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Kahiin To Hoga (Kahin To Hoga)
Kahiin To Hoga (Kahin To Hoga)

KTH from the begining (Page 82)

sara_naveed00 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 April 2006 at 7:12am | IP Logged
Waiting for some more updates....Post them soon!! Big smile Big smile

aromi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 April 2006 at 7:21am | IP Logged
huh???i didn't write anything here..the yahoo grps updaters did...
aromi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 April 2006 at 7:22am | IP Logged
26 th Jan 04...
It all begins from Archie; she is again having one of her intensive
jealousy fits. To her collection of ghastly dolls is now added a new
member – her greatest hatred and Sujal's greatest love
Kashish Sinha,
the enigmatic lady. Archie talks to her – " Maine tumse
kahatha na
Kashish ke mere rashte mein mat aoo…door raho mere Sujal
nahin…tum baar baar mere rashte mein deewar bankar khadi ho jaati
ho…." She pulls out one of the doll's hands, then the
other, then go
the legs, another jolt and off comes the head…kashish is
and dead, but what's Archies's fault – Kashish is the one
who forces
her anyway-"sorry kashish par mein aur kya karti…"so goes the
insane explanations of a insane mind…

Morning is approaching after that strange night which brought Sujal
and Kashish together. Sujal is still seated on the same chair, Mehek
alongside and Kashish still lying close-eyed, this time apparently
asleep, not unconscious. The doctor enters, Sujal and he had a talk
and the young man informs him that Kashish was in front of his eyes
all night, he has seen to the her and she's all right hopefully.
After checking, the doctor comes to know she has actually improved
and confides in Sujal regarding her well being, Sujal, with great
sincerity decides and declares that he'll nurture and serve
Kashish as one nurtures his own life or his most precious jewel. He
goes out to prepare for Kashish's home-arrival since the doctor
given the green signal for her discharge.
aromi IF-Dazzler

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Kashish, at last opens her tired eyes and catches a glimpse of Sujal
leaving her room, she was informed by Mehek about her sudden weakness
and passing out as a result. But all the lady wants to know is why
Sujal was there…but she didn't appear cross, just anxious and
curious. Mehek tells her how greatly Sujal has helped all of them and
how whole-heartedly he's served her all night, without even
winking an eye…he's not let anything divert his single
attention from

Again he arrives and again he's thanked by Kashish which he
apparently tries to avoid…as he treats it as a sign of
detachment…so Sujal immediately stops her short with caring
concern that she needs rest and should refrain from thanking
or talking at that point of time.

As Sujal is just passing the door he comes face to face with his
friend turned foe Piyush, both eye each other with same detest and go
their own ways. Mehek leaves Piyush and alone to have a talk. Piyush
asks Kashish how she is and what had happened to her. Kashish replies
with a cold aloofness and detachment which goes further than anger or
hatred since both these feeling leave scope for some sort of
relationship. Piyush guesses Kashish's mind and reminds her of
their friendship which existed even before there marriage, so at
least she should share her concern to him that way or for the sake of
that kind of non-matrimonial, platonic companionship. Kashish
plainly, but with grief reminds him that marriage or friendship all
require trust to survive and if trust is once betrayed it can never
be the same again. Piyush leaves, but strangely enough hopes that
Kashish might still be willing to use his car and waits outside (I
don't understand this person, sanya or no-sanya he has decided on
divorce for Kashish's happiness which is with her love Sujal, so
this proving non- guilty drama?)

aromi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 April 2006 at 7:23am | IP Logged
Kashish comes out of the hospital escorted by her sisters and they
leave in Sujal's car leaving a frustrated Piyush staring.

Back at Piyush residence, Varun, as usual, asks his brother Piyush to
get up and go to Kashish, as she needs him. But Piyush tells him
those days are gone and she no longer needs him and leaves. Varun
talks to himself that his brother still wants her and is in pain.

Lalit Raheja and his wife are talking…Lalit seems worried over
Piyush-Kashish relationship and the way things are going. He tells
Vasu may be we elders should talk both of them out of this divorce
thing because Piyush doesn't seem to be happy with the decision
he's made.Vasu says though initially he's feeling weak and
it's for his own good that he divorces the unfaithful and
misunderstanding Kashish and marries someone else who's loving
considerate.Anyway Lalit still is interested to have a last try.

Kashish thanks Sujal dryly and asks him to leave her alone with her
condition; her sisters can take care of her. But this time
Sujal's confidence, insight and present-mindedness is worth
He answers her that he knows she is trying to avoid him, but he is
not going to leave her with her nave sisters when their guardian
father's not around. He and Kashish are still related to one
another through one special relationship called humanity or insaniyat
kaa rishta which does not require any special relationship to care or
be cared for. He'd never considered kashish just a friend so he
would not mention – for the sake of friendship phrase, instead
for the
sake of humanity is his sentence. Kashish tries to say she's fine
her head reels and Sujal says that's how fine she is. Once
all right and recovered he'll leave and do what she wants him to.
Kashish falls silent and Sujal asks Kanan to take her to her bedroom.
Sujal seems like a loving husband who knows the whims of his sick but
naive wife but would not let her have her way, it was very sweet and
meaningful interaction with much apnapan.

aromi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 April 2006 at 7:23am | IP Logged
And lo and behold, he stays with all of them and becomes a great help
and happiness to all concerned, our Rajeev is a great cook and we
just get a glimpse here…he makes the girls learn how to cook and
make food, just a pinch of olive, garam masala, dalchini and sakaar
(sak kum kar)and the soup becomes great with his amazing
tips….Kashish tastes the soup and cannot believe her sisters have
come to cook so well and is told the soup she's having is made by
dear lovable Sujal. He decorates the dining table, plays with the
girls, drops them at college, makes food, takes care of Kashish and
her medicines and what not: kashish watches with silent admiration.
Lalit Raheja comes to visit Kashish, is welcomed by the sisters, but
happens to see Sujal who comes back from marketing with Kashish's
fruit…probably he learns of Sujal staying there at Kashish's
Stunned, he abandons every hope of taking her back to his home and to
aromi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 April 2006 at 7:24am | IP Logged
27 th Jan...

Monday's episode had ended with Sujal entering kashish's house. Vasu sees Sujal and then tells lalith that they have come at the wrong time. She says that they had come to talk to kashish and take her back home, but looks like kashish doesn't want
that. Coz she has somebody in her life to take care of her who has already started taking care of her. They leave staring at Sujal (I found this situation very funny...don't know why) Sujal keeps the fruits on the table and leaves.

Kashish's sisters are angry with vasu because of the way she talks about Sujal, after all sujal was just trying to help them out. (very good girls) Mehak tells them that kashish should not know anything about what has happened.

Piyush returns home when he gets a call from someone. It his and Sujal's friend pratham. Piyush asks him why he has kept no contact with them. Pratham says he has come back and wants to meet them like the way they used to meet earlier. He tells Piyush to inform Sujal. Sujal is in his room working on his laptop. Piyush knocks at the door and . Piyush says, "pratham vapas agaya hai." sujal is very happy and says "kab? Kahan hai?" piyush says that pratham wants to meet them both together.
Sujal says, "par jab dosti waise nahi rahe, jab saath waisa nahi raha tho kaise milsakthe hai phele ke tarah? main pratham se milunga, par akele mein."
Piyush says, "jaise tumhare marzi. Lekin mujhe lagtha hai woh kisse musibath main hai, aur use apne doston ke zarurath hai. bake tum jano."
Sujal says, "piyush, tumhe is bath ka ehsaas kabse hone laga ke doston ko doston ke zarurath padthe hai?" (right said my friend)
Piyushsays, "yeh sawal tum mujhse nahi apne ap se pucho. yeh ehsaas mujhe shuru se hai,lekin shayad tumhe abhi tak nahi hua." (where did that ehsaas go when Sujal and Kashish were in trouble and Piyush was the main cause of it.)
Sujalsays, "agar tumhe ehsaas hota tho tum dosti nibathe, nake apne zarurath ko apne dosti se zyada ehimiyat dethe."
Piyush says, "yeh nasiyath tum mujhe nahi apne ap ko do. Jissne apne dosti se kahin badkar apne chahat aur zarurath ko ehimiyat de." (why can't he just shut his mouth......I sick of hearing Piyush justify himself.)
Sujal syas, "theek kaha ke maine apne dosti se kahin badkar apne chahat aur zarurath ko ehimiyat de. Kam se kam maine dosti ka stamal tho nahi kiya. Kisse ko pane ke chahat aur kisse ko pane ke lalaj mein bahut
fark hota hai. aur yeh fark tum bule ho. Main nahi."
Sujal walks out of his room.
aromi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 April 2006 at 7:24am | IP Logged
Piyush turns up in his formal suit (looks like he didn't realise that there is a difference between meeting a friend and attending a meeting) He sees a red car (nice car) sujal is wearing casuals, leather jacket, jeans and white t shirt. Sujal has already arrived and is standing and smoking. ( I didn't like seeing him smoke.no doubt in earlier episodes he did smoke but here it wasn't required) sujal tells piyush that he will go with him just for pratham's sake and nothing else. They leave in sujal's car. (I must say I loved that car) They arrive and see pratham standing at the edge of a hill (i think so) with his back facing towards them. He is drinking.
Sujal and piyush together said "jab tak hum teen rahe saath …"(they stare at each other)
Pratham turns (hiten tejwani) "fikar ke koi bath nahi.
All three are smiling,and hug each other.
Pratham says, "sach yaar sirf dosti ek rista hai jo hamesha saath rahenga. Hai ke nahi?"
Both say yes.
Sorry I just missed some dialogues in between.
Sujal says, "tum bilkul nahi badle na."
Pratham says, "haan main tho waise he hoon par lagtha hai piyush shaddi ke badh badal gaya. piyush bhabhi kaise hain?kahan hai?"
Piyush says, "haan woh ache hain"
Pratham says, "hain kahan? Aaye kyun nahi tumhare saath?"
Piyush says, "woh main office se directly yahan agaya na."
Pratham says, "koi bath nahi.ab main simla agaya hoon tho unse zaroor milunga."
Pratham says, "tu apne girl friend ke bare mein batha raha tha. Kya hua,kaisi hai?"
Sujal says, "mere koi girl friend nahi hai."
Pratham says, "par tu tho kehraha tha ke tume pyar hogaya hai."(Arre yaar Sujal ki girl friend Piyush ki biwi hai to bechara kya karega)
Sujal says, "pyar tho aaj bhi kartha hoon main use, lekin shayad kabhi pana sakunga."
Pratham says, "I am sorry yaar. anyway piyush bhabi kaise hain? Kubsurath tho hai na?
Piyush: "yaar tu bhi kaise bath puch raha hai." (doosre ki girl friend ko apni biwi jo ban li to woh khoobsurat to honi hi chahiye)
Pratham says, "mujhe pata tha tu nahi batayega. Sujal tho batha bhabhi kaise hai."(arre yaar tu nahin janta woh sujal ki girl friend he to woh uski bhabhi kaise ho sakti he)
Sujal says, "bahut kubsurath, bahut ache." (arre woh to meri girl friend hai na)
Pratham syas, "bas bas bhabi ke tariff math kar dekh gussa kar raha hai. (Piyush kyon gussa karega??????)
acha laga tum logon se milkar.
Sujal syas, "par tu badal gaya hai. kyun tere muskurahat mein udasi ke chalak nazar athe hai?"
Pratham says, "sach kaha hai kissne, doston se kuch chupaya nahi jasakthea."

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