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Posted: 10 March 2006 at 5:53am | IP Logged

Faces to hit the tube in 2006
   By: Vickey Lalwani
   January 5, 2006

Every television season, brings breakout stars — the ones who you just know are going to be with us for a long time.

Like Smriti Z Iraani in Saas Bhi Kabhie Bahu Thi and Saakshi Tanwar in Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki and Shweta Tiwari in Kausautii Zindagi Ki. These Balaji protges became household names.

So, who will it be this year? Here's a first look at some of the up-and-comers you can expect to make an impact in 2004.

Maushmi Badra
You'll see her in:
Krimson Skies
Previous gig: A music video with Times Music.
Why you should care: Because she plays Kaush, a red-hot stylish babe with dumb attitude.
Something she said: I was supposed to do India Calling, but that didn't happen. Meanwhile, this one came along.

You'll see her in:
K Connection
Previous gig: Guest appearance in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii
Why you should care: Because she plays Tanushree, a young attractive woman who belongs to the royal family of Jaisalmer and falls in love with Shabbir Ahluwalia
Something she said: Someone from inside recommended my name

You'll see her in:
K Connection
Previous gig: Brief roles in Kahiin To Hoga and Kya Kahein
Why you should care: Because she plays a vivacious college girl Pooh (reminds you of Kareena in K3G)
Something she said: I am not not naive to TV and I identify with Pooh's character.

Arunima Sharma
You'll see her in:
Kasamh Se
Previous gig: Cameo in Remix
Why you should care: Because she plays Rano, the chotti sister, susheel, bookworm, nervous, shy and reticient.
Something she said: After Remix, I was blindly going for auditions. This one clicked, and my word, I am so happy.

Tina Chaudhary
You'll see her in:
K Connection and Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka
Previous gig: None
Why you should care: She's playing the city's most promising police officer Kaya in K Connection and a firebrand hard-working journalist Swati in Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka
Something she said: I wasn't interested in television. I went for  just a lark. They wanted me to audition for a super model's role, but I insisted that I would audition for the cop's role as well.

Prachi Desai
You'll see her in:
Kasamh Se
Previous gig: Did a workshop with Bunty and Deepali in Pune.
Why you should care: Because she reminds you of Aamna Shariff's role in Kahiin To Hoga- the eldest of the sisters — Bani (herself), Pia and Rano.
Something She Said: I play a typical Indian girl with morals and ethics.

Roshni Chopra
You'll see her in:
K Connection and Kasamh Se
Previous gig: An English flick Let's Enjoy and the show Fourth Umpire with Charu Sharma (Indo-Pak series) and anchoring Cinemascope (Zee Music)
Why you should care: Because on one hand (K Connection), she is Yana, a super model, while on the other (Kasamh Se) she is Pia — a case of banda, yeh bindaas hai — outgoing, buoyant and ambitious.
Something she said: I play a very sexy girl in K Connection. I  have received many film offers, but the roles have been shady.

Kavita Sharma
You'll see her in:
K Connection
Previous gig: Kya Kahein, Kartika and K Street Pali Hill, but has still gone unnoticed.
Why you should care: Because she plays a charismatic and intelligent assistant, Pia
Something she said: This one will be a biggie.

You'll see her in:
Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka
Previous gig: None
Why you should care: Because she is playing the lead role (Nimmo) of a serial which is based on Ekta Kapoor's life!
Something she said: I met Ekta at a party. She asked for my mobile number. Three days later I got a call for auditions, and a few days after that, I was on!

Ritu Vij
You'll see her in:
K Connection
Previous gig: Commercials — Moods and Britannia's Good Day
Why you should care: Because she plays Neena Valia, a gossip  monger who throws parties at the drop of a hat.
Something she said: My character resembles to Shobha De, a Page  3 socialite who is very fun loving and bold.

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Barkha quits Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka
   By: Tushar Joshi
   December 26, 2005

Barkha Bisht with boyfriend Karan
Barkha Bisht (previously seen in Kitni Mast Hai Zindagi and Kavyanjali) has made up her mind about not doing Balaji's new show, Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka. "It wasn't an easy decision, she says, about leaving Nimmo.

The actress played the role of Nimmo's sister on the show. "I didn't want to keep doing character roles for a long time. I really want to concentrate on my career and am looking at lead roles."

Is Barkha working in Rajshri's next production? "It's too early to talk about this right now. Nothing has been confirmed," she says.

What prompted her to leave Balaji and seek work outside? "I owe a lot to Balaji, this is the place where I started and learnt. I have a lot of sentiments attached to this production house. But since I have made my decision I have to stick with it."

Wasn't she supposed to be a part of Kavyanjali? "Yes, I did that show for a bit, but I haven't shot with them for the last three months."

Motivating factor

Barkha says her desire to do a lead stems from the fact that she wants to prove her abilities to her dad.

"My father wasn't keen on me taking up acting. Even though I know I am doing this against his will, I want to do him proud by showing him good work."

The actress says there is a lot of potential in her that needs to be tapped. "I am a hard working person and love challenges. I am even looking at films; I will take up anything that excites me and gives me scope to prove myself."

Boyfriend supported her

When asked how boyfriend Karan Singh reacted to her leaving the show, she says, "Even though he supported my decision, I knew he wasn't too happy with it. Both of us met during the auditions of Kitni Mast Hai Zindagi, so it was an emotional moment for him as well."

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Posted: 10 March 2006 at 5:54am | IP Logged
Now an Ektaa-inspired soap!
Nuzhat Aziz
Tuesday, February 21, 2006  18:50 IST

Actor Sanjeeda A R is slated to play the protagonist Nimmo in Balaji's new soap 'Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka' on Star One. The show is supposed to be the biggest Balaji show this year. Interestingly, sources close to the channel reveal that the chronicle has been inspired by prime time girl Ektaa Kapoor's life. It is also said to be a take-off on Cinderalla and her two older sisters.

Earlier called 'Kannu Ki Kismat Mein Kya Hai', the title was later changed to the current one. The soap revolves around Nimmo, a clumsy girl who is very close to her father. He is anxious about what his daughter's directionless life. Later Nimmo transforms into an ambitious girl who grows into a television tycoon (very akin to Ektaa's ascent).

Sanjeeda says, "I met Ektaa at a common friend's party and she offered me the role. I was excited. A week later I was called for audition and bagged the role." Sanjeeda has been acting in South Indian films for a year and a half. She adds ecstatically, "I was impressed with Ektaa because she took pains to sit with me and explain the character."

When quizzed whether Nimmo's character was inspired by Ektaa, Sanjeeda is tight-lipped. "Well, I am not revealing anything now. You have to watch the show to judge that for yourself," she says. The show also has actors Sanjit Bedi and Hiten Tejwani. It will go on air in March.

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Posted: 10 March 2006 at 5:57am | IP Logged
No man in Nimmo's life!
Tuesday, January 31, 2006 | Television

After Cezanne Khan and Hiten Tejwani go out, Eijas Khan walks in to play the lead in Balaji's forthcoming show

Reena Thapar Kapoor

One does not have to look too hard to find controversies from the Balaji camp. Infact, they churn out as many controversies as serials. A couple of months back, they launched a talent hunt to spot Nimmo for their forthcoming show Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka. Though Ekta Kapoor's exhaustive hunt yielded Nimmo, the show has not been equally lucky in its search for the lead man.

Cezanne Khan, who was roped in to play Nimmo's love interest walked out of the show citing date problems.

 Cezanne' loss was Hiten Tejwani's gain. But not for long -- Hiten will not be playing the role either. Confirming the news, Hiten says, "I have just been informed by Balaji that I'm not a part of Nimmo. It was their call. By the way things are proceeding; I can see that it is not working out. I'm just following instructions."

According to industry insiders TV actors are just not interested in acting in a serial which will only have a hundred episodes. It's obviously more lucrative to star in never ending That's the real reason for the walk-outs.

The big question then is who will be the man in Nimmo's life? All eyes are on Eijaz Khan of Kkavyanjali fame. "We're yet to decide between Eijaz and Hiten. Most probably it will be Eijaz Khan. Due to his Kkavyanjali commitments, he is yet to confirm his dates and how he will divide his time for both the shows," says Nivedita Basu, deputy creative head of Balaji Telefilms.

Meanwhile, Hiten is not one to be caught brooding on his loss. "I'm fine with it. My plate is full with two shows Kkavyanjali and Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. Above all, I'm an optimist."
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Finding Nimmo!

Revealed - Nimmo, the central character of Ekta Kapoor's latest brainchild Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka!

Sanjida - will she be better known as Nimmo?
This is what she looks like. Nimmo, or Sanjida, in real life, is a simple girl who is very confident, bubbly and full of life. Sanjida, spotted by Ekta at a party and cast as the quintessential happy go lucky girl, is very like Nimmo, insists the actor.

Nimmo's a very content and satisfied girl, but equally clumsy as she trips often…breaks glasses quite often and gets into trouble. Nimmo accepts everything gracefully as a part of her life. She has a close-knit family that consists of her mother, Kantaben, two sisters Naina and Swati and her dad, Anand. Nimmo is closest to her dad.

Just like Nimmo?
As for Sanjida, she too is very content and satisfied with her life. Sanjeeda happens to fall in similar situations…breaking glasses, tripping while walking, etc. … Sanjeeda has also acted in South Indian films prior to playing Nimmo. She loves dancing and conducted her own dance classes, before joining Balaji. Sanjeeda enjoys filmy music and also singing as well!

Will Nimmo strike as emotional a chord with viewers as did Kkusum, Kashish and Prerna? And for Balaji that's making its debut on the channel, Star One ka jadoo chalega kya?
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"I am very lucky!" -Nimmo

She is the envy of thousands of aspirants who throng Balaji Telefilms daily in the hope of a life changing role! She is the gal who will play Nimmo, rumoured to be a character based on Ekta Kapoor herself! In her first ever interview with the media, Sanjeeda AR tells's Kavita Shyam how lady luck came her way!

"I have no Hindi film connections"

Lucky you!
Well, I am very lucky! I had come to Mumbai to help a friend, but now...! I was born and brought up in Ahmedabad. We are a family of four which includes my parents, my younger brother who is studying and not to forget my dog.
I had come down to Mumbai about four years back to help my friend open a dance school and decided to stay on in Mumbai. I used to teach fusion dance at many places like Raheja's and The Leela's.

Have you acted or done modeling before bagging the Balaji project, Nimmo...?
I have done three South Indian films in a span of one year. One Kannada, Telugu and a Tamil film with A.N. Rathnam Productions. I am known down south but not anywhere in Mumbai and have no Bollywood projects so bagging Nimmo... was a big high for me.

How did you bag the lead role in Nimmo...?

" I bumped into Ekta at a party"

I have no Hindi film background and have always been open to working in serials and was waiting for the right role to come my way. I had gone to a Zoom party and Ekta was partying with her own group when she saw me dancing and called me the next day to meet her. They took my screen-test and called me in eight days to say that I was to play their Nimmo. I was ecstatic to get a call from Ekta Kapoor. She called me home to narrate the story and the character to me. If I would have got a Balaji show before the films I did down south, I would have jumped at the offer.

What is your role like in the show?
I play a simple girl in the show who is content with life. She is happy with her family and the way her life is going and how later she moulds and changes herself. It's a simple story with a different treatment. She does not dress up in a trendy fashion and I have a high pony, kurta and jeans look in the show. I am enjoying myself thoroughly playing Nimmo.

"I am not so simple in real life"

How different are you from Nimmo in real life and what is the real Sanjeeda like?
Nimmo is very clumsy and so am I but I am not as simple as Nimmo in real life.
Though I can relate myself to Nimmo the way she is close to her parents and adores her sibling.
Sanjeeda is someone who takes life as it comes, has no regrets whatsoever, is very close to her family. She is very thankful to god and has a positive attitude towards life.

If not an actor what would you have been?
I would have continued my dance classes but I would eventually like to have a dance school of my own.

How does your family react to your acting in serials and you bagging this role?
I think I am very lucky to have a supportive family. They are extremely happy the way my career is moving so for me everyday is a new day and I feel happy to see them smiling and happy because of me.

What are your hobbies like?
I like to dance and sing. I love driving around the city in my Wagon R. Besides I love to go for holidays and Mumbai is my favourite place to holiday. I simply love the city, it has made the lives of thousands of people and has made stars out of no-ones.

"I want every parent to want to have a daughter like Nimmo"

Are you dating anyone?
I feel very shy to talk about my personal life. But honestly I have no time for boyfriends and let it be a surprise for people(smiles)

Lastly, anything else that you'd like to mention about the show?
I am enjoying being with the Balaji clan and don't mind shooting for long hours, about 12-15 hours a day for the show.I see people outside the Balaji office and wonder how lucky I was to get the offer in such a simple fashion! Balaji gives good publicity to its shows and its actors. I am here to make a name for myself and pray that people love and accept me in the show. I would want every parent to want to have a daughter like Nimmo.

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Ekta Kapoor receives 60,000 applications for Tulsi's replacement in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi; Balaji's server crashes

Subhash K Jha

Ekta Kapoor really knows how to play her cards well. Just when all the couch potatoes were gearing up to the much-awaited generation leap in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, she has emerged with yet another ingenuous idea. The much-awaited generation leap in Kyunki…. has been postponed.

While new characters and script are yet to crystalise, Ekta promises lots of changes in the new Kyunki...

"There will be a lot of fresh faces and it will still be very much Tulsi's story. Ba (Sudha Shivpuri) will be out after twenty episodes of the arrival of gen-next. Savita (Apara Mehta) will die, Ba will follow, and Tulsi will take over the role of Ba. This will be followed by a younger character called Tulsi KrishnaConfusedLOL who will enter the third generation, in the same way that Kyunki… began five years ago."

For the role of Tulsi Krishna, Balaji Telefilms has already received 60,000 applications. "As a result of this overwhelming response, our computer crashed and we had to start our search from scratch. Among the fresh characters on Kyunki…, Tulsi Krishna will be the most vital. We just hope she continues the Tulsi legacy," Ekta says with her fingers crossed.

Over and above, Ekta refutes rumours of having signed various actors to play roles in the generation leap.

"Why is everyone talking about me signing on all these actors? Who has signed these actors? It must be some other production house wanting to make their own version of Kyunki Saas," she says.

She however does reveal having signed only two actors for the next generation of the Virani household. "Besides Amit Tandon and Akashdeep Sehgal, I have not signed anyone else for the gen-next. We're continue to work on the changes in Kyunki, that were supposed to happen on the episode on April 7. We've now pushed the changes to air on April 20."

Hasn't Iqbal Khan of Kaisa Yeh Pyarr Hai been signed on as part of the gen-next on Kyunkii? "No, not for Kyunki ...," she reveals. "I am planning to do a fresh show with him. Iqbal, Hiten Tejwani and Eijaaz Khan are three actors who continue to remain down-to-earth. Eijaaz is the male lead in my new serial Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka on Star One. Nimmo is played by a new girl Sanjita who I discovered at the Zoom party. I got to know she had already auditioned for a role in Kahani Ghar Ghar Kii. I saw the audition, and she was taken on. That's how I hope to find my Tulsi Krishna."

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After a brief break and acting in SAB TV's Sabse Bada Rupaiya, Navneet Nishan (best known for her role in the serial, Tara) has bagged a big role in Balaji's Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka, which will be aired from late January 2006 on Star One. She will replace Anita Raj.

Dates clashed

Says Nivedita Basu, creative director, Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka, "Navneet was always the original choice for us, but because of dates, it wasn't working out and that's when we approached Anita Raj. But with her too, dates became a problem as she could give less time and we couldn't give justice to her role."

Was Anita dropped because she was asking for more money? "No, money was never the problem, dates were," says Basu. "But she will be working with us in the future."

Navneet will play Parminder Khanna, Nimmo's powerful, scheming, manipulative chachi-in-law. Nimmo marries Kunal Khanna (Hiten Tejwani), while being in love with Vikrant (Sanjit Bedi). Says Nivedita, "Nimmo is the story of a simple, happy-go-lucky girl who has no qualms in life; no regrets that she's not as beautiful as her sisters. Unexpected things happen to her by default."

Powerful role

Says Navneet, "I had a wonderful meeting with Ekta. I have always thought her to be dynamic businesswoman, and so, when she narrated Parminder's role to me, I immediately agreed. The role is very strong and powerful."

After Tara, Nishan has not been seen in TV or films too much. "Apart from Sabse Bada Rupaiya, I was taking a break. I had done about 12 shows after Tara and some pilots for UTV and Ravi Rai, but nothing was as huge as Tara, and the expectations were always too high."

Personal turmoil

Navneet has also recovered from a brief marriage and divorce. "I got married to Srirajan, a software engineer settled in San Francisco, in 1999 and became a devoted housewife. We were married for a year-and-a-half. I returned to India four years ago and concentrated on films. I made a conscious effort not to do TV."

What went wrong?

Why did the relationship sour? "Things didn't work out. I couldn't get along with his family at all. But the divorce was amicable, and Srirajan and I are still friends; we are still in touch."

Navneet is in the process of putting her life back together and has moved on.   "I have recently acquired a new home in Oshiwara, which I have been doing up by myself. I feature in Nikhil Advani's film, Salam-E-Ishq, and am doing Ashwini Choudhary's Good Boy Bad Boy, produced by Mukta Arts. So it has been a long journey, but I am settling in."

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