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OneShot: Manveer (Inspired by the New Promo)

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Posted: 06 December 2011 at 1:16am | IP Logged

Moniya walked out of Akaash's house not wanting to be in the presence of his parents who spoke so badly of her father. She didn't know what was happening, why the police caught her father…. What had her father done? And why hadn't she stopped them from taking her father away? She hated herself from being so weak in the moment where she should have shown her strength. She should have run after her father, she should have also gone with the police at least then she would have been with her father. But she hadn't done that, she had merely stood there and watched her father being taken away by the police. She had made no move to run after her father instead she had stood stock still as if a mere viewer watching the climax of a movie.

She was so immersed in guilt and anger as she walked down on the busy road… letting her feet carry her to her destination… she wanted to go to her father but she didn't even know where the police had taken him. Akaash had informed her that the police did not take him to the police station and no one was willing to tell his location.  She looked up into the sky "bhagwanji, aapne aisa kyun kiya? Mujhe mere baba wapis dedo na" She prayed as she continued on walking taking a turn to the right, her eyes too clouded with tears did not see the person in front of her and then suddenly she felt a hard body collide with hers, her feet knocking on the rock as she felt her body falling down hard on the ground but she didn't land on the ground - she landed on the hard body who she had taken down with her.

"Awww… ouch… aww" She screamed when the sharp beaded material of his shirt poked and pricked her skin. She moved her hands, felt the sharp beads pricking on her palms which were resting on his chest. She could even feel the loud thumping of his heart where her right hand was placed by his heart.

"You can open your eyes now"

"Tum!" Moniya shrieked hearing the voice, she squinted her eyes, shaking her head to get rid of the strands stuck on her face, few tendrils near her eyes blocking her from opening her eyes.

"Are you planning on opening your eyes anytime soon?"

"Urgh, shut up!"  Moniya scoffed at him in annoyance, puffed out some air from her mouth to move the tendrils from her eyes.

She sucked in her breath when she felt his hand on her face, his cold fingers moving her hair from her face, tugging the tendrils behind her ears. A cold shiver ran through her body when her brown eyes met his dark ones.

Uday stared at her unabashed; his eyes gazing into her's for the longest time, she gazed back at him with curiosity but then her gaze turned into a glare as if realizing who he was. Uday couldn't help but smirk at her in return. He could not believe his luck, he had been searching for her, having driven around town for nearly two hours ever since he learned of Murali's arrest and the description few onlookers at the bus station had given about the girl seen with Murali. He had known then it was her…. he had only doubted about it on the night at the club when he had discovered the scar on her, ever since then he had raked his brain trying to come up with a possible answer that would tell him whether she was his lost princess Manyata or not. He had not anticipated on the police finally catching Murali and neither had he expected to find her like this – both colliding and falling down, him landing on his back and her on top of him. 

Moniya eyed him, seeing how his dark eyes seemed to have somehow darkened as he continued to gaze at her. She could feel the tremors of uneasiness creep into her body as his dark eyes moved their gaze to her lips; she felt her lips tremble at his intense gaze on them. Monya moved in an attempt to get up and untangle herself from him which only resulted in her slamming right back onto his chest. She looked down to see his chain tangled with the her's, she let out a loud un-lady-like groan followed by a few curses at being put in such a situation at this time when all she wanted to do was sit on the rocks of the shore, and cry her heart out in peace!

Uday gasped shocked to hear such expletive words from her mouth. He did not understand most of them but knew them to be the words a lady would never speak, would never even think them. But here he was hearing such words being uttered by his fianc! He found himself laughing at his situation.

"What are you laughing at?" Moniya asked with a glare which quickly stopped his laughter. She shook her head at him in annoyance, gave him a disgusted look and began to move her hands towards their tangled chains. The nerve of him, he lay there still, with hands folded behind his head as he watched her with mirth filled eyes as if watching an amusing scene from a movie!

"tumhe aur koi nahi mila tha takraneke liye…. Aur tumhari chain ko bhi meri chain hi mili atak ne keliye…. tumhe toh main dekh loongi gi... Haan nahi toh!" She yelled at him, tugged at chain, huffed out in irritation as she worked towards untangling the stupid annoying man's chain from hers. Inwardly she was cursing herself for not paying attention to where she was going. If she had paid attention then she wouldn't have landed in the situation she was in. She peered at the man through her brows to find his gaze still on her face; his dark eyes stared at her with such intensity that it sent a cold shiver down her spine, her hands shook, faltering in their attempt to untangle the chain. She could feel his warm breath hitting on my face and the realization that her breath was fanning on his neck didn't help her any.

"Please" She whispered to him, tugging at the chain, not able to hide the desperation from her voice. Her plea seemed to have snapped something in him for he gave an apology.

"I am so sorry" Uday said as he watched her lift her gaze to him, her eyes staring into his dark orbs.  A soft smile played on his lips and his eyes glinted with the knowledge of her identity.

Moniya scowled seeing his smirk, her eyes narrowed as she saw the glint reflecting in his yes – he was enjoying himself too much at her expense!  

"Here, let me get that" Uday said realizing he needed to take her home soon. He moved his hands and reached out to touch the chain but instead connected with her hands. He smirked seeing her quickly withdraw her hands from his touch leaving an itch in his hands.

Moniya watched him warily, peering at him through her brows as he worked to untangle his chain. She really didn't like the fact that his hands were on her chain, her body shuddered in dread when she felt his cold fingers brush against her naked collar bone.

"What are you doing?" Moniya slapped at his hands, swatting them away from the chain.

"Sorry" Uday apologized but something in his tone and the glint in his eyes left Moniya doubting his sincerity. He moved his hands towards the tangled chain once again.

"Wait!" Moniya said stopping him "let me do this" She said not wanting to have his hands so close to her skin again. She quickly moved her hands towards his neck, ignoring the amused look on his face as she unhooked the chain from around his neck.

"Yes!" Moniya whispered in triumph, grinning at him but inwardly sent a colorful curse to her brain for not thinking of it sooner.

"There!" She said and placed her palms on his chest to balance herself as she attempted to rise from the ground, making sure to not gaze at him from embarrassment.

Uday watched Moniya with silent eyes as she stood on her two feet, he saw her brush the tendrils from her face and heave a sigh of content at finally having untangled herself from him. He smiled seeing her squint her eyes as she leaned down to dust off the dirt on her knees, her eyes moved to the side towards him, they widening at seeing his eyes scrutinizing her movement.   Uday grinned at her and moved to get himself up from the floor. He knew he had enough fun, it was time to take her to her home…. to the family who had been waiting for her for the past 16 years.

Moniya was mortified by his staring; she abruptly straightened, pulled at her shirt to make sure it was covering her bosom. She avoided looking in his direction for the fear of finding his intense gaze on her again. Her fingers caressed his chain on her neck, her eyes looking down at it, the pendent looked to be a family heirloom…. An expensive one - no doubt about it! A very rich snob – she concluded in her mind as she gazed at his form through the corner of her eyes. He was standing now, finally having risen from the ground and dear god he was wearing a sherwani – an elaborate looking one! He was holding a pair of broken sunglasses in his right hand which he seemed to survey, a grim look on his face at its loss. Something in his posture told Moniya he was well aware of her eyes examining him, and that something also told her he was finding it highly amusing…..

She moved her eyes to his chain she was wearing, which she knew must have cost triple the amount the broken sunglasses cost. Strange guy….. not caring for the chain but instead crying out over the broken sunglasses.

"Are you done inspecting me?" Uday asked, a smirk playing on his lips. He found her actions far too amusing to care for the glares she kept throwing at him.

"I wasn't" Moniya was quick to deny as she turned her back on him and ran out towards the shore having had enough of his teasing and amusing smirks!

"Hey, stop!" Uday called out, running after her. Why was she hell bent on making him run after her tonight!

 "Go away!" Moniya commanded, not sparing him a glance as she carefully stepped on the uneven rocks.

"Enough with these games, let's go now" Uday said walking up to her and tugging at her arm.

"Let go of me" Moniya screamed at being pulled away from the shore.

"Never" Uday proclaimed as he stared at her with a determined look.

"eh Halkat, bohut hogaya, chodo mujhe nahi tho main tumhara aisa haal karoongi…" Moniya warned him as she tried to shrug off his hold. She realized how similar this scene was to their first encounter and it seemed like he had realized that too for he quickly grabbed hold of her other arm.

"Not this time, rajkumari Manyata, not this time" Uday whispered holding both her hands in a tight grip.

"Rajkumari? Kaun rajkumari? Dekho main akhri baar kehrahi hoon, chodo mujhe"

"let go of me, chodo, tumhe sunai nahi detha? Maine kaha mujhe chodo"

"Kaminey, ghadhede, Kitni baar kaho chod mujhe"

Uday ignored her pleas, pulled at her hands and dragged her towards where he had parked his car.  Moniya shouted, yelled, pushed and pulled, did everything she could to free herself from his tight hold but soon exhaustion drained her from all her energy all she was left with was pain and longing for her father... tears pricked eyes and her lips quivered as she thought back to the morning when she had seen her father being mugged by the many police officers, how he had struggled against them, how those police officers had handcuffed him, how they had dragged him towards their jeep…. How she had stood and watched it all, not able to do anything for her father….  "b=Baba" She whispered closing her eyes and seeing his smiling face. She wanted him, she wanted her father; she wanted his comforting presence, his guarding embrace, his soothing smiles…. 

Uday's eyes widened as he watched the tears that glided down her cheeks, her whole body trembling with suppressed sobs. She stopped struggling in his hold instead clutched at the rough material of his sherwani, leaned her body closer towards his, rested her forehead on his chest and broke into loud sobs.

"Woh log Baba ko lekar gayi! Mere baba ko mujhse legai…. Main kuch bhi nahi kar saki…. Mere Baba" Moniya cried, letting go of the emotions she had tried to hold in.

Uday wrapped his arms around her, rubbed her back in a soothing motion as she continued on crying and telling him about how the police had taken her father away.

"Mujhe mere Baba chahiye,  mujhe mere Baba ke paas jana hain…..Baba… mere Baba"

"Please stop crying, I will take you to your father" Uday said, patting her head with one hand while the other rubbed her arm.

Moniya sucked in her breath hearing his voice, her eyes widening at she realized just who she was hugging. She quickly stepped away from his embrace, sniffed at her nose, and wiped her tears with the back of her hand.

"Are you okay?" Uday asked as he looked down at her with concern.

She didn't answer him but stared behind him with shock as she saw two armed guards heading in her direction.

Uday turned around and saw his guards walking towards him – the must have found his car parked on the road side. He gave them a slight nod and turned his gaze back on Manyata only to find her horror stuck eyes staring at him with accusation.   

Moniya had turned her gaze to Uday and watched as he nodded at the guards. Dear god, what had she gotten herself into? Hadn't Akaash specifically told her not to step out of the house, he had even told her that her father had jeopardized his own life to keep her safe….. what had she done? Like a blind ignorant fool she had walked herself right into danger.

***** Angel *****

Ahem... I hope you all enjoyed reading this oneshot!ConfusedEmbarrassed  Please do leave your comments to let me know your views on my version of ManVeer scene based on the SBA segment and the promo!

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Posted: 06 December 2011 at 1:30am | IP Logged

That was just so awesome.. loved it...

if u can do continue it..would love to read more of this..

take care

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Wow love it beautifully written. ManVeer scene main maar jawaan...please do write more love the way you write

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thnx very well written Tongue

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awesome one shot...loved it a lot...

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Great job!! Loved it :)

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Wow...ClapClap i wish this happens..
well ... EXTREMELY well written!!!Hug
loved it to pieces!!
could imagine every moment...
Go girl!!Cool
thanks for writing it! Tongue

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it was awesome! wowowowowowowowowow simply amazing Hug Hug

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