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Kahiin To Hoga (Kahin To Hoga)
Kahiin To Hoga (Kahin To Hoga)

KTH from the begining (Page 100)

gul_fam Groupbie

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Posted: 04 May 2006 at 10:40pm | IP Logged
BB is desperately awaiting for the newspaper,to see their AD of josh
project,PB tells him to relax,says"the first project is like ur first
baby,sahi kehte hai na,(she nods)excited..she says ya,"kiske liye ....ad ke
liye ya BABY ke liye "ofcos ad ke liye ..she shies away.
the newspaper comes,kashish opens it or saare hosh udgaye!!!!!"piyush".Pb
thinks the ad is not there,she shows it to him& he is more furiuos ,
kashish:mai ne kaha tha aapse piyush ke sujalkuch na kuch zaroor karenga
,dekha aapne usne kya kiya,woh hame barbaad karna chahta hai piyush ...she
almost breaks into crying. PB consoles her saying ,please
calmdown.sujalki koi bhi ghatiya harkat hamare iraade nahi badal
sakti,hamare present par koi aanch nahi aayengi.
Piyush gets acall on moble frm office,he is asked to hurry to the office cos
the whole staff is leaving the office,he is upset,kashish asks himbut he
says that he forgot that there is an imp meeting in the office &he leaves(ab
tumhe kya batata,tumto pehle hi seedhi par rone lagi. & i msure all
of us ...esp suman&sarah r very happy to watch it, khoon ke aanso ki
Pb is in the office with the staff,they say that they want toleave cos they
r getting much better offer frm other company.piyush asks which
company?whose company?& they say its MR sujal garewal. Piyush agrees to pay them the double salary plus bonus &
they agree to stay with him. phone rings,piyush picks the phone"hello .but no reply. he gets more frustrated&shouts hello". &ther on the other side ,who else it could be rather than sujal garewal..."kya baat hai piyush badhe jhunjulaye hue lagte ho
P:sujal tum.
sujal:vaade ke bade pakke ho kehna chahrahe hona.jis jung ka elaan karke
ghar se nikla tha aaj us jung ki shuruaat ho gayi.jis tarah mere Ad ne
tumhare AD ko charo taraf se ghera hai ,theek usi tarah tum bhi apne aas
paas mujhe paonge"
piyush:jo tumne aaj kiya hai woh tumhar roz nahi kar paonge"
sujal:har roz nahi har pal..har pal tadapna hai tumhe piyush,meri ispehli
jeet ko apni akhri haar mat samajhlena"..
piyush:just shut up you .he bangs the phone.sujal looks at the phone &grins

gul_fam Groupbie

Joined: 19 September 2005
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Posted: 04 May 2006 at 10:41pm | IP Logged
At archies home she is worried abt sujal's business policy ,she jst cant
understand&is too anxious
archie:sujal mujhe kuch samajh nahi aaraha ke tumkya kar rahe ho.tumne ek AD
par itna paisa lagaya,hamare paas nahi koi machinery hai or naahi koi
infrastructure ,tumm jaante ho tumkya kar rahe ho?
sujal:agar nahi jaanta to kabhi karta hi nahi archie
archie:sujal sirf yeh dikhane ke liye tumhara Ad piyush ke Ad se kitna
achcha hai, tumne itna paisa kharch kar diya,think practically .hmm agar
tumyeh paisa drink banane par kharcha karte na ke in Ad banane par
to. sujal tum ne itnasabkuch sirf dikhawe keliye kiya.
sujal:ARCHIE .yehjo duniya haina sirf dikhawe par tiki hai ,charo oar
sirf dikhawa hi to hai. bhavnao ka.jazbaaaton ka.paise ka. har cheez ka
dikhawa. jo dikhta hai ,wahi bikta hai yeh maine seekha hai ,mujhe jo
duniya ne dikhana tha dikha diya ,ab maiduniya ko dikhaonga,unhi ki bhasha
mein,unhi ke tariko se."
archie looks at him:"u r unbelievable sujal &(UNBEATABLE TOOOOOO)
sujal :thinks to himself"mai jaanta hoon ki mai ek blind game khel raha hoon
,lekin patte kya khulenge ,yeh mai achchi tareh jaanta hoon."(thats
sim38 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 May 2006 at 10:55pm | IP Logged
good work Gul fam ...and Harpy where are you... and your videos
Hayaa.m IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 May 2006 at 11:36pm | IP Logged
thanks Gul fam Clap lovely updates Smile
aromi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 May 2006 at 2:51am | IP Logged
17th feb...04
Ok sujal leaves archie confused.....cos he is playing a blind game ,but he knows what the cards will open"SUJAL dear.. we confide in your confident...so please dont dissapoint us!

Kashish comes to to the office& tells piyush that she came to know that he has increased the workers pay,&he shouldnt have done this .cos at this moment they need not increase their expenses b4 the product is launched.but Piyush says that to fulfill her dream project he would do his best&that he has vishwas on her &her wrk.kashish tells him that haqeeqat ki zameen sapno ki tarah makhmali nahi hoti"but PB says that he will not harm his business,he says that he wants to show sujal with whom is he competing,he says he want to see his drink on every shop for which he has incresaed the marketing budget also.He tries to convince kahsih but kashish is not convinced at all on the other hand she is more scared&worried.

Archie is also worried abt sujal'sbusiness strategy,she informs himthat kashish or piyush ke AD campaigns har jagah lage hai &its very difficult to compete them.....&sujal is all coooooooool&calm
sujal:"now thats good news,iska matlab hai kafi paisa kharch kar rahe hai woh log apni ad campaign par(smiles)
archie:issse kya fark padta hai sujal
sujal:yeh tumnahi samjhogi....archie"
A:achcha theek haimai nahi samjhungi,lekin tum mujhe samjhao sujal,ke tumhare dimag mein kya plan chal raha hai,mere to kuch samajh nahi aaraha"
S:just wait &watch
A: no sujal i cannot wait,sujal tum samajhne ki koshish karotumne papa se sirf 10% liya hai jis mein se 5% already khatmho chuke hai. tum yeh project kaise complet kar paoge sujal?
S;paise to bewakuf bhi lekar baithta hai archie,kitne kamyaab ho paate hai,kissi bhi company ki kamyabi uske finance par depend nahi karti,depend karti hai us dimag par jo use chalata hai,paisa kitna hai ye zaroori nahi.,zaroori hai ke is paise ka istemal kis tarah hota hai"
A:you r unbelievable sujal"
S:yes i am."
At the raheja garewal house,lalit wishes piyush good luck for the start of his josh production,piyush says that he wants to launch this priduct very soon & that no other drink will stand b4 it,&CG blesses him for that.Piyush says that all the credit goes to kashish,her hardwrk&talent &she interrupts saying the way she is giving her full time to only business she should not forget that she is the bahu of thsi house &should also attend socialgatherings. But hubby dear,interrupts that kashish kaam chod ke khush nahi reh payengi,&that isi bahane woh dono zyada waqt saath guzar payenge,&both his fathers agree with him.
Ok ,mrs B as usual flirting with the girls,wen some1 informs her that her son has come to meet him(i knew it wld be aman)she excuse &goes out...really happy to see aman,but aman is very unhappy&tensed,then he tells him what all things happened tillthe throwing out of his big b,&rishi is very angry,he jst cant tolerate that cos of kashish ,his big B, has toleave the house,"lagta hai kashish ko zindagi ka asli sabak sikhane ka waqt aagaya hai" Rishi says he will coming back soon,&everything will be alright
Inpiyush office,he is informed that the goods have not yet reached,that all the trucks are beig checked @check post,both PB&BB are worried,BUt piyush calls up the commissioner to get his help& he is assured.But P is stillworried,K asks himwhy?& he says that such thing had never happened b4we all the trucks were stopped together.usually its 1by1 .&this makes K more worried .probably she is thinking on the right track. sujal"
SUJAL: phone rings,the officer says that he has orders frm above to stop the checking)
sujal:mi kuch nahi jaanta,tumhe un trucks ko rokna hi honga "kaha na mai ne mai kuch nahi jaanta,tumhe woh aam karna hi honga jiski tum kimat le chuke ho&thats it.he hangs the phone&tells to himself"tumhe apna kaam itni aasani se shuru karne nahi doonga piyush,TUM APNI MANZIL TAK PAHONCHOGE ZAROOR LEKIN, EK THAKE HAARE LAACHAR RAAHI KI TAREH"
aromi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 May 2006 at 2:52am | IP Logged
again (thodasapyaar hua in bac kisne dekha gum mera ,meri haalat hai jaani
meri barbadiyon ki likhi tumne kahani,pehle to dil lagaya ,phir use tod dala(flashback mein sujal can hear the sound of that slap........i think he will never forget that&he should not)
saath chaltte chalte kyon, rah mein chod dala
aisi hai dil ki lagi
jo bujhaye na bujhi
aag tumne hai lagayi
tujhpe aitbaar kiya tha ,kuch nahi baaki
thodas pyaar hua tha ,kuch nahi baaki.
Piyush is yelling on mr shah that how come there was such mistake. how come there was wrong goods in the truck,mr shah says he himself cant understand that inspite of correct order ,such a mistake took place,Piyush says that he will not tolerate such negligence&loss any more.
Kashish tries to calm him by saying everything will be alright,but he does not want jhooti tasalli,But mam is quiet confident that everything will be fine ,they willwrk day &nite& in extra shifts also.then he tells mr shah to start the wrk as soon the good reaches
PVery Angry yelling on phone,mujhe nahi sunna ke kya karna hai,mujhe laparwa logon se saqt nafrat hai, i want results samjhe ,yahan aap din raat mehnat karke staff ke members kaam karte hai aur kuch laparwa logo ki wajh se itna bada nuksaan.mai ainda aisi galti bardasht nahi karoonga,now do u understand?
Sujal knocks ,& enters...piyush turns...."wah piyush !kaafi mehnat ki jaarahi hai.....nahi waqai,.....khas taur se itni pareshani uthane ke baad bhi(piyush is getting annoyed)....haan piyush ,I m really impressed,aaj tumne saabit kar diya ke koi bhi pareshani tumhe rok nahi sakti."
P:sujal tum lakh koshish karlo ,lekin tum apne maqsad mein kabhi kamyab nahi ho sakte,tumhe kya laga,ek mamuli hawa ka jhoka hamare vishwas ko hila denga,mai tumhari har koshish ko nakamyaab kar doonga,tumm hame kabhi nahi rok saktae sujal."(the vishwas bakwas remains Zip It .)
S:"nahi rok paya ,........meri kismat,aur agar mai ne tumhe rok diya.to tumhari badkismati.Piyush mai tumhe sirf yeh kehne aaya hoon ki aane wale waqt mein mujh se .,imaandari,sachhaiaur usoolon jaisi chizon ki ummed mat karna,kyon ki jo kuch bhi mujhe duniya ne diya hai,usse mai sood samet wapas karke hi chain loonga...MAI TUMHE BARBAAD KARNE KI KOSHISH NAHI KAROONGA <BALKE TUMHE BARBAAD KARKE RAHOONGA"(he warns piyush &turns back to leave ,where kashish is standing...they both give each other a long &angry stare &sujal leaves)
aromi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 May 2006 at 2:52am | IP Logged
At banglore the girls are worrried that mrs briganza is leaving them ,they have bcomsofond of her,mauli hears that & rushes to rishi ,hesays that ,mera ghar jaan bahot zaroori hai,MERE PARiVAAR KO MERI ZAROORAT HAI
mauli says that she cannot live without him,so he offers himto comewith him.mauli is worried abt her faily members .but rishi says not to worry cos acc to them she will be with mrs briganza,.mauli hesitates so he leaves on her wish.mauli agrees to go with him .he has already booked her ticket also,cos he knows she wld not refuse.she hugs her & rishi has a victorious smile on his face.

Kashish is putting all her brain &hardwrk for the josh project,piyush is happy watching her ... ok PB u go on)

JOSH project ki marketing is going on with gr8 josh<all the staff & workers are doing hardwork ,there is full fledge pre launch publicity in the market,& every1 is giving positive views abt it...that the product will be successful&make dhum in the market,local as well as international.
kashish is very excited,she tells Piyush that al the newspapers have given positive views abt josh .every1 has liked the product.piyush is also happy that their marketing strategy has worked out& now people will be awaiting for thier product to launch in the market.But kahsih is worried whether they will be able to fulfill the demands of the market,she suggests that they should increase their production acc to the demands.Piyush says that they will increase the investment TOincrease the productin ,kashish is worried abt the finance,piyush says that ,that willbe managed(probably LOANS!!!)
aromi IF-Dazzler

Joined: 19 June 2005
Posts: 3773

Posted: 05 May 2006 at 2:53am | IP Logged
18th feb...04
The episode started with archie bugging sujal's head ,once again by telling,sujal piyush 's drink has captured the market by publicity&its goin to be a big hit. she says we have neither drink nor marketing strategy.
S:archie tumbahot jaldi naraz ho jati ho,doosron ki kamyabi se hamesha khush hona chahiya.kyonki har kamyabi ke peeche kuch na kuch aise baat chupi hoti hai jisse har insan ko kuch na kuch sikhna chahiye.mai kashish aur piyush ki kamyabi ke liye bahot khush hoon aur ,tahe dil se chahta hoon ke woh log apni khushi ki kamyabi ko bulandi tak chuye.(enters piyush who has heard this ,&is surprised,smiles)
P:kamal hai aaj pehli baar tumhe kissi ki kamyabi par khush hote dekh raha hoon(sujal&arche turns surprised to see him)apne kamyabi ki khushi mein humek jashn mana rahe hai.mai jaanta hoon tumnahi aaonge lekin mai phir bhi tumhe invite kar raha hoon.yeh raha uska card
S:holds the card,kisne kaha piyush ki mai tumhare jashn mein shamil nahi honga.mai tumhari khushyon mein zaroor shamil honga,(piyush raise his brows & archie is confused)kyonki kehte hai na doston ke kareeb hona chahiye lekin dushman ke bahot zyada kareeb."(well said sujal)
P:chalo achcha hai dushmani nibhate nibhate humdono ek doosre ke zyada kareeb ho gaye.waise tumhari hume nakamyab karne ki koshish hi hamari kamyabi ka raaz hai.
Siyush best of luck...(Pis surprised)nahi itna hairan hone ki zaroorat nahi,kyon ki kaun jaanta hai ki dosto ke saath saath tumhe dushmano ki duao ki bhi zaroorat ho"(piyush leaves..shrugging off)...&sujal says"JOSH....."(yes sujal u r right its always josh that settles down after some time)
Piyush is giving instructions at the factorry & then watches K getting ready...& all those stupid romance& then they come down for the party
vasu 's frnd says that her son came out to be a diamond,then asks for veena,vasu feels proud for PB&says veena does not interact with social circle since sujal left.,she says she had overexpected frm sujal but all things that glitter is not gold like her son ,(yes ,vasu &also remember,allthat looks like diamond may not be diamond but jst stone,and something that looks like coal could be a diamond for diamonds r extracted frm coal mines.)
The press had come & P&K are surrounde for interview,what is so special in your drink& that PB says ek baar piyonge to baar baar piyonge.......sounded like a cheap ad...rhyme......lol......)then he says that all the credit goes to my wife &her hardwork......jst then he sees sujal entering with archie ,both BB&PB are surprised &shocked.....words get lost...smile get lost.......that was jst wonderful....sujal ki
shakal dekhkar hi saari hasi khushi gayab ho jaati hai...aage aage dekho hota haikya)
S:mubarak ho.chalo kam se kamtumhara sapna topura hua
P:umeed nahi thi,lekin phir bhi tum aaaye ,is baat ki daad deni chahiye,kaisi lagi hamari party ,iska saara intezaam kashish ne kiya hai"(sujal looks so confident,coool &smart& the best thing he dint GAVE A DAMN LOOK AT THE BB>who was constantly feeling uneasy withhis precense)
S:waqai! bahot hi shandar party hai, bahot hi khubsurat aur mai umeed kara hoon piyush ki tumhari drink bh,tumhari party ki tarah shandar hogi.all the best.magar dar lagta hai,kyon ki kabhi kabhi kamyabi ka paimana hathon mein aane bawjood hototak nahi pahonch paata,(kashish gives an angry look&piyush calls the waiter&picks a glass of drink shows it to sujal&sips it..
P:achcha,agar haath mazbut ho aur niyat saaf ,to safalta ka swad chakhna itna bhi mushkil nahi"
S;really!!!!!(yeah piyush dont forget "There is always a slip between the cup&the sip")
its timetoannounce the drink.so P&K,...comes ahead toannounce it.P thanks every1 for coming&promises that liketheir allother drinks this josh will also rule the hearts&the credit of its success goes tohis wife &her hardwrk,every1 applaauds& he says that tomorrow the drink willbe launched in the market.
every1 is happy but sujal is jst coool&relaxed with abeautiful smile on his face........loolke really stunning.........)
Enters some officers with police)

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