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KTH from the begining (Page 83)

aromi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 April 2006 at 7:25am | IP Logged
He tells them that in college when he used to flirt with all the girls Sujal and piyush had told him that oneday he will fall in love with someone and that is what has happened. he fell in love with a girl but then couldn't get her.
The girl is getting ready someone is helping her.
she is anu from Kutumb. she turns around and
asks the another person how she looks. the other person turns out to be kashish. kashish is anu's friend.

Pratham continues to say that they still love each other but things didn't go their way. Now she is in simla and is getting married. Sujal asks him that if the girl loves him then why is she marrying someone else?

Basically I feel that showing Pratham and Anu in a similar situation ekta wants us to know how all the three of them will react. (Anu and pratham love each other. Pratham is sujal and piyush's friend. Anu is kashish's friend .Sujal and piyush love kashish.)

aromi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 April 2006 at 7:25am | IP Logged
Kashish has the feeling that anu isn't happy with
the marriage. Anu accepts it, says that she is getting married coz her father wants her to. She is confused if what she doing is right. So then kashish opens her big mouth and starts giving a lecture to anu that she would not stand by her decision that she has made, coz "pyar tho pagalpan ke tarah sar chadke bolega." She continues to say that life
cant go on like that coz you need apsi samaj aur deeraj!!! Diya aur bathi ke tarah. Jo kudh jalkar dusaroon ko roshni dethe hai.(if pyar was pagalpan then why did kashish fall in love with Sujal in the first place.) anu says it is difficult to be pretend to be happy when you can't feel it.(ur right babes) So kashish says that happiness lies in the happiness of family. (idiot if u are not happy then how the hell will your family be happy........looks like you have sold your brains for 25 paise)
Pratham asks sujal and piyush to tell him what to do coz both are his friends.
Sujal tells we will talk about it but right now lets go. Pratham goes and sits in the car his bag is outside both sujal and piyush go to pick it up and fight again.
Sujal says, "meri nazaar jiss par padthi hai tum use pane kih zidd kar bet the ho.
Piyush says, "main jisse pana chahta hoon uspar tumhare nazaar pad hi jathe hai." (I feel like slapping Piyush........has he forgotten that he started liking kashish only after he got that damn letter....and not before that)
They are in the car
Sujal syas, "pyar karte ho na tum, tho use roklo. Tum kisse use apne kushion ko chena ka hak desakthe ho?
Piyush says,"kya tum aise ladke ke saath kush rah paogey jo apne parivar ke dukh ka karan ho? Nahi na? (Tune kashish ko konse sukh diye hai)
Sujalsays, "kya apne parivar ke kushi keliye kurbani dekar kya woh kush rahe payegi? Kya woh ek aise insaan ke saath kush rahe payege jisse woh pyar nahi karte? Socho. Main tho kehta hoon tumhe jo bhi karna
hoga abhi karna hoga. kyunki ek pal mein pure duniya badal jathi hai. jao roklo use. Abhi." (right said)
Pratham says, "nahi sujal. Ab bahut dheer ho chuki hai, aaj uske sagaye hai, kal shadi." (arre do din me bahut kuch ho sakta hai)
Sujal says, "pyar mein kabhi dheer nahi hote pratham. Tumhe 3 zindagion ko bachana hoga. main chaltha hoon tumhare saath. (Glances at piyush)
aur koi ho na ho. Pyar ke es jung mein sujal garewal tumhara saath hai.
That's the end of the episode
aromi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 April 2006 at 7:25am | IP Logged
28 th JAN 04...
The episode begis with Sujal, Piyush and Pratham in the car where Sujal says to Pratham that i am with you....I will help u to get back your love. Here Piyush says he has to go out of station for some business work. He apologizes to pratham that he will not be there but he hopes to see him with his happiness when he comes back(COWARD!!!! This Piyush is really a coward. He always talks abt friendship.....But when his friend is in need of help he goes to business trip....

Sujal tells pratham that he shoudl not give up and uggest that we both of us will go to Anus palce. Anus father convinces anu that she is has taken the right decision. He tells her that she will be happy with Amarjeet....At that tiem Kashish also remembers what her father had told her...That Piyush is a nice guy...he will always keep her happy (Dekha na natija kya hua.....if kashish had married Sujal she would have been very happy. There is tear in Kashish eyes.
The preparations for the engagement ceremony is going on. They welcome Amarjeet(anus would-be hubby) Anus Bebe from batinda meets Kashish. She asks Kashish why didnt she call her for her wedding...She syas she is very angry with ehr...Kahsish does nto say anything.... Then she asks where her husband is..But later on she says that she will identity him (We all know that Sujal will come and bebe will think that Sujal is her husband...gr8 na....i love u bebbe)Kashish doesn't say anything....(Arey woh kya batayegi...Usne to khudh apne pairo pe khuladi mari hain piyuhs se shaadi karke)

Sujal and Pratham land up at anu's house. Pratham is very nervousne. Our Sujal is confident...so sweet of him...(Sujal will go to any extent to help his friend...He is a true friend)
Pratha says the house is filled with anu's relatives how will we go inside.If nybody will coem to know then what will happen. Sujal asks him if any one knows him in her family. Pratham says no then Sujal says "Tho kya problem hai. andar jakar pehchan nikal lenge.Ab chalo yahin kade rahenge tho kisse ko shak ho saktha hai."

aromi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 April 2006 at 7:26am | IP Logged
Sujal tells pratham (in a typical different style...liked the way he says) " Abbey,haas" Pratham is sad. Sujal says "haas haas" Sujal smies and he teaches Pratham to smile...(Really our hero can bring smile to anyones face)

Sujal and Pratham are just watching evryone...Actually they are hunting for Anu...Just then Babbe from Bhatindas see them. She smells something fishy.....She goes near them...Here Sujala nd Pratham are little bit sceptical as the lady is coming towards them...They r a bit afraid...... They try to look the other way Bebe is actually thinking that Sujal is Kashish husband...(how seet bebbe....even we all wnat that thing to happen).... She thinks they are searching for kashish.
Bebbe says "Suniye kisse dund rahe hain?"
Sujal says "Hum? Woh…"
Bebbe says "Jo main soch rahe hoon, wohi ab bhi soch rahe ho kya?"
Sujal says:" haan. Ji haan."
Bebbe says "Wohi tho jo ap dund rahe hain woh busy hai." (She thinks it is kashish whom thye r looking for)
Sujal: oh! (laughes)(he does not know what she is thinking)
Bebbe intorduces herself that "I am bebbe from batinda" She gets a clal form someone so she goes away before going she tells Sujal that don't forget I am the one and the only bebbe from…..
Sujal says "batinda". (liked the way Sujal stressed on batiuinda..so cute of him)

Pratham and sujal are relieved. Pratham says we are saved.
Sujal says "Maine kaha tha na, koi na koi pehchan jaroor nikal lenge". Pratham says "Bahut bare pehchan nikala hai". (sujal gives a big smile).

Just then they all bring Anu down..Pratham sees it and becomes sad...He has tears in his eyes.....Pratham also loves Anu so much....Pratham tells Sujal just look at her eyes they are so sad. I know she is looking down coz she is very sad....i know anu very well. Sujal remembers kashish walking to the mandap even she was sad... Sujal thinks to himself "Main kabhi bhula nahi sakta kashish tumhare palkon ne bhi isse tarah udasi
ka bhoj utaye the." Sujal tells Pratham " Tujhe jo karna hai woh aaj hi karna hai. Agar tune aaj ko apne hath se jaane
diya tho ane wala kal jeene layak nahi hoga." (Well said Sujal...we all agree wiht you...We all are with you.)

aromi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 April 2006 at 7:26am | IP Logged
Pratham goes to anu. Anu is shocked as him why he has come there. Just then her father arrives. He asks who this guy is. ANu is sacared...But our hero Sujal comes to their rescue.....he says that he is anu's friend Sujal Garewal and he (pratham) is his younger brother Puneet. Anus father leaves. Sujal then tells Anu "Dekho anu yeh jaana zaruri nahi hain ke main kaun hoon, par tumhara aur pratham ka bath karna zaruri hai". Just then Anus would-be hubby - Amarjeet comes...She introduces the as Sujal and Puneet... Sujal congratulates the guy and says that he is very lucky to have anu as his wife. He says when two people are meant for each other no one can come between them. Just then he spots He
spotted kashish on the staircase. He sis surprised to see her..Kashish also sees him and is shocked....She goes towards him. (Gosh i thought she will again humiliate SUjal that why are u behind me...good she didnt sy that diya baati dialogues...i woudl have slapped her this time for sure)

Kashish says "Sujal tum yahan". Sujal says "Main yahan apne dost pratham ke madath karne keliye aya hoon.Uska pyar use chen gaya. Anu uska pyar thukhrakar bahut galath kar rahe hai".
Kashish says "Faisla sahi hai ya galath yeh tho parinaam samne anne par he patha chaltha hai" Sujal says "Par jo khud parenaam bugath raha ho, woh tho dusroon ko galath faisle karne se rok saktha hai".
Kashish says "Har ek ke zindagi alag hota hai, Sujal aur isliye parenaam bhi alag hota hai. Aur phir parenaam galath hone se faisle galath nahi ho jate. Shayad mera faisla sahi tha, par jo parenaam mera hua zaruri tho nahi ke wohi anu ke saath ho?"
Sujal says "Faisle jo dil se nahi kiye jathe woh aksar galath ho jathe hain". Kashish says "Faisle dil se nahi dimag se kiya ja tha hai, kyunki dil tho kabhi bhi thuth jatha hai".Sujal says "Thute wohi dil se kauffnak, darnak aur kuch nahi hoti". Kashish says "Woh dil hi kya jo dusaroon ke dil ko dukaye".Sujal says "Dil dukhana dil thodne se zyada acha hota hai kashish. kyunki
samay ke saath dil ka dukh kam tho hosakta hai lekin thute hua dil kabhi nahi judsakte". Kashish says "Haan sujal shayad mera faizla galath tha. Kyunki maine dil thoda bhi hai, aur dukhaya bhi hai. aur aaj mujhe apne kiye na fal mil raha hai". (Good so finally she realsied her mistake...now she has again regained her brains ack...really i cnat understand...this girl is a chameleon...But frens have u noticed when she is with Sujal her brains start functioning.....Kya karen Sujal ka Jadoo hi aisa hain)
Sujal says "Maine aaj tak tumhe kisse bath keliye zimedhar nahi teharaya.Kyunki main janta hoon ke agar mere dil ke hazar thukde hua tho tumhare dil ko bhi bahut chot panache hai. haan main aaj bhi manta hoon ke tumhara faisla galath tha, par yeh bhi janta hoon uske peche kitne balidan, kitna tyag tha. Galathi tumhare nahi hai kashish yeh galathi thi iske hai hamari kismat ki" he points his forehead.Kashish thinks in her mind "Tum har bar mere soch ko galath sabith kyun kar dethe ho? Jab mujhe laga ke tum sirf apne bare mein soch the ho tabi tum yeh ehsaas karate ho ke tum apnon ke bare mein soch the ho". (Kashish now u realised how nice Sujal is....he is a gem of a person...u have missed out such a wonderful person in ur life...now also u can go back to him....Inspite of Kahsish humiliatiiong him so many time sSUjal never elt bad about her...he never crticised her...He always justified her stand....Thats our Sujal Garewal with a heart of Gold)
Just then bebbe from batinda arrives and sees the two of them together. She says "Tum dono ke chori pakade gaye. Maine tho phele hi pehchan liya ke yeh kashish ka husband hai." Kashish is shocked. Sujal is "nahi bebbe" But bebbe refuses to listen..
aromi IF-Dazzler

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The engagement ceremony starts.... Pratham and sujal standing and watching the ceremony going on. Anu and the amarjeet exchange rings. Pratham feels that he has lost evrything...Sujal tells him that he shouldn't feel that coz they haven't yet lost, "Abhi tak maidan humne chodha nahin hain" Thye put on some music. Bebbe pulls sujal and kashish and asks them to dance to together. Hey they played the song of stero nation.Nachange sare rath soniyo...(This was the first song where Sujal and Kashish ahd danced to the tune remember frens the party scene where sujal parenst enegament was there...Kashish and Sujal dance to that number....we had uapldoed that video also.)

Sujal and Kashish look at each other. Kashish is a bit insecure.. Bebbe keeps forcing them to dance....(hats off babbe u r doing a gr8 job...hope Piyush would have sen this woh to jal boond ke raakh ho jayega) She puts kashish hand into sujal's. pratham and anu standing and watching each other. Anu leaves the party. Kashish follows her. Sujal goes behind kashish. Sujal says "Kashish. tumne sahi kahatha kashish. Kisse bhi faisle ke sahi ya galath hona uske anjaam par nirbar hota hai.lekin yeh bhi himiyat rakte hai ke woh faisle kin halathon mein kiye gaye hain. Mera yeh manna hai ke koi bhi faisla dabav mein kiya ho tho woh galath hota hai.Kashish, ek bar sirf ek bar un dono ko milado. Ek bar dil ko thudne se bachalo. Ek mohabath ko jeeth lene do. Hosakta hai ke unke kushi, unke dua se humare thute hua dil ko sukoon miljaye". Kashish has teras in her eyes...she looks at Sujal Sujal says "Please kashish. ek bar pratham
aur anu ko mila do". Sujal has teras in his eyes...(Frens realy sujal cares for his fren Pratham....He is a true fren...veryoen would love to have sucha fren like Sujal....)kashish goes away. Amarjeet (anus would be hubby) hears what they r saying...hope he is not like Piyush.hope he does not do anything wrong......Hope he will not trap Sujal and Pratham.
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thanks for updating harpy and thanks for updating with pics tisshgna

Edited by pari0706 - 20 April 2006 at 9:07am
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Thanks harpy
Coming up next is my favourite Church scene.

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