Kahiin To Hoga (Kahin To Hoga)


Kahiin To Hoga (Kahin To Hoga)
Kahiin To Hoga (Kahin To Hoga)

KTH from the begining (Page 74)

aromi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 April 2006 at 11:09pm | IP Logged
12th JAN 04
Todays epsidoes was damn good!!!!!!!!!. Sujal was as usual looking
smart and sashing in black and white outfit.

The serials starts with Archie who is dressed in red outfit. She is
talking with her doll. She tells "Pata Hai aaj jab log tujhe aur
Sujal ko Saath mein dekhenge to kya kahenge. Yehi Kahenge ki Wah Kya
jodi hain. Made ofr each other". She tells herself that she is very
beautiful. She says "To kya hua agar Kashish party mein aayegi. Phir
Bhi Sujal sirf Tumhe Dekhega aur kisis ko nahin. Sach kahti hoon.
Kashish ko bhi Nahin. (i think this archie mai has really lost her
senses..i feel she should consult a phsychatrist instead of talking
to the dolls). She wishes herself All the Best.

Sujal Garewal is dressed in Black and white outfit. He is looking dan
smart, dashing...have no words to tell..Sujals mom come sand tells
him that "Sujal tum jo kar rahe ho woh teekh nahin hai. Ab bhi waqt
hai." Sujal says "Ek waqt hi tho nahi hai mere pass. Mama aap nahin
samjhogi. I have to reach early." He goes away. CJ sees rahja family
sitting. Sujal is coming down the stairs. His mom again stops him and
tells "Sujal main phir ek bar kehte hoon, aise kushi ka kya fayda
jiss mein apne shamil na ho?" Sujal says "Agar mere apne mere sapne
pura hote huhe nahi dekh sakte tho mujhe rokne ka bhi koi hak nahi
hai. koi nahin aana chahta na sahi. Agar mera saaya ne bhi mera saath
chod diya, tab bhi main Jo chahta hoon wahi karunga. Akele. Apne
dampar. (Sujal really liked your way of talkign. we are with you.
whatever you do we shall always support you. all the best!!. Sujal
walks down the stairs
He stops and looks at piyush. Piyush also gives him a look. Sujal
goes away. (Sacchi sujal ne to piyush ki bolti bandh ki hain.)

Rishi dressed as Mrs. Briganza is dancing with Prof Sinha. He
purposely asks why did Mr Sinha sent his daughter to Bangalore when
he (prof Sinha) loves his daughter so much. Prof Sinha says There is
one boy Rishi who is behind my daughter. Mrs. Briganza says even i
know one boy whose name is rishi but he is a very sweet boy (Khud ki
hi tarrif kar raha hain.)

aromi IF-Dazzler

Joined: 19 June 2005
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Posted: 15 April 2006 at 11:09pm | IP Logged
Here kannan doesn't want to go to the party as no one is accompanying
here. Mahek and Chau refuses to go. Kanana says that she is afraid to
ask Kashish also becoz she thinks even she will refuse. Mahek and
Charu says that Kanan you have to go otherwise it will afect your
career. Kashish hears this and says that Kanan you will go to the
aprty. She also says that she will accompany her. Kanan is happy.

At the party when Archie arrives at the venue She meets Tanisha.
Tanish is a dancer and she has come to perform at that party. Archie
asks tanish if she is gonna dance. Archie wishes her all the best.

Sujal is back stage and he is checking the preparations. He tells the
incharge who is handling the preparatiosn that this party is very
important for me. Some dancers are drooling over him. They say Sujal
is very smart ad handsome and most eligible bachelor (Even we know
that and we agree!!!!!!!). Just then Tanisha comes and says That no
one should eye sujal coz he is hers.(Arrey Kya Archie kam thi kya Ek
aur ek monkey has come!!!!!!!!)

Tanisha goes and speaks to Sujal. She tells him hi this is Tanisha>.
Sujal syas" AApko TAruf ki Kaap Jarorat Padi. Appko Kaun Nahin
Jaanta. You are the best dancer" They both shake hands. Tanisha tries
to get close to Sujal. Archie sees this and is wild.

Sujal leaves. On the way he meest Archie. Hee asks her how the
arangements are going on. Archie says ther r fine lekin tum bhi ek
baar check karlo. SUjal goes. Here Archie goes near Tanisha and
blasts at her. She tells her how come she topuch Sujal. U r fired.
Archie tells her to get out. Tanisha is angry and she refuses to
dance at the show. Later Archie realises her mistake. She calms down
and apologises to Tanisha. She requests her to perform at the show.
Tanisha agrees.

aromi IF-Dazzler

Joined: 19 June 2005
Posts: 3773

Posted: 15 April 2006 at 11:10pm | IP Logged
Kashish enters the party. She is dressed in Black Salwar Kameez. She
alos looks good. Kashish enters the party along with kannan. Archeis
sees her and wishes them Hi. She also thanks kashish for coming at
the party Archie takes Kanan alongwith her. She says i want you to
meet some people. I will get you introduce to them.

The Comperer announces the launch of new drink called "BUZZ". He
announces that therewill eb adance performance by worlds best dancer
Tanisha. Tansha dances to the tune of Dilli ki Sardi!!!!!!!!!. Sujal
is at back stage when archie comes and stands next to him. He is
very excited. Archie tells him that she has a surprise for him. He
asks what. She tells him that you will come to knwo about it sooner.

After the dance the comperer calls busienss partners Sujla and Archie
on the stage. He says Mr.Sujal Garewal aaj ke shaam ke mesbaan hain.
Kashish is shocked to see Sujal.
kashish is shocked. The comperer announces the launch of their
company named "KASHISH CORPORATION". Kashish is shocked. She gets up.
All the reporters see her and tells that She is Raheja KHandhaan Ki
Bahu. She is Sujals inspiration. Sujal sees Kashish. U could ake out
he was surprised as well as happy to see kashish. We could make out
how much he loves kashish. His expressiosn were gr8. Archie tells him
tat she ahs invited Kashish for the party. Here the reporters are
harrassing Kashish. Kashish is uncomfortable and on the verge of
crying. Sujal notices this and goes near Kashish.The reporters are
clicking their snaps. he tells them "NO questiosn please" He takes
Kashish and Kanan out." Archei sees this and is jealous.
CuteAreej IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 April 2006 at 11:10pm | IP Logged
Thanks Harpy for the updates...purani yaadein taaza ho gayein Embarrassed
aromi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 April 2006 at 11:11pm | IP Logged
A fACT: In this episode itself I came to know that THE STORY BELONGS TO SHIMLA!!!Confused
aromi IF-Dazzler

Joined: 19 June 2005
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Posted: 15 April 2006 at 11:14pm | IP Logged
13th JAN 04...
Frens todays episode was very touching and heartbreaking... Really my
heart went out to Sujal. He is am amazing actor...He really made us
cry........Hats off to him

The episode begins with Sujal comign out from the party with kashish
and Kanan. Kashish as usual expected blasts Sujal. Sujal tries to
convince her. HE tries to make her understand the situation. But
Kashish (Brainless Bimbo suits her) refuses to believe. Sujal puts
his hand on her shoulder. Kashish yells "Don't touch me. Samaj kya
raka hai tumne mujhe. Tamasha
banadiya mujhe duniya ke samne.Sujal says Kashish....Kashishsyas"Shut
up. Tumne aaj itne ghatiya harkath ki hai. You are disgusting". She
says sujal "Tum insaan nahi pathar
ho. Jo sirf dusaron ko taklif dena jaante ho. Aaj piyush mere saath
tho tum ne kya socha. Aaj jo bhi mere aur piyush ke beech problems
bhi main duniya ke samne mrs piyush raheja hoon" (Brainless imbo if u
feel u r Piyush Kashish Raheja why didnt u accept him as yet as your
husband). "Agar nafrath se badkar kuch hai tho tum uske layak ho
sujal". She says if i knew these things would happen i would have
ever ever come here.

Kashish goes away. Sujal is standing there.. Archie comes there and
aplogises to Sujal. She syas this has happened becoz of me. i called
kashish for you. i am very sporry,. Sujal holds her hand. Arhcie is
very happy cos sujal touched her. Sujal says. ITs not ur
fault. 'Tumne Mujhe aur Kashish Ko Kareeb Lane ki Koshish Ki. Yeh to
Sirf Meri Kismat Hain....(Sorry frens if i dont get the correct
wordings. i apologise for that) Sujal goes away in his car. Here
Archi gets a call from someone and that female tels her that Tanisha
(the dancer who perfomed at the show) has met with an major accident.
Someone had tampered with her car breaks. She is in hospital and is
seriuosly injured. Archie thinks that i wil go and meet Tanisha.
Actually it was arhcie who had tampeerd with the car brakes as she
coudnt not tolerate Tanisha gettign cosy with Sujal. (Really Archie
is relaly physic.)

Here Rishi (Dressed as Mrs Breganza) is with Prof Sinha. Rishi tells
him i knwo what ahs happend with your family. he says where there is
not Vishwaas whats the point in continuing a relation. (Actually he
is talking abt Piyush and Kashish). He says kashish ke samne to puri
Zindagi PAdi Hain. U should think abt her future. Prof Sinha says now
i am not worried abt Mouli asince u r with her. (Prof Sinha!!!!!!!!
he does not knwo the perosn to whom he is talkign is actually rishi).
Prof Sinha says that he will now think abt Kashish.
aromi IF-Dazzler

Joined: 19 June 2005
Posts: 3773

Posted: 15 April 2006 at 11:14pm | IP Logged
Here Archi asusual is talking to herself. She sees Sujals snaps the
one with the horse race one. She sees Kahsish snaps in the paper and
says tum bahut achi ho. Tum mere kehne pe party mein aa gayin. the
she drops water on kashish picture and breaks the glass. Then she
talk to her doll and says Dekha Archie now sujal is trusting you. You
will slowly start comign close to Sujal. (What Khayali Pulao she is
making!!!!!!!!!! kaunse duniya mein hain yeh ladki. She definitely
needs to consult a phsychatrist).

Here Vasu tries to instigate Piyush and Lalith against Kashish. She
says Kahsish hamare Khandhan ki Bahu Hain but still becoz of her we
cant show our face to anybody. (Vasu i need to tell you that one day
Piyush will say these things abt you. That he cannot show his face
coz u r his mother....after all the things u have done). Piyush does
not beleive. The she shows the snaps of SUjal and kashish at th
eparty in the newspaper. Lalith and Piyush both r shcked. Vasu tells
Him that Kashish Loves Sujal a lot. They both sue to love each other.
Piyush u married Kashish but she still loves Sujal. Vasu says that
she did a wrong thing by getting Piyush and Kashish married. IT has
spoiled three lives. Piyush throws the paer and goes away. He is
upset. Mrs. Nautanki (Vasu) says "Yeh Kya ho Rahan Hain Mere Bete Ke
Saath....Whay does he have to suffer (Vasu he has to suffer coz he is
your son. Piyush was responsible for seperating Sujal and Kashish. He
has made Sujal suffer a lot. Now it is Piyush turn. Now he will
realise how it feels....).

Here Piyush is in his room. I cant understand Ekta mai is out of
stock of songs. Why she ahd to play our fvourite (song which is meant
only for Sujal) for Piyush. I really cant understad. Here Piyush says
i always loved u Kashish I married you after knwiign that u still
love Sujal. (PB if u knew it then y did u come in between Kashish and
Sujal. U r responsible for seperating the love birds. Tumhe Apne kiye
ki sazaa mili hain. u deserve it piyush..).

Here CJ tells to Lalit that u alwyas use to blame my son Sujal. Now u
see what your daughter in law Kashish has done. It was Sujals party
and she was there. u always blamed my son for that. now tumhare bahu
ne tumhara saar jhukaya Hain He says one common dialogue "Jiske Ghar
Sheeshe Ke Hote Hian Woh Doosro Par Pathar Nahin Pheka Kartein Hain".

Here Kashish is at home sitting on her rocking chair. Sujal comes in
and sees her. Wow he is looking dan smat in black tshirt and creamish
blazer. it was not exactly white....some creamish blazer i suppose.
(frens correct me....)

aromi IF-Dazzler

Joined: 19 June 2005
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Posted: 15 April 2006 at 11:15pm | IP Logged
Kashish shouts at him. She says Ab Kya Karne Aaye ho tum Yahan. What
u wnated to do u ahve done. Tumne hamien kahin Muh Dhikahae Kabil
Nahin Choda...Tumne hamein Zalil Kiya Duniya ke samne. Poor sujal;
really my heart went out to him. without any fault of his he is
blamed. Sujal says first listen to me. Kashish tells him to go away.
Sujal says "Main chala Jaoonga". but first listen to me once. I
apologise for what happened yesterday night. he says "kashish kal
sham ko jo bhi hua uskeliye main tumhare kasurwar hoon. Par mujhe
laga ke tum sab kuch jante ho is liye party mein aye thi. Yakeen mano
kashish, tumhare naam par company kholne ke peche mera mathlab tumhe
kisse bhi tarah ke taklef ya tumhe sharminda karna bilkul nahi tha.
Aisa karna tho dur aise sochne se phele main...... ". (Poor Sujal he
knows whatever he says Kashish will never listen to him.). Kashish
says "Sujal, apni galthi par parda dalne ke koshish math karo sujal.
Mazak bana diya hai tumne hamara. I hate you."

Sujal says "Main tumhare nafrath ko badal nahi sakta. Par itna zarur
kahunga kum se kum Es baar mujhe galath math samjho. Tumhe mere
company ke naam pe ethraz hai na. Iwill change the name of the
company." HE further says" Kya hua agar tumhara ehsaas aur tumhara
naam he mere zindagi hai, mere taquat hai, mere akhri pungi hai." I
will change the name. What u wnat that thing will only happen.

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