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Bharti Archekar

Transcript of LIVE INDIATIMES CHAT with Bharti Achekar at 12 noon (IST) on Monday, May 22, 2006 in Mumbai

"My best trait is comedy as I feel that I should be able to make my audience smile."

Bharti Achekar
TV actress

Minu> We really loved you in Wagle Ki Duniya . It is still very fresh in our memory. So far you have done a lot of tele-serials but which is your favourite of them all?
Bharti Achekar> It is definitely Wagle Ki Duniya because it was very down to earth middle class family story which many could relate to. It was a great idea conceptualized by R.K Laxman.

Karma> What are the things that you consider now while taking up a role and which is your best trait in acting?
Bharti Achekar> First of all the age of the character should match with mine. Then the story line and the production house should be good. My best trait is comedy as I feel that I should be able to make my audience smile.

Ajji> How did you feel when you were facing the camera for the first time?
Bharti Achekar> It's a quite a long time ago and I don't remember. Moreover since I was from theatre, I was never uncomfortable in front of the camera.

Mistyeyed_25> I love you in Kya Higa Nimmo Ka , that soap has me falling off the chair. What would your character Kanta Bai do if she found out that Kunal and Nimmo were in love and Vikrant was also developing feelings for Nimmo.
Bharti Achekar> It's nice to know that you like my performance. Kanta Bai will stand by Nimmo , irrespective of who ever she falls for.

Ajji> How does it feel to be counted among some of the best actresses on television?
Bharti Achekar> It's feels great.

Sadzaf> What is the advantages and disadvantages of being an actress?
Bharti Achekar> Advantage is that people recognize you and disadvantage are the odd timings of shooting.

Parag> Can you tell us the most harsh moment of your life
Bharti Achekar> The time when I lost my husband was very tough for me.

Ajji> How do you manage your reel and real life?
Bharti Achekar> I am a very fun loving person. What ever I portray on screen, it's the real me.

Mistyeyed_25> Which theory do you agree with and why – 'always be truthful while acting' or 'acting is the art of lying'.
Bharti Achekar> Always be truthful while acting.

Sadzaf> Any dream role that you would like to do in your life?
Bharti Achekar> There is no dream role. But I would love to do a vamp role because in acting there are two things which are difficult. One is to make somebody laugh and the other to make somebody hate you. I have already accomplished the former successfully, so now I want to try my hand at the latter.

Ajji> Are you planning to retire and if not then what are your future plans?
Bharti Achekar> why should I retire, I have I long way to go. I am producing a Marathi movie.

Ajji> So are you enjoying your new role in Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka ?
Bharti Achekar> Absolutely

Sign off Message> Thank you for your questions. And thanks for appreciating my role. Love you all and god bless. Love Bharti



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She's just arrived!


She is suave, a femme-fatale and she is Big B, Aby-baby's relative. When actresses from Kannada filmdom are taking a plunge into Bollywood and Kollywood, here's Sanjita who has come all the way from Bollywood to the tinsel town here.

The siren has signed the movie Shubham opposite actor Shivadhwaj who ended his hunt for heroine after he found this dance teacher in Mumbai's Leela Palace.
She teaches western dance and some select dance numbers to Bollywood stars. She is now busy shooting for the movie in Somawarpet's Sakamma Bungalow.
Explaining her entry into Kannada movies she says, "Shivadhwaj contacted me through a co-ordinator and he thought I was the perfect face for the role in the movie.

He offered me the script, briefed me about my role and other details. I liked the script and said 'yes' to the movie." The movie which is directed by Ravi R Girani is a story of three brothers and their angelic younger sister.
Though her entry into films was by sheer luck and also coincidence, she knew that some jhatak matak and strutting one's stuff in modelling were some of the stepping stones to get in.

"Dancing is my profession, acting a passion and am also a relative of Amitabh Bachchan. Infact it was he who suggested me to get into the bandwagon. I also got a small role to act in Amitabh Bachchan starrer Baghban," she avers. This is how her story with the moving camera began.

Sanjita, the glam doll has it all. The perfect curvatures, talent to make anybody dance to her tunes and of course good looks.

Now the only thing she hopes and dreams is to sparkle in sandalwood.
"Gossip is the first thing I hate and the last one I would believe in. If there is some amount of truth in it or if I am wrong, then I would definitely correct myself," she explains.

Sanjita believes more in real life than the reel life. Her father is a businessman in Mumbai and mother a house wife.

The actress wants to experiment with the roles she has in the offing. She believes in taking up challenging roles on a condition that there is variety in them.
She is also working in A M Ratnam's Telugu movie which she has signed. Another Tamil movie is also in the waiting, she says.

With all these dreams in this starry-eyed bimbo, she still has a long way to go. Now here's wishing her all the best in achieving success. Good luck Sanjita.

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Celeb speak

The good old days

Kamiya Mohan Jani, chembur

Known as Kavyanjali's Kavya and Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka's Kunal Sehgal, Eijaz Khan, a well-known face in the television industry reminisces the days he spent in Chembur
Born in Hyderabad and brought up in Mumbai, this talented actor spent his childhood in Chembur.

"I had never planned anything for myself," admits a gratified Eijaz. He started off his career with small modeling assignments and today he is the face of one of the most famous production houses in the city.
While schooling from Our Lady of Perpetual Succour High School, Eijaz used to stay at Vijay Vihar Society. Khan has done his schooling from Our Lady of Perpetual Succour High School in Chembur and then went on to do a course in Civil Engineering before taking to acting. When questioned why he choose acting as a profession, Khan said that he did the course, as his father wanted him to do so. Born on August 28, 1975, Eijaz has seen Chembur developing along with his age and realises that today Chembur has become a lot more commercial than before.

"I hardly get to see those Anglo- Indian bungalows anymore. All I get to see now are the commercial banks and the showrooms." He catches up with his friends and relatives here every fortnight or once a month when he packs up early.

Sheepishly, Eijaz states that he had no girlfriends in school. "I was too shy to approach any girl," he avers and adds, "I remember doing all sorts of stunts on my BMX bicycle like free stands and riding on rough tracks at B.A.R.C." Overcome with nostalgia, Eijaz remembers the good old days when he used to play soccer and basketball with his friends. When asked if he would like to come back to his childhood abode, he says, "I would love to. But it would get inconvenient for me to commute to my studio every day from Chembur." The actor currently stays at Marol, which is relatively close to his workplace.

Right now his only show on air is 'Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka' and his disappearance from 'Kavyanjali' has really disappointed many viewers. "You will not see me in the show for now," he informs. There are also rumours of him not getting along with his new co-star Sangeeda, who plays Nimmo in KHNK. "My equation with Anita Hassandani (Anjali of Kavyanjali) is the best till date," he concludes diplomatically.

CG Plus wishes this former Chembur resident the very best for the future! CGP14ART642006


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Take Ten: Sanjeeda
   By: Sandipan Dalal
   June 12, 2006
------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------

Sanjeeda plays the quirky Nimmo in Star One daily Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka. In real-life, however, Sanjeeda is the girl-next-door who doesn't let any wordly worries affect her.

"I believe in living life to the fullest, and unlike my screen persona, I hardly get stressed out," she says.

Here are ten things you would want to know about her…

When is your birthday and what is your star sign?
December 20, and I'm a Capricorn.

Do you believe in astrology and numerology?
I don't believe in any of the two. If you're strong and believe in your own potentials, then you don't need to fall back on anything.   

Where were you born and which school did you go to?
I was born in Kuwait. I would go to Little Flower School in Ahmedabad.

What was your first job? And how much was your first paycheque?
I started off as a choreographer. My first paycheque was for Rs 10, 000.

One thing you are really bad at doing?
I am bad at cooking.

What is your favourite smell?
I love the smell of fresh flowers.

Where in Mumbai would you rather be staying?
Carter Road in Bandra.

What handset do you use?
I use the Nokia 6881.

What car do you use?
I drive a black Wagon R.

What has been your most embarrassing moment?
As a toddler, I participated in a dandiya contest. My ghagra came undone while performing. I was quite embarrassed, but I didn't rush back stage until my performance was over. And yes, I grabbed the first prize.

How often do you say, "I love you"?
I keep saying it to all my near and dear ones throughout the day.

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Eijaz -Kavita's Mauritian jhagda
   By: Tushar Joshi
   June 9, 2006

Loner: Eijaz Khan

The Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka team has returned from Mauritius. Apart from the usual cast of Sanjit Bedi, Eijaz Khan and Sanjeeda, the show had a new entrant — Kavita Kaushik who plays Natassha.

There were reports that the entire unit had fun, frolicked on the beaches, and even indulged in late-night parties.  However sources from the show say that the shoot was marred by EIjaz and Kavita's inability to break the ice between each other.

An actor close to EIjaz reevals, "Yes they did have issues opening up to each other. There was visible discomfort between the two during many scenes."

Apparently, Eijaz enjoyed spending time on his own, in stead of making her comfortable, "He doesn't like to mingle with some one he isn't comfortable with." That sent the wrong vibe to his co-star who decided he was playing uppity.

Clubbing with guys

Eijaz who is also set to return to Kavyanjali refused to throw any light on the matter. However on constant questioning, he said, "Why would I have issues with some one I really don't know? I hung out most of the time with the guys — Sanjit (Bedi) and Shabbir (Ahluwalia). We had a blast at the clubs." But didn't he and Kavita share icy vibes? "I don't want to comment on this."

Kavita Kaushik

Kavita's tan

Kavita, too, wasn't forthcoming on her tiff with Khan. "I don't know him that well, but yes, I have met him once at a party. We haven't worked together, but that shouldn't lead to us having any troubles."

Kaushik added that Mauritius was all about being in the water and getting tanned. "I have a total bronze look on the show. Even though I am scared of water creatures, I was inside the ocean for most of the time."

One-track mind

Coming back to Eijaz, she said, "I really don't care about someone as long as the person doesn't say or do something wrong to me. My track in Nimmo is very interesting and I wouldn't want to let anyone else distract me from it."

Even though Eijaz is strictly off her friends list, the actress has found a new friend in Sanjeeda. "She is a darling, we both were stuck to each other throughout the shoot. I treat her more like my younger sister. I was most of the time with her, so I really didn't see where Eijaz was."

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Awsome review of a beautiful show by mistyeyed_25

An attempt by me. Wrote it ages back. Will Update it later when Iget some time on my hands.

Most of you must be aware of my critical analyssis posts of Kaisa Yeh Pyar Hai. Today I attempt to review Kya Hoa Nimmo Ka - so here I go...

Review of Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka.

Are we mad for missing out on that family dinner that everyone was eagerly waiting for? Have we gone bonkers that we wouldn't take time out to spend with our parents, brother, sister , husband, lover , friend but would rather be sitting and drooling over a very Cute but highly Konfused Kunal. So what is it in this show that has us glued. Today I make an attempt to give an honest review in this perfect show.

'All the worlds a stage and we are all merely players playing our parts to perfection..." These were the words sShakespeare had penned down in one of his plays. True but apt words. Words that go for each one of us. All of us have been bought in this world with some pre defined roles and duties but what was god thinking when he created two antique pieces of his - Kunal and Nimmo.

KHNK is a refreshing young soap with a Cinderalla midas touch to it. No Nimmo is not the step daughter and neither are their any pumkins turning into carriages but there is a messenger from god or god himself (who can qualify as the fairy god mother) to show nimmo a different light and yes there is a charming prince. Its a show about real people. Its a show about Nimmo amd Kunal and how their lives takes a turn when they get married to each other.

Nimmo belongs to the middle class while kunal belongs to the upper business class. Kunal is a casanova and Nimmo is the idealistic daughter. Two contrasting different people who are bounded in marriage and which is all a part of gods bigger plan.

Basic Premise of the Story.

Nimmo seems to have this rather complex and strange relationship with god. She loves to hate him but he adores her to the hilt for she is his special child. He has special plans for her. Kunal and Nimmo meet. No they dont fall in love but yes they do get married. There is more to this marriage than what is actually known.. Their marriage is a contractual marriage. Nimmos family has suffered from a financial crisis to the extent they have to be thrown out and Kunals is being pressurised to get married. Kunal enjoys his freedom and wants his space. He wants to live life on his own terms. Anyways family pressure to get married and with an ultimatum been thrown in and Nimmo's family suffering from financial crisis..the two join hands..and enter into an contractual agreement. The person who plays cupid to them is none other Oscar (Kunals lovable dog whom he considers as his own son),KB, KK (Kunals Man Friday) and Rishabh ( so I think!)

About Nimmo the story till now.

Nimmo is just an ordinary girl with no pretence attached to her and has no dreams to live for. She lives for her family and would do anything for them. She is clumsy but she has a mind of her own. She is independent. Bad luck seems to follow her. With nimmo around you can always find some gadbad for sure to take place. She seems to take this bad luck also with high spirit. Dont expect her to be taking nonsense and be the ever sacrificial lamb. Nopes for Nimmo isnt like any other leading heroine who would cry buckets of tears upon a heart break. Nimmo eventually falls for Vikrant her boss, but he is more interested in her sister. The thing about nimmo is that she never let her feelings known to her boss. Taking this bad luck in her stride, she goes on with her life. Nimmo meets kunal Sehgal and the two are contrasting different invidual. kunal is this cute casanova whom the eligible would love to marry, the older ones would love to have as their son and young take home to meet their mom!! The two meet and thereafter there is something in nimmo that makes kunals blood pressure boil each time he sees her. But destiny has a different plan for them altogether. They get married which shocks everyone around them including themselves. Nimmo has rubbed kunal and his family the wrong way thanks to her ideals and hence she is not well liked by some of the family members but their marriage is contractual and only Kanta Ben, Rishabh, and KK knows this fact other than the two of them....

Nimmo does have this guilt pangs of entering into a marriage that her mind has agreed but her heart can never accept. Deep down she is still in love with Vikrant whom she knows she can never have. What hurts her is the fact that knowingly she has agreed to this marriage all for money. The house is back to where it belongs and Kunal has been her saviour in some ways. The thing about Kunal is that he is not that ba a guy, he does have a heart of gold. Why else would follow Nimmo all the way to her house and cook up a lie and defend her. Kunal doesnt have to hurt any one and seems to have enough repect for his dada, dadi and Nimmos Parents perhaps more than what we can envisionage.

Marriage has finally taken place in the show. Will Cupid Strike? Will They fall in love? AAkhir Kya Hoga Nimmo aur Kunal Ka?


There is an old age saying that goes - too many cooks spoil the broth. Well in the tv scenario, too many characters spoil the plot. The Show seems definately high on the family quoitent and on the comedy factors but too many characters in this show are too confusing for the soul. Nevertheless the characters are as follows:

Nimmo played by Sanjeeda.

Nimmo is the central character in the story line. The show is about nimmo and her life and the misfortunes that keep following her everywhere. Sanjeeda as a new comer has really performed this role to the best of the her ability. The girl is fresh and still has a long way to go. Given a chance, she will go places. As nimmo, she is brilliant. She is spontaneous, vivacious, lively and full of life in the character that she enacts. critically speaking - Stop being such a pessimistic Nimmo where god is concerned and stop blaming god for your misfortunes and realise that god is with you always and is not always the cause of your misfortunes. Sometimes circumstances and situation do play a role.

She looks a bit like Anita and after the kavyanjali hang over the comparison are but inevitable. Give the girl a chance....

Eijaz Khan as kunal Sehgal.

What do we say about this really confused character in Nimmo who keeps forgetting what happenned to him or what he did in the last minute... Kunal is the darling of the house. The sole heir to the family. He is not very close to his mom, his younfer brother has inferiority complex and his chacha is out to get him in biusiness. only he doesnt know about his chacha and his brother. kunal is this happy go lucky casanova who changes girls like a person changes clothes!!! he is adored to the hilt by his grand mother and grand father who are like his own parents....Where girls are concerned - Someone please tell Kunal to take memory plus capsules!!!

Eijaz Khan as Kunal has never looked hotter than this before. After Kavya, Kunal is a refreshing change. If Kavya catuluplated Eijaz to the top frame, Kunal will put him in the big league. Its a little difficult to believe that the characters of Kavya and Kunal are played by the same actor,but Eijaz has carried off both the roles with great conviction. The way he has been able to come off one character and slip into another character with remarkable ease is commendable. i guess thats the hallmark of a great actor.

Sanjid Bedi as Vikrant
Sanjid plays Vikrant, Kunals friend and Nimmos boss. nimmo falls in love with him but he has always doted on her like a friend. Vikrant is in love with naina whom shes known since the childhood days. A small misunderstanding and naina and he had parted ways. Vikrant gave a job to nimmo so that he could get into nainas good books. he got swati her job vack after swati quit her job after an arguement with her boss.

To me it seems to me that Vikrant is more of a casanova than Kunal. Plays around with a girl, leads her on and then lo behold expect her to say sorry to his best friend!!! Vikrant is an amazing friend. He nevertheless is cute and perhaps knows the meaning of friendship. ( I am still upset at not showing more of him during the wedding!!! 20.gif 20.gif 20.gif )

Sanjid lends a certain charm to the character. He could very well be a cupid in the making in the kunal - nimmo story.... Sanjid has this very pleasing personality and its terrfic to watch him in his Dr Omi avtar....

The Mathuria Family.
Anand is Nimmos father. he loves his daughter alot and would do anything foir her happiness. He dotes on his daughter like a little baby and is the driving force behind her. He was working in Vikrants company and was given pre mature retirement. he is simple and feels that you can handle a situation better if you dont feel the pain inside. he is worried about his daughter but knows that god has big plans for her.

Neeta as Sujata Mehta is nimmos mom who dreams of being a page 3 regular. She runs a boutique nd her clientale includes all the big socialites and for that she dreams of them being married to extremely well to do famillies. She though disnt seem to be bothered about the kind of guy her eldest daughter Nimmo wants to marry and has dreams of marrying her two daughters - Swati and Naina into rich famillies as she knows her two daughters Sawi and naina can fulfil her dream of her beeing a high flier socialite ....Easier said than done.
Neeta however is warm and affable and cant figure out as to why her daughter doesnt believe in god - someone with whom she has total faith in.

Kanta ben is a family servant who has come as dahej with neeta when she got married. she is treated with respect at the mathurias and provides the comic relief to the show. She is blunt and honest and talks statright and to the point. She is a straight shooter and the person infront of her could be the prime minister of the country for all she cared!!!

Naina is the youngest daughter of Anand & neeta. She dreams of becoming a Miss India one day but has no knowledge of the world around her. She loves her sister and the family alot. Would do anything foir them though she wants to make it big. She though keeps swinging like a pendulum... she is very finicky - blw hot blow cold types.

Swati is another younger child of Anand & Neeta. she is a firenbrand journalist who wants to own her pown TV Channel one day. She is independent, strong willed and muhphat. She is caring, hard working and ambitious. Love her family. In the show she has a strong personality that speaks volume. The girl is good. Watch her go places !!

To me it seems though that Swati and Naina are selfish. When all others present in the house were thinking of ways to contribute towards the finances. Swati stood with a suklen face giving running commentary. Could someone have please told her that this wasnt the Ashes Series going on but rather was a situation where her father did sometjhing wrong and like a dutiful daughter she should have done something about it rather than give expert advice. Naina on the other hand ran away when her family was in trouble and needed her the most. Both of them along with Kandy wanted Nimmo to marry Kunal just so that they could be well settled. HUH...????

Vallabh is Anands brother who is very gullible and is after the rivhes of the worlkd. He makes his brother invest in shares. One hadsa or then hakeekat..whichever way you look at it... makes them lose the shares and perhaps their house too....Vallabh has a wife ketaki whom nimmo calls kaki and a son Kandy ....Vallabh is played by the guy who played Abhays dads in Kkusum!!

Ketaki and Kandy are not exactly needed in the show. There is little shown of them and there are relegated more to be an extras rather than anything else.

The Sehgal Family.

The family tree of the Sehgal family is yet to be known as some of the characters yet to be introduced....

Dada is played by Dara Singh and this is retirn to television after a long time. Dada is the patriach of the family who is more like a friend to his grand children. he has beenb a father and a grand fater, a friend, philosopher and guide to his grand sn kunal. His only intention in life was to get his grand son married and for this, he was willing to do anything to make kunal say a yes! He dotes on Kunal alot and the grand father - grand son bond that exist is something that just cant cant be expressed in words. You have to see it to feel it.

Dadi is played by Dolly Thakore and she is brilliant. The hitler of the family, she runs the entire Srehgal business. Kunal is very close to his dadi who is also like his mom. both the dada and dadi have bought up kunal because their own mother has not been able to give her or devote much time and attention to him. Kunal is not very close to his own mom but is very close to his dada and dadi who he afores to the hilt and will do anyting for them except get married..

Dada and dadi have bought up the children with certain values and ethics. At office they alwats add their dadi as maam and not as dadi but at home shes dadi for them.

Shradha is the eldest bahu of the house and is kunals and samars mom she is not liked by Pret Sehgl who is dadi and is not very close to kunal. Shradhas husband is no longer there. We are yet to be told about his death.

Varsha is the youngest bahu who is married to Raj whose daughter vidhi got engaged recently..

Aniket is the younger son of dadaji and dadiji whose wife is parminder played by Navneet Nischan . Parminder and Aniket have two sons Rishabh, Nikhil and a daughter - Natasha. Aniket is after kunal property and is hell bent on getting the property transferred to his name Parmider refers to everyone as honey buns and is this high fly butterflu socialite who doesnt like nimmo one bit and ad a caertain air around her and around people she knows.

Samar is kunals younger real brother and is suffering from an inferiority complex because she is always being compated to him. Rishabh is the youngest of the lot who dotes on kunal. KK is kunaks assistant who just happens to give his boss away with his one liner - trhe latest being kunal sir kisse ko pregant nahin kar sakte ...woh to duniya bhar ki protection jo use karte hain....

Oscar - how can i forget cute oscar - kunals son who is his son before marriahe.... Oscar is cute and adoreable and competition to frankie now ( my bewafa love interest). Oscar loves nimmo and he adores her to the hilt but nimmo is scared of dogs.

Bakul Thakkar as KK - Kunals Man Friday is good. There is always this general feeling that he is wasted in the show. Its sad considering that the guy is capable of so much more.

Sidhu as God and Kanta Ben give the serial the comedy flick. Kanta ben as the contemporary bai is just out of this world with the perfect sense of comic timing. As for Navjot Singh Sidhu, his cool sense of humour continues here too after his cricket commentary and the great Indian Laughter Show.

On the Relationships being shown in the Show.

There is a close emotional bonding that is shown amongst the Mathurias Family. Theirs is not a perfect family picture. They do seem to have their share of joys and sorrows but the bond is such that they tend to be in it together. Other than of course their daughters - Swati and Naina who are more interested in themselves. But girls like them do exist in todays society - where they are more interested in c

Relationships within the Sehgal Parivar is still unclear and rather confusing - so confusing that one just cant stretch their brain cells any more... However, an interesting contrast in this regard in this soap is that it is shown that in a typical business family, the children of the house are shown to have some values and some amount of emotional vulnerability in them. It isnt as if they are into plastic cash or after the riches of the world. Dadi in this regard to me seems to be someone who has taken alot of pains to build up a business empire and doesnt want that hard work to go down the drain. It still happens in todays world that the upper rich class do look down upon the middle class. Family Virtues is something which i think sadly is not prevailing in todays world but is fortunately shown in Kya hoga nimmo Ka. kunal seems to be very attached to his family and is not exactly aloof from them. The Sehgals despite belonging to the upper rich class have instilled in their children certain values and thats the reason why you will see kunal, rishabh and samar calling their dadi as maam in office and as dadi at home

While Kunals relationship with his mom came out in one of the episodes....Its still not very clear and all we know is that Preet didnt allow the mother and son to be extremely close - How, When, Where, What is still not known. It seems as if there are a lot of hidden skeletons in the closet of sehgal parivar. Shradha, Varsha and Parminder are all mothers and there are hardly infact none mother - children scenes in the serial. It seems that the madding crowd funda caught up with these urban rich people who left their children with their grand parents while they set about yearning and working hard for more income and making a name for themselves in the corporate world. So much so that I guess, they forgot to spend quality time with their children. As shradha herself remark, some distances take time to repair... true and a universal truth of life that is.

All in all the whole stoy has a very different but comtemporary feel to it. It is a show full of comedy of error with the characters still opening up and coming to light. Coming at a time slot of 10 pm on Star one, it has a show which has everyone in laughs, which brings in the smiles and the laughter instead of the regular rona dhona and the saas bahu khitpit... The show is different and is catching on.... Definately a must watch if you havent seen it as yet and if you are already hooked on it....Enjoy the show darlings..It doesnt get any better than KHNK... Definately one of the best serials from the balaji camp after Kanyadan

And you know what the show is so realistic that the characters in the show could just be one of us there...

Feel free to disagree with me on the pointers put forth in this post...

Rating - 10/10
USP - concept of the show, cast and crew, screen play, camera works, direction, choreograhy, lighting......the list is endless
must watch - for Eijaz & Sanjeeda, for Kantabens ( Kb's banter...) and for a very realistic feel.
What not to watch - nothing as of now....

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"I am as clumsy as Nimmo"

Bubbly, youthful, charming... and clumsy, that's Nimmo aka Sanjeeda for you. She is also well-known as Vanilla down south, where she has done some films. Sanjeeda reminds one of Kajol in the film, Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha where she keeps tripping on things and goofing up big time. Even in real life, as Sanjeeda confides, there are many similarities between her and her reel character in Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka? Sameera Kapoor catches up this zealot in her free time where they discuss her maiden show, future projects and personal life.

Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka?
I'm on cloud nine! It is one of Balaji's pivotal projects and has also been favourable for the channel, Star One. The crew is thoroughly professional and very cordial in approach. But at the same time, it's a huge responsibility of keeping up with the expectations and the love showered on me by the viewers. Now, I have to make sure that I give them my best performance.

How did it happen?
Besides knowing Ekta personally, it was at a party that she adviced me to give an audition for the the role of Nimmo. At that time there was this huge hullabaloo with regards to Ekta's new venture, especially the casting of Nimmo was being closely monitored by the media. For a fresher on television, it was the best launch and so I gave the audition. The rest, as the say is history. I believe destiny played a major role in my success because I landed at the right place at the right time.

Any groundwork for the role?
Other than keeping a track of the story, I don't do any homework. I get into the skin of the character. I assume that all the ups and downs faced by Nimmo are being faced by me and it works! I believe originality is the runway to success.

Sanjeeda v/s Nimmo...
I totally relate to her. Like Nimmo, I too am content and satisfied with my life.Also I'm as clumsy as she is. Butterfingers, to put it right! However I am not that immature.

Your take on contract marriages...
Oh, I don't believe in contract marriage and will never go in for it. Marriages should be based on love, trust and not on terms and conditions. I believe in the sanctity of marriage, so certainly I will not make a mockery of the same. No matter how grave the situation is, I will try to find an alternative rather than sacrificing my life.

If not an actor?
A dance teacher! I used to teach fusion dance. I desire to open a dancing class in the near future. I have trained an array of biggies such as the family members of Rahejas, Chopras, Hindujas....

First 'Vanilla' down south and now 'Nimmo'....
Yes, people associate me with my nicknames. Very few people know me by my real name. As of now, it's 'Nimmo' which is etched in public memory.

TV or South Indian films?
These are two different mediums and both have it's advantages and disadvantages. However, given a choice it has to be television. Down south, it was tough memorising the lines, as I didn't relate to the language. So, you can say it was in those films that I had to do some homework. Comparatively, it's easier to emote and enact on TV as the language is not alien.

What is your family's take on your career?
They have been very supportive and have always stood by my decisions. Besides, Balaji Productions is the best, as we all know. Certainly I did not want to lose out on the opportunity of working with them. And my family felt the same.

Any new projects?
There is hardly any time left for me to even think of any other show besides Kya Hoga…

What's your stress buster?
After shooting for 10-18 hours a day, sleep is what I need. Whenever I get some time off, you will catch me dozing.
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After calling Mumbai Mirror readers and scanning over 200 applications, Ekta Kapoor finds the heroine of her next big show at a party


Reena Thapar Kapoor


This is the stuff that dreams are made of. Sanjeeta AR has officially been chosen to play Nimmo in Balaji prodution's forthcoming "next big show" on Star One called Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka. Sangeeta  was spotted by Ekta Kapoor at a party.

"It was that one phone call that I received from Balaji that changed everything for me," says Sanjeeta. Till yesterday, working with Ekta Kapoor was a far-fetched dream for her. Now, after clinching Nimmo's role, she finds herself firmly entrenched in the Balaji camp.

Elaborating on how it happened, Sanjeeta says, "Ekta spotted me at a recently held party. That's when she approached me and asked me to take an audition for one of her shows."

"I wasn't sure whether it was Kya Hoga... that she was referring to.  I'm told that she instantly saw Nimmo in me as she had a visual picture of Nimmo in her mind," says Sanjeeta.

Prior to this, Sanjeeta has acted in Tamil, Kannada and Telegu films. "I never even tried getting work in Hindi films as I didn't have a Godfather or any filmi connections."  But television was something that she was open to.

"I know that television has a huge market. It's watched by thousands of people in the country and has huge popularity abroad," she adds.

Now, Sanjeeta is all set to undergo formal training with the production house. "I feel that is the ideal way to start," she opines.

Any signs of nervousness; considering this is her debut? "I know television here will be in complete contrast to how the South Indian film industry functions. I'm told that in television one works at a mad pace. But, I am ready for the big challenge," she says.

Nimmo Factfile
* Is 18 years old
* Has always lived in Mumbai 
* Quit her studies for the glamour world
* Has done only Tamil, Telugu and Kannada films 
* Never done any commercials or Bollywood films
* Got Nimmo's role after Ekta Kapoor spotted her at a party


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