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nikitagmc IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 01 January 2009
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Posted: 07 December 2011 at 1:30am | IP Logged

(Note: Please read the whole thread before jumping to conclusions, I've not made it as a Sushant fan but as a member of the forum since the 2nd episode of PR.)

Usually I discuss things with DT via PM's, but lately I felt it would be better to let the DT know for themselves what not just me, but the whole forum thinks about some issues. I felt it was time to have an open discussion on some things, since I think this is something on which the whole forum wants to talk to you Resham. You can consider it as a feedback thread of sorts.

There are a lot of places where the DT has been failing time and again. Despite repeated complaints, nothing has been done. Let's take a look:

1.)    The latest fight in the forum and DT's action:

Please tell me, what is worse- fighting over actors, or personal attacking on members? Fighting for people who we do not know, who do not know us, or abusing and hurting real people in front of us.


Despite that it is a shame that no iron handed action is taken in this regard. All the time the thread is closed down and Sushant fans are given a lecture about the importance of watching the serial for the characters and so on.


Definitely, if repeated topics on Hiten Sushant comparison come up, they should be closed down. If any member crosses the limit, then he should be given warnings as well. But in the thread posted yesterday there was personal attacking in the equation also, that was sort of handled from one end only:

i.)                  Why was nothing said to the member who opened an instigatory topic and asked Sushant fans to not 'pollute'  the forum"? This despite the fact, that threads criticizing Archana were closed down earlier cos they had 'potential' to lead to fights? This did not have potential to lead to fights Resham? Not a single word spoken in this regard. Rather a lecture was given to Sushant fans telling them that Hiten is Manav and so on which had absolutely no connection with the thread, as it was NOT a thread of discussion about Sushant and Hiten, rather it was a thread addressed to members where they were openly called disgraceful and polluting the forum.

ii.)                 Some members were directly targeted and their posts were called disgraceful. Again, no mention.

iii.)               Alright, if the DT felt that the topic and the comment that the posts were disgraceful had an iota of truth in it and some members (Tanya Di, Sharon Di and Poas) really did not behave well, why was the warning not given BOTH WAYS, (The opening post as well as the members mentioned) as it ideally should have? Why does the DT give statements like 'I'm giving warning to everyone', and then proceed with a lecture about Sushant has gone, get over him and so on, when it was not connected with the topic at all? I don't need to explain what this forces one to think! Why was not a single line mentioned about the instigatory topic that had been posted asking members to not 'pollute' the forum, and called members posts disgraceful and such which spread negativity? Why nothing about the personal attacking?

(Now please don't give ME a lecture that I'm looking into things too much. When you are part of administration, you should specify things clearly. If you don't you WILL GET brickbats.)

iv.)               Just read the warning you gave at the end of the topic Resham. You will get it for yourself how out of context it looks. It has nothing to do with the topic at all. There was almost Sushant Hiten comparison going on and no discussion related to the serial even, so what was the warning you gave? Did it even fit in that occasion? It was a thread where personal attacking was going on. Did you even read the comments on that thread or do you have some fixed lines you copy-paste each time? By giving 'everyone' a warning, and then saying Sushant has gone, get over him and don't force others to accept him (which BTW no one was doing), and not saying a single word to the topic maker, you have indirectly supported him against the Sushant fans- that is the impression anyone would get. (Again, please don't say I'm looking for minute things and nitpicking. If you didn't mean it that way, then you should have been specific. One needs to be specific and this is not the first time something like this has been done. People have been having a problem bcos of this since long. The lack of specificity is so obvious- in the past-  members to whom you gave warnings ended up clicking like on your posts, this much ambiguous some of the warnings are! If there is someone's mistake, TELL whose mistake is there in that thread itself and what wrong she/he has done. Dare to give warning by names, instead of letting things hang so loosely.)

v.)                This is NOT the first time a matter like this has been handled in this matter. We have been having this problem since some time now - inefficient handling of such volatile situations. Each time they have left members fuming rather than any solid action being taken. The problem is not that the DT is biased- the problem is that no one tries to get to the root of the matter and analyse both sides properly and then declare who was right and wrong, and most importantly, take some action. If you don't do that and instead give ambiguous statements, people will ALWAYS question bcos they DO NOT understand what went wrong. Then don't blame people for raising questions or thinking along a particular direction. I don't blame the members for the personal attacking as much as I blame the DT for not handling the matter properly and pointing specifically WHO is wrong and WHERE in an unbiased and proper manner. Closing down topics is not the solution! The problem shall arise again in another thread!

vi.)               If one wants to see the deeper emotions of how many people have been hurt bcos no action was taken, or the mods were not clear in their approach- go to ArMan heaven, where everyone is saying that nothing was done regarding a post which said that we the loyalists who stuck here for almost 3 years are now polluting the forum, rather another lecture was given to Sushant fans in the end, holding them responsible for everything and nothing said about the instigatory posts. All bcos you do not take proper action, or you do not bother to explain why you did something.

vii.)             It is important for the mods to clarify certain things. In an administrative post, there comes a point when people have to give explanations. No one is spared of this, no one. And so I personally believe offence should not be taken if people ask for explanations in this regard.


That is just not all.

There have been many many problems in the forum that the DT has been unable to handle.


2.)    Ankita profile page: the nonsense continues--- yeah, yeah yeah, I know the global mods handle it? But all these months? Seriously?

3.)    Updates Archieve: UPDATES FROM JULY 2011 ARE ALL MISSING! Bhalla, Tanya Di and Aarti did such a good job with providing us rigorous updates- where is all of it now? Why can't their efforts  be appreciated a little and the updates archive put to place? Will some member have to report it and only then some action will be taken?

4.)    No sort of interactive activities done by the DT. Everything is contributed by members only (And that too I had to start cos no one else was doing it and there were fights in the forum). The last thing we had was the prom and after that we have had absolutely nothing! Banner ka toh kisi  ko hosh hi nahi tha!

5.)    I marvel at the Kis Desh mein hai mera dil forum. Such a well maintained forum! I entered into it NOW and yet I could get each and every update and each and every video of it's glory days, not to mention all the FF's and OS's on that forum. (Kudos to you on a job well done Jaz! That forum is excellent!) Despite the fact that the show ended a long time ago, the DT in that forum is always available- one report button and prompt action!  And here? We don't even have our update archive up to date! Makes one wonder if the mods go through even the most important thread sometimes.

6.)    The media center is also not up to date. If Tas was busy and couldn't complete it (she hasn't been on the PR forum since long), why has no other DT member taken it up and completed the media center, where we could get all important links?

7.)    All the important threads before an event (Sushant's Just Dance performance, PFMI, Ummeed function and so on.) are put up together in one thread as a last moment activity by some or the other member, so the discussion can be done. Where is the DT most of the time? Why do they not facilitate such things? By the time the thread is opened, the forum gets so messy and bits of discussion lie here and there in the threads.

8.)    I will not go into details of how ineffectively this team has solved issues in the past when someone criticized Archana (threads were closed down calling it bashing), cos everyone knows it, and anyway that is an old story. People learn from their mistakes in life.


Honestly, there is so much lacking, and no action has been taken.

Speaking of which, I ask myself a question: Should it be 'guys', or should it be only Resham?

You see, the rest of the DT- Devashree and jnawaz, whom all of us call Devu and Jaz, seldom come on the forum or participate. They are never there at the time of any fights, they are usually not there most of the time. I believe they are there in an invisible way, sticky-ing up all our threads, but is that seriously enough? Guys, look at how much the forum is lacking, and the inability of the DT to handle forum tussles is making the matter even worse. In this forum, as I see it, there is:




NO FIXED SET OF RULES (Remember the infamous Shravani hate club?)


AND FINALLY, NO PROPER ACTION TAKEN AGAINST MEMBERS. A member insults, calls names, and Resham gives a verbal warning. Since months, a member has been personally targeting other members (malinn)  She hides all the venom in her fabricated flowy English, she even openly accused the DT once. No action has been taken against her till date. She still posts the same type of comments, and her posts are simply closed down. Is the DT waiting for members to come up and point this out also?


Now, a message from my side to the DT so that you can understand the reason behind this thread.

Till today, I have been extending support to the three of you. Always I report, make threads, defend you, give suggestions, contribute, everything. But this time the water has gone over the head. I wanted to PM you yesterday Resham, but then I saw that other members too are itching to talk about the whole thing. That is when I decided not to send a PM this time. The feedback needs to be from the whole forum, not just me, cos many are hurt, and somewhere I feel you owe many an explanation. This is NOT an attempt to haul up and gang on the DT, rather this gives an opportunity for all to air their grievances and discuss so that the matter comes to a rest.

I could have made an MID from a different IP address to post all this. And honestly speaking, the thought did cross my mind. But it couldn't stay for long, cos I have not done something like this ever, it's simply not me. I speak on the face, I don't even hide behind sarcasm, and most importantly, because I have interacted with Resham, JAz and Devu and know that they are nice people. As such, I really hope that the three of you will at least take it in the right spirit, since I have been honest and stated facts as they are, but not bashed anyone.

Jaz and Devu- I understand you might be busy. I understand you might not have interest in the serial anymore. I understand you might not be interested in the forum anymore. And so, if this is the case, then with all politeness I say, retire gracefully and please let someone else take up the responsibility. I really don't mean to be rude to you, but the forum really needs new mods cos the existing ones are doing nothing, and we are suffering bcos of that!

Resham- Most of the post was addressed to you, so by now you must be knowing at what points you have failed and at what points you need to pull up your socks. It's time to take a reality check about your team. The frank point at the end of the day is- everyone is disappointed with the DT at some point, yes, not just the Sushant fans, but also those who watch the serial for the story and have had their threads closed down in the past most unfairly. (Yes people, I'm counting on your support too this time! Please speak up now at least, even if you disagree with this post at some points. This is a forum issue, not the issue of a particular group only. The DT has disappointed everyone at some point or the other, so speak up about it now.)

All that said, there are two things I have appreciated in this team:

They are usually unbiased (I say usually cos I don't see that much nowadays, but again, that could be because they do not bother to explain. I give them Benefit of Doubt here.)

They take feedback if it is expressed properly.

So with this hope that you will take into consideration the points that have been addressed, I end my post. It's all in your hands now Resham (and Jaz and Devu too, if they are reading this post)- if you want you can close and trash down this post and even give me a warning for speaking up against the DT. And if you want, you can take this post as a feedback post from the forum. Depends on your perspective. But just do one thing- go to ArMan heaven and check out the last few posts. If the DT loyalists (like me) are also going against them this time, then there is seriously something wrong, don't you think?

Think about it.

And now, members of PR forum, I am waiting for your comments. ANY other grievance with the Development Team of PR forum, and you can write it here. Doesn't matter if you are a Hiten fan, Sushant fan, Archana fan, no fan etc. Let me clear it once again, I have nothing against Hiten, neither do I have anything against Hiten fans. Some of my friends are also die hard Hiten fans.

(Also read Bonne's post on page 2- she has summed up the situation well)




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SunoNa... IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 16 May 2011
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Posted: 07 December 2011 at 1:37am | IP Logged
This post was very much required NikiThumbs Up  Very well put up.Smile

I really miss the old forumUnhappy

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nikitagmc IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 01 January 2009
Posts: 16304

Posted: 07 December 2011 at 1:49am | IP Logged
Originally posted by saksham_rocks

i never said that sushant fans should not pollute the forum . i said that people who have problem with hiten should not pollute the forum . there is a big difference in both .
resham is really smart & she understood well . thats y she gave u lecture that now hiten is manav & those who have problem with it shud just keep quiet . resham is a smart mod & she knows very well .
by ur post u want to convey that resham is also a fool & only u r somebody smart over here !

Hello again! 

@bold: Personal attacking again! Sorry, but I won't reply back to that, (though I very well can) cos I don't stoop to levels of personal attacking to get my point across to people.

And yes I am the same member whom you called sensible yesterday. I did not post anything bad in your post yesterday, remember?

@red: The discussion centered around personal attacking and that was what enraged most members. The discussion was not about not being able to accept Hiten as Manav or anything like that. Tanya Di herself watches the serial and even praised Hiten. Sharon Di is happy that sushant left the show and has repeatedly extended best wishes to Hiten. Yet their names were taken and their posts called disgraceful.

My post is addressed to Resham since I felt she DID NOT handle the situation and the whole issue of personal attacking and instigation properly. She brought the Sushant thing at the end which worsened the whole situation and did not take any action against some genuine attacking.

And whatever be your reasons, it isn't fair to say that members are polluting the forum. This is a free forum, everybody has the right to post, and some of those members were the eldest and oldest members here. Like I said, one can get his points across without being nasty.

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sushkita10 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 February 2011
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Posted: 07 December 2011 at 2:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by saksham_rocks

i never said that sushant fans should not pollute the forum . i said that people who have problem with hiten should not pollute the forum . there is a big difference in both .
resham is really smart & she understood well . thats y she gave u lecture that now hiten is manav & those who have problem with it shud just keep quiet . resham is a smart mod & she knows very well .
by ur post u want to convey that resham is also a fool & only u r somebody smart over here !
u comment on three mem of forum that their comm disgraceful it is against rule of frum bt mode didnt tell u about it as warning only sushant fan warnedShocked

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gremlin. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 17 August 2008
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Posted: 07 December 2011 at 3:05am | IP Logged
Thank you Niki for the much needed post, really appreciate your efforts for putting all this up, warna we toh have been shouting our lungs out about the Mods of this forum since few days now in many threads and they didn't even noticed or responded to that Confused...shows how much do they read the threads before giving the warnings. LOL

I think I have already said alot in ArMan heaven and even the other thread about the issues, I and many other have with them,which they closed without even noticing as usual. 

But, let me say it loud and clear one more time..Hello Mods of this forum, if you are really reading this time, I DON't get you, I seriously don't...I don't understand the warnings and the basis of those warnings, you give at the end of closing every topic, AT ALL! Its like the issue going on in that thread says Tokyo and you come and talk about Chinchpokli...they are that unrelative and random! Confused

Also, I want to raise another point over here, Isn't there another rule about bashing of characters NOT allowed in the forum? I actually don't happen to agree with that rule cause they are fictional characters and whats the big deal about criticizing them? LOL but however, when there is a rule like that, then Have you been reading the downright disgusting stuff been written about the character "Archana" in this forum? I mean some of the stuff written is just really sickening to the stomach to read! Dead Why are such comments being allowed in this forum? when there is rule like that? and trust me when I say that I don't even like that character, I make fun of Manav and Archana most of the times myself. LOL However, there is a certain limit of doing everything...Criticize Archana or any character as much as you like..but when comments like Archana is Sex obsessed or that She was throwing her body on Manav and was using her body to emotionally seduce him so that Manav realizes what he is gonna miss (her body) when he'll leave her, is being written in this forum, I find them to be waayyy over board. Dead I mean, so much hatred for a fictional character? Confused I don't even get these comments frankly speaking, cause its a fictional character , result of someone's writing which does NOT have a mind of its own beyond it is written on a such comments go way above my head to be very honest! LOL When it comes to Archana there is no limit of bashing her but when it comes to some other character e.g Savita, I remember someone called her a "Chudail" once and someone replied back that its way too harsh, if thats harsh then what is the stuff being written about Archana should be called? 

I don't even have a problem if you want to say that stuff...fine! but then atleast, be fair and weigh each character equally...One set of rule for one character and completely different for the other just cause you don't like it? now what is that supposed to be called?

Either criticize or bash all characters equally or then if you don't like it against one character then just be considerate that even the other character's fan will not be liking reading such stuff.

I don't say anything directly when I read such comments, out of sheer respect for the members cause they are way elder than me and I don't want them to feel that I am disrespecting them in any way, which I still don't intend to do and I am really sorry if they feel bad about anything that I said but thats how I felt and I thought its better just to say it then keeping anything in my heart.

Again, I am really sorry if I hurt anyone by this post, trust me that was not my intention,by any means..hope everyone takes all this in right spirit and vigor and things turn for better!

And Mods please kindly wake up!

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prasad1991 Goldie

Joined: 16 November 2010
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Posted: 07 December 2011 at 4:04am | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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1sanghamitra IF-Dazzler

Joined: 26 September 2010
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Posted: 07 December 2011 at 4:17am | IP Logged
yes mods shud now interfere in this matter...

Hiten is playing manav's character and on his fanpage someone has written this...

Posted on: 2 days agohustlers

it is my request to u hiten plz quit the is bettet time to end such a boring show. sushant u rocks,miss u sushant

hiten k page par sushant ki tarif ho rahi hai,sushant k page par bhi sushant ki tarif ho rahi hai..LOL

another one..

Posted on: 4 weeks agobholurathee

I saw the entry scene of Hiten .It was really disappointing ...they should not have put that music on this scene ...Sushant always came across really strong in those scenes cannot help but compare ..I hope Hiten adjusts but it will take tim 

abhi hiten k page par comparisions kyun??we hiten fans never go to sushant fans and say stuff like this..

plzzz mods kindly look into this matter and solve it...Smile

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suan IF-Rockerz

Joined: 07 September 2010
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Posted: 07 December 2011 at 4:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by saksham_rocks

i never said that sushant fans should not pollute the forum . i said that people who have problem with hiten should not pollute the forum .
So what you are saying is that if anyone doesn't praise Hiten and say only positive things about him, that they have a problem with Hiten. You are showing your ignorance! You comment negatively about Sushant and how he played Manav (always crying), and you have constantly commented about Archana negatively, so aren't YOU polluting the forum?
there is a big difference in both .
resham is really smart & she understood well .
You consider her smart and understanding ONLY because she agrees with you on this issue!
 thats y she gave u lecture
A biased response in my humble opinion, because it was Hiten fanatics like you who started the bashing and polluted this forum, and I have strong objection to this biased response from Resham, because YOU personally and viciously attacked me with the crassest of words and terms, and I've yet to see any remarks to you, from Resham, posted publicly on this forum, the way she posted her comments to me re my response to one of Varsha's posts, where I was simply asking a question of Varsha to understand her rcomments, and Resham told me to stop reading between the lines and speak about the present and accept that Hiten is now playing Manav,etc, (which I have and that is why I no longer watch the show, not even onlime).
I'm still waiting to see such a response to you, publicly!
that now hiten is manav & those who have problem with it shud just keep quiet .
So why don't YOU "just keep quiet" about those of us who don't agree with your opinions!
 resham is a smart mod & she knows very well .
by ur post u want to convey that resham is also a fool & only u r somebody smart over here !

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