswani co-stars with the husband-wife duo Rajeshwari and Varun Badola. But this arrangement has every chance of backfiring. Sweta is mad as a wet hen because Rajeshwari follows her husband about like a shadow on the sets.

Rajeshwari, don't worry. Very few people want your chubby hubby. He is all yours, for all seven lives. Hai na, Sweta?

I have to concede, however reluctantly, that stone-hearted Kandy's party coverage always rocks. She makes the most boring parties seem like fun. But, this funda of fun changes from celebrity to celebrity. Now, consider love-making. What works better for a perfect romantic ambience – lights on or lights off? Let's throw some light on the matter. (All the lights go off, and a spotlight falls on Archana) Arrey, not on me, throw light on the matter.

Society Meter

Archana: According to me, thinking of your husband as God is very MS. MS means 'Main Bhi Hoon society, bhai'. Yes, the time has come for Archie, that's me, to declare my HS/LS/MS list. Like petrol prices, this list also changes every week.

On-screen obsession with infidelity: Very HS. A mainstream director like Karan Johar is also tackling the theme of infidelity in his latest film Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna.

Off-screen infidelity: Very LS. Why get into silly-silas?

Throwing Jaya Bachchan out of the Rajya Sabha: LS. Why pick on the smallest player? And we're not talking about height here. Husband Amitabh Bachchan's 'no comments' stance on this issue: Very HS.

Before entering the cesspool of politics, Jaya should have been prepared to face the bouquets and brickbats. Right Mr B?

Saif Being Cyrus: Very HS. Cyrus of Parsi colony Being Saif: MS. Why be a wannabe Saif when you can be an original Cyrus, su kaye deekra?

TV husbands working with their wives in serials: Very HS. Bollywood stars making their wives sit at home after marriage: Very LS.  They're wives, not pickle after all.

Non-star comedy Malamaal Weekly's producer becoming malamaal overnight: Very HS. Stars demanding four and five crore rupees from their producers: LS. You'll be malamaal, but your producer will be kangal, not done yaar.

Kandy Floss will be aired on March 31, at 11 pm on Sony Entertainment

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Aamna aur Akash ka saamna
   By: Tushar Joshi
   April 4, 2006

Taking them on:
Aamna Shariff

It's rare to see Aamna Shariff going public with her emotions. The reclusive actress is upset by remarks made by co-stars Shabbir Ahluwalia, Akashdeep Saigal and Chetan Hansraj on Balaji's gossip show, Kandy Floss.
Male bonding

In the episode telecast last Friday, the show had a segment where the three male actors were shown having a boys' night out in a suburban restaurant.

The conversation veered towards Aamna Shariff, named as one of the pretty faces on television by Chetan.

Later, Akashdeep said, "Is Aamna… shareef?" and looked at Shabbir. The three then burst out laughing.

'I was hurt'

Aamna who saw the episode and was in Varanasi doing a stage show, said, "I cannot change anyone's mentality." Was she hurt by the comment? "Yes, I was hurt by certain remarks. But I guess that's what most of them think is  'cool'. It's quite sad," said the actress.

Akashdeep said he never intended to cause Aamna any grief. "She's a very good friend. I don't think she should take these comments seriously. We were meant to have fun on the show, and whatever I said was not in bad taste. It wasn't anything serious at all."

Sources say Aamna took the matter up with the creative head of Kandy Floss, and asked her for a written apology. Ipshita, creative head for Kandy Floss, refused to comment.

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Posted: 08 April 2006 at 3:29pm | IP Logged
Archana Puran Singh is Happy and Content
Having been part of the scandal-ridden showbiz world for more than two decades, film and television actress Archana Puran Singh surely knows the off-camera glitzy and gossipy happenings pretty well. Not just that. She is also in a better position to understand what makes the world of television and showbiz so hot 'n' spicy.

Add to that her vivacity, energy, love for shooting from the lip and saucy and tongue-in-cheek sense of humour and you will not disagree that Archana is probably the right candidate to host Kandy Floss, the show that will give viewers a peek into the hot and happening events in showbiz, be it an affair, behind-the-scene happenings, make-up van gossip, casting couch, cruise parties or filmy celebrations. Without mincing words or sparing anyone Archana will talk about everything that is hot, spicy, gossipy, mysterious and taboo.

"I think it reflects the changing times. What was taboo a decade or two ago is no more shocking. People didn't talk about their private lives, affairs and close friendship earlier but today they are willing to discuss these things. Kandy Floss provides an appropriate platform to people willing to talk honestly and openly. Honesty is refreshing and endearing." feels Archana. She says she is not a gossipy kind of person but what the show deals with and will reveal is not unknown to her.

"I have been there, heard and seen it all," she says matter-of-factly. "And why not talk about it when people are willing to come on camera and discuss things candidly," she asks. By Indian television standards, the show is quite bold. "It is bold because the content is scandalous," agrees the vivacious host who loves anchoring.

"We have actors, actresses and models talking openly about affairs and casting couch. There are actresses who have admitted that they will compromise with certain producers for the right roles. They have even named the producers and the extent to which they will go to get roles," reveals Archana adding that even Sony was taken aback by the show's content.

In fact, the channel had asked Ektaa Kapoor to tone down the content. "But Ektaa refused. She believes in the show and she put the might of Balaji behind Kandy Floss to bring it on air without diluting the content. Sony felt it was bit risky to air the show at prime time and slotted it at 11 pm," elaborates Archana who prefers films for acting and television for anchoring. "Television has changed tremendously. It doesn't function in shifts anymore.

You are required to shoot for 14-15 hours everyday. I don't want to go through torture for some extra bucks at the cost of my health and family." In fact, though she started her career on television 22 years ago with Mr Ya Mrs she has gone easy on serials and given importance to films. "Film shootings are like holidays," she reasons. "Besides I get paid highly in films. There is no point in working every day. I have the luxury of choosing my work and number of working days. So why not enjoy work and life instead of slogging."

After her debut on television she has done serials but most of them have been comedies like Shriman Shrimati, Samnewali Khidki, Jane Bhi Do Paro and Aasman Se Tapki. Besides in films too she has been cast in comic roles. "Comedy is my USP," she laughs. "I have this ability to give a comic twist to my roles. I have immense talent for comedy and I really enjoy it."

Though she has acted less on television she however, has done quite a bit of anchoring for shows that include Wah Kya Scene Hai, Uncensored and Archana Talkies besides award functions and beauty pageants. "I really get to freak out hosting shows," she says. "It is less work and good money." Besides acting and anchoring Archana also has done direction on television. She directed two shows, Jane Bhi Do Paro, a comedy, and Nehle Pe Dehla, a countdown that she also co-hosted with hubby Parmeet Sethi.

"Both were tough jobs for me because at that time I was carrying my second child. I had to do them because I was committed and couldn't back out. After that I decided not to burden myself with too much of work," she recalls. Wouldn't she want to work with Parmeet more? "I want to do at least one serial with him. I did Nach Baliye with Parmeet and we were together for three months.

It was a great experience. But then being too much together may strain the relationship," she laughs loudly. "I guess everyone needs a break from one's partner. One needs space to be oneself. Otherwise it may lead to a divorce." The actress-anchor loves to enjoy her life as much she wants to enjoy her work. She spends a lot of time with her sons and looking after her house.

She has recently bought a house at Madh Island, which is famous for shooting bungalows, private farmhouses, beach, old Christian village and local fishermen. "It's almost like Goa. As you take the ferry and cross over the creek the temperature drops. You are in the midst of open space, lots of trees, small lanes, churches and village atmosphere. It relieves you of all the pressures of life," she goes on. In fact, she is happy when she is at home.

"Why did I buy the house for? To live well and enjoy life with my kids and husband," she informs. "In fact, I am one of the few people in the industry who is happy and satisfied with whatever I have achieved."
By Televisionpoint.com Team

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Telly stars at Nair shaadi
   By: Tusshar Joshi
   April 14, 2006

Can't wait to wear my sari: Archana Puran Singh
It's touted as one of the biggest weddings of telly land. Samir Nair, Star CEO is getting married to his colleague Sanvari Alagh on April 16.

Both of them worked together on Star One's Nach Baliye. Marking their attendance for the event are some of the Nach Baliye couples.

Among those who have confirmed are Archana Puran Singh with her husband Parmeet Sethi, Maninee De and Mihir Misra, Shilpa Saklani and Apoorva Agnihotri and Manish Goyal and Poonam.

On my toes:
Maninee De
Pic: Sujit Jaiswal
Naach meri jaan

The buzz is also that some of these actors might be performing at the sangeet ceremony to be held on the day prior to the wedding. A source revealed, "Yes, I have heard that there was talk about the performance. But I don't know if it has materialised."

When asked about it, Archana said, "Of course we will be dancing and having fun, but that's like we would for any baraat. I don't think we are performing any skit as such."

Archana, You have competition:
Ekta Kapoor
Singh is more thrilled about the fact that she has purchased her first ever sari for the ceremony. "I am quite excited because I bought this really beautiful sari for the wedding. It's my first so I am allowed to be thrilled."


Maninee De too added that she would be attending the event in spite her ankle injury. "I am still in pain, but have started shooting for Twinkle's Beauty Parlour. I am planning to go for the wedding because of our (Maninee and Mihir Misra) close friendship with Sanvari."

Wait for my Gift: Manish Goyal. Pic: Sujit Jaiswal
Manish Goyal who plans to gift Nair a Lord Ganesha statue said, "Sanvari is an angel to me. I have left all the gifting work for Poonam to do, but personally, I am gifting him a Ganesha idol. I believe it's the best souvenir anyone can receive when they are starting something new."

Balaji head honcho Ekta Kapoor, too, is scheduled to attend the shaadi.

"I am going to Jaipur for the wedding." What is she planning to wear ? "I plan to wear a black sari that my mom has gifted me."

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