Kahiin To Hoga (Kahin To Hoga)


Kahiin To Hoga (Kahin To Hoga)
Kahiin To Hoga (Kahin To Hoga)

KTH from the begining (Page 39)

vinnu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 March 2006 at 12:27pm | IP Logged

Sujal is disturbed, he is fully drunk...he is driving.....he recalls what Kashish said to him, he says to himself that he doesn't want to live with out Kashish......he is driving very fastly and he meets with an accident.

P & K are back to home..P is working on his desk..K is taking out her neckpiece....its not coming, P sees it and comes to help K...he is getting close to Kashish...just then K's mobile rings..K sees S's name and is frustated...it keeps ringing, she lifts...some unknown person says that the guy with this cell met with the accident and he found this number and called her...K throws her cell down..Piyush takes it talks...

P & K rush to the hospital.....Sujal is in the hospital room, playing with his cell, treatment is given....P & K stand near Sujal's bed, Doctor suggests that S has to stay for that day in hospital but S refuses and insists to go back to his house.....Doctor allowes and sends a nurse....

Sujal is going, P asks S to enter the car, S refuses, P asks him again and says that he cant drive in this condition...S enters the car, K sits in the back seat....
Piyush.....yeh accident kaise hua..
Sujal......mein chala raha atha, ek dham se ghadi bekhaaboo hogayi thi....
Piyush...sambhal kar chalaana chahiye tha
Sujal..sambhal kar hi chalaa raha tha, kya karu..zindhaghi ki tarah, ghadhi bhi dhokha de diya.
Kashish is crying..Piyush sees her crying from the mirror

They reach the house, Sujal goes away into his room.....Veena , Rishi, CG, Lalit come to meet him. They all leave, Veena is there....She sits beside Sujal, Sujal asks her to leave him alone, Veena says .."Kya tume tumhare mamma ki jharoorat bhi nahi hai(something like this )..Sujal sits down, keeps his head on Veena's lap and he cries.....

P&K are in their room, K is standing near the window.....(song is played..) then she goes to Piyush and says that she has done a mistake by maarrying him and now she cant take this relation forward and she cant live with out sujal and she goes running to sujal..

Sujal is sitting on his bed...Kashish comes and she cries and says sorry and she tells Sujal that she cant live with out him and she asks Sujal to take her away somewhere far, so that they can live happily, they both hug and cry..It turns out to be Sujal's imagination...


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vinnu IF-Dazzler

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Next day, Piyush leaves for office.....Kashish goes to meet sujal in his room, Sujal is watching TV..........Kashish asks , how was his condition?.... S stares at her...Sujal's hand is bleeding, K is worried and she asks why didn't he change his bandage and says that she will call nurse & come........Sujal says " mujhe koi nurse ki jharoorat nahi hai"....But Kashish insists...Sujal gives a bandage box and looks at her....Kashish takes the bandage box and starts applying bandage on Sujal's hand......( song starts.....Sujal is staring at Kashish ).....she finishes....

Kashish.....Maine kal jho kuch bhi kaha tha..
Sujal...gusse mein kaha tha, mein jhantha hu..
Kashish....nahi Sujal maine kal jho kuch bhi kaha tha sahi kaha tha, apne liye na sahi, kamse kam apne maa ke liye, apne parivaar ke liye tho apna kayal karo...tumhari ghaadi bekhabhoo nahi hui Sujal, aur nahi tumhari zindhaghi....tume tho sharaabh...
Sujal.......mein sharaabh kyu pita hu Kashish...
Kashish...is calm....then she says..wajah chahe jho bhi ho, mujhse vadhah karo, ki aaj ke baadh tum kabhi sharaabh nahi piyo ge, wadah karo Sujal..
Sujal.....teek hai..mein sharaabh nahi piyungha..vadhah
Kashish......Thanks .....
Sujal......magar meri ek sharth hai Kashish...tume har waqt mere nazaroh ke saamne rahna hoga...
( In this scene Sujal was staring at Kashish and he never takes his eyes off her )

Kashish is shocked.....Sujal walks to her and says that Kashish has to be in front of her 24 hrs......Kashish says......how is it possible ?.........Sujal says......OK then she has to not go far from her for more than 24 hrs.....Kashish says thats impossible and she will not do anything like that...

vinnu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 March 2006 at 12:28pm | IP Logged
Piyush & Kashish go far padphere.....Sinha gives some presents...Sinha gives Kashish a perfume...Kashish says that she dont want this mahek but wants real Mahek and asks him to get Mahek back.....

P&K are back, K is sad.....P gives a suprise for K in the garden, Mahek is waiting for Kashish...Kashish is happy, goes to Mahek and asks her to come inside but Mahek refuses saying that Rishi might be also there in house.....

Mahek asks Kashish, why did he married Piyush, when she loves sujal.....Kashish says that its because of her & the family she had to take this decision..Mahek never listened to her and she blindly trusted Rishi and dad also did a mistake by sending Mahek out of the house and because of his health.....she had to take the decision(something like this )......Sinha listens to this who has come to meet Kashish( He feels that Kashish was sad because of Mahek, she asked him to get back Mahek but he didn't agree) and feels bad and later goes to Mahek's place and gets her back to the house....

Sujal is in his room, Vasu goes and asks him about his condition and says that she had met his friend (he runs some travells) and arranged for P&K's honeymoon and that his friend was very helpfull.......

Sujal is passing by , sees Kashish packing the luggage...Kashish comes out...Sujal stops and asks ..how can she go to honeymoon as she promised of not staying far from him for more than 24hrs....
Kashish says that she never promised and that its her duty and also her kushi to go with her husband
Sujal says that he will start drinking again..Kashish says that she doesn't care and he can do anything he wants.......

P&K are ready to leave..Vasu comes to give sendoff near the car..and says Kaash Sujal hotha, woh tum logon kho wish tho karletha .....Just then Sujal comes, stops his car..walks to them and says that..the parking place wherre Pityush parked his car was Sujal's and he asks Piyush to vacant that place.....Piyush says Sujal theat he had already parked the car andasks Sujal to park his car at someother place.....

Sujal says that its his aadhath to park at this place only...and says...Kair yeh tho tik hai, lekhin kuch aadhathe meri zaroorath banjhaathi hai, aur unn aadhathon kho mein kabhi nahi chodtha hu.....and says..anyways happy........parking and leaves.....then he turns and says.....see u soon guys....
Kashish...iss bhar tumhari zidh nahi chaleghi Sujal, yeh meri zidh hai....

Vasu tells that theres some suprise waiting for them there at honeymoon...

vinnu IF-Dazzler

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P&K reach airport, they find that thieir seats are not side by side, they think thats its some mistake...They reach the place.....a lady comes to recieve them....they sit in the car and they reach the hotel....Pitush gets down and is near the dicky.....the lady fives Kashish a rose and says that its from that man who loves her more than anyone in this world......Kashish looks Piyush, who is behind and she smiles....

They enter into the hotel...Piyush is near the receptionist....K is standing side, a waiter comes and gives a boque with a card saying something....Kashish again looks at Piyush and smiles.....They enter into the room, room is fully decorated with flowers....Kashish is very happy and thanks Piyush......and aaks how does he knows that she likes flowers.....

Piyush tells her sorry and he says that he feels very shame to say that its not done by him but its the suprise from her mom.....just then bell rings and a waiter comes with a dress(white dress) in his hand and says that a beautifull evening is waiting for her...

P&K get ready, they see a table is arranged near a swimming pool and there's nobody there....(Song is played..Kya pyar karoghe mujhse)......they dance and after dancing they sit..and a waiter comes up with a cake and a card....they say another suprise....Kashish opens the card and is shocked....
The card is from Sujal......it says....Mein jhantha hu Kashiosh ke tum iss safedh dress bahut khubsoorat lagrahi hoghi....tume mere suprise kaisa laga...sare phool aur cards.....mein jhantha hu ki tum mujhse dhoor nahi rahsakthi aur tum 24hrs ke pehle mere paas laut aaoghe( something like this )....

Kashish starts crying, gets up and goes back to her room..Piyush takes the card and reads....and follows Kashish....Kashish in in the room, throwing all the boques...Piyush stops her but she gets mad..."yeh sab kuch sujal ne kiys hai..yeh dress bhi usi ka diya hua hai, she removes dupata and throws ....just then bell rings..Kashish opens, theres another gift...she takes it and throws the gift , it opens up and a glass frame with P&K's wedding photograph brokes and falls down...there also a watch on the frame...Kashish remembers Sujal saying...tum mujhse 24hrs se zyadha dhoor nahi rahoghe..................There in Shimla Sujal is sitting on his bed and alarm rings, he lifts it and sees the time.......

vinnu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 March 2006 at 12:31pm | IP Logged
Kashish is upset and she wants to leave , but Piyush tells har that by doing so Sujal will win and it will be good if they stayed back and he tries to make Kashish smile......

Next day they go out, then they go for shopping..there they buy gifts to everybody.....Piyush asks Kashish to wait there and he goes up to bring some thing...Kashish is waiting and sees a shop full of watches.....She thinks that theres only few minutes left for 24hrs and this time she won and not sujal....she too takes a lift to go up.......Theres powercut in the lift.........Suddenly a lighter is on and its Sujal with the lighter......
Sujal........."chaubis ghante bheetne mein abhi kuch pal bhakhi hai Kashish...tum nahi aayi tho socha mein hi chala aaoo"
Kashish.......is shocked...stands still..........lights come, lift gets open, Piyush is standing out..Sujal calmly walks out from there......

Kashish is very upset..Piyush says that now they are not going to stay there but Kashish says the they will not go anywhere ......Piyush tries to cheer up Kashish bu taking her to a house farm.....there Piyush sees a white horse, he likes it and want to ride that horse.......he goes a person and ask that he wants to ride that horse.......That person replies that already a amn has asked and if he wants he has to ask him.......

Piyush walks to that man and he requests that he want to have a ride.....that man turns out to be Sujal........they are shocked again......Sujal throws a challenge to Piyush and says that they will have a race and who ever wins that race can ask what ever they want.......Piyush agrees. Kashish doesn't seem to be interested...

They have a race......Piyush puts all his efforts to win........Sujal is cool..he comes back from the middle.....Kashish is confused.....Sujal says whos intrested in the race, he just wanted to spend some time with her......KAshish is angry......Piyush comes winning the race, Sujal says that really he is a very good horserider...........

Piyush is very angry...he says now that he won the race and according to bet he can ask what ever he wants and he wants Sujal to leave that Place and leave P&K alone..........Sujal replies.." bhagvaan ne hum theenon ki kismat kuch aisa banaya hai ki hamesha hum teenon kissi na kissi wajhah se ek hi jagah mil jhaathe hai......

vinnu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 March 2006 at 12:32pm | IP Logged
In the hotel, Sujal is sitting near a table and is drinking....waiter comes there and says that the table is booked..Sujal says that he will leave that place when the person who booked the table comes.........That table is booked by P&K...they come, Waiter comes and asks him to vacant as they arrives......Sujal gets up and sees them......K wantedly holds Piyush's hand. ....Sujal hates it......Sujal calls the waiter and asks him that he wants the table just beside this table and waiter says that its not reserves and he can sit there.....

Sujal sits on that table with his drink staring at Kashish.....

Kashish & Piyush are back into their room....Lalit calls Piyush and asks him to come back as he has to sign some important papers and Sujal is also not there in Shimla.....They decide to leave .

Sujal asks in reception about K&P, the receptionist tells him that they has vacant the hotel in the morning......he asks where did they go...she replies that they asked for the air tickets to shimla......Sujal also decides to go back to shimla...

P& k go to office....P asks K to take care of some work and that he will be back in some time.....Sujal also comes to office.....he is signing the papers.....Kashish asks him not to sign as Piyush went out on this work only......Sujal looks at her, asks a employee........who was he(Sujal) ?.... Employee says that Sujal was one of the managing directors...Sujal looks at Kashish and signs the papers....

Sujal goes back to the house, Veena asks where was he these days ?....Sujal stays calm....Vaana says that she knows that he went behind Kashish .......Sujal doesn't say anything and he walks away from there.......

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muahhhighlight..honeymoon...keep enjoyig till sujal arrives
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OMG WOW!! wat happend next? do tell please Big smile
And thanx for da gr8 wrk and updates!

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