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Kahiin To Hoga (Kahin To Hoga)
Kahiin To Hoga (Kahin To Hoga)

KTH from the begining (Page 57)

aromi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 April 2006 at 11:24pm | IP Logged
Confused again if i'll see any one single question about sujal thrown out i'll not give the updates..yaar pratham is about to enter u people have seem to forget the episodes so don't ask..it was in feb..now it is going in december...
vinnu it is coming very fast

aromi IF-Dazzler

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17 dec

The serial starts with kana and charu at the college...Varun coems
and asks them where is Mouli...They tell them she wont be coming to
college henceforth...Varun is sruprised. Aman overhears their
conersation and goes and tells what eh heard to rishi.. rishi in tunr
says nobody can stop mouli from meeting him. Rishi says that one day
Mauli will definitely come to him. She will definitley go against the
family and will leave the hosue and come to him. rishis tells aman
that mouli is my chandramukhi and she will definitely come to her
devdas(that is rishi) ..he thinks that he is a devdas.....

K and P are at kashish place. Seeing kashish upset piyuhs says that
he will be with her for the whole day. He assures Kahsish that he
will nto let any bad happen to ehr family...Just then Saniya gives a
call to Piyush and tells him that they have an important meeting.
Piyush refuses to come....as he has promised kashish....(now please
dont torture us piyush with ur more goody goody image.its relaly
irritating). KAshish hears thsi and tells him to go to office. (thank
gods kashih knows even we r tired of piyush,....thanks she send him
to office)..Piyush enters the office and finds saniya waitign for
him. Sujal is standign there backfacing...(wow!!b what a releif u
pout life in the seriual...good u r back...it was really very
delightful to have u back)..Saniya impresses Piyush...She says that
she had the emetign with bankers and they were very imprssed with
theri proposal...Sujal is surprised...He hears saniya tlaking tpoo
Piyush..(Sujal knows Piyush cant do anything on his own...Its only
becoz of saniya piyush got the project...PIYUSH is really A DUMBO).
Sujal offers a job to saniya...He offers her a better salary..but
saniya refuses....Piyush tells sujal that u can buy evrythign with
money....but u cnat buy rishta....Sujal smiles and goes away.wow his
smile is realling killing......Piyush leaves and saniya thinsk now
that she ahs won piyush confidence she will coem more clsoer to him.

aromi IF-Dazzler

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Kahsish comes in Moulis room and tells her to eat. But mouli refuses
and goes away...Kahsish tries to stiop her but her dad comes and
gives her a bhashan...he tells kahsish thathe knows that kahsish
loevs her sister very muicyh...ut kahsish shuld not forget that she
is married now..she has also other responsibility towards piyush..
(hope Piyush dies so she is mukht fro the responsibility...then on ly
sujla for her). Kashish thinks what her dad tells her and she clals
piyush for lunch..he says yes he will be there for lunch.....Kahsish
thinks pof piyush..she dreas abt him.....(thora sa opyar song is
played>>>please ekta it suh a lovely song..it is meant for only sujal
and kashish and not for pagal bander piyush>..please dont spoil this
song. Saniya tells him he has an important meeting and all deligates
have come. she tlels him that meetig will get over in half an hour
then he can go home for lunch.....Piyush agrees...Piyush asks snaiya
that the delegates were gonna appoint a consultant.....Saniya tells
him that they have already appointed...Piyush asks who...saniya tells
SMART, INTELLIGENT, CHARMING).... Piyush i surprised to hear sujals
namePiyuhs it is a professioanl decision.

At home Kashish and family are all waiting for Piyush. Kanan try to
call him on cell but she cannot get thruu...she tells kashish that
hsi cell i not reachable.... Kashish tells kanan, charu and mahek to
have lunch...she tells that she will wait for Piyush... Piyush give
his presentation...Sujal is also there(Wow!!! hsi expressiosn were
gr8!!!!!!!!i liked the style in which sujal was sitting a typical
businessman...wow Sujal)..Sujal ask piyush that he has soem doubt abt
the project...he asks profit margin is very less..piyush give sosme
explanation....sanai also interferes and corrects sujal...sujal is
surprised....piyush remebrs that its already late..he goes to clal
kashish..he takes the phone to call...here sujal sees him....just
then his pen drops down and he sees saniya removing the telephone
connection...(really liked this shot...sujals expression was gr8).
Sujal coems to know of Saniyas intention.....(see how inteligent our
sujal is!!!!!i dunno what kahsish liked in Piyush...Piyush has no
brains...She willr ealise this ssonner..Sujal is the best choice for
Kashish. Saniya tells Piyush that she will call Kashsih and inform
that Piyush will be late. Piyush agrees. Saniya calls Kashish from
outside. Kashish dad picks up the phone....She tells that P won't be
coming for lunch.

after the meeting Saniya puts some papers in Piyush's bag and asks
him to celebrate his success in meeting with Kashish by taking her
out for lunch.She suggest the nae of soe banjara hotel. Piyush agrees
and praises her for her help. As Piyush leaves Sujal asks for the
papers , she says that she by mistake it has goe with Piyush...Sujal
is smart enough to understand her intentions..he says that its gone
by mitsake or deliberately....Saniya levae...she doesn have
wordss..as sujal has caught her red hnded... Sujal has a smile of his
face....He is so cute
aromi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 April 2006 at 11:30pm | IP Logged
18 dec

1) Kashish opens the door to find Piyush standing who
apologises to her for not making it for lunch. Her father, Charu
and Kanan come too and the sisters chide P for making them wait and
he apologises saying he'll make it up to them by taking them out for
dinner. The sisters decline saying they've got some tests and
they'll take the treat some other time. When Piyush asks the father
he says some other time, today u and Kashish go for dinner.
2) Archie has gone eccentric and is sitting on her bed full
with dolls. She is talking to them one by one saying why are u
upset ? because Sujal has rejected u ? Why did u have to be an
emotional fool and cry in front of him. She picks up another doll
and says from hence forth u'll win Sujal's heart over na ? She goes
out of her room and bumps into her father who was coming to see
her. She tells her father lets go out somewhere we haven't gone out
for a long time. Her father says I came to tell u the same thing.
Lets go out for dinner.
3) Piyush is driving and when K asks him where are they going.
He says to this place called Banjara which has been suggested by
Sania. K enquires who is Sania and P relates how Sania came to be
his assistant and praises her work. K teases him saying u are so
impressed with this Sania that I've got to meet her.
4) At the restaurant Sania is standing in a corner waiting for
Piyush. Sujal comes up behind her and says that restless eyes are
waiting for some one. Sania gets annoyed and asks him if he has a
problem. With an amused look he tells her that I have no problem,
but waiting is really boring. Sania ignores him. Just then Sujal
sees P & K enter from the top of the stairs. He tells Sania ur
waiting is over. She says what do u mean and he makes a sign
looking up. Sania looks up and sees P and Kashish enter and is
5) P & K sit down at a table and Sania goes to them. She tells
Piyush Sorry Sir, by mistake my file went into ur briefcase and
since I knew that u wld be coming her with Maam I came to take it
from u. P introduces K and Sania and K says I've heard a lot abt u
from Piyush, Sania says I hope its good things u've heard. K says
Piyush is highly impressed with u. Sania thanks Piyush and (note
without taking the file she is supposedly come to collect) takes
their leave saying since u are having dinner with K maam, I have to
go home and have dinner alone. K tells her to have dinner with them
and Piyush also says the same. Sania says ok, cannot refuse Boss's
orders and grabs a chair quickly
aromi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 April 2006 at 11:30pm | IP Logged
) Sujal is sitting in a corner and watching them. He
flashbacks to the past with the song Thora sa pyar hua.
7) Archie and her father come to the restaurant and Archie sees
someone she knows and excuses her self from her father. Mr. Khanna
then spots Sujal sitting in a corner and goes up to him. Sujal
greets him and invites him to sit. Mr. K. tells him he heard abt
the split in R & G business but wondered why Sujal took only 30 %.
Sujal says he took only what was rightfully his. Mr. K says this
ur independent nature has always impressed me and so has impressed
my daughter too. Sujal just looks at him. Mr K continues saying
My daughter still has feelings for you and if u want it Garewal grp
of Cos. And Khanna Grp of Co.s can become one if u marry my
daughter. Sujal is stunned. The father says u don't have to hurry
in letting me know ur decision. Take ur time and think over it
slowly. He takes Sujal's leave and goes.
8) Archie sits at a table and spots Sujal. After Mr. Khanna
leaves, Sujal is having a drink slowly and watching Kashish. Archie
is first happy to see Sujal but when she turns to see who Sujal is
staring she fumes on seeing he is staring at Kashish. She is abt to
leave when her father comes to her asking her what happened, where
is she going. She smiles and tells him she was looking out for
him. The father asks what wld she have, she says whatever u'll
have. Inwardly she is seething.
9) The waiter comes to take the order and Piyush asks K if they
wld like to start with a soup. K nods and orders a tomato soup for
herself and is abt to order further when Sania butts in and tells
Piyush the sweet corn soup is good her and when Piyush nods, she
orders 2 soups. The waiter asks if they wld like to order the main
course. K is abt to say something but Sania butts in again and says
later. K is irritated.
aromi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 April 2006 at 11:30pm | IP Logged
10) Later K gets even more irritated when Sania and Piyush are
talking together and left her out. Later the topic comes to Piyush
and Sania tells K she is lucky to have Piyush as her husband. K
asks her why ? and Sania says because Piyush is a nice man and most
of the nice men are always married. K says how does she know that ?
and Sania says because I am interested in Piyush. Both K and
Piyush are stunned.
11) When the soup comes, Sania asks P how is the soup and he
says its good. She then asks K how is your soup she says its good
too. Sania then tells K to taste her soup and ill-manneredly tries
to feed K, her spoon of soup across the table. K says No but Sania
stands up and tries to reach across to her and purposely drops the
spoon on K's dress. K stands up and Sania apologises. K excuses
herself and goes away
12) She goes to the nearest drum of water and washes the soup
stain. She washes her hand and suddenly Sujal appears behind her
offering her his handkerchief. K hesitates and is uncomfortable
under his stare. He crosses to the other side of her and says u are
hesitating to take the handkerchief but some ppl build
relationships in a jiffy. K turns and follows his gaze to where
Piyush and Sania are merrily chatting and laughing with each other.
Sania then picks up her napkin and wipes Piyush's cheek. K is
upset to see it.
13) Suddenly Sujal and Kashish hear clapping behind them and
turn to find an angry Archie. She tells K u are amazing. U want
the best of both worlds. U want Sujal's love too and wear Piyush's
mangalsutra too. Kashish is upset and Sujal tells Archie to "Stop
your nonsense at once" Archie says why just because I am stating
the truth. She tells Kashish u want to put your feet on 2 boats.
U don't realize that such ppl neither get the boat, nor the shore
and in the bargain get drowned themselves. She goes off in a huff.
Both Sujal and Kashish are upset. Sujal goes away quietly leaving
an upset Kashish standing alone.
14) P, Sania and K are leaving the restaurant and P & Sania are
walking ahead followed by K. Sania thanks P saying Thanks Sir, I
wld hv had to eat dinner alone. P says now that we are friends, u
don't call me Sir, call me Piyush. Sania says ok and leans
forward, reaches up to his cheek and kisses him. Both Kashish and
Piyush are stunned.
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Originally posted by harpy

Confused again if i'll see any one single question about sujal thrown out i'll not give the updates..yaar pratham is about to enter u people have seem to forget the episodes so don't ask..it was in feb..now it is going in december...
vinnu it is coming very fast


chill yaar.....i was just remindingOuchOuchOuchwhy r u getting mad at me???Ouch.....i m hurtOuch......i wont participate in dis topic frm now onwards......sry simdiEmbarrassed

aromi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 April 2006 at 11:31pm | IP Logged
22 dec..
1) An annoyed Kashish is sitting in the car. P come and sits
beside her, saying Sania is funny girl, ekgdum pagal ladki. K
takes a tissue and wipes the lipstick mark on his cheek and smiles
and says letsgo.
2) Archie has Sujal's riding photograph in her room. She is
pacing up and down in anger and tears. Then she picks up her doll &
says why did u do this. I told u na , don't let ur emotion flow,
why did u make such ulta sulata bakwas in front of Sujal, my Sujal.
I explained to u na, U have to be good. Yes, what will sujal think
abt me. U have to make friends with Sujal. And I am warning u for
the last time. She then gets all mushy and goes soft. And says
softly Archie u have to become a good girl in front of Sujal, U
have to become his friend. Promise ? Sorry I made u cry.
3) Aman is on the phone telling someone I'll return ur money
not to worry. R to his room when he disconnects and asks what
happened. Rishi tells him his pocket money is over. Rishi then
tells him something ( which I missed) and he ends with u find out
where Piyush keeps his account details and I'll handle the rest.
4) Charu and Kanan are helping Mouli pack. Mouli is upset and
finds R's snap in her wardrobe and she thinks Rishi, My family willl
never understand our relationship.
5) P asks K if the packing for Bangalore has been done, she
says yes and asks him if the college admission is done. R is
overhears them and wonders who are they talking abt. Finally the
truth dawns on him.
6) Sania calls up P "where are u , waiting for u" P says I
have some personal work. Sania says U have to be there for the
meeting. K is hearing his conversation. P says My personal work is
equally imp. U attend the meeting and kept the report on my table.
Sania says a reluctant Ok. K is pleased.

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