Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update


Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update
Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update

Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin 24/03/05 Update

Daisy Senior Member

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Posted: 24 March 2005 at 11:17am | IP Logged

Welcome to the world of Jessica Bedi!!
And one good news: Our tiger is back in action. Approve Yes, Armaan!! God bless him for coming out of his Devdas phase...you'll love him today... Clap Clap


Ok, this part was a bit confusing. Confused The person at the ticket counter tells Jassi that there is still time. She tells him that her time has now started. He asks her if she has any cancellations and also her name. She tells him her name is Jessica Bedi.


Mallika is sitting in the boardroom, discussing something with some people .
Our tiger storms in. Angry "GET OUT!!!" he yells at the men. They shoo off like frightened mice and Mallika is shocked. She asks him what's the matter. He shouts that she should be the one answering this question. She tries to act innocent and asks him what he means. Armaan is furious. He clutches (yes, clutches!! Clap ) her by the shoulders and yells in her ears that how dare she spread around the news that Jassi is a fraud and a thief; how could she defame her family. He shouts with fury that how could she kill those innocent people. He then grits his teeth Angry and screams that he really wished that he slap her hard and raises his hand with full force.........but Aryan comes and pulls Mallika apart. (DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, I hate Aryan all the more now.. Ouch )
He asks his dear sister if she is ok. (what can happen to that thick skinned woman? Dead )
He shouts at Armaan that only this was left for him to do: raise his hand on women. He dares him to fight him, if he has the guts.
Armaan is fully charged today. He seizes Aryan's collar and growls that it was he and his sister who did this cheap act. He is all set to kill Aryan and Mallika quickly calls Raj on her cell and asks him to come to the boardroom.
Raj enters and is shocked to see his friend strangling Aryan. He separates them and yells at Armaan to come to his senses. He orders Aryan to go and stand away. He asks Armaan what's wrong. He tells him that to fight like this signifies small people, not respectable people like them. Armaan glares at Mallika, fire emitting from his eyes and asks then what does this signify? To spread rumors about someone innocent and almost kill her family?
Aryan says that what he has done is something that was sensible to run a business whereas how Armaan is behaving is sheer madness.
Armaan loses his temper and throws a file at Aryan with full force. (I loved that part..it was cute... Tongue )
Raj scolds him that this is the boardroom and he stop behaving insane.
Aryan says that Jassi has stolen his as well as Armaan's money, she is a fraud. Armaan yells that Jassi is not a thief, she is not.
Raj, as expected turns tables. Angry He explains to Armaan that if Aryan has done this, it is basically to restore everyone's money. Armaan asks in surprise if this is the way to get back the money. Raj explains (I am sorry there was a bit of disturbance on my TV when he was speaking, but this is what I have figured out) Kohinoor's money was found in an anonymous account and only one person can have that account. He indirectly hints at Jassi.
Armaan is shell shocked at Raj's implication and is deeply pained. "Tu bhi, Raj?" (You too, Raj??" he asks repeatedly, painfully. His eyes almost glisten. He says that Raj knows how these people (looking at Mallika & Aryan) are, yet he's believing them. He tells his friend that he did not expect this from him. Pain is written all over his face. Unhappy
Mallika and Aryan are smiling victoriously. Evil Smile
Armaan and Raj leave.
Aryan congratulates his sister on her splendid move. She sits haughtily on a chair and sighs like a vamp. Evil Smile She says that more changes are yet to come. She says that today, it was the first time that there was a fight between Armaan & Raj, and she expects many more to come, she says she even hopes their is a crack in their friendship. Aryan asks how will she profit by this. She smiles cruelly and says that one by one, she will take away all supports of Armaan, till he has no one but her and compelled to come to her, Mallika Seth. (What a sweet misconception, Mallika Seth!)


We see a plane landing. (Then how was she outside Walia house yesterday?? Confused )
Jassi is sitting in Purab's car and thinking how happy Purab is to know she's coming, he even sent his car. (Purab ka make-over hua kya? How come he didn't come himself to drive her home? Tongue ) She hopes however that he doesn't get her wrong as she is going to him only for work and modeling. She hopes that he understands this basic thing.
Jassi comes to Purab's house. She enters inside and some men dressed in white, who looked like the waiters in a hotel come in a line, holding some boards like school children. She looks puzzled. Confused The men stand in a line and display their boards: W-E-L-C-O-M-E. Jassi is surprised. Purab, in a blue shirt, comes down and blushes slightly at this own over excitement. ( They showed his entry in ekdum hero ishtyle..the way Karan Johar introduces his heros) Jassi and Purab stare at each other for a long time...well have we seen each other before?? Purab then comes to his senses and asks the welcome men to go.
He says, "Hi Jassi!". Jassi asks him not to call her Jassi. She says that she wants to tell him 1 thing; he might have surely seen something different in the old Jassi to offer her this contract; but now he should forget the old Jassi and only remember this new one. Purab looks surprised and asks her why she is saying this. Jassi tells him that she wants to forget her old life and her old image. She says that she needs his help in order to turn into a new person, who is so beautiful that the whole world will stare at her; who is so successful that success will forever kiss her feet and the whole world will have only one name on their lips........
"Jassi!" exclaims Purab.
"No! Jessica!!", she corrects him. Disapprove
"Jessica??" he asks, stunned. Shocked
Jassi asks him if he will help her to become this new person. Purab tells her that he is ever ready to help her, but asks her the reason behind this. She says that she will take up this contract on one condition: that he never ask her anything about her past life. Purab looks down with disapproval. Jassi says that she knows he is not liking this but she really wishes that he never question her about her past. Purab holds her by the shoulders and that he will always remain by her side; but also that this will require a lot of hard work and courage. She tells him that she is ready. Purab says that he will always support her. Jassi tells him plainly that she does not need support, only an opportunity.
Purab nods his head and asks Jessica to sign on the papers. Jassi takes the papers and her mind flutters again: she tells it that she is doing the right thing by taking this decision. She then scratches out the print "Jasmeet Walia" and signs as "Jessica Bedi."

Purab then takes her to her spiritual and health guide, who will help her build her confidence and will power. He says that this will require a lot of hard work. Jassi asks the guide how long it will take He says that it all depends on her and asks her when she would like to start. Jassi says that she would like to begin right away.
Jassi starts with her first day at training. The guide teaches her several breathing exercises.

The next step is the dietician who is telling Jassi that she cannot eat potatoes, parathas, pickle, nor can she have lassi. Ouch Jassi looks disappointed. She suddenly imagines Bebe coming with a plate of hot parathas and telling her that a punjabi kudi has to be strong and hence she must have them. Jassi absent-mindedly says aloud that she will not have parathas, but only milk. The dietician brings her back to her senses by saying that she cannot have milk as well. (I guess Jessica will survive on grass. Dead ) She says that Jassi cannot have all these things even if someone makes her eat the. Jassi looks sad and says that as it is, there is no one to make her eat now. Purab looks at her gloomily. Jassi then imagines Bebe, Amrit, Billu and Nandu . Nandu passes some silly comment on Jassi and Billu scolds him. Amrit advises her daughter that she works so hard, she must eat well. Jassi comes out of her imagination and says that their memory only will be her strength now.

The third step towards the making of Jessica. Jassi is jogging. She is wearing yellow track pants and a black top. She looks really frantic towards getting the new look .She stops, panting and rests near a rock. The momentary stop reminds her of the previous day with Billu throwing out her things. Her tears mingle with her sweat. As if she is trying her best to forget her pain, she starts jogging with more fervor.

Jassi is practicing pranayam with her guide. Candles and lamps are lit and it looks really peaceful. Purab comes and says that it is enough for today. Jassi asks if they can practice some more. Purab says that it is her first day and she will feel tired. But Jassi is adamant that she has little time and wants to do more.
She is again practicing those breathing exercises when Purab comes down dressed in a red pullover. He asks her if she has not slept yet. He asks her why is she punishing herself so. Jassi says that it is not her punishment but her necessity. Purab tells her sternly Stern Smile that he will NOT listen to anything and that she must go & sleep now. Jassi says to herself that there is no sleep in her eyes now, only fire and that sleep will come to her only when she returns home to Bebe's lap. Purab asks her where she is lost. Jassi says it's nothing and leaves. Purab says to himself sadly that he wished he knew.

Next morning, Jassi looks at herself in the mirror and screws her face. Purab asks her what's up. She says that there are some old things, which she wants to get rid of.
Next we see Jassi at the dentist, where she gets rid of her braces.
Then Purab takes her to Bausch & Lomb where we have some more advertising in order that Jassi get her new brown contacts, which can be worn comfortably even while dancing, playing and yoga. Purab smiles to see her. She looks really nice. (Well, her brown eyes match now to Armaan's. Embarrassed )

At lunch, Jassi suddenly remembers Bebe and she gets up from her soup. Purab is annoyed and asks her angrily what is this madness. He asks her why she left her food and if she plans on killing herself. (Hasn't she already?)
Jassi says that she just wants to take revenge with those who have killed her. Purab asks her about these people and then remembers his promise. He says that he will not ask her anything but asks her if she is really happy after changing herself. She says that she is not doing anything for herself; she never has; she is only doing all this to get back her family's lost respect and honour. She says that this would not have been possible had she remained Jassi & hence she had to become Jessica. Purab starts to leave and Jassi asks him if he's going. He turns to look at her softly and says that he will never leave her. He tells her that she is his weakness, but he wants to become her strength.

Jassi is watching the models on TV. Purab comes and joins her. She says that she has never walked the ramp like these people and asks him to help her learn to walk like them. He looks amused and surprised and asks if she really means he should help her .She requests him again and he has no choice but to agree. Jassi comes wearing high heels and Purab "helps" her to model, supporting her from falling.
Finally they are tired and Jassi ends up sleeping with her had resting against his lap with his hand on her head. (Purab has dozed off sitting on the couch and Jassi is sitting on the floor). She wakes up and is slightly shocked to realize that her head was resting on his lap. She wakes him up after contemplating whether to touch him or not. He gets up still sleepy and she reminds him that it is her 1st photo shoot today, looking scard. Purab smiles and wishes her Best of luck.

Jassi then goes and ties all her old baggy salwars in a bundle. She remebers her old self and takes the bundle to the lake. She lets it in the water and says that she has finally let go of all the reminders of the old Jassi. (Don't worry Jessica, this looks like the same magic lake which revived your precious diary, the clothes and the old Jassi will come back too! Wink )

MONDAY: In Gulmohur, Armaan(with Mallika standing next to him) is asking a scared Nandu what Mallika came and told Jassi's parents. Nandu remains silent and Armaan yells that why is he quiet. Nandu is almost in tears and tells him that Mallika told them that Jassi has an illicit relationship with him, Armaan. Armaan is shell shocked.(Yippee!! Clap Clap )


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mango Goldie

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Posted: 24 March 2005 at 11:18am | IP Logged
thanks for the update di
loveneha_r Goldie

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Posted: 24 March 2005 at 11:22am | IP Logged
thanks daisy!!!!! finally armaan is out of his stupor!!!! wohoooooo!!!!Big smileBig smileBig smile...do T &D think we are stupid that we wouldnt notice that she was home yesterday....!!!!Confused
punjabiprincess Senior Member

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Posted: 24 March 2005 at 11:26am | IP Logged
Thanks daisy for a great updateClap. Can't wait to see what Jassica is going to do, to get revenge from Millika.Angry God I hate Millika.Angry
jas Goldie

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Posted: 24 March 2005 at 11:31am | IP Logged

Thanks! Daisy

Happy Holi

ummm Senior Member

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Posted: 24 March 2005 at 11:33am | IP Logged

so is Jassi in Delhi then?? Confused

Thanks for the update, Daisy!


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sowmyaa IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 March 2005 at 11:33am | IP Logged
thanks for the update daisy... this is so interesting.. Jassi ..oppps jassica in Purab's lap..he..he... so romantic.... she may fall in love with him some day... you never know!!! Embarrassed
sangeeta Goldie

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Posted: 24 March 2005 at 11:34am | IP Logged

Thanks for the update Daisy. 

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