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FF raya.. journey of love. up 144 (14.1.13) (Page 127)

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Originally posted by luvbalh

Originally posted by sss283

Originally posted by luvbalh

Originally posted by sss283

Hey where are you ??Shocked
missing your updates badly...Cry
waiting ...try n update soon dearTongue

n hi  subha 

thanku so much  for  all the  love .. am   overjoy with this   thanks a lot

where are you?
update edi??
waiting...jaldi update cheyava...

pakka  chesta.. ivvale..  

aubi  promise


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Part 40


Next  day .. in the  evening  finally  niharika  got to  confront   ram abt   apeksha. 

Niha: questioned ram   may I  knw  what  was  happening  ram. Y  we  colabrated with  apeksha..

R: its  business.. u  plz  stay  away. Am a businessman  wil think  of  profit and  loss and  earn  money . its  for the  good of kapoors .  excuse me.

He went to his room  poor  priya   dosent knw what  happened downstares. Ram  was  tiered and back home ..poor priya tried to  cheer him up but it came back  firing on her.


P; oh  aap agaye..  finally .. y  r u so late todayAngry

R:  I have not  been for a match or a date  I went to office kaam tha  late  hogaye .. that's it.

P; oh .. I thought u went on date..and she smiles.  Well  who is that  girl  other than me.. I bet  no one.. she  laughed LOL

R: priya  watch out ah..  ur  crossing the line.

P: oops now ur saying we do have  boundaries right…

R: haan offcourse u have no right to ask what am I doing and all .. he  saw niharika coming up . who the hell r u  ? my company my wish  job hi  ho its my  work y doi need to explain to u .stay in ur limits..if u  need mone y am here na iss ghar ki ATM  .. don't worry

P: what s wrong with u  ram .. .. y  r u shouting at me. I was waiting  for u  from long time  . more over as ur mood is not  fine I tried to cheer  u up .

R: this is funny  to   u . holds her  arms  tight  and shake her badly . he is hurting her.

P: ram leave me ur hurting me.. she made herself free from his grip ..  " am  going to papa's  house  for a week u stay  happy here  being u. actually I dnt  want to  go  but  ha I decided to go anyways. Maa Ayesha  went to nani's place and karthik nuts  are to  Malaysia .  papa is ill am going.."  I  thought I could………. Leave it  ram . papa need someones's help . no one bother about me here..  .

She  went  to pack  her things  . ram  dint want ot fight he yelled  out frustration on her. His  ego  is not allowing  him to ask  sorry

R: priya .. [turned around expecting  sorry . ] ill drop u    wait


  hr drive is silent  .. ram  went  along  with priya to  see sudhir  ji. He talked to  him  priya  gave him green tea, and snaks  .. priya insisted to ask sudhir  to  stop him till dinner.if not she  knws  ram wil never eat alone.. Priya was still angry on him.  Hesitatingly priya sat  opposite to  ram  and having tea.  Ram is constantly looking at priya but priya is busy with a fashion magazine. Priya and fashion magazine, its  crazy  ram smiled  how hard  she is controlling her mind over ram.  Ram interrupted he asked sudhir of his health. Ram insist  him to come along with him to  hospital .  with in few sec ram made an appointment. Sudhir went to get ready , priya was cleaning up the kitchen. Ram went to balcony  and making some calls. They were important priya  saw him  from the corner of her eyes. Found him   firing on phone too.  She got angry  and started to speak with herself. "duniya ki  gussa  sir pe utake ghar ate hai .. sare gussa   mujh pe  nikhalthe  hai ..akhir  who am i!  biwi  hu na. can  do  what ever he wants aur.. ram overhears  all this bak bak. She felt a hand tapping her.


She turned  around. And  saw  ram standing  giving a tough look and priya  mumbled but later on  gave  furious return look to ram. "kya hai"

" if u are  done can u  go ask papa if he is ready.. aur haan  if u  want u can also come" 

She went  from there  thinking   " attitude.. !  woh  bhi  biwi ko  ...directly  bol nahi sakthe hai kya.   Tum bhi .. chal   chod  priya .. tumara  yeak  ego  filled pati haina   jhelo  paayr ki side effects"Ouch


"papa are u  ready  ..  he is calling u   … app ka damaad ji"


Sudhir  asked  if she   wil come with them she said she has no time , she has to make dinner. It will take long time as ram is here.. "don't forget papa usko khaana kitna pasandh  hai"    with that  priya left to kitchen ..  ram heard all her  words .. he was angry  on her. Sudhir ji  said  to  ram  that he  will be  waiting  for him  outside  and  to come  fast.  Ram  went to  kitchen. By the   time  he  saw  priya   rubbing  her  eyes as  something  got to her  eyes.  Ram  went there to scold her but  was    lost in her trouble he  went there took her  face in his  hand  and wiped the  eyelash  from her  eye. He  was lost in her  beauty .. was  staring at her.."ram  beta   mein  neeche jaraha hu"  ram   was  back in  senses and said to  priya "  he will come soon with papa.."  priya  cannot  bear  the  anxity  to  knw  about  her  papa  so  she  rushed  down  to the  down  stares and sat in the  car.  Ram  smiled at her  childishness.


Ram  made  complete body check up  of  sudhir  ji.  And priya  made  ram to do  full  body check up.  Ram  was not  willing  but  priya  was  so  zidi. " papa  aap ka  damadh  se kahiye  ga ki yeah check ups  inkheliye hai . aaj kal   bahut  kam karthe hai,   bp  itna high rehathe  hai ki  pura gussa  mujhpe nikalthe hai" ram  got  her   very well. Finally made  his check up' s done.  Priya sat  quite. a  cute  tiny baby  crawled  up to her.. she   took her to her  lap  saw who is around this baby.   Ram saw her  behind the magazine. Priya took the  baby  and pampering  her.  Suddenly her mother  took her away   priya  looked sad .  her  eyes   pooped on a pregnant lady. She  smiled  and sighed.  Ram  got  what the  thing  his  love is thinking. Then she  saw the  sonographic  3d  images  of   foetus  in different stages on a wall.  Invoulentrly   her  hands  moved against   her  stomach. Ram  knew what is   priya thinking. He  promised himself . " I will  clear all the mess out of our  life . I  want a happy parent hood. My  child  will come to this  world   without any troubles .  . promise u the  day  will soon  come"


They made their  way to Sharma house. Priya  made   shudir  eat soon shudhir ji slept.  Ram was sitting withhis laptop. Wiping his sweat. Priya saw he is not comfortable. She  was angry   on ram  still cannot see him trouble. She  quicklychanged to ayesha's long  nighty  t shirt and arranged  dinner  for him and her  and called him " dinner is ready  khana hai tho  come  eat am  so hungry .. n I have  lot  of work to  do''  ram  heard this  went to table took his plate  n was expecting priya to  serve. She  sat eating her parata and salad. Ram felt  sorry for what he has  done  the day. This is the best way to say her sorry. He   said  it " AM  SORRY" priya dint react. When he is about to  say again  she  took her plate  went to kitchen   doing her work  ram  ate and finished. Priya want him to stay with him. Ram went to the  room changed to his  kurta. Priya  was happy he is staying with  her. " R u not going?" "  no''  " u should leave otherwise ur  family ."  "  he pulled her  close to him by her  waist. "  doubt  my  family is  here. If u allow I will  plan my  family too"Angry

She  tried her best to come out of his hold but  could not. "  what shall  we plan our  family?"  priya looked deep straight in to his eyes. How come he knew my with to be a mother .  she pushed him went to  her room switched on the AC. 


He came behind her.  Priya ……! 

" am so sorry I was angry and I showed on u"

" why me ram"

" sorry … !  I wont do it   again …" pulled her by her waist took her to bed . priya " its ok  BTW this is my weekness ki I  cant stay  angry  on u for  long time" fiddling with his kurtha button. He  laid her on  bed, came over  her  kissing her  neck, massaging her soft legs. He slowly  pulling her nighty up  to her  waist.. she hold his hand

" ram..  we r not in KM   plz papa ka tabiyath tik nahi hai."

" haan tho . agar tumara papako patha chala ki hum planning kar rahe hai woh  bahut kush hoga"

"planning ??  what planning"  "baccho ki.. my  wife  loves to bore a child."  " haan   ram  wait .! its that I likes kids  not u  right? If ur  not  ready  theyn don't do it for me ram"

He  moved his hands over her  body  making her  feel week ,she  was totally  lost in his touch. He kissed her all over the body.took their  clothes off  and made love the night.  Ram lied besides her cuddling her, she rest her head on his shoulder.

" ram .. !"

" hmm"

"don't u like to have kids? Or  u want tohave  time!  U did not answer me ram"

" priya even I want my  family with me  but u knw am into clearing the mess I don't want my baby to  be a part of the dfamily  with  cruel people it  will surely harm them."

" hmmm…! That's true. I  cannot bear the loss of my baby may be . "  a tear drop landed on rams chest.

 Ram  was back in his naughty  sense.. " baby chaiye tho bahut mehanath  karna padega na..  tho…"

" tho…….!"  Wen  ram was about to  kiss her .. " ram abhi abhi tho  aap .. !"  ' tho  kya hua..  ur  so  hot , S*** ki  am  not  able to  get  enough of u"

" ur becoming very  naughty day by day"

" wat to do  ur there behind everything."


They made love again  that night . till the morning. Ram  slept  very tierd, priya  got up after one hour sleep .it was almost  5 30  she  covered ram properly  with a comforter and went  tocheck her father . sudhir woke up  got ready  for his  yoga. Sudhir  asked priya to join  before she could answer he saw ram's laptop. " beta ram ."  " papa .  he was here    shal I wake him up?" " tik hai tik hai.mein chaltha hu."  " haan ..come fast papa…"  sudhir remember their quarrel and thought they wil settle if he is not home. " nahi priya  am going to  Mittal uncles house I wil be late I wil  come after lunch  actually mital invited me to  lunch.."  "tik hai papa apna khayal rakna I will call u"


Priya  returned to  the room to get some sleep  but ram pulled her over him. " raaam"" kya  hai .. kisse puch  kar   tum ut gayi" " yeah kya  hai ram .. plz chodiye  mujhe . sleep ram or else ull be  sleeping in   the office" " tik se suna nahi papa ne kya kaha .. he gave us  time alone  baby" " papa ne bas apna dosth se…" "  haan .. !  y   today" " no way   ram  ur  not  doing it .. again .. am dead tired please.""  haan .. priya  I  cannot loose this morning romance"  he  pulled her down and came over  her   started nuzzeling her.. " raam please  ram  not  now.." he  never  listened her to stop his romance.. she gave up   they passionately   made love again. Both of them drifted to  sleep  cuddling each other.ram  circled his  arm over her  waist, his legs  entwined hers. Their  mere  bodies  were like two pieces of puzzle perfectly  fit to each other… 

thanku  so much   for  reading   my updates and thanku  all  for   taking time to comment.

plz let me know   ur  veiws ,, press like  and do  comment

love u all

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yaaay  am first...
that was a mixture of many things...


wow...every bit was worth the wait...super great job
raya patched up...

do continue soon...
will be waiting for more

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oho har jagah romance...Ram is damn naughty...Wink nice update...continue soon...Big smile
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yeh raya bhi na dey fight like kids LOLLOL

nice update molly 
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Hot update
Thanks for the pm
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oh wow Clap it was amazing Smile and hot too Embarrassed
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after fight there is romance LOLit was superb @ hot tooBig smile

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