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FF raya.. journey of love. up 144 (14.1.13) (Page 136)

luvbalh IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 November 2012 at 3:09pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by fanbalh

too good dear...
like d every bit...
raya romance was best... :)

thanku so much 

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luvbalh IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 January 2013 at 12:50pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by kaparikh1

Haaye that was such a romantic update yaar... Loved it a lott... Thanks...

thanks a lot

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luvsakshi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 January 2013 at 12:58pm | IP Logged
Are you going to update now!!!
luvbalh IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 January 2013 at 9:38pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by luvsakshi

Are you going to update now!!!

may be 
luvbalh IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 January 2013 at 10:16pm | IP Logged

hello guys ...

Am late but dint forget. here is a update  hopefully u all will love it. 

please do comment and press like. 

this is a romantic update do read on ur own risk..

Update 42



Ram called priya to find out what was happeningto her. He knows her mother is little loud. As soon as her phone rang up she took the call.


P: ram'.  Cant u just do anything quietly. U will never leave a chance to embarrass me! y dint u lock the door properly. Upar se  hall mein  kiss karna jaoori hai kya. Maa and Ayesha are teasing me lot. U happy in office.

R; madam' oh now the blame is mine. U can also blot it properly. U dint care it and ur concentration was on seducing me. we r wife and husband. I called u to help u out of situation but madam reverse fired on me.


Saying this he disconnected. She found the line went dead. She is angry. Did not want to call him back. She heard her papa and dared to go out. She carefully observed her mom who is still in spirit to tease her.priya sat beside her papa shipra served sudhir n priya some tea. Priya dint spell a word at least as ram disconnected the call. She dint respond when she got a message she looked at the name read it


Uhh... what ever happened we both did. Y are u blaming me darling? I don't want  a fight again. If the condition is worst make some bahaana and come to my office will go home from here.


Priya thinks [ cant say sorry  instead  wanna escape!!.] she dint reply. Ram called her she disconnected,he tried again priya kept the phone on silent mode. Observing all this.. shipra was exited to tease priya. Ask priya to lift the cal or atleast send a message. Sudhir became serious n enquired priya if she  and ram patch up ? sudhir tried to give her some explanation. Shipra was worried and asked him what happened. Shudir tell her the whole story.priya  looks at her phone angry.shipra questions her they r good in the afternoon when I came what happen now. Priya thought to leave before shipra fire her million questions on her.

P; papa we r fine.  Its just that ur daamadh  takes time to say sorry. The ram kapoor cant say sorry.anyways I will leave papa. Need to meet maa n apeksha.

When she is in taxi she had an sms. 'SORRY' smile curled on her lips. She instruct the driver to go ram's office. She went straight to ram's cabin  to scold him. she went to ram sat infront of him.gave a serious glance.


P; y have u called me here.

R; priya ,I have something important to tell u .haan.i need ur sign on some documents. [lawyer gave her the papers]

P; say sorry I will sign these papers.

R; what .. u need to sign now don't behave like achild. Do it now.

P; ur wish'[ she called jenny ] hey jenny remind Mr.kapoor to bring this files to KM. thanku..

R; whats wrong with u!

P: what nothing . I asked u a simple thing "sorry" was It that difficult?

"no it's a simple word  common ram.. say it"

This is the voice of KK . priya turned back was surprised  rushed to her kk blessed her.

R; that is y I called u here. {priya is worried abt mamaji ,sid and Nik in the office} don't worry priya they all went to finalise the design of new house. Their house.

Ram ordred chai,snaks. Priya served them. Apeksha joined them. Ram 's family is there in his office.he is so happy relaxed.Priya had a text from Nuts. Priya's smile vanished. She called nuts to come to ram's office. Nuts cannot come that time  because,she is busy in an assignment. In fact dead busy. She then called to Ayesha to find out what is she going to say. Ayesha said she is  going to nuts to her maa's boutique.  Ram enquired her .

P: ram  nuts is saying she saw Ayesha and sid in a restaurant. Nuts went to lunch with karthik. It was Ayesha and sid next to them. I am worried that niharika might know about maa and apeksha. Ayesha asked sid about apeksha it seems.

R;  relax priya .Apeksha is my business partner. And niharika knew it. That is the reason she came to talk to me in the morning.

Still priya's tension dint vanish. Lot of questions are hovering in her mind.ram asked her to drop KK   he will be home a little late.  Priya left with the same mind .. she soon reached KM neha and kids are there for her.  Soon priya came in  ridzy ran to priya gave her a tight hug. She was surprised to see all of them there. with kids around she felt relaxed.  Neha started her silly talks.


N: priya what happened, u look so tired these days. See ur looking pale,restless. [priya yawning, rest back on the couch,stretch her head head rest.]

P; haaan neha . am so tierd. Feeling very sleepy.

N; y ? dint u sleep last night!!

P: hmmm'.. kaha [she realised what she is upto ]

N;. oh'.. fatty  is getting naughty kya??

P; nahi.[blushing hard try to hide] kharate..  I could not sleep  that's it.

N: tho  tum rest karo. Ram may come! Later u wont be able to sleep na.. because of '. Kharate!! Baccha party  say bye to aunty'

P: areey neha  aise nahi hai.!

N: hello I have lot experience than u .. 3 baccho ki maa hu. look at ur face how hard ur blushing.  Well priya I think u should now think of kids.

P: hmmm..  haan dadi, maa, ram ki maa and papa were eager to have grand children.that too after nuts issue' but am not sure can we able to handle parenthood at this age. Age is one major factor na!

N; hello if u still  keep on taking time ur dear husband will be a senior citizen too. Shall I ask vikram to talk to ram!

P; no ' neha I will talk to him. we dint plan for anything. I think ur right..i  am sure ram will be the best dad.

N; ok now need to go priya. Talk to him about this. Will call u later. Bye


Priya went to her room. Sat down reading a book ,she drifted to sleep. Deep sleep as she is verytired. Ram came back home.seeing priya in bed.went to her covered her with duvet,kissed her cheeks wishpered 'I love u' priya stirred a bit.. 'ram .. plz abhi nahi..' ram smiled and left the room keeping her mobile silent. She woke up after few hours.. saw ram in his big chair enjoying cricket with head phones. She went to washroom freshnup,ordered his fav food. Both had their dinner. Priya was silent all through'. Priya went and opened the window stood leaning on the breeze flow over her face. Her loose silky hair is flowing. She shivers to the cold winds.  Two strong arms snaked aroung her waist,pulled her close to his warmth.his warm breath tingled on her neck,inhaled her fragrane and  was savouring the moment. He knew that something is behind her silence. He has to know what is she worried off.


R: hmmm' Am sorry'

P: its ok sorry too.

R; what happened to u .. what r u thinking?[asked nuzzeling her neck.kissed her nape]

P; [she is becoming weak. She is  gaining her self] R u sure of what r u doing? Am so scared..i cannot bear if anything go wrong.[she clasped his hand tight. He tightened her grip]

R: priya ''.. { kissed her cheek,}don't worry am not alone. This is not a fight .its just a settlement so relax.everything goes cool.

P; hmmm'' aur..

R; what else..  [he moved his hands on her robe. Pulled the threads off. Pulled her robe down her shoulder giving a wet kisses to her bony shoulder,his hands were moving on her shoulder dangerously all over her body.]

P; neha came with kids in the evening. [ he bite her shoulder] ' ouch' raaam..

R; don't here with u baby. What's the matter'

P; raam everyone I mean..maa, papa,meri maa, dadi, vik neha ' sab '. Are excepecting  good news from us? Maa was asking me..! ..

R; hmmm''..  y dint u say darling we r on our way trying hard. Tell them work in process'[ram kept on kissing her.. he tried to push strap of her night wear down gave her a bite..

P;ouchhh.. ram stop it.. [she  pushed him back kept her robe clinging on her turned towards him] am serious and u'

R; even am serious darling'

P:[she cupped his face,looking deep to his eyes..] Are sure we can handle parenthood our age is even a problem.

R: [ he cupped her face kissed her forehead.] yes we can,I love u . trust me. everything will go well. I want my children my family with me. if we r married in late age so obviously kids will happen in this age only na.


Priya smiled and curled up to his arms . savoring his warmth  rest her head on his chest stood quite listening to the heart beats'

R; priya' don't u think we r killing time.we have to work on project kids' [she hit him on chest ]

P; did I ever stop u. [blushing '. Kissed his chest]


She circled her arms around his neck. Brushing her fingers to his hairs ..trailed her fingers on his face,lips,down to the neck'.ram is enjoying her moves..she opened his kurtha's buttons run her finger down on his chest. Her vision went on a scratch.. she kissed on it..

P;am sorry

R; it really dint hurt

P; hmmm'


Her voice turned husky. She kissed him on neck. Pulled him close to her.he pulled her more towards him. he pushed the robe that was clinging to her body. Her curves are inviting him in the satin silk cloth. She kissed his neck..tip toed to his ears hooking her weight on him bite his ear said I love U'. he pushed her to the wall clasped her hands'started kissing her neck down to her shoulder to her cleavage' she pulled him upto her face' bite her lower lip'she clasped his hairs and pulled him still close to her lips their lips are inch apart. Priya gave a quick peck on his lips, he gave another subtle kiss, another one, and another one.. ram got impatient in a rage sealed her lips with his,it turned to a passionate kiss their tongues played with each other. They separated breathing heavily. She nibbled his lower lip, to his disbelief he heard.. "good night ram'" 


Priya  pulled the comforter over her and adjusted her pillow. Ram went to lock the door . switched off the lights,slide to her side. he cuddled her from back. Slide his arm on her stomach feeling her petite frame pulled her close and started kissing her nape, shoulder and her back.. she was totally lost in his touch. He stretched his another arm she pillowed his arm he possessively encircled her shoulder. He pulled her more close.. she felt him growing for her, he moved her nighty up her legs snugged his legs with hers feeling her smooth skin. His hand caressed her curves and her private parts making her crazy. she carved more for him. she turned to him and hugged him tight.

P; raam .. plz 'stop it..

R; really want me to stop'!

P; I need u badly ' stop this tease raam.. .i badly want to make love to u.

She pulled him close nuzzling his neck. Bite his earlobe. Placing wet kisses on his neck. Inhaling his significant aroma which is driving her crazy .looped her one leg around him.. she took his hand and placed on her back.he hugged her, he twiddle her down..she pulled his face near to her and whispered in a low tone "raam' ur irresistible.. u became so naughty now a days"

he smiled

" hmm want can I do . I cannot get enough of u. u drive me crazy baby..[nuzzling her shoulder down to her bosom placing wet kisses] stop talking I have a very important assignment tonight.".

 she puled to his moves.. both draw off all the barriers that clinging their bodies. They cherished each other for a long time. Moans and gasp filled the room.. She felt him swamping in her. He fell on her breathing heavy. Hearing their heart beats louder feeling complete in each other. He kissed her on lips..

"I Love u"

"Love u too raam'" she stopped him when he was about to move aside.

"stay like this ram..i feel good" she caressed his hairs.. he rest his head on the crook of her neck nuzzling her.

She slept in his warmth,feeling him. he moved aside, covered them with duvet snuggling close to her. She adjusted in his warm embrace, secured free from all the tensions that bothered her. he felt peace seeing her smile in sleep, kissed her forehead slowly drifted to deep sleep.

hope u like it.. please place a comment  and share ur opinion abt the update good or bad never mind .. please be free to explain..

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Hot update... nic.. ram priya are mindblowing..conti..
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Loved it dear...
Update soon.
Good news jaldi suna do... :)
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