Kahiin To Hoga (Kahin To Hoga)


Kahiin To Hoga (Kahin To Hoga)
Kahiin To Hoga (Kahin To Hoga)

KTH from the begining (Page 72)

aromi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 April 2006 at 12:07pm | IP Logged
5) Vasu calls up the reception and asks Mala to put her on to
Piyush and Mala tells her he has gone to Sanias's house. V is
wondering whats happening. P has gone to Sania's house. I hve to
find out what is happening.
6) K comes to the office and Mala tells her abt P and Sania
gone to Sania's house. K is shocked.
7) Sania offers P water and he refuses with a thanks. S says
I amjust coming and goes in. P is wondering why K has not come as
yet. He turns to find Sania in a very short dress and is
surprised. He asks her what is all this. Sania comes close to him
and says I want to confess something. K is right I love u. From
the first moment I met u I liked you, Pls don't leave me and
tearfully hugs him. P is shocked says what is happening, he tries
to disengange himself frm her but she does not listen and hugs him
again. P is baffled. At that precise moment K comes in and finds
P (back to her) hugging Sania and says "Wah Piyush Wah"
8) K goes to P and says I didn't know nowadays U operate ur
office frm Sania's home, then I wld have come here directly to meet
u instead of going to the office. P says what are u saying. Sania
said u are coming here and that she is going to clear the
misunderstanding between us. That's why I came. Sania says what are
u saying Piyush, I did not call u here. U came here on your own.
What do u think u are going to play games with both of us and get
away with it. U have to take a decision between both of us. U
have to choose one. P is shocked and says Kashish don't listen to
her, she is lying. K yells out Sania is not lying, U are lying. I
thot I'll give u one chance but u are liar. P pleads Pls listen
to me, but Kashish says U are a dokhebaaz. A liar, what I thot of u
and what u turned out to be. I will never forgive u. At that
moment a voice says frm behind them K stay in ur limits. They turn
to find Vasu. She comes upto them and says U cannot put the
entire blame on my son. K is startled. She says Mummyji. Vasu
continues, today if my son has taken a wrong step its because of u.
If U had fulfilled ur wifely duties, my son wld not have found
solace with another girl. What u have turned my son into. Its so
shameful to speak abt. P butts in saying . Mom pls there is
nothing between Sania and Me. V says Even if there is, u are not
to be blamed but K. K cries and looks at P who tries to hold her
elbow but she shoves him away and leaves. .
9) P looks at Sania angrily and goes upto her and slaps her
and says If u come in my way after today I'll kill you. He leaves.
Sania bawls and V goes to her and comforts her saying I can
understand what u are going thru. Sit Down. Sania says I love P a
lot. I want him to be mine not only physically but with his soul.
But for this Kashish has to leave. V says seeing P's condition
today I know he'll come to u soon. If your love is true, he'll
come soon to u. Now u look after yourself. She walks out and
thinks Ustaadiyaon sea Ustaadi what u think u will say u love my
son and I'll believe u.

aromi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 April 2006 at 12:08pm | IP Logged
10) K is crying inconsolably and Mehek is trying to pacify
her. Her father is crying to and laments saying what have I done
with ur life. Got u to sacrifice ur love and marry piyush and what u
got, apman, dokhha. Sujal comes and stands at the entrance. The
3 of them do not notice him. Father continues saying how
unfortunate I am. I filled ur life with thorns. In times of crisis
in his daughters life a father stands like a shadow, but I myself
turned out to be kamzor. To give me sahara u sacrificed ur
love. Please forgive me K. Sujal feels a little uncomfortable and
knocks on the door. The 3 of them turned and K is shocked to see
Sujal. Their eyes meet. Sujals says I am sorry I seemed to come
at the wrong time. But I have come for a diff reason. I have
come as a trustee of our college. I have come to ask your to pls
take back ur resignation. Our college and our students need you.
Once before I had joined my hands and I am doing the same (saying
that he folds his hands). Pls join the college. HE turns to leave,
but stops saying "and one more thing. If u can get Mehek to rejoin
it will be good for her. He leaves and the 3 of them are pondering.
11) A bright and handsome looking Sujal comes out of his room
and bumps in to P. He tries to walk away but Piyush calls out to
him says Sujal, u must be most satisfied today, U are very happy at
the way things are happening. Sujal says U forget one thing that
in this world u can buy anything but love. What did u think ? By
stealing K from me u wld get her love too. Just by putting sindoor
on the maang and getting married, love doesn't happen overnight. P
says I know the winds are blowing the opp. Direction frm me, but it
will blow in my way too. Sujal says I am not interested in what u
think. U wanted to become Mahaan na. But u forget Mahanta means
understanding someone's problems, hurt and trying to help them out,
not dokha. In any case a relationship which has started off on
dokha will not last for more than 2 days. Dokkhe se u took K frm
mea nd then u gave her only dohkha. Wah P what Mahanta ! He walks
away leaving a baffled P wondering
aromi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 April 2006 at 12:09pm | IP Logged
8th JAN 04..
. www is in the gym talking wiz the other witch kanika that
becoz of saniya k and p will divorce.

2. s hands over the parntnership papers file to archie who is
sitting in his office. She is angry that the company is kashish
Corporation Ltd but she tells herself that doesnt have to worry as
she is the owner. she is interested only in sujal and today she is
the biz partner 2morow she will be life partner.
3. www goes to Prof Sinhas house but he refuses to send K back
with her. As she is leaving the grocery guy comes and tells him to
pay the bill. www is shocked and she tells the guy kitne ka cheque
banau. Prof does not allow www to settle the bill

4. www goes home and tells p that k has refused to come and well
since she did not fulful her wifely duties she does not deserve to
come back. p tells her that it is his personal problem and not to

5. mouli calls up rishi tells him that she is missing him who
promises her that he will come as mrs. B . he dresses as mrs. B and
on the way bumps into prof who does not recognize him. Mrs. B asks
prof for a lift to the hostel and tells him that she is working as
clerk there . ( I don't understand grocery bills ke liye paisa nahi
hain aur bangalore ke liye hain. Funny ) mrs. B tells prof that she
knows mouli and prof promises to make her moulis guardian ( be ready
for another pregnant daughter)

6. saniya comes to meet k in her house. She tells k that both
she and p did not want to hurt her. That she and p are very close
to one another and cant be separated. Its better not to bind p and
free him of the marriage bond. K is shocked
aromi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 April 2006 at 12:09pm | IP Logged
9TH JAN 04...
1. Kanan, Charu and Mehek are searching the newspaper for a job
for Kanan. They find an advertisement and tell her that it suits
her. Kanan is very excited. She is going for the interview and
Charu mentions the name of the company King Garments or something
like that to Kashish. On hearing that Kashish looks worried.

2. S and Archie are in the office and S I worried about the
party. Archie tells him that every thing will be fine. The phone
rings and he answers it. Archie spots Kashish's invitation card on
the desk and she thinks of what she had told her doll about having
patience and all. After s finishes his call she asks him why he did
not give K the card. S says I know her very wells she will not
come. Archie says I know the pain of loving someone from the bottom
of your heart ( hinting at her love for S) S says then u must be
knowing that no one likes the mention of the loved one from some one
else. she tells him I understand but I want to share your dukh dard
and goes away.

3. Kanan is sitting in Archies dads office and he tells her that
he can't appoint her as she does not have experience. Archie spots
her when she goes out. She goes to her father. She tells himr to
appoint kanah in his office. She tells her dad that you have taught
me and to achieve my goal I have to make certain compromises. Her
father agrees.

4. Lalith is very upset with Sujal as he has used his bahus name
for his company. He tells CG to make sujal understand. CG says he
will try and tells Lalit that if you have a better way to solve this
problem then u do it. WWW, Veena and P are listening to all this.
Lalit tells that sujal hamari khandan ki izzat ke saath khel raha
hain, hamari dosti ke saath…. CG says kis dosti ki baat kar rahe ho,
woh dosti jo tum apne rishtedari ke samne bhool chuke ho. Today you
are reminding me that sujal mera beta hain us din kya hua tha jis
dine tumhare samdhi ne rishi ke upar haath uthaya tha. he tells
lalit its better if we don't bring our friendship in between our
childrens fight nahin to khoon ke rishton mein dil rishte toot
jayenge and he walks off. Lalit tells P and www that no one from
their family will go to the party.

5. Veena and CG are in their bedroom and she is trying to tell
him that he should not have spoken to Lalit like that. Veena says
that sujal is wrong. WWW comes and says that sujal has done this

6. Kannan comes home crying and says that she didn't get the
job. K , Charu and Mehek console her that she will find a better
job. The phone rings. Mehek answers it and tells kanan that its for
her. Kanan talks and tells them that there was some misunderstanding
and she has got the job. All three are happy except K who is
thinking (no kaam dhanda just wear designer dresses, wear curls, cry
and think). Archie comes and tells them that kanan has talent and
invites them all for the party . she tells k also to come to the
party. kanan says that please di come to the party for my sake . k
is still thinking .
7. Prof. Sinha in the principals office signs the guardian ship
papers. Ms. B takes them out for dinner and invites the prof to
dance with her. Mouli is watching all this with amusement.
(besharam ladki apne father ko dhoka de rahi hain)

8. WWW tells P that no one from their family will attend the
party but I m very worried about Kashish(what an accent ). P says
I know K will not go (very much mistaken my boy – she will go).
Today we have a misunderstanding but she does not even know about
sujal using her name. At that moment sujal walks in and says that
people use gods name and start their business and everybody is upset
coz I have used Kashish's name. P tells S that K is not god. S
says that for me she is my ibadat more that god. P says that now k
is now my wife. S tells him that he sujal is existing becoz of
kashish. P shouts at sujal apni zaban ko lagam do(purana dialogue).
www interrupts and S tells her auntie today you will not say anything
between me and piyush. S says that kashish was always there between
us and in coming days kashish corporation will be between your
company's success. ( well said keep it up)
desaimom Senior Member

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Posted: 14 April 2006 at 12:27pm | IP Logged
Thanks a lot Harpy for wonderful updates.. really really really thanks....
tisshgna IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 April 2006 at 3:50pm | IP Logged
thnx harpy....waiting for da launch of Kashish Corporation Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed
s_labha Goldie

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Posted: 14 April 2006 at 5:26pm | IP Logged
Smile thx Harpy Smile
aromi IF-Dazzler

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Earlier videos..of S getting K's letter...and pk engagement..

Rishi telling Sujal, kashish engagement with piyush

Sujal dreams of slapping K on her engagement day

Sujal & Kashish - Piyush & Kashish engagement day vid

Sujal getting letter written by Kashish

Sujal on Piyush & kashish engagement day1

Sujal on Piyush & kashish engagement day2

Sujal on Piyush & kashish engagement day3

Sujal confronting Kashish - engagement day(1)

Sujal confronting Kashish - engagement day(2)

Zakhm Itne Mile hain - Sad Song on Sujal & Kashish

Sujal & kashish crying - k&P engagement day

Dil Mein Kaante Choobokar - Sad Song on Sujal

Sujal with Veena - sujal crying

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