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"I have never watched a Balaji show"

Dolly Thakore has many facets to her personality. The elegant lady is a journalist, social worker, theatre person,socialite and has acted in the films like Page 3 and Maine Gandhi Ko Nahi Mara is all set to debut on television with Star One's Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka produced by Balaji Telefilms.She is also known as India's first newsreader on television.

Kavita Shyam spoke to the forthright lady to find out what made her take up this assignment

What is your role in the show?

Dolly Thakore: Ready to experiment with roles

I am playing a grandmother who controls the family. She is a dominating woman and has worked the hard way up to run the business and has great judgment of character. There are no short cuts for her and she has her favourites in the family also she seldom makes mistakes. There will be a negative aspect to my character which will be conflicting with what I believe in.

How does it feel to debut on television?
It is not my debut on television as I have been a newsreader but yes this is the first time I am doing a serial. It is a different capacity and an exposure to a different kind of an audience.

Can you relate to a Balaji show?
I have never wactched any of the Balaji shows. So Balaji sent me a few DVDs of their shows so that I could get a fair idea. These shows are not the kind of shows I'd spend my time watching. But I am an actress, I have done lots of theatre and they chose me to do this particular role for their show. Balaji has been very co-operative. Besides my look in the show will be the same as I am in real life, from my ethnic saris to the bindi and jewellery will be intact. They want me tobe myself.

Dolly Thakore and Bharti Achrekar:Veteran actors come together


You have been associated with English theatre so far,how will you take to Hindi soaps?
Well, it is a learning experience and I am looking forward to mouthing the Hindi dialogues. In fact I think I can manage Hindi pretty well and being in Mumbai I am quite fine with the language.

How is it work with the Balaji team?
I have just shot one episode and have had four days of shooting so I can't begin to complain and can not make any judgments or jump to any conclusions.

Would you like to work in more television soaps in the future?
I don't know, it is a very hypothetical situation. I would like to work on television and be associated with what the young woman are getting to work in. .php

Xplicit_Desii IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 April 2006 at 10:32pm | IP Logged

Dolly Thakore debuts in Hindi soap

She's no stranger to Indian television, but veteran theatre artiste Dolly Thakore

will now be seen dislaying her histrionic skills in the new Balaji soap Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka to launch on Star One next week.

Dolly, a well known English newsreader on Mumbai newsreader in the 1970s, will play the conniving Dadi in Balaji Telefilms's new soap Kyaa Hoga Nimmo Kaa. She will sport the same larger than life, glamorous persona that she sports in real life too. Clearly the outsider in the world of telly soaps, Dolly is nevertheless excited about her character.
"I play the dominating grandmother of the house. I am looking forward to learning as much as I can from working in a Hindi soap besides I have a running character in the show which is quite interesting," says Dolly Thakore who has her real life look in the show.

Dolly, previously married to adman Alyque Padamsee, has been a legend of sorts in Mumbai's English theatre scenario.

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Nimmo mania catches on!

Tired Already? Sanjeeda aka Nimmo looks drowsy as she has to rush for her rehearsals for The Star Parivar Awards.


Nimmo mania catches on!

Don't mess with me: Dolly Thakore in her elements as she discusses her character in the show


Nimmo mania catches on!

Bright white! Dara Singh who plays dadaji in the series is all smiles as he prepares to head home


Nimmo mania catches on!

Colour me pink! Nimmo goes for a touch up before the shot



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Nimmo mania catches on!

Dancing in the rain: Nimmo does a dripping act!


Nimmo mania catches on!

Chatting up! Sanjit Bedi tells all


Nimmo mania catches on!

Playing hide and seek? Tina and Garima fool around on the sets


Nimmo mania catches on!

Young at heart: Sujata shows off her jewellery collection



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Siddhu works free of charge for Ekta Kapoor

Navjot Sidhu

Navjot Siddhu is known to charge a whopping Rs 1 lakh per day for his television assignments. However, the former cricketer has made an exception and is apparently not charging any money for his role in Ekta Kapoor's Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka. What does Ekta have to say about it? "He is highly professional and great to work with. What he charges and what he doesn't, is completely his prerogative. What can I say about it?" she says.

Just wondering if Ekta will respond to his generosity with another role perhaps…

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Sujata Mehta: Celebrating singlehood
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'Being single keeps the possibilities open'
Farhana Farook
Monday, April 10, 2006  19:17 IST

Sujata Mehta of 'Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka' says she loves living life through the characters she plays

What made you accept the daily 'Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka'?
Having done weeklt TV shows, I was wary of doing daily soaps. There were offers, but I was unsure about the quality of work. If an actor gets bored with what he/she is doing, the audience also gets bored. But recently I was going through a depression. So, when Balaji  came up with this offer I felt that it was Godsend.

Why were you depressed?
Last year I met with a freak accident whilst passing a construction site. My teeth hit right into my cheek. I was given 15 stitches. I was shattered and lost my spirit. I couldn't articulate clearly.

What's exciting about you role in 'Kya Hoga…'?
I play a socialite belonging to a Gujarati family. She is also a supportive wife who wants to keep everyone happy.

You made waves with 'Pratighaat' and then fizzled away. How come?
 'Pratighaat' was ahead of its times. I then accepted a negative role in 'Yateem'. This was followed by insignificant multi-starrers. The audience that had started comparing me to Smita Patil and Shabana Azmi was disillusioned. I started by scoring a 10 and then dipped.

Why have you chosen to remain single?
Either you are lucky or you are married. I chose to be lucky! Whilst I was in college I fell in love. But it didn't work out. Acting is my prayer. An actor has no boundaries and marriage does bring restrictions. By performing so many characters, I live so many lives. Though I do feel lonely, I manage. I love my freedom. Being single keeps the possibilities open (laughs)!

What lessons did you learn?
Enjoy freedom and give it to others. No matter what games your rivals play, it's being authentic that takes an actor far.

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Posted: 18 April 2006 at 9:15pm | IP Logged

'I don't want to settle down'

Enjoying pin-up
status post 'Kavvyanjali', actor Eijaz Khan is a blissful bachelor

Nuzhat Aziz

He is definitely one of the popular Khans ruling tellydom. Even though the grapevine says that he is soap queen Ektaa Kapoor's blue-eyed boy, Eijaz Khan laughs it off, "It doesn't matter whether I am anyone's favourite or not. You really can't take away my hard work from me. I have been shooting day in and day out."
Having become popular as Kavya in 'Kavvyanjali', Eijaz says that he owes his success to Balaji. "I have been getting offers from other channels. But why should I venture out and make my life miserable? I am in a comfortable atmosphere and am doing a variety of roles here," he adds.
Even though his character in 'Kavvyanjali' has come to a sudden end, Eijaz is unperturbed. He's now being replaced by Iqbal Khan. "The show was a part of my life. I don't know why Ektaa wanted me out. But I think I've done justice to my role."
Incidentally, the actor claims that he has done all the stunts in the show himself. "I believe they should look authentic. For the last few episodes of 'Kavvyanjali' I've even jumped from a five-storey building and burnt my back whilst doing a fire sequence. Since the sets have all safety measures, I prefer doing the stunts myself," he explains.
Eijaz plays a Casanova in 'Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka' on Star too. "It's a cool character to play. The story will develop when my dad will force me to marry and I get into a contractual marriage," he says.
So is he a Casanova in real life too? "There are so many rumours doing the rounds. But honestly, I don't have time to do anything else but act. I don't want to settle down. I am happy the way I am. And regarding the rumours, they all are true!" he laughs.
And what about Bollywood? "I am happy doing TV. I have yet to prove myself and win an award for the best actor," he signs off with a smile.
Xplicit_Desii IF-Stunnerz

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Reigning stars of past find their way back on TV

Piyush Roy (HT Style)

Mumbai, April 5, 2006

That Bollywood's out-of-favour stars, have always found a second lease of life on the small screen is old news. However, of late, some of television's original queens can be seen making a comeback on the small screen.

Making the transition from weekly soaps to daily ones and especially not in the prime of their youth or energy, how has it been like, getting used to the gruelling schedules of daily programming?

Supriya Pathak of Doordarshan's Idhar Udhar fame says, "I had heard of the erratic schedules prevalent of late, so I have been careful in my choice of serials. For instance, Khichdi was a weekly and my role in Baa, Bahoo aur Baby is clearly etched out and comfortably paced."          ;           ;           ;           ;        

    Navneet Nishan

Navneet Nishan, who makes her comeback in the recently launched Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka, says, "I have worked in a biweekly before and luckily for me the producers have comfortably spaced my dates so that my work schedules are not that much different from before."

Comfortable pacing of their acting schedules incidentally, happens to be a common condition for these comeback telly stars.

Television's original chat show queen, Tabassum, who finally makes her acting debut with the new Rajshri show, Pyaar Ke Do Naam - Ek Raadha Ek Shyaam says, "The good thing about this serial is that it gives me a lot of leeway, and inspite of being a daily, it allows me my pace of work."

With the schedules in place, it's always a well-defined role or a big banner that seems to be a major factor in getting that appreciative nod from these telly veterans.

Nishan, who made telly history as Tara, the original leading lady with grey shades, says, "After the spate of conniving mothers-in-law, my character in Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka, is going to introduce you to a conniving daughter-in-law.

I play an ambitious, greedy woman, who beneath that sugar-coated sweetness, wants to corner everything for her son.

Unfortunately, you do get typecast, so although this is one more character with negative shades to be added to my portfolio, the appeal lies in being part of a good cast, and working for a banner known for its popularity."

Echoes her co-star in this serial, Sujata Mehta of Doordarshan's epic telly series Shrikant fame, "My role has a lot of shades. It's about a housewife, who wants to be a designer and dreams of being featured on Page 3.

People have always known me as a dramatic actress; Kya Hoga Nimmo Kaa gives me an opportunity to show multiple shades to my talent. Doing a daily is a challenge, but I gave my nod for Kya Hoga... because it's different from the other Balaji shows, in looks, plot lines and character build-up."

They may not be the new face about town, but they are also aware of their contribution and standing in the Indian television history. They won't say 'yes' to just anything that gets them back -- it has to put some spotlight on them too. More than money, what keeps them going is the respect of their juniors and the lure of a good role, albeit small.

Says Tabassum, "There are so many budhiyas on television that I didn't want to play another, but then this role was closer to reality.

In real life, I am a grandmom of 60, while in the serial I am 70, with the verve of someone much younger. I have always put in a bit of social message into my shows, and here too I do the same.

Through my character, I show that if you stop getting cranky when old, then youngsters too won't run away from you. I play a cute, emotional dadi."

And mind you, these actors don't take it easy to being reduced to the producer's 'name dropping' publicity gimmicks or play trophy stars either.

While Mehta, who had earlier walked out of a serial, when her half-baked character began to change by acquiring new negative shades, sallies Pathak, "I have to know where my character is going, otherwise I can't work on just anything.

A role has to excite me to commit to it, the why, how and nature of the serial is subsequent to it."

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