Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

||VirMan-Virika OS||Pt2-pg2-KhudaAurMohabbat (Page 2)

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Awesome os
do continue n pls pm me d next part

ChocoSoul IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome updade Embarrassed bit sad but really cute!!!

why always Mannu???? my heart cried to see VirMaan like this. I hope Jeevika's sacrifice doen't effect both the couples as well as siblings relations.

Please write soon. Thanks for the tag & informing personally...Love muaahhh xx

.Manal. IF-Addictz

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Thnks guys <3 ! here is part 2 :) ! 

u will Like the Old VirMan ROFL !! n New Manvi is more crazy ROFL 


so it was based on song Khuda aur mohabbat :) 

Time passed, they thought if manvi is with pari she might forget her pain but its like she is always happy when she is around pari, but inside she still cries. Virat knws behind her this smile she is still going thru pain.
Dada ji, vanshika and swamini sittin in the family area and talking about how this house was never quite when manvi was there she was always laughing and doing masti around!
Vanshika: aaj kal ghar jaise katne dor ta hai! Manvi toh jaise woh manvi nahin rahi! 
Swamini: haan vanshika! Jaise uss ladki ki chehre ki muskurahat ussi din katam hogaye!
Dadaji: lekin woh kab tak iss gham ke sahare rahegi! ( virat who was standing in the background, heard everything and said to himself)
Virat: bas baut hogaya! Manvi ko iss baat ko bhulna hoga! Mein usse bhulaonga yeh sab!
He goes looking for her but she was not in the room. He walked to jeevika's room as maybe she is with pari. When he went there she was not there, it was onli jeevika changing pari's daiper.
Jeevika: virat tum agaye! Ao andar!
Virat walked in and sat next to her, jeevika who noticed there is something rong!
Jeevika: dekha baby! Chachu aaj kal humse kuch share bhi nahin karte( and places her hand on his shoulder) mannnu ke bare mein soch rahe ho? 
Virat: bhabi kab tak manvi aise rahegi! It kills me everytime i see her like this! Meri manvi strong thi! Woh manvi, tht gurl who smiled even when she had tumor, and now look @ her! 
Jeevika: virat ek maa se uska bacha tab cheen jata hai! Uska zindagi ujar jati hai! We should leave her for now!
Virat: woh abhi bhi ussi room par hogi... Right?
Jeevika: virat woh room tum dono ne saath decorate kiya! 
Virat: enough ab aur nahin ( and he rush out, where jeevika shouts for him and walks afta him)
Virat stood out side of tht blue and pink room *flashback*
virat starts paintin 1 side of the wall pink, and manvi gets annouyed as she wants it blue and starts painting blue over his pink paint.
Virat: oye bandariya kya kar rahe ho? 
Manvi: wahi jo tum kar rahe ho... PAINTING! 
Virat: WHY BLUE?
manvi: kyunki yeh mere junior chep ka hoga! 
Virat: oh hello! Tumhe kisne kaha ? Mujhe toh bhai ek nanni si bandariya chaiye!

Both argue over the baby gender untill kadambari lands saying
Kadambari: ufff phir se jagra! Ek kaam kyun nahin karte, ek side pink, ek side blue! Jagra katam! 
Kadambari leavea afta tht, manvi instead of painting the wall, throws paint on him and he starts running after her! 
*present* their laugh was echoing in his ears, untill he saw manvi sittin in dark seein the baby pics on the wall! He enters the room switch on the light, that brings manvi back to her sense! Who wipes her tears and says : virat tum agaye?
Virat: mein kab ka agaya! Lekin tum kab aoge?
Manvi: matlab?
Virat: manvi enough! Woh baat ko beete 5 months hogaye aur tum ab bhi usse bahar nahin aye!
Manvi: virat... Tum kehna kya chate ho? 
Virat gets annouyed and starts ripping off the baby posters and says: enough iss room se mein uss baby ka sari yadien nikal doonga! 

Manvi tries to stop him, untill virat holds her from her shoulder n pulls her towards him and says : mujhe meri bandariya lota do! Yeh meri bandariya nahin hai! She was a fighter! 
Untill cries her heart out and hugs him tight saying : mujhe maaf kardo virat! Ab mein tumhe shikayat ka mauka nahin donga! 
Jeevika standing out is in tears seein her mannu like this! 

Next morning: Vanshika tells virat, manvi shoyld visit the dargah close by for peace, hearing dargah's name manvi remembered when BG always use to say how if u tie the mannat ka daga in dargah, all ur wishes will come true!
Virat: ma, app manvi se poochlijiye...
Manvi: virat! Mujhe jana hai:)
Vanshika is really happy and walks to her and says : manvi jao, aur tab wappis aoge! Mujhe meri wahi chulbulli, mastikor manvi wapas chaiye ( she says while holding her face)
Manvi: maa promise mein theek hoon aur ab woh manvi wapis nahin aegi ( hearing this virat is happy and vanshika too and kisses manvi's forhead. But inside manvi knows she is still empty! But for virat she has to forget wah happened and says)
Manvi: ufff tum yahan kare reh kar kya kar rahe ho? Driver ho na toh jao gari start karo
Virat : acha bandariya and runs afta her and carries her, untill manvi says: chep neeche utaro! Maa dekh rahi hai!
Virat: toh? ( and both laugh and leave, jeevika who stood there happy and tells pari: tumhari purani masi wapis agayi ( with teary eye)

They reached the dargah! Manvi in white, puts the scarf on her head, where takes out a small white clothe and ties it aroumd his head and says : chale manvi?

Karun sajda ek khuda ko
Parun kalma ya mein dua doon
Dono hi ek khuda aur mohabbat...(4 times)

They together step in the dargah it was like she entred in a new world! With a smile on her face, virat who was following her, untill stopped and was happy seeing the smile on her face afta age's

Khuda ke naam sajde pe sar jukna ibadat hai
Woh dil allah ka ghar hai jis dil mein mohabbat hai
Khuda ke naam .. 'Karun sajda ek khuda ko parun kalma ya mein dua doon dono hi ek khuda aur mohabbat' (3 times)

Manvi stops and realize virat is not next to her and looks here and there untill she feels someone holding her hand and when she saw it was virat, she held it tighter and said : mein dar gaye! Phir kabhi mujhe yun akele maat chorna warna mein marjaongi... Waise bhi bachpan se leke aaj tak meine sirf koya hai..( she says with teary eye, untill virat places his finger on her lips and says : shhh phir yeh mat kehna! ( and they continue walking with holding hands and a baba comes and says while hitting them with the furry thing and says : yeh jodi hamesha salamat rahe ( hearing this they smile and walk in, places the mannat chaddar on the thing. They sit and pray, manvi opens her palm, and pray's, where virat sits looking @ her.

Parun ayat koi surat sanam ke naam ka kalma... ( he is just looking @ innocent manvi praying)
Wafa ke do daro par tasveer ik mukalmal hai 
Woh janat ho ya yeh duniya inhi lafzon ki chahat hai ( they get up, and walk to get the mannat ka daga)
Mohabbat hai khuda jaisi khuda hi toh mohabbat hai ( as they both stand opposite each other to tie the knot) 
'Karun sajda ek khuda ko parun kalma ya mein dua doon dono hi ek khuda aur mohabbat ( they tie the daga)
Manvi to herself as she ties the daga once : kehte hain ke yahan jo aata hai uski mannat poori hojati hai! Mujhe maa kehne wali dedo
Virat to him self: mujhe meri purani wali manvi dedo! Meri bandariya wapas dedo!
After the tied The daga, they come face to face!
Manvi: toh bandar kya manga?
Virat: kyun bataon?
Manvi hits him: uff kabhi sidha jawab nahin dete
Virat laughs and hugs her: and says : ghar jana hai?
Manvi: hmmm nahin mujhe toh aaj golgappa kane ko maan kar raha hai
Virat i damn happy as after so long she actually asked him for this as he remembers how every time she wanted to go out for gol gappa and stuff and happily says: aaj kuch bhi

And they leave!

Time passed, it was like if bad time comes, it doesnt stay forever, same in virat manvi's life too. The bad time passed. Manvi always waited for the positive report but she never gave up. Untill she got wat she wanted! She was pregnant again! This time virat made sure he was always around her, if she wanted to go upstairs, he was with her. Pari was 1 year old, where manvi's delivery time was coming closer, as manvi wanted, she took all the responsibilities of the party. She designed the hall with full pink and white balloons everywhere, not onli tht buh also she ordered a big 4 floor square strawberry and vanilla cake with pari's pic on it. Honestly manvi was just tr head, ordering virat and viren to do everything, thy were scared if they even did 1 mistake manvi will Kill them. Viren was responsible for the balloon department manvi turned around and sees in 1 corner theres more pink thn white shouts : JIJUUU! ( viren who was blowing balloon, hears manvi, runs to her: ji sali sahiba?
Manvi: jiju yahan pink balloon zyada kyun hai? It loooks wierd! 
Viren: jo hukum sali sahiba( virat sees viren listenin to everythin she says and laughs and comes)
Virat: yeh bandariya toh apko bandar ki tarha nacharai hai!
Manvi gives him the look and says: stop laughin at jiju! Aur tum batao ! Cake laye? ( hearin this his face color goes and seein this viren strts laughin @ his face and virat makes an excuse and runs to get the cake.
Viren to make her calm on his knees holdin her leg: ufff sali sahiba chill sab hogaya!
Jeevika enters saying : exactly mannu chill sab itna khubsoorat lag raha hai! Ab chalo tumhe bhi taiyar hona hai! Aur phir dono milkar pari ko taiyar karte hain!
And they leave. As the party theme is pink, manvi wears her light pink saree with crystle border, and virat who was wearin his pink shirt with a black vest enters the room and sees manvi tryin to tie the dori, as always he goes behind her and says: jab tak yeh chep hai ap takleef kyun kar rahe ho.
As he help her get ready and n both go to viren and jeevika's room so all 4 with pari go down together. Pari is actually loookin like a small angel on earth with her cute pink frock which manvi chose.
They go down, the party start! Every1 start dancing , manvi wants to dance but swamini strictly told her not to move from the chair. Manvi annoyed sitting there untill her delivery pain starts and she shouts: VIRAAAT!!
virat runs to her: baby kya huwa? ( manvi slaps him and says): bandar mu water just broke!
Virat who thought it was normal: oh acha ( untill he realized and sees down and shouts) OMG ( and carries her and tells viren he is going and u all come! Every1 leave the party and run to hospital)
As they take manvi to delivery room they ask virat he can come! And virat goes in and sees manvi shouting, he goes holds her hand shouting : PUSH!PUSh! 

Manvi gets annoyed n punchs his tummy shouting: wat u think im doing ARRRGHHH ( she finally shout and they here a baby crying and manvi finally smiles while breathing hard and sweAting! The doctor says congrates its a baby boy, and they clean the baby and hands the baby to virat who sits next to manvi and both together look @ the baby untill all vadera house enter. Viren 1st runs to get it buh jeevika fights saying me 1st thy both fight who will take the baby 1st untill dadaji says : mera par pota hai! Toh mein longa pehle! They all take the baby. Untill swamini says : koi naam socha hai?
Manvi and virat together say : Aryan ( and they all laugh)
Next morning the doctor says they can take thm home. 
Jeevika went home early so she can ready everything to welcome manvi and baby aryan.

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wow wow wow..!!!

loved it..:) :)
1 part was fantastic..and lil saddie saddieCryCry..poor maanu and virat...but pari did fill the empty space in their life but couldnt wash away  mannu's pain.. virat..love u <3

2 part

aww love that song...this song always take me to some other world.Smile...im so in love with this song khuda aur mohabbat..and it perfectly fit into the situation...and end was good goodie..:) :)

manal..love ur stories..:) :)

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omg!! what shud i say about this girl!!!Smile ever since i have been friends with her, she always manages to surprise me!! Manal, u are an awesome writer.. keep the good work going :)
i always enjoy reading ur works as u have always shown all shades in them..

*bows head* Manal tussi great ho!!

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awesome !! 

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Thanks alot guys <3 Means alot to me <3 
Esp Jesmine Love yeww so much <3

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Amazing Heart

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