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Tumhari Disha
Tumhari Disha

TD Update for 24th March'2005

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Tumhari Disha Update for 24.03.05


Holi Hai………..hurray……..


Though the story did not move ahead much in this episode, this was a Holi special episode and you will enjoyyy………DK and Disha Chemistry will blow our screens and DK as usual looking rocking in a white loose T-shirt and black trousers and Disha looking really really beautiful in a white salwar kameez like a young college girl ( thanks to mink we all got to see Disha's holi pic last week itself) . And the scene which we all wanted to happen, that is DK applying sindoor on Disha's Maang.oh ba..ba..ba…it was just toooo gooooood.


Episode begins with Disha bringing Nurse Meera along with her to the house. Nurse Meera looked really different and much younger in a black trouser, white shirt and black jacket. Disha is wearing a shocking pink chiffon saree. She tells Nurse you need not fear anything I am with you. Nurse hesitates a bit to come in but listening to Disha come in. Gargi stops her and tells wait, you has asked you to come here. Disha tells her that she brought her here. Gargi tells Disha you know very well that once she tried to poison Didi inspite of that you brought her here. Ah its true that Didi did not die last time, but you never know…Disha tells her that nurse Meera is a very capable and efficient nurse and she knows how to take care of Mummyji very well. Gargi tells her that don't tell me that there is only one nurse in this city who can take care of didi. Nurse Meera tells Disha that please ask DK saab's permission once. Gargi tells Disha that if DK comes to know about it he will not spare you. Disha tells her that I know how to handle DK you need not worry about that. She tells Meera come lets go. DK comes there and tells stop there itself. He comes and tells Meera that I had told you isn't it that you should not come here. Gargi tells DK see I told Disha but she is not ready to listen to me. Tell them that Didi does not need a nurse like Meera you know what she tried to do last time. Disha tells DK that what you heard last time was only a one sided story. It was not proved that Nurse Meera tried to poison didi isn't it. Just think about it DK if Meera had tried to do that would she have hidden the bottle in her room itself, wouldn't she have tried to dispose it off or  hide it somewhere else. DK looks at Disha. Gargi tells him DK why don't you kick her out of the house. DK with action tells Gargi to stop talking  and tells nurse ok you can stay here. But just remember that this time if there are any such problems, I will straightaway take you to the police. Disha and Nurse are happy to hear this. Gargi thinks what is this Jaddoo ( magic) that Disha has done on DK, he seems to be listening to everything that she says. DK turns to leave. He hears Disha telling nurse that Meera please take care of Mummyji , I will be away for a few days. DK just stops in hearing this and feels hurt

 ( just by his facial expressions he proves it). He then goes away. Gargi thinks that I will have to take revenge on Disha for what she told today.


Here they show the two cartoons Inder and Rano. Rano comes to Inder who is busy doing some paper work. She comes and stands next to him holding the kitchen towel and spoon in her hand. He tells her do you want to say something. She asks him how did you know that Inder? Inder tells her ok jaanu tell me what is it. She tells him tomorrow is Holi let us go to Di's house to celebrate. Inder tells her no Rano , as it is your Didi has not invited us and we won't go as invited guests. Rano tells oof oh Inder didi does not need to invite us for this, Inder tells her that your Didi is not the same as before , she is married now and has got certain responsibilities and she may not like it. Rano tells inder comeon let is forget all this and Holi is a time to forget all our arguments and fights and celebrate the festival. Inder smiles oh that means you will not agree, ok as you wish Madam we will go, Rano is very happy.


Now Gargi ( looking comical with dark red lipstick and white salwar kameez with colours on her cheeks but looking much younger and good ). She is eating Baang Barfi and telling oh oh oh Baang ki Barfi ..what a combination. But today is Holi please don't mind.  She calls out to 2 servants and tells them comeon take all this out and start all the preparations. DK comes there ( wearing white T shirt and Black trousers). He tells her what is all this going on. Gargi tells oh oh sunny Holi Mubarak oh .. she tries to apply some colour on DK's cheeks. He takes his face behind and stops her and tells her that you know very well isn't it that I don't like festivals. Gargi tells him you know that I have invited lots of people and this way we can mix pleasure with business. Come get ready . Dk tells her that I don't like this show off business. Gargi smiles at him and tells him oh oh, but you know what , frankly I don't care….she keeps eating the barfi and when the waiters are taking the plate outside, picks up two more barfis. She tells him trust me sunny , black and white life is no good, bring some colour to your life. He tells her that she should have atleast informed him, she suddenly turns and smiles and tells him gone are those days sunny, I don't have to take anybody's permission and please don't spoil my mood, I am in a mood to have a blast today, if you mind you can very well go to you room and lock it and sit inside. Saying this she offers him one barfi he just pushes her hand and walks off disgusted. She smiles and eats the barfi.


Now outside they show some dancers young boys and girls all in white celebrating the festival of colours. Background Kati patang's remix song is going on Aaj na Chodenge, bas humjoli, kelenge hum Holi.. Vedant is watching all this from a distance ( in white kurta ,pyjaama) he then remembers Porineeta running towards the beach…her back they show….suddenly the girl is dressed in white with long tresses and she turns her back and it is Disha ..( oh gosh…..grrrrrrrr….)…..he again remembers Disha's smiling face and she is calling him. Vedant tells to himself what is happening to me, why am I thinking about Dish always. He takes the bang and drinks it and goes outside to enjoy, Gargi is watching this and smiling. DK comes out to have a look, Disha is standing upstairs and smiling and watching all this.. Vedant calls out to her eh Dish come on………..DK looks at Vedant and looks up at Disha too…with his eyes expressing anger and jealousy both at the same time…


Vedant call out and tells Dish come down.. she tells no no vedant I will not come.. he tells her no excuses today.. are you going to come down or should I come up .. DK is continuously once looking at Disha up and again looking at Vedant… Gargi is standing there and watching all this and is amused… Vedant tells Dish I will count till 3 and you have to come or else I will come up. He counts  1…2….. and Disha tells him wait wait Vedant I will come……Vedant is dancing and DK watches this. Disha comes down with Mummyji and nurse Meera. She makes Mummyji sit in the chair and DK also comes there and smiles at them. With action she tells Dk I will just come and he also nods his head. Then he tells his Mummy he is just coming and goes from there. Gargi goes towards the table where all colours are kept and she sees the red colour and gets her great ideas. She picks it up tells now watch the fun… she goes latak matak ke towards her and suddenly Vedant pulls her and stops her. He tells not today mom, she asks him why, he tells her that there are so many people around and if you go towards her then all will doubt you… please don't . She smiles and tells him ok son… and both apply colour on each other's cheeks and hug.

Disha is going when two girls come and apply pink colour on her cheeks. Vedant pulls her and tries to apply colour  when she tells him nahin vedant and comes running towards DK and stands there.( Now don't miss this scene )  DK keeps looking at her and she also looks at him and suddenly becomes all coy. She suddenly sees in the front and remembers Inder putting his hand on her shoulders and applying colours and suddenly lo, behold the man holding her is DK ( wow ). She keeps thinking about it when DK who has been just looking  at her face asks her what happened. ( now in this scene Ashish acted superbly with his expressions goes without saying but it was Chavi who was really shining in this scene … her expressions depicting a young girl at the crossroads and unable to make out if she is really in love and her eyes expressions was just just mindblowing and not to forget the chemistry which these two share…….simply simply rocking..)  She tells him nothing…and slowly takes yellow colours in her hands and asks him if she can apply on him and brings her hands towards his cheeks…. He smiles and with expressions says…no…..she feels a bit dejected and is about to go when he holds her hands and stops her and takes out red colour and puts on her Maang ( haainnnnnnn….mein mar jaawaan.)… She thinks about the song ancchahe se jis rishte ko…majboori ne sweekar kiya…… and remembers the marriage when he applied sindoor on her maang. Her eyes are almost moist , when DK takes her hand with colour and makes her apply it on his cheeks…oof beautiful scene….She is just looking into her eyes and he at her and both are lost in their own world.


Vedant is looking at this and stupid gets jealous… Just then Kabab mein Haddi Inder is walking in. He sees DK and Disha together and feels jealous.   Dk looks at him and remembers the time when he warned Inder not to come to his house when he saw Inder with Disha together and he goes towards him furiously. Disha is just thinking about Dk and is totally lost in her world. When Rano comes and calls out Di…. Disha is happy to see them and goes running towards Rano and tells her why did you come so late……..Dk who sees this just smiles seeing Disha happy and goes away. Rano tells Di we wanted to come early but due to traffic got delayed. Vedant comes there and applies colours on them and tells them all to join in the dance. At first Disha refuses but then joins them. Dk is watching all this  ( good he is not dragged to dance since this dignified look suits him ) Gargi comes to him and tells him that oh oh oh, I know sunny you are disturbed isn't it. Naturally you would be on seeing your wife dancing with other guys. She tells him if it was me I would have gone just now and right there slapped Disha… Dk is amused and with a disgusted look walks off from there.


Inder is busy dancing and takes the Baang and drinks. Stupid gets the kick and takes the red colour and seeing Mummyji sitting there goes towards her. Disha calls out to him and tells him Inder don't take the red colour near Mummyji. Since there is lot of music and commotion going around and this guy is not in his senses actually whatever Disha says falls on deaf ears.  He is walking towards Mummyji and put the red colour on her feet poor thing and wishes her Happy Holi. Nurse Meera is also touched seeing this. The lady then notices red colour and becomes violent. DK and Disha come there, Disha tells Inder I told you isn't it that you should not bring red colour near Mummyji. Inder tells her but how was I to know about it Disha… I did not know. DK tells why the hell did you come here… He tells Disha and Nurse to take Mummyji inside. He then tells Inder that as it is you came as an unwanted guest inspite of my warning you before and then you do all this. Rano comes there and is shocked to hear this and tells Dk why are you talking like this, Dk tells her you stay out of this I am not talking to you…..saying this he goes away. Disha comes out and tells Inder I told you na why did you bring the colour. Rano cannot take it anymore and tells her bas Di.. enough is enough, are some more insults left to be heard….come Inder lets go and we will never ever come here…Disha is shocked to hear this and tries to speak when the two go away…ends on Disha's hurt and shocked face.




Wishing You all a Very Happy and Colourful Holi and Happy Easter too. GOD Bless All.




krazee_gurl Goldie

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thanx 4 the update

as much as i hate 2 say it, disha was being a lil harsh on indy

Edited by krazee_gurl - 24 March 2005 at 9:44pm
jingle IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 March 2005 at 9:44pm | IP Logged
what's wrong with vedanth?
bluejalpari Goldie

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Posted: 24 March 2005 at 9:47pm | IP Logged


 happy holi everyone

thanks for a lovely update lata...love em...

 whats wrong with vedant...and dk is being too harsh with indy...so this starting of disha rano fights?


HinaM Groupbie

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Posted: 24 March 2005 at 10:02pm | IP Logged

hi lata thanks for the updata and  happey holi to everyone

whats wrong with vedant i dont like his anymoreAngry

icy_devil IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 March 2005 at 10:16pm | IP Logged
thx's 4 the update..is Vedant the guy who plays krishna is Kahanni ghar ghar kii
shahidlover24 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 March 2005 at 10:58pm | IP Logged
Thx for the awesum update.....and happy holi to every1!

ManishaRox IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 March 2005 at 11:29pm | IP Logged

thanks 4 update where always waiting for it.

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