Kahiin To Hoga (Kahin To Hoga)


Kahiin To Hoga (Kahin To Hoga)
Kahiin To Hoga (Kahin To Hoga)

KTH from the begining (Page 102)

aromi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 May 2006 at 7:39am | IP Logged
P and K r sitting in car. P is upset and K consoles him that any of
sujal's act can't separate them.

other was bakwaas.

Varun meets mehak and wish her and asks her to join college again.
She agrees.

Rishi and mauli come back and r stuck up in delhi. (reason , bad
weather). He takes her to a hotel to spend a night. They get only one
room. Mauli goes to change and rishi gives a vicious smile.

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aromi IF-Dazzler

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24 feb 06..
P takes BB to a hotel where V day party is going on. He keeps on
looking at her with love(?) and keep saying 'I l u' . he gives her
red rosebud and says that he is waiting for her 'pyar ka izhaar'. She
is shy. (that rose was in such a bad condition , was looking like he
had baught it atleast 2/3 days back. Can't even buy a fresh rose for
ur valentine on ur first V day after marriage? Shame on u!) he takes
her to dance and keeps saying 'I l u'. just then , lights goes off.
And the dance stops. K is looking for P in dark and she spots a man
with his back towards her. She thinks it's P and puts her hand in his
and takes him outside. (hath pakadte hue itna bhi nahi samaz sakti ki
hath kiska hai? Shaadi ke baad to aksar P ka haath pakadti hai , phir
bhi ab tak nahi pehchanti? Aur wo gadha ummeed lagaye baitha hai ki
BB usse pyar karegi. Gr8!) once they r outside, the man goes away
from her and she thinks P is upset with her. He is still standing
with his back towards her and she says that though there is no
physical relation btw them , still now they r coming closer and she
knows that he has always loved her but she still is not sure abt
herself and that she doesn't want to do any injustce with him. She
pleads to give her some more time. Just then, lights come back and
the man turns. SUJAL. (ye kya kar raha tha wahan par? Aarchi ko lene
janewala tha na? He is really impossible). K is paralyzed with shock
and turns her face to find P standing in the door all shocked. It
seems he has heard everything. K is in tears and sujal moves forward,
stops near her, looks in her eyes and " jo mujhe nahi jaanna chahiye
tha , aaj main wohi jaan gaya hoon. THANKS!" moves ahead , stops near
P, looks at him with a challenging smile, again turns to K and
says "aaj ke din isse behtar tohfa mare liye aur kya ho sakta hai?"
leaves with a smile. K is still standing paralyzed and P is

aromi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 May 2006 at 7:41am | IP Logged
While going back home, she is unable to look at P and he puts his
hand on her shoulder to console her.

Aarchi is trying Sujal's cell, but he doesn't pick up the phone. She
is pissed off. After a long time he calls her and tells that he is
coming to take her and couldn't answer her calls coz he was busy with
something very important. She is happy thinking he cares for her.

It's late night, when kanan calls K and tells that mauli has left the
hostel without telling anything to anybody and is not found anywhere.
K is tensed and suspects rishi but P tells her that rishi is in
Darjiling on his vacations. But she is not convinced.

Now, two stupid creatures. Rishi and mauli spent night together in
hotel room and in the morning rishi acts as if he is ashamed for the
night. But mauli says that she doesn't care for anybody as she loves
him and is able to take her own responsibility and will accept their
relationship in front of her family. Rishi is happy as his plan is

aromi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 May 2006 at 7:43am | IP Logged

25th feb 04...
bunder couple is referd to P-K...no OFFENCE MEANT...
bunder couple r at sinha house with. all r worried abt mauli. mauli
enters with Ms B. prof fires her but Ms. B tells that she has taken
mauli away coz rishi was trying to meet her. prof and family r happy
to meet Ms. B. bunder couple to talk happily with Ms B. (surprisingly
nobody recognises him. i'm sure , if he goes in front of his BIG B in
that outfit , sujal will recognise him in one look. any way i'm
happy. koi to hai jo ab sujal ke saath hoga.) prof decides that mouli
will now stay with them. she is happy.

bunder couple is driving back home and they drop Ms. B near her hotel
and go to R&G mension. there new drama is going on. everybody had
come to know that P had lost the contract to S and once again vasu
puts the blame on K saying P can't concentrate on the business due to
K's family. K is in tears. but once again CG and Lalit take her side.

Aman meets Rishi and tell abt the problem and how sujal left the
house. rishi says that their plan was flop and sujal suffered it and
now K will have to pay for it. Aman agrees and they decide to make
new plan to throw K out of house.

P decides to sell the property to the same builder from whom he has
purchased it to recover the losses.

aromi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 May 2006 at 7:44am | IP Logged
chimpu complains of headche and BB gives him some medicine. and
starts pressing his head. he suddenly gets romantic and pulls her on
him. just when he is abt to kiss her , she backs out.
it's late night and sujal is standing in the window watching R&G
bldg. wind is blowing heavily and it's a sign of storm. (sujal's face
was equally stormy with so many ex-pressions and memories) aarchi
comes forword to close the window and he stops her.

S : khidki khuli rehne do, aarchi, mujhe tez hawaen bahut pasand hai
A : lekin sujal , bahut tez toofan aanewala hai, aur hawa bhi bahut
tez chal rahi hai
S : mujhe tez hawaon se darr nahi lagta, aarchi,kam se kam toofan ke
aane ka ishara to deti hai, hume sambhalne ka waqt mil jaata hai,
mujhe sannate me behne waali sehmi hawaon se darr lagta hai kyunki
toofan ka pata uske gujar jaane ke baad pehli tabahi ko dekhkar hi
chalta hai
A : tumhe toofan se darr nahi lagta, sujal? (idiot! toofan se pooch
rahi hai, toofan se darr kyun nahi lagta.)
S :(still gazing out of the window) ab nahi lagta. maine zindagi se
sikha hai, toofan se darne se behtar hai uska saamna karna. dard kam
hota hai. (looks at her.) (bravo, Sujal!)

aromi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 May 2006 at 7:44am | IP Logged
aarchi keeps on looking at him.

next day P goes to jindals to sell his office who tells him that
there r two buyers for the property. just then a man, mr. Kaliya
comes. he says that he can give only 10 crores for the property. P
refuses saying it's too low. they wait for another buyer and Grand
Entry. SUJAL. P is shocked to know that sujal is another buyer and
keeps staring at him all wordless.

aromi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 May 2006 at 7:45am | IP Logged
26 th feb 04....
bunder is waiting for second buyer and sujal takes a very graceful
entry. p is angry and speechless to see him. after some time he
controls himself and says that he wants to sell the property to mr.
Kaliya. sujal smiles at his decision and

S : piyush, main tumse business karna chaahta hoon. pure business.
Agar tumne ye property mr.Kaliya ko bechi to tumhe ghaate ka saamna
karna padega. Aur ghaate ko pura karne ke liye ho sakta hai tumhe apne
building ka ek floor bhi bechna pade. Aur aisa karne se humare kad me
jo faasla hai wo kum ho jayega. (shows a little distence by his
fingers to show the difference.) isliye soch lo main usse dugni
keemat dene ko tayyar hoon. 20 karod.
P : 20 karod kyun? Tum isse ek karod zyada yaane 11 karod me bhi
kharid sakte ho.
S : 11 karod, property ke liye aur 9 karod us khushi ke liye jo mujhe
is property ko haasil karke milegi. Aaj tak tumne to sirf mujhse
cheena hi cheena hai, lekin ab mujhe cheenne ka luft uthane do. Tumne
to mujhse chhal karke cheena tha, main keemat phenkkar tumse le rahan
P : tab to main ye property mr.Kaliya ko hi bechoonga.
S : piyush, bahut dukh ho raha hai na, is property ko bechate hue.
lekin zara socho. socho agar tumhe apne office ka ek floor bechana
P : tumne R&G group ko samaz kya rakha hai?(sujal ke bina bache sarre
pagal aur idiot logon ka group). aise 100 ghaate bhi ho jaye na tab
bhi hume koi fark nahi padega.(dekhate hai. wo din bahut zaldi
aayega). Ek baar nuksaan hua to kya? Dusari baar munafa bhi ho sakta
hai. (lagta hai acting aur ramance ke saath ab is bander ko counting
bhi sikhani padegi. this was 3rd time he lost to sujal 1st was josh,
2nd was V day and now this property. and why he thinks , sujal will
take so much time to beat him? agar sirf teesri baar hi ek floor
bechne ki naubat aayee hai , to 9 floors bechane me kitna waqt
S : bahut naadan ho tum ,piyush. business karna nahi jaante. (kaise
jaanega? teen saal to tumne akele ne sambhala hai na? aur ye chimpu
jabse waapas ayaa hai tabse, BB ke pichhe bhagne ke siva isne kiya
kya hai? aur shadi ke baad to BB ke saare faisle hi to maanta aaya
hai.iski akal dikhi hi kab? sorry, i forgot. jab akal hai hi nahi to
dikhaega kahan se?) Aaj agar tumhe ghaata hua, to tumhe funds ki
problem hogi, aur agar funds ki problem hui to wo din door nahi jab
tumhe ek aur ghaate ka saamna karna padega aur...? meri raay mano yeh
property tum mujhe bech do. (tum apne baare me socho na. chimpu ko
business sikhane ki kya zaroorat hai? apna waqt kyun barbaad karte ho
uske pichhe?) (P is pissed off.)
P : mr. Kalia aap ka price jo bhi hai, wo property main aap ko
bechna chahta hoon.
Piyush is abt to sign the contract.
S : ek baar phirse soch lo, piyush.(P looks at him) main tumhe
chetavani de rahan hoon, piyush. tumhe bahut bade nuksaan ka saamna
karna pad sakta hai.
P signs the papers and gives back to mr. Kaliya and looks at sujal
with a challange and sujal smiles sarcastically.
mr. Kaliya is leaving the office and Sujal stops him.
S : mr.Kaliya, aap mujhe 11 karod me ye property abhi bech rahe hai
P looking at him unbelievablly and sujal returns a steady look.
(chimpu, ise kehte hai business karna.)
mr.kaliya : aap mazak kyun kar rahe hai, sir? ye aapki hi to property
hai. ye rahe kagzad. (gives the papers to sujal)
S : (takes the papers in his hand and)aap ja sakte hain. (kaliya
leaves and sujal faces P) dekha piyush,(sujal clips his fingers.
chutki bajani aati hai aapko, mr sujal garewal? good. lekin ye chutki
uske chehre ke thik saamne bajani thi na. door kyun?) kis tarah ek hi
pal me puri zindagi aur duniya yoon badal jaati hai. tumhe is
property ke mil rahe the 20 karod aur maine ise 11 karod me kharid
liya. yaani tumhara 9 karod ka nuksaan aur mera 9 karod ka fayda. Aur
saath me khushi bhi meri. kabhi kabhi apne dushman ki raay bhi maan
leni chahiye, Mr. Piyush Raheja. kaun jaane kabhi kaise fayda ho
jaaye.(smiles turns to go , again turns to P) and by the way,
piyush , aaj ke baad tum haarne ki adat dalo. Kyunki meri zindagi me
ab sirf do maksad hai :1. tumhe business me barbaad karna aur 2.
tumhari zindagi ko tabah karna.

aromi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 May 2006 at 7:45am | IP Logged
gives cimpu a hard and challenging loog and a winning , sly smile and
leaves. P is dumbfound.

K is serving dinner to elders. CG appreciates her cooking. P comes
there and tells that once again he lost to sujal. as sujal spoilt the
deal coming over there. vasu creates hangama over sujal's behavior
and veena leaves unhappily. (cimpu zooth achcha bolta hai? after all
vasu ka ek gun to hoga hi na bete me. agar himmat thi to bata deta
na , ki khudko ullu kaise banaya? lekin phir sujal pe blame kaise
jaata. sab log to ispar hi haste aur samaz bhi jaate ki , business ke
mamle me unka laadla piyush beta abhi tak bachcha hi hai.)

chimpu couple goes to veena. and she says soory to him.(what for?
gadhe ko business karna nahi aata aur ilzaam sujal pe daal raha hai.
lagta hai ye sorry chimpu ke future ke liye thi.) P consoles her when
she says that she is worried for sujal as while destroying others ,
he is destroying himself too. K ia watching it silently with tearful

P is sitting in the drawing room with 'latka hua face.' (aaj kal ye
acting achchi aati hai chimpu ko. chehre pe hamesha baara baje rehte
hai. keep it up. kyunki, isne achchi acting ki koshish bhi ki, to
ekta ko KTH band karna padega.) BB comes there and tries to console
him by saying that some or other day they will beat sujal. ( this
time i feared that BB will again start over bharosa, saath, vishwaas.
lekin nahi, BB ko to taras aa gaya hum pe. lekin wo kami chimpu ne
puri kar di.) P says that he fears of letting down the family who
trusts him.(K chose different topic for today's lecture by giving
examples from history that how good wins over bad. real daughter of
professor. subjects ki koi kami nahi.)

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