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Kahiin To Hoga (Kahin To Hoga)
Kahiin To Hoga (Kahin To Hoga)

KTH from the begining (Page 76)

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Yea plz do!

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15th jan 04
A guy comes to kashish's house to hand over a notice and says that
the house will be auctioned if they do not repay the amount borrowed
by prof. The amount is 5 lakhs. The daughters are shocked that their
father never told them about
such a big debt. They also say that for this reason their father has
college back. They decide to do something before their father comes.

Ms briganza and the girls are abt to go out when mouli enters and
calls out to Rishi. she doesn't knowthat the girls are watching her.
Rishi then pacifies her and tells her that the girls are watching
them. Ms briganza manages to sneak out with the girls and go to a
disco. Ms briganza then disappears and appears as Hawa Hawai. And
dances the entire song. The girls then go back to the hostel where
they find the gate is locked. With ms briganza's help they enter the
the hostel with out being caught.

Lalith tells cg that it is the best interest of everyone in the
family they should go separate ways. He says it shouldn't happen that
one son's sadness becomes the other one's happiness.(Who the hell
asked Piyush to get married to Kashish....its his fault) He
said "tumhara beta aur meri bahu ek hi kashti mein savar hain,…" cg
agreed to this and said "shayad humara sath sirf yahan tak tha."

Rishi is sitting with some of the college girls. he asks them to pick
out chits in which there are names of actresses as he is confused
about who is going to win the best actress screen award. He says that
he will not miss it, he is going to watch it. So the girls ask him to
take them with him. He says fine, but first he needs a kiss. After
which he says he is watching it on tv at home and anyone can join him.

The sisters are worried, but kashish is scanning the paper for an
job. When she finds one - Real estate agency. Kashish tells them that
in case they can manage a big deal where crores of rupees are
involved, they may get 5 lakhs as the commission. They decide to give
it a try even though it is a male dominated arena. They land up at
the office. The boss tells them to leave as they
prefer to employee male candidates for the job. Kashish then asks why
wasn't that mentioned in the ad. He says that women can't do this
job. Kashish says if u don't want to give us the job, its fine. But
don't underestimate women at large. the boss is impressed calls her
to the conference room .he says how come all of them came together.
She says they are together and would like to work together. He tells
them that it will be difficult to handle clients to which kashish
said they can manage. He gives them the job.!!! They come out and
pray to god.
aromi IF-Dazzler

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19th jan 04
Yesterdays episode was too good...Epecially the romantic scene...Good it was not a dream sequence otherwise suually ekta
shows dream sequences.....Sujal was looking so cute...........
Okay the Serials starts with Kahsih and her sisters goign through the files...They all r veyr busy i their work...Finally
Kashish says that they have gone through the entire simla's properties and have found that there are around 40
properties with around 20 prospective buyers. These properties costs between 15 lakhs to 5 crores. She tells them if we get
these buyers we can easily get Rs.5 lakhs. The get rerady for their work...They pray to god and take blesigns from their
Here Piyush is sitting in his room. As usual dejected.....(Che does not have any expressiosn on his face...i dunno why ekta
mai selected him for the role). His mom Vasu comes to meet him. She tells him that she knows it is difficult to let go of
someone you love. There is no use maintaining relationship which does not have a future. She tells if kashish can stay
without him then he also has the right to remain happy. Piyush replies "kashish is the happiness of
his life". She thought me to love......but she did not teach me how to live without her...Vasu tells him that he should be
cherful atleast for their sake. she leaves.
Sujal is sitting in the living room. He looks cute in dark navy blue tshirt.looking good as usual..He recollects the memories which he had shared
with his family and piyush family in the house.He goes through the family album, where he finds a lot of sweet memories
between him and Piyush...He remembers what gr8 time they use to have together when they were together. He goes throught he
snaps...He also remebrs the incident whereboth of thme, when they weer young fought for a vase and then it falls down...later
both of them stick the vase together...He gets a smile on his face.....he sees the vase...Just then Piysh comes and he says
"Tum Es ghar se jaana nahi chahte na? Math jao, main jaunga. Wasie bhi es ghar mein mere liye kadvi yaadon ke siva aur kuch
Nahin hain". SUjal syas "Tum mujhe kabhi samaj he nahi paye. Bheek na tho mein phele letha tha na ab letha hoon. Rahe bath
yaadon ke tho tum use sambal ke rakna. Kadvi hi sahi wohi tumhare saath rahene wale hain,kyunki baki sab mein le jarahan
hoon. Kashish ko bhi." (Wow!! Suhjal hats off to you...Thats the spirit...i relaly liek the confidence in you .the way u said
the dialogues....) Sujal goes away.
aromi IF-Dazzler

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Kashish and her sisters are on the job of convivncing prospective buyers to buy the properties...They finally get a
buyer..but he says that he will give only 1% commission..Kashish is hesitant...Later she agrees for 1% coimmission....Later
when the buyer goes Kashish sisters aks her why did she accept only 1% commission.....As it will not help their
problem.....But Kashish says somethign is better than noting. Kashish says that now form tomorow onwards they will all
dealseperately..She sys that se thinks in this way they will make more deals...They all agree...Here kashish trieds to make a
deal but is unsuccessful.....She thinks that may be her sis have dint any deal..Here her sisters are waiitng for her...they
say thta thye have not got any good deal today..they all hope kashsih will get a deal as she is smart an dintelligent.....(if
she was smart and intelligent she would not have married Piyush!!!!!!!). kashish thinks that she will tlel her sis that she
got a dal otherwisae they will feel very sad....She syas "Yeh log muhse umee lagake baithe hain". I can never disppoint
them...She tells her sis that she got a deal..She tells them the she ahs to go to office. here in office she coes and report
that she did not get a deal...The CEO fo the copany says dotn worry next time u willd efintioe,ly get it...keep trying...he
say s to an employee that a big client is going to coem to see the hil top bungalow...Kashish hears this and says that seh
wil akke the deal..The CEO says he is a very impo client so he cnats endher....But she tries to ocnvivnce him..later the ceo
agrees...he tels he tthat be careful....He is a veyr imp client...Just then a car comes.. and lo!!!Our hero in glares in
black suit comes...WOW he looks smashing........no wordsa to describe!!!!!!!!!!Kashish is shocked tos ee him so is Sujal
surprised to see Kashish..The CEO says he is the client whih i w as talking...The ceo is ruprised to see that they boht know
each toher..he introduces that he is Sujal Garewal and She is Kashish - sales executive....

aromi IF-Dazzler

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Sujal and kashish reach the house. Kashish says "Yeh raha aapke ghar". Sujal is actually shocked to see Kahsish as a sales executive so he says "Tumhe yeh saab karne ke kya zarurath pad gaye?". Kashish says "Tumhe ghar lene ke kya zaroorat pad gaye?". Sujal says Jis ghar mein main rahetha hoon kashish woh do doston ke pyar se bana tha, aur aaj do doston ke pyar ke waje se he thoot gaya" Yes Sujal u r absolutely right). "Sab kuch badal gaya. Zindagi waise nahi rahe, dosti wasie nahi rahe, business waisa nahi raha.Pyaar waisa nahi raha. Aur ab ghar? He sighs. Woh bhi ab apna nahi raha. Chod rahan
hoon main use. Haan kashish jo dost kabhi ek dusare ke dil mein raha karthe the aaj ek dusare ke samne nahi rah sakte".
Sujal and Kashish enters the house. Kashish shows him around the house. He is just looking at her with tars in his eyes...He remebrs the day when they were both together and when thyendecide how they will build teir house..WOW it was a romanctic epsiode....the scene was too good. her. Kashish shows him the living and dinning room, Stairs and terrace.
Sujal remerbs the moment which tyey shared together....Kashish screaming Sujal..sujal..sujal kitne khooubsurat jagah hai na yeh". Sujal says "Agar tum kaho tho sare zindagi yahen rahe jayen". Kashis says "Yun hi? Bina koi ghar ke, kule aasman ke niche?". SUjla says "Yahan ghar banaenge tho aasman juk jaye ga. Yeh mitti ke kusboo ko jayega. Aur yeh hawa (he comes near her,blows at her face. she smiles) zulfo ko tumhare kubsurath chehre pe kaisa bekerenge". Kashish says"Nahi sujal. Hum aise ghar banayenge ,jahan duniya keliye tho dewarein honge par kudrath ke liye nahin". "Humare bed room ke kidki se suraj apne
din ke shuru wad karega. Kidkiyaan itne unchi honge jahan se aasmanjuka hua dekhaye dega. Humara aangan rang bhi rangi phoolon se saja hoga. Aur hawa bina koi dastak kiye andhar ajayege. Aisa hoga humara ghar". They both look into each other eyes...
Here Sujal comes out from his flashback and turns to call kashish but he stops...he ahs tears in his eyes...really my heart wen tout to Sujal....Kashish asks "kya apko kuch aur jana hai" Sujalsays" kya es ghar ke bedroom se suraj ugtha hua nazar atha hai?".Kashish recollects the moment when they were togethe rand when he had said these things......Kashish says "Yahan aisa kuch nahi hai". Sujalsays "Mujhe kidkiyan itne unche chaheye jahan se asman juktha hua nazar aye." Kashish says: "Sorry sir".Sujal says" anghan aisa ho"Kashish interrupts him and says "lagtha hai apko yeh ghar pasand nahi aya". Sujalsays "exactly.main jiske pasand ko dyan mein rakar ye ghar lena chahtha hoon , yeh ghar bilkul bhi waisa nahi hai". Kashish says" Aap jis tarah ka ghar chahte hain, waisa ghar milna muskil hai". Sujal says" Mushkil hai, namumkin tho nahi". (yues u r right Sujal). Kashish goes
Kashish goes to mee tht eperson who is gonna auction her house if they dont pay Rs.5,00,000. She gives him a cheque of Rs. 2 lakhs...But that perosn flatly refusse..he says he will not compromise in any matter. He says that if u dont pay Rs.5,00,000 tyill tom afternoon then i will auciton ur hosue...Kashish pleads but to no avail...the perosn goes away...kashish is helpless
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thx Harpy for the update n the link Smile ....gosh why did i miss earlier episodes... Cry

Edited by s_labha - 16 April 2006 at 11:40am
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LOL who knows?? ok just kidding...

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