Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki (Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii)


Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki (Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii)
Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki (Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii)

Detailed Update 9th March

shimmer1 Senior Member

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Posted: 10 March 2006 at 8:16am | IP Logged

im soo sorry guys havent had time been real busy...

scene1: still in the hospital pallavi walks towards chaya and shilpa asks if everythings ok. they say yes they are here for gayatri's check up. gayatri comes pallavi asks her how she is, she says 'iam fine pallavi bua', gayatri notices shilpa looks worried she asks her if anything is wrong. before shilpa can reply

chaya says: there are things to be worried abt, but all this tht is happening

shilpa interrupts her: you due date is coming close thts why...shilpa gives chaya a look and all 3 gayatri, chaya, shilpa say bye to pallavi and leave

pallavi looks amused and thinks:adarsh parivaar ki adharsh bahu betiyaan (dont know wht adarsh means so thts why no english translation lol), somebody should learn from them to hide things going on in their house, but things cant be hidden. Here parvati bhabhi is busy in business and at home...she laughs...

scene2:  pallavi is in her car her phone rings. its suyash's MIL (mother in law) she complains to pallavi tht since suyash has gone to canada pallavi has stopped coming over to their house and stopping phoning them.

pallavi laughs and asks her how she is, and says tht she (pallavi) was busy at work

MIL: bus bus no need to make excuses i wasnt even going to phone you but an emergency came up, in our house a very booring person's birthday has come up

pallavi: its uncle's birthday today?

MIL: dont be silly since wen is uncle a boring person, he is the entertainment in my life, its suyash's birthday

pallavi:mr.mehra's birthday is today?

MIL: you dont even know wen his birthday is?

pallavi: no aunty actually ....

MIL: ok listen you have to do some work for me iam keeping a surprise party for suyash, 1st you have to invite all of suyash's friends and tell them to come at 8o clock looking at mumbai's traffic they should reach by 9 or 9:30. ok i have called mayuri to come but u must invite the agarwal family dont forget. and 2nd u must keep suyash busy until 9:30 wen all the guests come i will give u a missed call then u can bring him. ok? you will b able to do all this rite?

pallavi: yea aunty but....

MIL: bye

scene 3: agarwal house all the kids, vandy maasi, dadi are playin carem. chaya is on the phone she is saying : yes i will tell everyone, yes of course all of us will come  bye

chaya thinks to herself: suyash mehra's surprise party. interesting very interesting

scene4: parvati is working in her office. someone knocks on the door. parvati invites them in. its pallavi she says namaste bhabhi how are you

parvati: pallavi come sit

pallavi: arent you working alot these days be careful you dont fall sick

parvati: dont worry about me you tell me wht work have come for here

pallavi: hisaab barabar karne...hmm tht day you came to invite me to a party today i have come to invite you to a party

parvati: thank you very much, whose party?

pallavi: actually mrs wadhwa called today she was saying its mr.mehra's birthday so for him its a surprise party

parvati gives a sly smile

pallavi: why are you looking at me like tht

parvati: interesting you look very excited, by taking all the responsibilites for the birthday party

pallavi smiling: bhabhi i havent taken the responsibilty its been given to me/ put on me

parvati: even more exciting, im glad to hear tht

pallavi: anyway 8oclock ok

parvati: your calling me so nicely wid so much love so im going to try by best to come but as you can see there is alot of work to do, even if i dont come the rest of my family will come

pallavi: ok you at least try bye..

parvati: oh wait pallavi i just noticed something, tht you arent so happy and excited even on your own birthday as you are on mr.mehra's birthday rite?

pallavi: bhabhi you dont leave one chance of teasing me

parvati: wht shall i do pallavi its my habit, anyway happy birthday

pallavi: thank you, c u in the evening bye

parvati waves to her

parvati then calls up a jewellar ratan and tells him to pack a gift for her. she tells him she will pick it up in the evening.

scene5: pallavi choosing wht clothes to wear she lift a white dress, then a  finally chooses a black sleeveless top and black trousers. she then looks at the gift she has brought for suyash, (it looks like a broach or handcuffs im not too sure wht it is)

pallavi thinks to herself: suyash this gift is of my love and today i will see tht not only will u accept this gift but wear it too. i want to say so much to you all tht is in my heart n tht i cudnt say to you. 

she says out loud: i love you alot suyash

scene6: kamal talking to parvati on the phone, he asks her if she has left the office or not, and tht everyone is waiting for her. Parvati says she cant come she has some meeting, she tells him tht all of them should go and to pick up a gift from ratan's jewellery and to give it to mr.mehra from her and to apologise to mr.mehra for her absense and to wish him happy birthday. kamal says not to work so much and to take a break. she asks him now he isnt getting late?...he says ok hangs up and leaves

scene7: mr mehra in his office looks at the time its 8oclock, he gets up to leave for home. he turns and sees pallavi all decked up, he kinda frowns at her...maybe sorta confused look. (shes wearing reallllllllly looong silver studded earrings)

she gives him a red rose and says: many many happy returns of the day

suyash: well thank you so much

pallavi: and may i have the privilage of having a drink wid you,  todays ur birthday maybe u wont say no

suyash: hmm alrite fine lets go

pallavi smiles they leave

scene8: in the restaurant they clink their glasses and pallavi says: may you have many many more

i think suyash says: ill drink to tht (im not sure if thts wht he said)

pallavi keeps looking at him in this wierd look(uggghDead) then she reaches into her purse and takes out his gift and says: a small gift for you

suyash: pallavi ji you shudnt have you know i dont accept gifts from...

pallavi:..strangers ..i know tht but just look at it once please

suyash opens it

pallavi asks: how is it?

suyash: its very beautiful pallaviji just like you


suyash: its very beautiful but infortunately its very expensive (frowning)

pallavi: mr.mehra please please, you liked it i mean its important for me if u dont think iam ur friend then u can give it back to me

suyash: well alrite thank you very much i appreciate it

pallavi smiles victoriously and keeps looking at him in this want type look (uuugghhh yuck i hate the looks she gives him!) she watches him as he puts it in his pocket. pallavi's phone rings she laughs sheepishly and sees its from suyash's residence

pallavi cuts it shrugs and says : custom care they keep disturbing me the whole day

suyash just smiles politely

pallavi: lets go

suyash: yea sure why not ..uh if ur free tonite why dont you have dinner with us

pallavi: oh i wud luv to i really dont mind thnks

suyash: lets drink up then

they finish their drinks and wen the camera is on pallvi they have this wierd woman laughing type background sound lol

scene9: suyash's house the lights are off

suyash: this is really strange the house is dark and the door is open ..this is very stranger

the lights come on and everyone shouts and claps : SURPRISE!

suyash's MIL and DIL walk towards suyash

suyash: mama wht is all this?

DIL:you know ur mama

MIL: today is ur birthday darling

suyash: i know i know ...(all three of them hug so cute!!..)...thanks

MIL: say thanks to pallavi

suyash: why?

MIL: she did everything

suyash: meaning she was involved in all this too? in this scheme?...(MIL NODS DIL laughs)...this is not fair pallaviji...ah thats why you took for drinks from work so tht i dont reach here on time..not fair

pallavi (surely enjoying the moment she wud have popped out of her clothes the amt she was bloating...dont think she has been praised so much in her whole life): it was a surprise it ws meant to be a surprise

suyash: theres no need to say sorry (putting his arm around MIL) i know mama's magic

MIL: ok listen everyone is waiting lets go shall we? give a surprise look (i think thts wht she said i mean abt the surprise look)..

suyash laughing: yes iam surprised bohot embarrass karti hain (or sumthing like tht Confused)

Next they just show mr.mehra accepting gifts, flowers from everyone.

kamal comes and shakes hands wid him and says: happy b'day mr.mehra

suyash: thank u, thank u so much your bhabhi didnt come mrs agarwal?

pallavi who ws smiling previously stops smiling at hearing suyash asking for parvati and doesnt look too pleased

kamal: sorry mr.mehra there was some urgent meeting at work so she had to cancel her programme for coming here

suyash: alrite

kamal: and she has asked me to wish you and aunty to say sorry to

MIL: theres no need to say sorry

pallavi walks over to the group and just starts talking wid them to mr.mehra 

In walk sonu. mayuri and anisha (the new girl)...

Mayuri: omg anisha you r so funny are u always making ppl at home laugh too?

sonu gets a call from gaurav she tells him they r just reaching

nikhil comes face to face wid mayuri they glare at each other and he walks off

mayuri: tht ws mr suyash mehra's son

anisha: but why ws he looking at you like tht?...does he have a problem wid u?

mayuri: he doesnt have a problem now but used to have a problem, anyways will tell u another time wen we are free

chaya and shilpa standing together

chaya: everyone here is wishing mr.mehra but he is only missing our parvati bhabhi

shilpa: chaya keep quiet gayatri is standing rite here

shilpa walks away to another spot chaya follows

chaya:let her stand there am i scared of anyone? and anyways wht else is she doing in shruti's absence

shilpa: chaya please for godsakes keep quiet ...oh look sonu is here

chaya also smiles

shilpa to sonu: you took so long to come...mayuri! how are you (they hug) ...hi (shilpa to anisha)

mayuri to MIL: 'aunty' and touches her feet

MIL blesses her

anisha: namaste aunty

MIL: you wid them?

anisha: actually aunty shruti is my friend

MIL: oh ok ok

mayuri: you know aunty?

anisha: yea luckily we met in the morning and tht too accidently (anisha spots mr.mehra excuses herself and walks towards him)

mayuri: aunty party is really nice

anisha to suyash: excuse me sir

suyash: anisha you here? wht a surprise

anisha: wht a coincedence, wen we met in the morning we were strangers and now iam ur guest

pallavi walks over to them (she comes everywhere!!)

suyash looks at pallavi then says to anisha: oh u probably know pallavi ji rite?

pallavi: uh no i dont

anisha: hey listen dont get confused actually ive come wid the agarwal family shruti is my friend

suyash: i c

anisha: anyways for your birthday a small gift for  you from me

suyash: anisha you shudnt have really (he is saying tht to everyone)

suyash looks at the gift and is surprised

anisha: did u like it?

suyash: yes its very pretty ganesh ji ki murti

pallavi smiling and oberving the whole time

suyash: but u know anisha i never expected you to give me this kinda gift i mean u have been born and brought up abroad so i thot indian sanskar...

anisha: sir ppl usually get fooled by the clothes of a person but trust me iam more indian than any other indian (YEA rite baby ur wearing a  mini skirt and a skimpy top and no indian clothes wht so ever and ur more indian than any other indian uhuh we believe u hun...)

pallavi: thts brilliant then u r staying at the perfect house

anisha looks at pallavi (not in a very gud way i dont think she was pleased wid the way pallavi said tht)

pallavi lifting her eyebrows : agarwal  khandaan

suyash looks shocked and not pleased tht pallavi said something like tht

anisha:jee did u say something?

pallvi: justt uh...

suyash: anyways anisha please enjoy urself and feel completely at home alrite?

anisha: yea (anisha spots parvati entering the party excuses herself from suyash and leaves to go to parvati)

suyash tells pallavi he met anisha in the morning

anisha says hi to parvati but parvati doesnt recognise her. anisha tells parvati she is shruti's friend. parvati apologises for not being able to meet anisha at home as she had alot of work at office, and says tht yes shruti told her anisha was coming . anisha says its ok aunty

kamal spots parvati and walks over to her and asks her how she is here. parvati tells him she wsnt going to come but the meeting got cancelled, and wen she went home they hadnt even left a key for her wid the watchman. and tells kamal to change his phone bcoz she called him soo many times and he didnt pick it up. kamal tells her it was on silent and sees he has 5 missed calls from parvati's mobile. parvati says she called gaurav too but he didnt pick it up either. parvati said she waited for an hr at home.

kamal says: its gud u came u can wish mr.mehra

parvati asks: u gave my gift to him rite?

kamal takes out the gift sheepishly and gives it to parvati: i forgot

parvati: kamal you

kamal: now u can give it bhabhi

suyash spots parvati and heads towards her..pallavi watches him walk towards parvati and follows rite behind

suyash: mrs agarwal namaste (pallavi is kinda standng behind suyash)

parvati: many many happy returns of the day

suyash: thank u so much but kamal ji was saying tht u werent going to come

parvati: yes i actually wsnt goin to come but my meeting got cancelled (chaya comes and hears parvati saying this) , so i thought..

suaysh: its gud ur meeting got cancelled so our guest list is complete now  he turns and smiles at pallavi who also smiles back ...MIL comes

parvati: a small gift for you mr.mehra

suyash: aww you shudnt have why..thank you

parvati: namaste aunty how are you

MIL: absolutly fine beta

parvati to suyash: wont u see wht is in this?

suyash: no later please come in

MIL: come on parvati is saying so look at it na

suyash: mama i will look at it later (chaya observing)

MIL: i want to c it

suyash laughs and opens it ..its like a gold bracelet wid a red blob hanging from it

suyash: its really beautiful (chaya and pallavi watching)

MIL: oh wow such a beautiful gift, i dont think anyone else brought such a pretty gift

pallavi doesnt look too pleased

parvati: i hope u like it, actually i heard wearing a rudraj is really gud for health, for peace of mind and the biggest thing is tht its keeps the temper in control

suyash: ah i c u can control ur temper too, so are you saying iam short-tempered is it?

parvati: no i didnt mean tht

MIL: u get angry alot, and u get angry really quickly i will see how he doesnt wear it. i will make him wear it

pallavi looks kinda pissed

MIL: lets go and cut the cake birthday boy (lol birthday boy)

pallavi looks reallllly pissed and remembers tht the gift she gave suyash he had just put tht in his pocket

suyash cuts the cake feeds it to MIL and DIL, then he takes a piece on a plate and walks rite passed pallavi who is standing next to him (she had already lifted her hand to take the cake OUCH THT MUSTA hurt haha lol) and walks upto parvati

suyash: mrs agarwal please

chaya is observing keenly

parvati takes a piece: thnks and once again happy birthday

suyash: thank u so much ...

he looks around the its like he just noticed pallavi next to him lol...and offers her some...pallavi picks up a small piece and starts to take it towards his mouth...but he puts up his hand and says no...shes like ok and eats it herself ...suyash walks away to give other ppl the cake

chaya pulls shilpa in a corner and says she will give her ice cream just come here

chaya: just listen , parvati bhabhi had an important meeting then how did she come here?

shilpa: chaya meeting got cancelled

chaya: cancel?

shilpa: yea

chaya laughs amused: godbharai day her meeting cudnt get cancelled how did it get cancelled today?

shilpa just puts a hand on chaya's shoulder and walks off. chaya just smiles wickedly and looks after her.


phewww!...i wish i cud quit being so long winded




honeylime IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 March 2006 at 9:01am | IP Logged
Wow awesome update, I couldnt catch up the video last night, and thanx shimmer, u have done a great update, appreciate it Clap Clap Clap

I was just hoping pallavi revealing abt gayatri to paro, letz wait n watch monday's episode, she kinda can't keep things to herself LOL LOL LOL And yea, I really like suyash, still can't believe hez walking out of KGGK Cry Cry , I really hope things chg Big smile , I dont like the new guy Angry Ouch whoz being replaced Angry in place of mohnish Embarrassed Keep ur fingers crossed Wink
dynamic Senior Member

Joined: 21 November 2005
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Posted: 10 March 2006 at 9:12am | IP Logged
thank u awesome work done !!! ... well the part of suyresh and pallavi ...made me laugh .. and the gift from anisha gift part too .. Clap Clap Clap .. great LOL
bainssangha IF-Rockerz

Joined: 01 July 2005
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Posted: 10 March 2006 at 10:12am | IP Logged
neha2005 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 11 September 2005
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Posted: 10 March 2006 at 11:15am | IP Logged
thanks for the update!
.Prometheus. IF-Veteran Member

Joined: 28 December 2005
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Posted: 10 March 2006 at 11:30am | IP Logged
thanks a lot yaar
lexaxel Senior Member

Joined: 18 January 2006
Posts: 948

Posted: 11 March 2006 at 12:09am | IP Logged
hey thanx a lot. update rocked Thumbs Up . ur comments were 2 coool Cool.
i really want suyesh & parvati 2 get 2gether but chaya is going 2 drag the whole issue thru mud & in the process nip the whole thing in the bud. moreover, parvati being the pati-vrata stree & all tht will strongly deny her attraction 2wards suyeshCry.
& if mohnish behl is going 2 walk out of KGGK, i dont want the new suyesh & parvati 2 get 2gether Angry .
am i making any sense Geek Cry .
shimmer1 Senior Member

Joined: 28 March 2005
Posts: 806

Posted: 11 March 2006 at 4:12am | IP Logged
yea u r i totally get wht u mean i dont think ill watch kggk anymore if mohnish leaves

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