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Kahiin To Hoga (Kahin To Hoga)

KTH from the begining (Page 94)

aromi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 April 2006 at 11:19am | IP Logged
5th February 04..

It starts with piyush and saniya in a hotel room .piyush is trying
to be very romantic and said to saniya that he loves her and want to
spend the night alone with her.he hugged her. And saniya in his arms
thinking that she know that piyush is trying to fool her and wants
to know the truth about her. But she played along with him,

Sujal and kashish are in the car driving back home when sujal said
to kashish that what is her future plan whether she will divorce
piyush sooon or not and said that he thinks that she should end her
relationship with piyush.but kashish snapped and said that she
doesn't want hear a word about it and that it is her personalk
matter and he shoulnt interfere.sujal is sad to hear that and
thought how could she say that when all his happiness ,life etc is
linked with her..kashish then receives a call and is shocked and
asked sujal to take her to hotel horizon this instant..

Back in the hotel room saniya and piyush are getting
passionate.piyush took her in his arms and said that he loves her
and can do anything for her ,even killing a person..then he puts out
a knife from his pocket and put it on saniya's throat and order her
to tell him the truth otherwise he will kill her.he try to abuse
saniya when a man enters the room and hit him on the head and piyush
Sujal and kashish enters the hotel.a waiter give a paper to kashish
in which she was asked to go to room no 330 to see her husbands
In the room ,saniya asked the man that whether everything is
according to the plan or not and he answered by saying that yes it
is and kashish is already in the hotel.they continue with their plan

Sujal and kashish entered the room and then her mobile rings and
that man asked her to look from the front window..she opens the
window and they saw two people making out .sujal is shocked when
kashish said "piyush"

aromi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 April 2006 at 11:20am | IP Logged
Saniya and the man put piyush on the bed and removed his shirt and
saniya lay down on the bed with him.kashish opens the door and sujal
and kashish are both shocked to see them like this.
Saniya tries to calm kashish that it happens suddenly .piyush
regained his conscious and is shocked to see kashish and sujal in
the room.he tries to explain things to kashish but she cuts him off
in the middle and tells him that she already do.she knew saniya was
fake because that day when piyush gave kashish divorce papers she
went to saniya's house to give her a piece of her mind but heard
saniya on the phone that it was all a plan to set up piyush like
this.But she played along because she wants to get to the main
person behind this.she said sorry to piyush.

Policeman entered the room with the man who helped saniya and
kashish told that she already has asked police to keep an eye on
saniya.she told saniya that if she will give her the name of the
person who framed all this then she will let her go…
Saniya looked at sujal and said that it was sujal.sujal shouted at
her.saniya left the room.sujal helplessly looked at kashish to
believe his innocence but she slapped him
aromi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 April 2006 at 11:28am | IP Logged
9th feb..04
After the weekend torture , wahi hua jiska darr tha ,as usual sujal kept quiet after such big humiliation &the cruel lady went on whipping the man with words.as if she had long awaited for his dayonly to vomit out all poison stored inside her :"sujal tum ne kiya yeh sab kuch,why?mai kabji soch bhi nahi sakti ke tumitna gir sakte ho ,haan ab mujhe yakeen aagaya ke mujhe paane keliye tumkuch bhi kar sakte ho (mam ko apne baare mein kuch zyaada hikhush fehmi hai)tum ne mujhe aur P ko alag karne ki bahot koshish ki aur tumhariis chahat ne tumhe is had tak gira diya ,isiliye tumchahte the na ke maiP kodivorce doon taake tummujhe paa sako(dekha sujal,hume pata tha this lady is going to misinterpretate u) Digusting sujal Disgusting" (u r disgustingKASHISH(sujal looking unbelievably at her perhaps thinking the stone otherside would try to read the truth into his eyes(but sujal dear wen willu realize that its always u who understands the ANKAHEE )sujal tumhamesha kehte the na ke jab bhi mai ..jhoot bolti hoon tum se nazar nahimilapaati ,aaj mai tumhari ankho mein dekhkar kehti hoon,main tumhari shakalbhi dekhna nahi chahti(aur hume bhi tumhari manhoos shakl dekhne ka shauk nahi ...dafa ho jao yahan se.)"Nafrat karti hoon mai tumse nafrat,I HATE U,nafrat karti hoon mai un lamho se jo hum ne kabhi saath guzare the, nafrat karti hoon mai us adhoora rishte se jo hamare beech tha,nafrat kartihoon mai tumse sujal."(shukriya ,karam,nawazish...i hope lady stoneheart now u r well decided.....no swinging b/w here &there....)K turns toP "i msorry Piyush i m sorry& hugs him(sujal looks completely lost& disheartened ..walks out as usual without any explanation ,without any argument,par josamajh kar bhi samajhna na chahe use kya samjhana) his wet eyes complaining ,tears rolling down as he walks down in rain completely lost &failed..........(YES !sujal U R totally Lost, cos u fell in love with a stone .if that lady could have atleast loved u truly even for a moment then she could have seen thru ur eyes,she should have given u amoment for explanation b4 any kind of humiliation .......so pleeeease now dont keep crying &kicking carts in rain.........&stop proving to her how much u love her instead teach her a good lesson....hope u do it)
P &K walks towards P"scar ,P starts crying.........like agirl.......thanks her for supporting him,caring for him,believing in him (ALL Vishwas Bakwas again.............come on KASHISH STOP INSULTING such a GOOD word VISHWAS..........u dont know but wehave lost our vishwas in this word actually,in reallife.wen some 1 says vishwas...it seems as bakwas comes attached with it.......oh God ekta pls stop with this)POINT tO Be nOtED:lastline of P.....ab mujhe kissi cheez ka dar nahi ,yahan takki maut bhi,ab mujh maut bhi aajaaye to bhi maikhushie khushi marunga(&please take her along with u)again background.THoDASA pyaar hua hai.....
aromi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 April 2006 at 11:28am | IP Logged
........&sujal could hear the goonj of the thappad in b/w .hope he doesnt forget wenever he faces K)then he gets furious &rushes towards sanya house.....pushes the door open gets hold of her ,goes wild ,bangs her on wall,sanya is scared ,starts screaming,sujal asks her why she did this to him&she says P had told himtodoso ,so that K starts hating himsujal tells himtoconfess in front of kashish but she says then Pwould kill her .sujalwarns himthat if she wont say truth he is goig tokill him,he drags her outside &pushes her in his car(i thought he left the car &came walking)anyway but as usual kismat ki kharabi........some1srucks frmbehind &sujal faints.........btw sujal were u sure that sanya jaisi ladki ki baat jo pal me tola pal me masha hai ,kashish jaisi ladki jisse puri duniya ke alawa sirf tumpar vishwas nahi....would have changed her decision ......i was sure agar tumuse wahan le bhi jaate to woh def yeh bolti ke piyush ne nahi ,tum ne use dhamkakar yahan laaya hai.......thank god u fainted &escaped one more humiliation ..cos this time uske saath uskabaap bhi tumhe dhakke de kar nikalta...which wld have been a big torture for us)
P&K reaches their house where papa prof is awaiting her.gets annoyed wen he sees P withher.but K tells him the whole story& the whole family listens no one questions.....(all dumb family.with adumb son in law.........mehek looks a lil sad (i felt so)the whole namak haram ,bemurawwat fly seems to forget sujal.& his obligations......)papa is happy & so r the daughters .papa say sorry toPB & Kstarts with her subeh ka suraj &raat ka andhera lecture (dont forget girlsnow she is with PB so she willspeak all nonsense stupid things which she had read somewhere but hardly believes in it....... wen she was with sujal she use tospeak sense..but now every thing willdeteriorate .frm speech to dress ...& we will be bored with subeh ka suraj .dukh ka andhera,vishwas,aapsi samajh..&all crap)she meets all her sis & is ready for her actual bidai.......
Lalit&CG are back frm play .cg praise lalit for winning the game .cg taunts himthat cos he plays honestly ,cg is confused ,lalit points that how his son is taking wrong entry in kashish life &ruining his son (lalit this is not u but vasu speaking in ur mouth......but today i really liked cg for being a good father.hope sujalhad been there ,then he wld have realize that not only her mom but dad also loves&cares for him.....jinhe woh samajh nahisaka.........aur jisse samajhne ka dava karta hai woh to use pyaar hi nahi karti)cg argues face to face with him for his sons.he blames K for everything .he says all problems r due to her ¬ cos of sujal & each word wat cg said was true.......atleast i think.wat say u all?)

aromi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 April 2006 at 11:31am | IP Logged

10TH FEB 04/....

CG& veena is leaving the Raheja Garewal House ,looks too upset(strange! without informing &taking thier sons along)"aaj se yeh ghar tumhara,sirf ek chiz lejana chata hoon .Lalit says u can take anything ,everything is urs.i told u b4 also tell me once &i would leave the houseCG says kehne aur karne mein bahot fark hota hai(good said ,cg.......,lalit &piyush.likefather ,like son....bol bachan amtabhbachan)Vasu is tooooo happy ,formally ask them to wait for some days till they get new house,Cg refuses ,says will manage himself or stay in hotel but willnot stay there.(STRANGEsuch big business tycoons of shimla,they dint had anyother property or house or atleast a flat &wat abt the house sujal was looking for?put somelogic ekta..wen CG was leaving the house he looked like a diwalya ,who has lost everything........&the acting was not only poor but he looked toooo poor to be CHETAN GAREWAL)(enters Piyush &kashish)piyush stops him,&ask him to take wat he wanted.CG selects a family photo frame..but P says he cant take it cos that photo belongs to both fly so how can he take( lalit gets angry )...CG says never mind .then Pask him to give back the video camera&also the cassetes which he had given to CG &(every1 is shocked including K&lalit gets furious)"tumhari himmat kaise hui cg se aise baat karneki&then he gives him lecture of wat cg has donein his childhood for him,he jst cannot tolerate his son misbehaving with his frnd.&(the nautanki P comes his style &starts his drama of putting ever1 in bottle......of cos with his wifey)

aromi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 April 2006 at 11:33am | IP Logged
He tells his father how could they do this ,how can he allow his frnd toleave the house,he says everything in this house belong to all .&will be shared by all be it anything or memories .
&he further says that watever happened b/w S/K& me cos of that this house has broken.do u know that sujal tried to break the relationship b/w me &Kashish ...but i dont blame him cos somewhere we all r responsible for that(guys watever he said furthe i will jst write down ...cos i was so confused with his thoughts &words...so take it easy........agar bouncer jaaye to)hum ne kabhie bhi sujal ke saath baithkar baat nahi ki,kabhi use pyaar se nahi samjhaya ke toote hue rishte ko jodna mumkin nahi hum sujalko kya samjhayenge, hum khud nahi samajh paaye.aaj agar uncle yahan se chale gaye to yeh rishta hameshake liye toot jayega.aur dobara kabhi nahi judenga,yeh baat na uncle samajh paaye na papa.Sujalaur Kashish kebeech ektoote hue rishte ke alawa aur kuch nahi,.LEKIN KISSI NE BHI USKE SAR PAR HAATH RAKHKAR PYAAR SE USE YEH NAHI SAMJHAYA ,BUS HAATH UTHA TO SIRF TAMACHA MARNE KE LIYE (yeh kaun bolraha hai)lekin un tamacho ka natija kya hua sujal paththar ho chuka hai.pagalpan ki sari hadein paar kar chuka hai woh (aa gaya apni asliyat par)uncle aap ko lagta hai na ke is ghar mein jo hua uski zimmedar K hai,lekin aapko andaza bhi nahi sujalne hamare saath kya kiya hai &his story goes on which he heard frm mrs james bond.)............uncle agar aapko lagta haike humne sujalke saath ya kissike sath galat kiya hai to aap jo saza denge manzoor hai lekin please apni dosti aur ghar ko saza mat dijiye .aapne sujal mein aur mujh mein kabhi fark nahi kiya lekin mein kya karoon sujalne galti ki hai ,sirf sujalne(SUJAL DEAR apne naseeb likhane kahan gaye the?)CG is melted & asks for forgiveness frm not only lalit but kashish &piyush.........(cg yesterday i thought u r a goodfather but no ...how can sujal be wrong .bachpan se tumhe jhela honga.......)then he tells piyush that its his responsibility now to save their relationship.sujalwill not come in b/w .if he comes he willhave to face him(aisa laga jaise apne bete ke liye nahi koi jaani dushman ke liye bolraha ho......how sick)pP says uncle aap please sujalko samjhaye(smallkids of kinder garten complaining ..........untle please use samjhao.yeh mujhe malta hai)hey guys it sounded to me like that & uncle says dont worry child let him come i willpunish him.....(again kashish has becom not only bahu but bitiya also......this lady knows how to put every1 in bottle)Uncle is ready to do aarti also for her grahpravesh.....aaj tak to sirf ladies ko yeh kaam karte dekha tha..but deepak parashar Uncle kissi lady se kam hai kya........the only thing mismatch in this serial is he is SUJAL"sfather..........)
CG uncle is doing aartiof bahu& newly born beta&enters our hero.(wow!wat an entry.looks gr88888 in watever halat he is)he walks up towards his room but is stopped by cg."sach sach batao tumne piyush aur kashish ke rishte ko todne ke liye saniya ko plant kiya ya nahi..........NAHI comes the reply,jhoot mat bolo,saniya tumhare liye kaam karti haiya nahi.......NAHI........he replies firmly ...sach sach batao "
sujal:"aap sach sunna chahte hai ya phir jo apne suna hai usse sach mankar mere munh se sunna chahte hai"
CG:mai tumhare gunaah tumhare munh se sunna chahta hoon"
sujal:to phir intezaar kijiye jis din koi gunaah arunga aapko aakar bata doonga,filhal mai ne koi gunah nahi kiya"
koi gunah nahi kiya,piyush aur sujalki shadi shuda zindagi ko barbad karne ke liye tumne sanya ko nahi khareeda"
S:yeh aap ne suna hai ,sach nahi hai,zaroori nahi har baat aap jo sune woh sach ho"
cg:bakwas band karo.kya woh ladki pagal hai jisne sabke samne tumhara naam liya hai sujal"
mai janta hoon usne mera naam kiske kehne par liya hai,"
cg:kiske kehne par zara humbhi to sune"
S:jaane dijiye sach aap sun nahi payenge aur jhoot mai bol nahi sakta"..he walks up but..
CG:stops him"is ghar ki izzat se khelne walo ke liye ab is gharmein koi jagah nahi...sujal is stunned.........sahi suna tumne,jo sujal is ghar ka hissa hua karta tha ,aaj wahi sujal is ghar ke hisse kar raha hai.laanat hai tumpar (Pinterfers.....uncle please aap.)koi beech mein nahi bolenga .jo insaan rishto ke maani nahi samajhta uske saath kya rishta rakhna isliye mai abhi se tumhe is ghar se,is jaydaad se,is business se aur apni zindagi se bedakhal karta hoon"
sujals mama interferes ".yeh aapkya kar ra rahe hai..itni choti si baat ke liye aap,.....CG gets annoyed ...yeh choti si baat hai.bcos of himi was leaving this house & my old friend,i was accusing piyush &blaming kashish.all bcos of him .&u r telling chotisi baat..aree yeh ladka bhul gaya ke kashish is ghar ki bahu hai.is khaandan ki izzat hai aur issi ke saath....mujhe to sharm aarahi hai(sharm aani chahiyae uncle, itna sab bolte hue ..woh bhi apne bekasoor bete ko .infact wen u will know the truth .chullu bhar pani mein doob marna)Abb tumyahan kyon khade ho chale jao yahan se.dafa ho jao"
S:chala jaoonga,lekin apne sar par ilzaam ka bojhlekar nahi jaoon ga"
cg:i say get out"
S:"mujh par na sahi kamsekam apne khoon par to bharosa kiya hota dad?( good dialogue sujal)aap sach sunna chahte hai na,to sach aapko yeh aapka doosra beta batayenga, jisne khud ko bachane aur mujhe nicha dikhaneke liye yeh saara shadyantra racha,
cg:jhot par jhoot.arre tum insaan ho ya jhoot ka putla"
S:kaltak to mai insaan tha par aaj putlaban gayahoon ,rahi baat jhoot ki ,to jab ,jab mai ne sach kaha kissine mera saath nahi diya aur ab mujhe apni manzil tak pahunchne ke liye jhoot ka sahara bhi lena pada to loonga,mujhe kissika yakeen nahi chahiya siwai ek insaan ke aur woh ek insaan aap hai mama(mama is ver sad abt watever has happened..sujal looks with hopes in mamas eyes &holds her hand)mama boliye kya aap apne bete par yakeen karti hai.....mama is abt to say yes.......wen cg shouts at his wife....."veena kuch bhi kehne se pehle ek baar soch
lena agar aaj tumne apne bete ka saath diya to aaj ke baad tumsirf ek maa hogi ,patni nahi
aromi IF-Dazzler

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desaimom Senior Member

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Posted: 27 April 2006 at 1:03pm | IP Logged
thanks harpy

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