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Episode 62 - Jan 20, 2006
Maya has barely risen from the tragedy of her son's break up when Madhu Phupha springs a surprise for the Sarabhai family. He brings his niece to their residence and requests if she could be accomodated there till his house is renovated. Maya will not allow this, but with confusions personified in the form of her deaf in-law and her even madder husband, she will have to bear with the repercussions, and what shall they be? Find out tonight!

Episode 61 - Jan 13, 2006
Roshesh's marriage has become a nightmare for the entire Sarabhai family... especially for Maya!

Roshesh who had earlier decided to become Yu Yu's ghar jamai and had left home, has now returned to enlighten the family on some more scandalous details! He was paid in return for his services as head servant in Yu Yu's house!

Maya has now decided that she will need to curb her son's independence to avoid such disastrous repercussions, by way of an agreement. Both Rosesh and Maya are now waiting for the perfect woman to complete their family. But who - Wait and Watch!

Episode 60 - Jan 6, 2006
Maya has reopened the agenda of Roshesh's marriage with a suitable bride! But this time, Roshesh has a back up plan for defense - he has decided to search for his own bride.

Maya will not be prepared for the girl that Roshesh brings home or more so, it is her mother who will take Roshesh to their home! Yes indeed, the girl that Roshesh has fallen in love with, wants him to become a ghar-jamai. Maya seems to be unlucky with her bahus everytime! Will Roshesh break his mother's heart to avoid hurting his lover? This time, Maya faces 'real competition.'

Episode 59 - Dec 30, 2005
Roshesh and Indravadhan have laid a bet - one believes that women are suspicious by nature and the other considers his mother bereft of all vices! Indravadhan has trapped him as well as Maya this time!

Roshesh will never keep anything in his stomach and Indravadhan builds his strategy around this weakness of his son! On the other side, Maya is all prepared for Indravadhan's trap! It is Husbands Vs Wives, this time on Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai, who will finally prove the other wrong? Find out.

Episode 58 - Dec 23, 2005
Both Manisha and Maya have their cousins visiting them at the same time! Monisha's cousin Jugal, is moaning over his heart break while Nayesha mausi, Maya's sister is returning after having divorced her latest husband!

The two cousins will now find solace in each other's company as they have decided to get married. Now, how desperate can it get when the couple decides to take the pheras around Monisha's gas stove! This only means trouble knocking at Maya's doors again and this time, it is her sister!

Episode 56 - Dec 5, 2005
Indravadhan and Sahil have a big fight and in the process, Indravadhan has let out all of Saahil's childhood secrets in public and Saahil refuses to pardon him on this one! The two are now behaving like strangers with one another and the whole family, is trying their best to get the two to patch up!

But this task seems impossible and Indravadhan will have to pay a price. Watch out for some equations changing, on Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai.

Episode 55 - Nov 28, 2005
Drinking and driving, and without a license, Rosesh has committed this offence and landed up fracturing a stranger's leg. The Police will be in search of him soon. Maya would do anything to help her darling, but that's not the only disaster in action at the Sarabhai residence.

Madhubahi and Dushayant are adding their bit by paying visits on the doomed day. Rosesh, on the other hand is more worried about the kind of food that shall be served to him in jail. Watch out for our masterminds at work, finding solutions mixed with confusions, in Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai!

Episode 54 - Nov 21, 2005
Maya gets bruised on her head in a stampede outside a Minister's residence during Rosesh's poetic naarebaazi, resulting in a 'lathi' charge. She wakes up from her unconscious state, only to realize that her bruise has resulted in temporary amnesia.

Indravadhan, our Naradmuni, brainwashes poor Maya to believe that she is a middle class woman! So, Maya the elite socialite, turns as good or as bad as our middle class maharani Monisha. She does all that the real Maya didn't dare to. She has even developed an aversion for her darling Rosesh!

So, will our Maya get back to her nomal self? Keep Guessing!

Episode 52 - Nov 7, 2005
Monisha has won a contest on her favourite serial Uska pati sirf mera hai. The winning prize is getting Patang Kumar (the lead actor), to her house. So, Monisha is doing all that she has never done in her life.

All preparations have been made for his arrival - from Rosesh's Poetry to welcoming him in a sparklingly neat house. But Saahil is in for some trouble! Monisha is giving our hero more time than needed. He has even bought two cruise tickets for a night by the sea. And Monisha is more than excited for the same.

Will Saahil be able to stop Monisha from being a part of her most awaited moment? Watch out to know how reel life intrudes into real life!

Episode 51 - Oct 31, 2005
It's Diwali time and Maya's apartment is undergoing a complete make over. In the process, Rosesh has discovered something that breaks his heart, and perhaps ours too!

It's all in a letter, that reads Maya and Indu were not very keen to have another baby after Sahil. Which means: Roshesh was the unwanted child. And do you thing Rosesh is one of them who will let it pass? He has decided to put himself up for adoption.

Seems like the home coming is not exactly what it is meant to be!

Episode 49 - Oct 17, 2005
Maya's friend has decided to write a book on her and it will be called Maya Sarabhai's Marriage!

And who doesn't want to know the love story of our Sarabhai's. On the show tonight, Indravadhan and Maya unveil the history of their union. And the couple have some interesting things to tell. One of them comes as a mystery to Saahil... will it be solved?

Episode 48 - Oct 10, 2005
It is Truth Day and Maya has decided to get her darling Rosesh Engaged!

Rosesh is flabbergasted and now Indravadhan has taken the responsibility of saving his son. He has a plan, according to which, the whole family will make confessions to each other. The only catch is that "it has to be the truth!"

Rosesh makes a major confession: Of having a wife and a love-child!

Episode 47 - Oct 3, 2005
Seems like the Sarabhai's have trouble knocking at their doors!

Maya is away and so the burden of handling it is on Indravadhan. A relative of the Sarabhais is in trouble after beating up his friend as the Police are after him. So he has come there asking for help. He wants the Sarabhais to help him hideā€¦ And so they do!

But, there are too many people to be handled than just Sharman, the convict. Rosesh is at his best trying to keep his mouth shut! And he manages quite well, until he calls up the Police to inform them about the car they are looking for, the one that he has seen it in his compound!

Poor Rosesh, he only wants to be helpful. But unfortunately, the car happens to be Sharman's! So it is confusion yet again... at the Sarabhai residence!

Episode 46 - Sep 26, 2005
It's Indravadhan's birthday and he has asked for the most precious gift...

This birthday, he wants his bachelorhood back! Maya is ready to grant it but, only for a day. And so the boys have it all, free to be on their own with no nagging at all. Seems like a life full of fun. But then...

The fun turns out to be a nightmare for the rest of the boy Gang! Rosesh and Sahil are having a hard time and they have discovered what a mess Indravadhan can be in. Meanwhile, our ladies are having a drinking session and they are making the forbidden confessions of their lives!

You are invited to this topsy-turvy land for a new discovery. Join a changed Sarabhai family this week.

Episode 45 - Sep 19, 2005
The Sarabhai's are preparing to put their creative instincts to a test... And this time, it is not Rosesh's poem that are at work. Instead, Indravadhan has decided to script a comedy play!

He sure is having a lot of fun. But others? Well, they are cursing themselves and one of them happens to be his friend! By the time the play is ready to be staged, Indravadhan has earned a few enemies, all of whom want his play to flop and one of them... is Maya, herself! She has also laid a bet on that.

Will Maya win the bet? Will Rosesh's friend forgive Indravadhan? Will the play manage to be an entertainer or will this be Indravadhan's last creative venture?

Find out this week on Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai

Episode 43 - Sep 5, 2005
Sarabhai family is facing a crisis...

Rosesh is Kidnapped and the kidnappers will release him only if they are paid a ransom of 1 crore! Maya is throwing a fit. As Rosesh is priceless for her. But, Monisha insists on bargaining. So, it's all about cracking the best deal!

Rosesh on the other side is making the abductors pay for their mistake. He wants his pizzas, sambhar cooked in mineral water and to top it all, their involvement in his poetry sessions. Well, seems like the bargaining will actually prove beneficial for our abductors!

The deal is cracked - The ransom money is packed in neat bundles, ready to be handed over. Rosesh has to be brought back under any cost. But there is a twist in the tale...

Rosesh refuses to return. But WHY? Find out for yourself. Right now we only pity the Kidnappers!

Episode 42 - August 29, 2005
Its celebration time for the Sarabhai's again as Rosesh is giving up poetry.

They are about to mark the occasion with the cutting of a cake, when a couple (friends of the Sarabhai's), disrupt the celebrations with their distress. The wife has a list of complaints against the husband. And whattops the list is the fact that he reads his self-written poetries out to her. She has decided to demand a divorce.

Both Mr and Mrs Sarabhai retire to separate rooms to discuss the issue personally. Maya and Monisha discuss their contrasting viewpoints with their husbands, only to land in an endless argument, almost to the verge of 'divorce' themselves!

Episode 41 - August 15, 2005
This time Maya has decided to indulge in something that she herself considers extremely down-market. She has plans of an Antakshari in her high society friend circle, but to be seen doing this by her family members is quite a problem. She chalks out a plan.

Accordingly, she sends Indravadhan to Ahemdabad, and forces Monisha to accompany Saahil on one of his presentation. But the lord of fate has other plans. Monisha returns before time, and catches Maya in the act. Maya's self- respect is challenged and she invites Monisha to compete in another game of Antakshari with her. This time, her trump card is Sonali Rathod! The drama unfolds as Satish returns with Roop Kumar Rathod and the war begins...

Episode 40 - August 8, 2005
Indravadhan is on Maya's trip and the fun follows. Siddharth finally agrees to relieve Indravadhan of his hypnotisis. But Indravadhan's state of being has lead to a chain reaction. When he is normal he can't restraint from poking fun at Siddharth, which in turn annoys Siddharth again and Indravadhan is again hypnotized. Maya has invited trouble for herself and she is unable to face her neighbours. Rosesh gets to enjoy the attention of two "Mommas" in his life while Monisha is the most pitiable of the lot. Need we say more!

Episode 39 - August 1, 2005
Maya has a new friend in town, who has impressed her by his ability to Hypnotize people. She finds a reason to throw a party in his honour. Siddharth Anirudh Prasad is given a warm welcome by the guests, but Indravadhan is in mood for some fun. Instead of being impressed by his peculiar talent, he takes delight in cracking jokes of his even more peculiar personality. But our friend is in trouble when Siddharth is offended and hypnotizes Indu to believe that he is Maya. Confused? Well, watch how Indravadhan turns the family mad, this time by his unintentional behaviour.

Episode 37 - July 18, 2005
Saahil gets an award for inventing a unique cosmetic and his name is proposed for the reference book of Howard Medical Research Institute. Rosesh on the other hand has his photograph selected for a lead role in Rajgopal Varma's film. It's time for the family members to celebrate.

But for some reason, the woman are struck by the glamour of Rosesh's achievement and so Sahil's international acclaim is left unacknowledged. His own wife is party to this sheer insensitivity. Monisha calls up her aunt and informs her of Rosesh's expected stardom, without even a mention of Sahil. All this and more add up to the least expected SIBLING RIVALRY, the root of which lies in Sahil's jealousy.

Maya of course sides with Rosesh but this time even Monisha is also on their side and accuses him of being jealous of his younger brother's long awaited opportunity. Sahil is torn between feeling the same and not being able to admit it to himself. The day comes for Rosesh's Mahurat. Does Saahil stand by his ego or melts down? Watch out for yourself in the next episode.

Episode 36 - July 11, 2005
Sahil has been invited to become the Dean of some college in Delhi. He decides to take it up and is quite excited about the whole prospect. Monisha is doubly excited, she is returning to her domain. Maya is having nightmares. She hallucinates about Saahil having changed parties. Does Maya's nightmare come true? Does she lose all that she had based her life on? Now this indeed is a matter of her prestige! What is her game plan?

Episode 35 - July 4, 2005
Daughter-in-law Day
It is the Daughter-in-law Day and Monisha has to give a speech on Maya. But then, she misplaces her hand written speech. And Maya is blamed for this! An innocent Maya writes a brutal and honest speech for Monisha, and surprisingly, Monisha loves it. But then, will it be read aloud, in the gathering?

Episode 34 - June 27, 2005
Men are rational fools!
Indu and Maya have a wager. Maya is confident that she will make a fool of Sahil. She is playing with one who has quite a high-level of common sense. Will she succeed?

Episode 33 - June 20, 2005
Maya's love - Part 2
Sudhanshu is again with his attempts to get united with Maya on his private island. Maya is now tempted al the more, but is unable to decide. Will she leave her family behind for 'love' or does she decide otherwise?

Episode 32 - June 13, 2005
The wooing begins...
Aware of Indravadan's attempts, Sudhanshu hones up his own wooing abilities. D-day arrives and Maya is all packed to leave with Sudhanshu. Just then he calls and tells her that he doubts if she would leave Indu. But Maya makes her stand clear! Meanwhile she trips and hurts her foot. Indu instinctively applies balm on her ankle. A suspicious Maya tells him to stop the wooing. Indu retorts saying, "This is the kind of man I am, ... but promise that you won't die before me, because I cannot live without you!'

Episode 31 - June 6, 2005
Maya is tired of playing mom, housekeeper and a 'surrogate mom' to Indravadan. Sahil asks her to visit an art exhibition put up by Sudhanshu (an upcoming artist). She returns from the exhibiting in full bloom - love is in the air!

She tells her family that Sudhanshu is coming for dinner. Indu mocks the whole situation. Sudhanshu arrives - he is her knight in shining armour. His only flaw - he stutters when it comes to 'm'. But, he does propose and wants her to live with him on his own island near Goa! Maya accepts the offer, much to Indu's disappointment. He asks her to stay back, but Maya insists that they allow her to live her own life. Sahil and Roshesh agree. Sahil advices Indu to be the man of her dreams again and also tells Maya that she should give Indu one last chance. Maya agrees.

Episode 28 - May 16, 2005
Maya wants to help out a destitute Gujrati girl and calls her over to the house. Enter Mallika (Sherawat), a con woman and definitely not the destitute native woman. She sweeps into the house and creates havoc. The men are drawn to her and the women don't like it. She is a typical 'meethi churi' and creates trouble between Maya and Roshesh too. Finally she polishes off a lot of valuables and money and disappears. Maya finds another girl at her doorstep (the real destitute) and realise that they have all been had by Mallika!

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