Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki (Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii)


Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki (Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii)
Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki (Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii)

Detailed Update 7th March

shimmer1 Senior Member

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Posted: 10 March 2006 at 2:40pm | IP Logged

Overall a very booring episode

scene1: chaya is lying down in her room and reading a magazine. kamal comes in angrily.

kamal: now u must be really happy after talking to bhabhi rudely and lifting a finger on her

chaya: you took a long time to defend your dear bhabhi (she gets up and puts her hand on his shoulder) oh my dear little brother u can leave some opportunities of fighting wid ur elder sister , u shud be ashamed

kamal: opportunities you dont leave for disrupting the peace of this house didi for crossing ur limits, whts your problem. why cant you see the happiness of this house?

chaya: KAMAL 

kamal: dont shout please i also know how to shout didi, if u are elder than me i know how to respect elders. tell me wht has bhabhi done to you? why are you always after her? why dont you let us live us in peace?!

chaya: i have snatched your peace? ME? i do a mistake by saying the truth. tomorrow wen the matter is out of hand then you will remember tht chaya was rite. then you will call me but i will never come you will see

kamal: u will come only if u go from here

chaya is shocked!...she pulls his arm and asks: iam a burden on this house? in my own house iam a stranger? bus yahi ek din tha dekhna bakhi meri leye (shes like kinda in tears) i will leave then u guys will live in peace and quiet. tomorrow i will go from here

kamal: tomorrow? why tomorrow? today rite now, ur orders i will obey them

he takes out her suitcase  and says: this is ur bag rite? i will do packing for you...

chaya: dont u dare touch my things, u are being very rude i will tell maa

he takes out her clothes from the cupboard and puts them in the bag...and says: tell any1 iam helping you

chaya stops him and is in tears kamal says: dont worry iam goin to get ur ticket now and tht too in business class, wen u reach home then call us and tell us tht u are alrite ok?..and regarding this house it will be peaceful as soon as u leave..now is this enough (regarding her clothes) or u want more? wht happend didi?

chaya: i will definately go but wen i feel like it then only i will go, who are you to send me out of here? and dont 4get kamal i also have full rights over this house

kamal: rites?..after a long time u said this word. wht abt duty and limits? why did u forget this didi tht parvati bhabhi is everything for this house EVERYTHING! if you are rude to bhabhi again then...

chaya: wow my brother wow, your bhabhi slapped ur elder sister and noone said anything. and i said the truth so you guys are fired up?

kamal: not the truth but faaltho baat (wht is faaltho?) and anyways bhabhi has tolerated a lot of your non sense b4 this, even disregarded all the thing you said but if your ears refused to listen then the slap was long due. and look here the slap doesnt seem to have done much to you and there poor bhabhi must be cursing herself tht why she lifted her hand on you

chaya: so she is not doing anythign wrong then

kamal: this is the difference that is her way of thinking and this is your behaviour

chaya: you are talking too much i will slap u

kamal: im your brother if my elder sister can speak so much then the brother also has the duty  to speak the truth. some one has said the truth tht after marriage the daughter's in-law's house should be as far as possible. there far away our jijoo is sitting in singapore but tht distance hasnt shown any difference in you very dissappointing didi

kamal leaves and chaya wipes a tear and throws her suitcase full of clothes on the floor.   

scene2: dadi is doing pooja outside the house, parvati comes wid her office file (shes goin to work). dadi and parvati look at each other.

parvati: dadi whtever happend yesterday do u really think tht i hid something from all of u, plz believe me dadi i didnt know myself tht that man was suyash mehra's employee

dadi: i have complete faith in you, yesterday if i was quiet ws only becoz the issue doesnt become even bigger than it was. i can never tolerate it if anyone points a finger at my parvati (ya dude thts why u were quiet it dont make sense) thats why i say take ur steps carefully, i also dont want ppl to have any chances to question you

parvati: but dadi these ppl are also my own and whtever iam doing iam doing for them. dadi this contract tht we have gotten we have to finish it in 40days at any cost. otherwise there will be alot of problems. thats why there r soo many meetings day and nite staying till late at the office. yes dadi im saying the truth the bank tht has given us guarantee it has also set a condition tht if its even one day more than 40 then they can take our office (DADI looks shocked)...and the loss will be separate from tht.

dadi: wht r u saying? wht is the need to take such a big risk?

parvati: the need was there dadi u know the position of our business, to take our company to the same heights it used to be at we had to get this project dadi, and even more important than tht is to complete it on time. do you know dadi if we complete this project on time then our profit will be in crores, and the incentives will be given separetly. i have thot dadi tht whtever monafaa (wht is monafaa?) we get from this project we will give to krishna so tht he can start his new business 

dadi: teri sangarsh (wht is sangarsh?) will never finish    

parvati: even if sangharsh dont finish dadi it doesnt matter but dreams shouldnt finish and iam only completing Om's dreams. those dreams he saw for his family, his only dream was tht his family's dreams should be fulfilled. u know dadi dreams are like kids thts why u have to bring them up like kids, thts why iam also bringing up Om's dreams. these dreams have just learnt how to walk dadi but they will reach  their destination pretty soon. IN trying to fulfill these dreams it mite be possible tht i mite not be able to give my family so much time as i shud be giving them but i dont have any other option dadi. i can tolerate my family's anger but the failing of dreams i can never tolerate. if i dose of to sleep while iam working dadi even for a minute this thot wakes me up tht if i sleep wht if my family's dreams remain unfulfilled. before i leave this world i want to fulfill all the dreams of my family so tht wen i go to OM (OH MY GOD ARE YOU GUYS SEEING THE LENTH OF PARVATI'S DIALOGUES? OH MY god no wonder suyash mehra used to say parvati and her lectures...phew im getting bored typing it lol)

dadi: dont say such stuff parvati, even i have a wish will fulfill it for me?. in every life i want to see you as my daughter not daughter in law (parvati starts crying even more they have the kahaani soundtrack playing the background)...millee gi na?

parvati and dadi hug 

scene 3: samir's house is under renovation. shilpa and gayatri come wid food for samir. samir tells them not to bother bringing food for him he can manage. shilpa tells him not to be silly and tht they were goin for gayatri's routine check-up so they thot of bringing food for him. samir says thanks. gayatri asks him how does he live here

samir points to some room and says tht its in kinda better condition than this place (the entrance/lounge) so he lives there. shilpa says the whole time it must be all noisy, why dont u come home wid us as soon as the renovation finishes u can come back home.

samir: no chachi ill manage

shilpa: no remember wht parvati bhabhi said u r our son not son-in-law

samir: no chachi still...

gayatri: chachi has said it tht means u have to come wid us. chachi's order. Gayatri grabs his hand, samir looks surprised and stares at gayatri he kinda looks pissed. shilpa is SHOCKED she looks at gayatri holding samir's hand. gayatri looks at samir and shilpa guiltily and lets go of his hand.

samir tells them to go for gayatri's check up and he will come to agarwal house after finishing some work at his house. shilpa tells him they will be waiting for him.

scene 4: gayatri is learning how to nit wid dadi. kamal and krishna tease gayatri abt whether she will have a son or a daughter. parvati comes home from work. gayatri complains to parvati tht they are making fun of her.

parvati playfully scolds krishna and kamal and tells them noone dare make fun of my daughter very bad.

gayatri: thanks mom

parvati: but u know gayatri  looking at ur stomach i think u will have twins (hey mayb she will and she will give one to shruti)

everyone starts laughing including chaya (i forgot she knew how to genuinely laugh)...

gayatri: mama u too i wont talk to anyone

parvati: sorry baba sorry

gayatri: its ok, mama tell me wht do u think i will have a son or a daughter?

parvati: actually gayatri whether u have a son or daughter it doesnt matter it shud be completely health and shud be chubby just like our kamal

everyone laughs

kamal: arreee! 

scene 5: everyone is at the dinner table parvati, chaya and shilpa are helping serve food. shilpa tells parvati to sit and tht her and chaya will manage. parvati tells shilpa to let her do some work. shilpa says no u sit.

as parvati begins to sit shilpa tells parvati to sit at the head of the table, but parvati says: no how can i sit here

shilpa: u have handled the reponsibilty of this house very well so u have the 1st rite to sit on this chair (chaya looks shocked)

parvati: no how can i dadi plz explain to shilpa

dadi: no shilpa is rite just sit parvati

shilpa forcefully literally makes parvati sit on the chair. everyone including gaurav looks happy and excluding chaya of course

parvati thinks to herself: u always used to sit on this chair Om and for the 1st time in our family i have been given the honour of sitting on this chair, help me Om, let our family always be happy and smiling like this.

then parvati and Om's song plays in the background (tere dil se mere dil ka rishta poorana hai) some flashbacks are shown. then the whole family is sitting in the lounge parvati gets up and goes to the mandir and just stands there while the song is still playing in the background.

scene 6: gayatri comes to samir's room wid coffee, samir is surprised to see gayatri at this hour.

gayatri: hmm yea, u r used to drinking coffee before u go to bed so i thot id bring it for u (really i thot coffee ws used to wake u up as opposed to put u to sleep wonder how samir sleeps man..mayb its decaff)...umm sugar 2tsp rite?

samir looks surprised tht she remembers. samir says: thank you. you still remember?

gayatri: somethings are such samir tht even if we want to 4get we cant 4get them. anyways looks i bought this interiors magazine for you (she gets up and sits next to him so tht he can also look at the magazine)..you know wht i think in your house the cupboard should b like this (she points to a picture)...

shilpa is passing the room wid milk in her hand....she turns at hearing gayatri's voice and is shocked to see  her there

gayatri to samir: look at this

samir: such a big cupboard, no no the small one is better (shilpa is standing there staring at them shockd)

gayatri: samir this one? in this one u will hardly be able to fit 4 shirts

shilpa staring and staring (background music building up lol)

samir: gayatri i have to put clothes in the cupboard. not a clothes shop

gayatri: all you husbands na are alike. i have always seen it my papa used to fight wid mama just like this. 

samir:listen listen iam not like ur papa 

gayatri: but ur a husband meaning same category

shilpa finally walks into the room

shilpa: gayatri u havent gone to bed yet

gayatri:no chachi i rememberd tht i wantd to show samir some interior magazine some cupboard designs so i came here

shilpa: come go and sleep now, u have to go for a check-up tomorrow morning (how many check-ups does she have i thot she just had one today?)

gayatri: chachi iam going in a little while...

shilpa: GaYaTrI!...(she says it in a strict way) samir looks kinda embarrassed, gayatri looks confused at why shilpa is reacting this way.

samir gets up from next to gayatri and says: gayatri i think chachi is rite you shud rest we will fight tomorrow ok?

gayatri smiles gives him the magazine and says: ok gudnite

shilpa finally smiles satisfied.

scene 7: gaurav working on his laptop. shilpa comes and gives him milk and sits on the bed still in thought. gaurav turns to look at her, gets up and sits next to her puts his arm around her shoulders and asks: wht is the matter shilpa u looks worried

shilpa: the matter is such to b worried abt, for the past few days i have been sensing tht samir and gayatri...

gaurav: wht kind of things are u saying shilpa 

shilpa: im not saying anything wrong gaurav..... then while she talks (its mute) we can see flashbacks of shilpa seeing gayatri's reports in samir's room and gayatri's baby's tape in the vcr in samir's room...gayatri grabbing samir's hand...gayatri sitting next to samir and showing him cupboard designs

shilpa: gaurav i feel tht by calling samir here i have made a big mistake, before samir and gayatri get any closer i think i shud talk to parvati bhabhi...

gaurav: no shilpa no. no need to worry bhabhi even more. already wid office work she is quite tense. and i think wht u r thinking its nothing like tht its only ur imagination. now go and sleep i have alot of things to do. go.

shilpa turns away to go and gaurav turns back to his laptop shilpa thinks to herself: no gaurav whtever i saw and felt its not/cant b only my imagination and fear. i will have to keep an eye on gayatri and samir and if need be then i will talk to parvati bhabhi abt this too afterall this is about shruti's married life.


Maan i wish parvati wudnt have such looooooong lectures to give....


ishan2003 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 March 2006 at 7:27pm | IP Logged
but jayaa mathhur performed well and so did ali asgar ....thanks a lot

Edited by ishan2003 - 10 March 2006 at 7:27pm
shimmer1 Senior Member

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Posted: 11 March 2006 at 4:13am | IP Logged
whose jaya mathur?
.Prometheus. IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 11 March 2006 at 7:27am | IP Logged
thanks yaar
pari0706 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 March 2006 at 8:21am | IP Logged
coolndevil Goldie

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Posted: 11 March 2006 at 11:27am | IP Logged
Thanks for the awesome update Wink
shimmer1 Senior Member

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Posted: 11 March 2006 at 3:41pm | IP Logged
thnks to u guys for readin it Embarrassed
Imzi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 March 2006 at 3:56pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the update

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