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KTH from the begining (Page 49)

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thanks for the great updates. Clap

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When the updates r so wonderful and so mesmerizing and interesting Embarrassed .....how excellent and fabulous the acting would hav been.....How could I miss all these episodes Cry .....I really want to c them.....and there is only one way I m able to c them and that is thru ur updates......Thank u very very very much..... Smile .......Nothing is left in KTH now which is worth watchin Dead
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8th DECEMBER 2004
1) Sujal is sitting on the rocking chair and thinking. He goes
to tie (or untie) his shoe laces when something falls on the
floor. It's the button. He then remembers Kashish and the song
plays. He puts the button in his pocket and turns to find Kashish
sanding there with her hand held out to him. He is about to put
his hand on to hers when she disappears. The song is continuing.
He keps turning and finds her around. He goes to touch her face
and she disappears again. He shakes himself with a smile.
2) He comes back to the room and sees here asleep on the
bed. He thinks I came here to forget u. but ur ehsaas is
everywhere I go. Its very difficult to erase ur feelings from me.
He removes his tie and walks out.
3) The maid comes running to Piyush, who is with Veena and Vasu
saying Piyush baba that Ramsingh is missing, all his stuff has
gone. P is shocked and worriedly says looks like Kashish is in
trouble. At the moment Aman and Rishi enter and asks who is in
trouble. P says Kashish is missing for a long time, I'm going to
search for. Aman & Rishi are surprised. They stop him and say we
saw K bhabhi in the evening at the farmhouse. Piyush is surprised,
he says how did she land up there. Looks like that Ramsingh left her
there and leaves.
4) Its pouring. Sujal is standing on the porch and watching the
rain when his phone rings. He says Yes Mama. Veena asks him are
u in the farmhouse. He says yes. Veena hesitantly asks Is Kashish
is there too. Sujal is surprised and asks what with me. Veena said
that Aman said that K is in the farmhouse. (Aman and Rishi are
overhearing the conversation). Sujal says Kashish is not with me.
But what's the matter ? Veena says K has not reached home.
Everyone is desperately searching for her. Sujal disconnects.
Suddenly he remembers seeing K on the bed which he mistook for a
dream. He is stunned by awareness and runs to the room.
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5) Aman and Rishi discuss the event saying Kashish was in the
farm house and Big B lied saying she wasn't there. Rishi says
something is wrong somewhere.
6) Sujal comes rushing into the room and is stunned to find it
is actually K on the bed. He sits on the bed in panic and is abt to
touch K, but he stops himself. In panic he goes to all the windows
and looks out. He comes back to the bed and again stops himself frm
touching her. He then finds the choloroform bottle at the bedside
table. He goes to K and turns her on to her back and finds she is
unconscious. He massages her palm saying kashish get up. He then
pulls her up and carries her up in his arm.
7) He carries her out of the farm house and puts her in the car
and begins driving. AS he leaves, Piyush comes to the farm house.
He enters the house calling out to Kashish but doesn't find her
anywhere. He goes frm one room to another, He finds the choloroform
bottle. He is frantic. He comes out and finds Sujal's coat on the
chair and yells out in anger Sujal. He then goes out and calls for
the watchman. The watchman comes and P asks him who has come to the
farm house the entire day. The watchman says I don't know I just
came on duty. But I just saw Sujal sir driving away. P asks
angrily which way. The watchman says I don't know. Piyush gets
into his car.
8) Sujal is driving frantically. He stops and asks a
passerby if he knew of a doctor, he sayss no. Sujals says there is
a hotel nearby na ? they cld have a doctor there. The man says its
just round the corner. Sujal drives off. On reaching the Hotel, he
carries a wet and unconscious Kashish inside and tells the
receptionist to call a Doctor. He gives his name, The receptionist
stiffly asks him and what abt this madam. He says she needs medical
attention immediately and he puts Kashish down on a seater nearby.
The recep. Says u'll have to fill the register, what do I write. He
says She is my wife, any other problem, call the doctor now. The
recep picks up the phone and calls for a Dr. Bajaj.
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Originally posted by vinnu

Originally posted by harpy

middle episodes r related to relaunch of Josh the eternal project vinnu will help ya out with it.....
i'm cont from december updates...(thnx to yahoo grps i don't remeber much)
Piyush & kashish leave for the office to sign the josh project
agreement, when some one calls & gives piyush a better option. i.e
contract with a foreign collaberation. piyush considers that option
he goes to meet the other party. piyush asks kashish to attend the
meeting and tells her not to sign the agreement till he calls her up.

Kashish gives a presentation and then signs the agreement. The party
is asking abt piyush, she says that he will come. They then enquire
abt Sujal as he too can sign the project, she says that he has gone
out. piyush finds the other project more profitable, so he calls
kashish. she leaves the conference room and when she comes back she
sees that sujal is there and is signing the papers. Sujal apologizes
for the inconvenience caused. Kashish is upset with him coz he signed
the agreement.

(I have tried my best to write all the dialogues here...)
sujal ask her " main kaun hoon?" silence "main tumse pooch rahan
hoon, main kaun hoon?".
she says "kehna kya chahte ho?"
Sujal:"sidha sa sawal hai, main kaun hoon?"
S:"mr.mishra, main es company mein kaun hoon?"
Mishra:"sir, aap Managing Director hain " sunah kashish main MD hoon,
aur koi bhi faisla karne ka hak mujhe hai,aur mujhe kisse ke
permission ke zarorath nahi hai.yeh josh project ab hoke rahega."
K:"tho main es project mein kaam nahi karunge."
S:"tum shayad bholrahe ho ke tum es company ke saath kaam karte
ho. aur ek MD hone ke hasiyad se jab tak main chahunga tum es project
pe kaam karoge."
K: "agar main yahan kaam he na karon tho?"
S:"tho yeh agreement kaam karega.tumne agreement dong se pada
nahi kashish. it says , till the project is underway you cant

Piyush comes to the office and is happy that the agreement is not
signed. But kashish tells him that sujal has signed the agreement.

Rishi's friends are asking him for a party as no one would dare to
fight against him. just then his friend comes and tell him that varun
has registered for the championship against rishi. aman tries
convicing varun against it. tells him he cant see his bro and his
friend fighting. varun tells him that it is just a sport.

sanjana comes in to talk to varun about the boxing match, she wants
him to consider his decision coz afterall Rishi is cg uncles son and
sujal' brother. she asks him if he is doing this to make mehak win? he
says yes, coz she has lost everything in love. he leaves saying that
he needs to practice. after varun leaves she feels sorry for herself
says varun can atleast confide in her but she cant even do that.

cg and lalith are happy coz of the josh project. piyush asks sujal to
cancel the agreement. sujal says he cant do that coz he has given his
word. "sujal garewal un logon mein se hai jo apne vaade se piche nahi
hathe." piyush talks abt how profitable it would be to the company to
sign an agreement with the other party. while sujal says that the
company will get a bad name.

lalith is very sensible he tells cg that they should stay out of this
and let sujal & piyush handle this. they leave. vasu is happy coz
this is the beginning and then this tension will sepearte the house
and the business. sujal leaves and so does kashish.

sujal in his room doing some serious thinking. his mom Veena enters.
Veena: tum kuch din keliye bahar gaye the? kahan gaye the?
Sujal: Kuch kaam tha mama.
V: un dono ke honeymoon pe tera kya kaam tha.
S: agar ap jante hain main kahan gaya tha, tho yeh bhi jante
hongi main kyun gaya tha."
V: main jante hoon, isliye pareshan hoon. beta peche bagne se pyar
nahi milta. agar mil bhi gaya tho woh nafrath se bathar hojate hia.
S:main pyar ke peche nahi bag raha hoon. main tho sirf pyar kar
raha hoon. aur mujhe rokne ke koshish bhi math kejeyega. main bahut
age nikal gaya hoon.
V: yeh rasta tumhe barbadi ke taraf le jayega.
S:aur kya beech raste rukne se mere zindagi abadh hojayege. nahi
mama, piyush ne kashish ko dhoke se mujhse cheena hai.aur main es
ehsaas ke saath mere zindagi nahi jee sakta ke kohi mere kamzoori ka
fayada utha kar mere pyar ko mujhse cheena hai.
V: kya tum yeh saab bhol nahi sakte.
S: bhol jao, kaise mama? jo sujal garewal zindagi mein apna sar
kisse ke samne nahi jukaya, woh shadi wali rath apne pyar ke samne
girkar gidgidaya.hath phela kar apne pyar ke beek mange kashish
se.jante ho kyun? kyunki main lachar tha apne jazbath ke samne,
bebass tha apne pyar ke samne. mere zindagi mere aankhon ke samne
loot rahe the. aur piyush ne ise ka fayda uthaya. ab main kudh ko
itna bada banaunga mama, ke mere samne piyush ka kadh chotha nazar
V: hum insaan ke tauqat se nahi, unke kamzooriyon se pyar karte
hain.apne aap ko roko. kashish ne kudh piyush se shadi kiya hai.
S: par pyar mujhse kiya hai,mama.aur use har halath mein mere
pass laut na hi hoga. Shadi ke ek rasam ke liye mera pyar bali nahin
chadega. woh shayad piyush ke sath ho, par uska pyar mere saath hai,
jo mein harpal mehasu karta hoon.

piyush is racing around in the room saying that he will not allow
sujal to win, kashish is trying to cool him down.sujal is standing at
the door.

Sujal: aisa hosakta hai piyush, kyunki es bar mein haar ne ke liye
tayar hoon. actually maine bahut socha, aur es nathije par aya hoon..
main yeh project chodne ko tayar hoon. bus ek chode se sharth hai.
tumhe yeh naya project accept karna hoga.aur use pura karne keliye
bahar jana hoga.
piyush: oh. tho tum josh project se peeche hadne ko tayar ho, agar
mein yeh project cambodia mein jakar handle karon. woh bhi 6 months
S: zahir se bath hai, tumhe yeh project complete karne keliye bahar
tho jaana hi hoga.
P: nahi sujal, mujhe yeh manzoor nahi hai.
S:kyun? tum kya lagta hai, tumhare jaate he main tumhara saab hadap
P: hadap nahi paoge, par koshish zaroor karoge.
S: tum phele jao tho sahi, phir dekte hain kya hota hai.
P: main tumhe koi moka nahi dunga sujal, kyunki mein yeh project
handle nahi karunga. waise tum use handle kyun nahi karte? tum
cambodia chale jana
S: actually idea bura nahi hai.sochlo. kashish mere asst hai, aur
use bhi mere saath anna hoga.
P: teekh hai, mein yeh project handle karne ko tayar hoon, par
isse kashish aur mein milkar handle karenge
S: sorry piyush. kashish tumahare saath nahi jasakte. mujhe use
yahan zaroorath hai. mera kaam sambalne keliye.

he leaves the room giving them the time to decide.


Thanks alot harpy.....I was trying very hard to remember the scene of combodia but i couldn't.....

Raj was too good in all these scenes.....Wow his attitute, dialouge delivery.. i miss him..

Please can u try to remember and update the scene in detail when Kashish enters Sujal's cabin and Sujal is dictating a letter to his PA.

Please somebody provide the videos of all the above mentioned episodes...specially the Suyjals dialogue part..




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9) P is driving frantically too and angrily says I won't leave
u Sujal.
10) In the room the Doctor tells Sujal "U are right bec of too
much choloroform, she is not able to regain conciousness. But don't
worry she'll be fine, I've administered the necessary medicines. He
then asks Sujal, I never knew u were married. Sujal says she is not
my wife, but Piyush's wife. The Doctor says then the receptionist
must hv put a wrong entry in the register. How did this happen.
Sujal says I don't know, when I reached the farmhouse I found her
in this state. The Doctor says Don't worry, I'll get u some
medicines, when she regains conscousness, u give it to her.
11) P comes to the hotel. He asks the receptionist has Sujal
Garewal chk in. She says yes, with his wife in Rm 112. Piyush is
shocked. He says wife and goes angrily to the room and yells Sujal.
12) Sujal is sitting beside Kashish's bed. He turns on hearing
Piyush and stands up and P comes lunging at him and holds his
collar. He asks what guts u had to touch Kashish, saying this, he
pushes Sujal in such a way that he falls on the dressing table. P
picks up Sujal again by his collar and is about to give a blow to
Sujal when he hears K's cough. He runs to her and says K are u
fine, are u alright. Finding her still unconcoius he picks her up
and is abt to leave the room, when Sujal tells him that the Doctor
says that Kashish……But Piyush stops him saying don't take Kashish's
name with ur lips. I won't leave u if anything goes wrong with K.
He goes. The Doctor enters and asks Sujal why didn't u tell Piyush
u saved K's life. Sujal justs asks Will she be fine. Doctor says
She is out of danger. Nothing will happen to her. Sujal keeps quiet
and goes.
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13) Vasu is answering a call and ends with Ok u take care o f
her and urself. When she finishes she turns to Veena and says Do u
know what Sujal. He purposely took K to the farm house. Veena says
this is not possible. I asked him abt him and he said No. Vasu says
he lied to you. His intention was wrong. This is not acceptable.
14) K is taken to the hospital by a worried Piyush who asks the
doctor if everything is alright and when can he take K home. The
Doctor says the moment she regains conciousness.
15) Veena asks Vasu, Why will Sujal do this ? Vasu says U are
asking me this, when u know very well he loved Kashish. Right from
the moment P & K got engaged, Sujal was trying to break them up.
U never made him understand that K is P's wife and see what has
happened. Bec I am not saying anything, it doesn't mean I am not
aware of everything. But this is the limits. Kashish is our
daughter-in-law. It's a matter of our family honour. I won't let
our family suffer bec of ur son. Let Lalit come. Aaj phaisla hoke
rahega, Veena tries to stop her saying Vasu, listen, when they
are both stunned to find an equally stunned CG and lalit standing
16) K regains conciousnessand wonders where she is. She then
remembers everything abt the driver with the driver. The mobile
rings. She answers it and the Doctor says Mr. Piyush. With a
feeble voice she says NO. The Doctor says U must be Mrs. Piyush.
Well let me explain that Sujal brought u first to me. Infact it was
Sujal who saved ur life. Ur husband took u to the Doctor later. He
has misunderstood Sujal. I just called to clear the
misunderstanding and explain to ur husband. I request u to make ur
husband understand abt Sujal. K says Thank u Doctor and
disconnects. She cries and begins to thinkg that Sujal ne
mujhe…….when P enters. He is happy to see K regain consciousness.
K says Piyush, Sujal ne……Piyush interrupts saying, I know Kashish,
This time he's gone too far. I will not spare him. If anything
happened to u ? Kashish says No, Piyush, U are misunderstanding
Sujal. Piyush is stunned.

THESE parts r of 8TH DECEMBER....videos r not available...here of 1-3rd dec....8th dec video is in the gallery...
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1) The 2 older couples are in tension. CG says I cannot
believe this. Sujal and K loved each other and we did not know it.
And kashish got married to Piyush. Lalit tells Vasu, if u knew all
this why did u not tell. Vasu just gives a smirk. CG yells at Vasu
saying I did not expect this frm u. U knew everything. Our son is
doing all these things and u are doing nothing to stop him. At that
moment Sujal enters. On seeing him CG says Come in Laatsaab, we
are waiting for u. U took K to the farm house. I am even feeling
ashamed to talk abt it. Sujal says Dad I did not take K to the
farmhouse. He looks at Veena and says Mama u tell, u know
2) Veena says Don't call me mama, u told me a lie. What did
I ask u ? Is Kashish with u and what did u say NO. Sujal is in
tears and tries to butt in, saying, but. Veena continues saying U
broke my trust. I always had the trust that my Sujal will never tell
me lies. I told u so many times to forget Kashish but u never
listen. Sujal tearfully says but mamma, Veena says Chup and
slaps him. P & Kashish enter at that moment and look at each
other. Veena says I don't want to listen anymore, I've heard enuf.
3) K comes up behind Sujal and says This times its not Sujal's
fault. Someone else has done this. CG asks Matlab. K continues
saying Ramsingh took me under a pretext to the farm house and I thot
P called me there. But when I reached there………..she relates the
entire incident. CG asks why will Ramsingh do this ? P says uncle
looks like he was hired by someone, but we do not know who since he
is still missing.
4) K tells Sujal who is standing with his back to her I am
sorry Sujal bec of me, everyone has fired u. U saved me life.
Sujal does not look at her but says Whoever did this, I am gonna
find that person. Lalit says Sorry Sujal,We thot u wrong. Sujal
says its become a habit to think me wrong always. When I said the
truth no one believed me, but the same truth when came from K's
mouth got lapped up by everyone. Anything goes wrong and the finger
immediately get pointed at me. He goes to his mother and says I thot
whether anyone understands me or does not understand, my mother will
never misunderstand me, but even u have done the same thing.

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