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Xplicit_Desii IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 April 2006 at 3:06pm | IP Logged
Hassi ka baadshah: Navjot Singh Sidhu

Sidhu for free

Everyone knows cricketer-commentator-actor Navjot Singh Sidhu is working free of cost for Ekta Kapoor in Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka (KHNK). He normally charges a lakh a day for shooting. When asked he says, "I don't charge Rs 1 lakh for a day.

On an average, I charge Rs 3.5 lakhs. Day after I am going to Ambi Valley for a talk on HSBC and am collecting Rs 5 lakhs for that."

So why doesn't he collect a cool 7 lakhs for the two days he shoots for KHNK? "You do some things in life to bring a smile on someone's face. I have very high regards for Ekta Kapoor. I even know her parents, Jeetendra and Shobha. Woh log bahut achche hain. If KHNK continues for 10-years, I will stand by them and not charge a penny."

Xplicit_Desii IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 April 2006 at 7:00pm | IP Logged
Kavya se Kunal tak
'I am a Casanova in real life and am open to pre- marital sex like my character in the serial Kya Hoga...' Eijaz Khan gets an image makeover in his new role.
Eijaz Khan is on a roll, though his popular lead track of Kavya in Kavyanajali got finally bumped off this week after days of speculation about its impending death. Eijaz had taken the role as a last-minute replacement when its much-publicised original lead, Rakshat Sahni, had failed to match his hyped launch. Through his restrained per formance, Eijaz registered a cautious entry, eventually taking one of TV's most sissy characters ever to a surprising height of fan following as a good, vulnerable man. In marked contrast, in his latest avatar, he plays a spoilt rich Casanova, Kunal Saigal, in Balaji's new offering on Star One, Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka. A tte--tte with telly's latest chocolate boy, on his journey Kavya se Kunal tak. Now that Kavya has died, how does it feel? Kavya was a character with whom anything could go wrong anytime. After a close brush with death in four or five instances, the character finally met its end a year after I made my entry. Feels like coming full circle. You resuscitated the character at a time when the serial had touched an all-time low. How did you manage it? I was pleasantly shocked when Ekta approached me as Kavya's replacement, as a lot of publicity had gone into establishing the original Kavya (Rakshat Sahni). But today, when people think of Kavya, they visualise me and not Rakshat, which is a proof of the success of my track. Whatever I have achieved today, 50 per cent of it is courtesy Kavya and the rest due to the work I did before Kavya, which helped me bag the role. How do you react to the notion that Kavya was a sissy character? I would rather say that Kavya is one of the most-loved characters on TV. His mother's excessive love may have made him over-reactive, but a lot of people who have grown up in a protective environment tend to be like that. The character also earned you the reputation of being one of the best criers on telly... I haven't cried so much in my entire life as I have in the last one year playing Kavya. Every time I went for the shoot, I would mentally prepare myself by say ing, 'Chalo aaj Kavyanajali ka shoot hai, matlab aaj rona hai.' I have cried for everybody in the serial -- my mother, my many wives and even my baby. How was it working with Amrita Singh, your on-screen mother and nemesis? She is like a firecracker on the sets. Though many of our scenes were highly melodramatic, we would improvise and try to make them as natural as possible. Drama on TV is often over the top, so it really takes a lot of effort to give it some semblance of reality. As regards the scene where I slap her, it really was no big deal, especially after having being slapped a 1,000 times playing Kavya. How has the transition been from Kavya to Kunal? Kavya and Kunal Saigal are as different as chalk and cheese. Kunal is extrovert, a compete Casanova who believes in working 9 to 5 and then partying 5 to 9. And unlike Kavya, who worshipped his mother, Kunal shares a kind of aloof relationship with his mother. How much of Eijaz is in either character? No matter what actors say, you have to put a bit of the real you into your characters. I have so far portrayed seven different characters on television, each of which has a distinct Eijaz touch. Playing Kavya was a bigger challenge, as I never had a family of my own, so this whole joint family thing was make-believe for me. Kunal, however, is closer to reality as I am a Casanova in real life and am open to pre-marital sex like my character. What is in store for your fans in your new avatar?

My fans have often complained about me always appearing 'suited-booted' as Kavya. For those keen on seeing me in fewer clothes, as Kunal I am going to reveal a lot... and you can see more of me now.

mabel Goldie

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Originally posted by Niki_18

Originally posted by leo_saadia

thanxx.but who is ansh batra and what character he plays???? Confused Confused

Ansh Batra is Kartik from Kahi To hoga, and he plays one of Kunal's cousins!Big smile

Ansh Batra plays Abhay,Kunu's cousin

Xplicit_Desii IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 May 2006 at 8:47pm | IP Logged

What's happening to Nimmo?

Our correspondent finds out when she visits the sets of Balaji Telefilms' latest daily soap that the actresses believe this one is really different

Anurita Rathore

Here am I wondering Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka. We are on the sets of the new Star One show - it's a hospital scene where Nimmo - impeccably dressed, her colour bag hanging around her neck - is worrying about her father along with her two sisters. Twelve takes and four make-up touches later, Nimmo managed to convey her unhappy expression and five-line dialogue right! Apart from Nimmo and her sisters Naina and Swati, we watch her mother Neeta Mathuria (Sujata Mehta) and Kantaben (Bharati Achrekar) who are trotting around the set, ready for their shots that comes next. So let's catch up with some of these ladies.

Sanjeeda (Nimmo Mathuria
The heroine of the story has just completed her hospital scene. Sanjeeda walks across to where the other ladies are waiting. Playing Nimmo has been fun ''because I can relate to the character'', says Sanjeeda, adjusting her high ponytail. While she considers herself fortunate for being able to work with big names, she does realise she has been ''hand-picked by luck'' (we know she means Ekta Kapoor, don't we?). ''I know of people waiting endlessly with portfolios and I wish they could be as lucky as me,'' says Sanjeeda, who's acted in some South Indian films. ''I didn't plan to become an actor. I actually came to Mumbai to start my own dance institute and teach choreography for wedding sangeets. I remember thinking about different steps all the time. Even now, when I have time, I think of new steps.''

Viwers would remember her performing to Kisi Ke Haath Na Ayegi Yeh Ladki at the Star Parivar Awards. ''I enjoy Nimmo. Like her, I am both naughty and clumsy. The difference, however, is that Nimmo doesn't think enough, I (Sanjeeda) do. This is comedy and fun,'' adds the actress.
Sanjeeda has her TV soap favourites, ''I love watching Kumkum, Kasauti Zindagi Kay and Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. Wouldn't mind a character role in one of those!''

Bharati Achrekar (Kantaben)
She's the bindaas lady - Kantaben - in the household. ''I play the role of a woman who says exactly what she feels and thinks. I am not bitchy and I have no pretences whatsoever,'' says Achrekar, adjusting her mogra-stringed gajra, minutes before her shoot. This is a Balaji soap, but Achrekar thinks: ''This is very different from a typical Balaji soap. It is down-to-earth, relatable. When I say it's different,'' Achrekar adds, ''I mean it is not one where you sit and predict the craftiness of characters or their long-pending woes. While it's far from predictable right now, let's just hope it doesn't move that way. A lot depends on the TRPs too!'' she smiles.

You remember Achrekar from her role as Mrs.Wagle in Wagle Ki Duniya. ''I did all of 19 episodes for Wagle Ki Duniya and yet people remember me as part of it. Today we're on television every day and despite that people do not remember who's acting in what serial and who's been replaced by whom! The creative satisfaction back then remains unparalleled. Nowadays, I do my bit and go home without even thinking much about how I acted. It's more of a switch-on and switch-off situation.''

Sujata Mehta (Neeta Mathuria)
She is Nimmo's fashion designer mother and a Page 3 wannabe. Although a socialite who has celebrities as customers at her boutique, Neeta still hasn't reached the high society parties she so dearly wishes to be invited to. Still, there is time.

Playing a glamourous role isn't all that easy: ''I feel scared watching myself on TV, although I am getting offers I feel apprehensive about acting in dailies.'' Mehta's apprehensions do have a reason. ''Yateem harmed my career; later, an accident harmed my cheek which is why you will see this protrusion,'' she points to her face. And while you can continue watching Neeta run for those high society parties in Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka, she has other plans. ''I'm planning to launch my film, which is a dream project, Cheetkaar. I will be playing a schizophrenic in it. Watch out,'' she adds.

Although in the scene we are watching, she's supposed to be by her husband's bedside, Mehta is dressed to perfection, not a strand out of place, the chiffon skirt flowing prettily. Despite a two-hour wait, Mehta is patient. ''That's what daily soaps are all about.''
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Eijaz Khan's world turns upside down

Who do I call? Eijaz Khan

The actor was stuck in his car which turned turtle yesterday

Sapana Patil Poojary

Last year was a year of road accidents. Any television star worth his or her salt was at the receiving end of some car trouble or the other. This year Eijaz Khan's name seems to lead the rest.

The television actor better known as Kavya of Kavyanajali met with an accident yesterday on his way to Saki Naka to shoot for Kavyanjali. He recounts: "I was driving on the Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road, which is partially blocked because of the construction work. Before I could realise it, a BEST bus hit my car (a black Chevrolet Tavera) from behind and it rolled, skidded and turned turtle. This is the second time I have suffered because our government doesn't think it necessary to complete projects. I have been seeing this road being repaired for ever. Warning signs are non-existent. A two-lane road turns into a single lane without ant sign board."

However things didn't end there. He continues: "I was stuck in the car and was calling out for help. But people being star-struck, just stood there. So, I called up someone from the production team, who rushed to the site and rescued me."

Obviously, the car is in a bad shape. Khan says that the "right side, the top portion and all the mirrors have almost ceased to exist."

Of the several cars that he has owned so far, the black Tavera is his favourite. Khan says, "I prefer to drive it to the sets because it's big enough to carry all my things; clothes, suits, vanity box and also my cycle… just in case I am in a mood to cycle back home!"

Fortunately Khan is in one piece and could carry on with his day's work. "I am fine and that's most important," he says

• Kishori Shahane
• Karishma Tanna
• Shalini Kapoor
• Amit Verma
• Sachin Shroff

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Nach, bhai nach!
   By: Tusshar Joshi
   May 8, 2006

Eijaz Khan
In real life, Eijaz Khan is Imran's big brother, but on screen, he's taking instructions from his chhota bhai. Imran is a professional choreographer, who has directed dances for television songs and commercials.

The two bhais recently got together to work for the first time in Balaji's Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka. The occasion was the shoot for a wedding song that Imran has choreographed for the show.

Bhai-bhai love

"This is the first time I have directed Eijaz on television for a song," says Imran. "Before this, I did a couple of public service films, but never attempted choreography with him. We also worked together for his entry sequence on the show."

Imran Khan
Eijaz is older, so does Imran find it difficult to give instructions to bade bhaiyya? "Not at all. It was very cool working with him. He doesn't throw tantrums and we share complete trust in each other's professional abilities. In fact, we discussed this particular song with Ekta (Kapoor) first, and she was quite excited about it."

And bai rap!

Giving details about the song he says, "This is the first time that a pair of bais will rap and sing on a show. The song comes during the mehndi ki rasm, and we have Kantaben (Bharati Achrekar) dressed up in traditional sari — complete with glares and gloves! She takes off on the Bluffmaster! song, and then goes into a lavni."

Calling it one of the most fun song shoots, Imran says, "We had loads of dhamaal on the sets. Every time the bai rap would start, everyone would start laughing. It was hilarious! Even Eijaz had a tough time acting serious."

Imran will soon be off to the US, and will resume work after he returns. "I want to direct commercials and do some more good work."

Does he look forward to working with Eijaz in the future? "Of course, we make a great team. Given a chance, I would love to direct him again."

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Was Sulbha Arya Nimmo's Kanta ben???

The Kanta ben rage seems to have affected televison as well! And who better to get inspired by it, but Ekta Kapoor, who was so taken in by the character in Karan Johar's Kal Ho Na Ho that not only did she cast a character of the same name in Nimmo..., but wanted Sulbha Arya, (the original Ben) to play the part.

Bharati Achrekar, who is now playing the Maharasdtrian ben now was signed on when Sulbha Arya couldn't take on the project. "I already had too much on my plate, so I couldn't take it up," says Sulbhaji who is currently doing Yes Boss and will soon be seen as Fatema bi in Twinkle Beauty Parlour.

Well, all said and done, Kanta ben lives on in Bharti Achrekar and that should make Sulbha Arya proud enough!

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Har rang kuch kehta hai!

The set of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge is a colourful one, (illuminated as it is with hundreds of tiny bulbs), but the one colour that attracts the most attention is undoubtedly Sidhu's turban that's well in sync with his tie.

At a recent set visit, when a journalist asked the man the secret of his 'colourful' screen presence, the man broke into his trademark guffaw. "I design them myself! I dye my turbans according to my tie!," chuckled Sidhu as he rattled off another one of his one liners!

Even in Star One's Kya Hoga Nimmo ka, the man plays a very flamboyant God! He teams his turban with the kind of avatar he flaunts at that given moment and doesn't seem to care much what he's playing!

Quite like in his cricketing days, Sidhu does exactly what he wants to do...God be damned!

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