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*FF* GHSP-Ek Nayi Zindagi (Prologue-Ch.19) (Page 106)

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Chapter 14

"Sasha...I mean, Ma'am," do you really think that MK will fire that Geet girl right away?" Tasha asked as she almost bumped into the other woman. "I mean, she hasn't hardly even started. The worst secretary that MK ever had didn't get fired until the second day. I don't know if mixed up files would be enough to do the trick?"

"Tasha! When will you learn to keep your mouth shut?" Sasha whispered furiously. "We don't want anyone hearing what we did, or it might get back to MK."

"Oh, sorry. Silly me! But still, do you think it's enough to get that behenji type kicked out?"

Sasha smirked and folded her arms comfortably. "Tasha, you saw how annoyed MK was this morning. With that girl not even knowing what HOD means, she won't have any idea what to do. If he doesn't fire her, I'm sure he will do enough yelling that she herself will quit. I'm not worried."

Almost as if on cue, a loud, "What are you doing here?" could be heard emanating throughout the office hallways.

Geet had never expected that Maan would show in front of her the very first day. It was no surprise that he wasn't pleased to see her, or that he began hurling accusations on her head. Geet barely had time to catch her breath from the near fall, before he started complaining that she had now shown up at his office to torment him. His assumption that she was at KC because of him was the last straw.

"Bas! Don't you say one more thing! I've had to listen to a lot of angry nonsense from you, but not anymore. Now you will listen to me. My being here has nothing to do with you. I took the job as MK's secretary for my own reasons, and I must say that it's very conceited to assume that I spend all of my time thinking of ways to annoy you."

"What did you say?" interrupted Maan, not sure he had heard correctly. "Secretary?"

"Yes," answered Geet proudly. "I am MK's new secretary. But just because I've started to work here as his secretary, that doesn't mean that it had anything to do with you. In fact, I didn't think that I would ever have to see you, so I don't want to hear anything about staying away from you, or such like that. You do your work like normal in your office, I will be here working in my office, and we won't ever have to see each other."

Maan looked at Geet like she had really turned crazy, but that didn't faze Geet at all. "I realize that you probably came here to meet MK, but as you can see, he isn't here. Just take a seat and wait please. I have work to do, as MK wants a me to call an HOD meeting."

Adi listened in horror as Geet used a tone with MK that he had never heard anyone use before. He frantically tried to signal to her, as he had understood from what little he had heard, that she didn't know the angry man standing stiffly in front of her was her boss. Unfortunately, she didn't see him at all, nor the other office workers who gathered around, including the very haughty Sasha, and her chamchi Tasha.

"Are you done with your bakwas, Geet?" they all heard MK ask, his voice dangerously soft.

"Look, I already told you that MK isn't here and you'll have to wait," Geet said with frustration, angry that he didn't seem to be paying any attention to her words."

"I heard. I heard a lot of words about this boss of yours, but you need to realize that this boss is only me."

Geet looked at him in confusion, before the confusion cleared and she responded, "Don't try to be smart. You might be the boss of the company, but my immediate boss and the one who hired me is MK."

"Yes, I am the MD of Khurana Constructions," Maan said, emphasizing the k. "Maan Khurana. MK. This is my office that you've been so casually traipsing around, as if you were it's real owner."

Geet stared at Maan in horror, the dupatta corner that she was holding making it's way slowly to her open mouth. "But...but...your office...How can this be your office? Isn't your office on the top floor, like all big shots are?"

Maan's face hardened as he said, "So now you are dictating where I can have my office. You have the audacity to come to my office and take the job of my secretary, after everything that has happened? Who was stupid enough to employ you?"

To Adi's horror, Sasha jumped in to inform MK all about his insistence to hire Geet as the secretary. He tried to defend his choice, but had no idea if his words had any affect on his angry boss. Eventually Maan was called away to meet someone, and the rest of the staff left also, even Adi. He knew this wasn't the best way to start of the day for Geet, but he hoped that everything would be smoothed over. She was a very nice girl, and he still thought that she was the best choice for secretary.

Geet was in shock, to the point where she couldn't even say anything. After the confrontation with Maan, she wasn't even allowed some peace in her own office before that annoying Sasha came in to trouble her. Looking at the resignation letter that the woman had given her, Geet tried to figure out what to do. She really needed this job, but she didn't want to work with such a hateful and suspicious man.

As she was thinking about it, she wondered why he wanted her to resign, instead of just firing her. It took a while, but Geet finally realized that if she resigned, then it was her choice to leave the job. The company would have no responsibility. But, if she was fired, then they would have to pay her some sort of compensation package. Looking out the office window, Geet could see Maan walking back down some stairs, and she couldn't help thinking about what a stone hearted person he seemed. He had so much money, and yet he wasn't even willing to pay her a little bit of compensation for getting rid of her.

The ringing of the phone broke into her thoughts, forcing her into action. Of course, it only turned out to be Maan demanding that she come to his cabin. She remembered that he had said that they weren't finished, before he left to meet that person earlier. While walking with dread the short distance, Geet supposed that now he intended to finish with her. After closing the door, Maan wasted no time in getting to his point.

"So, Miss Geet Handa came to Delhi to work as secretary. No wait, I made a mistake. You came to Delhi to snare a rich husband, but once that was done, you didn't stop there. You had to try and insinuate yourself everywhere, trying to force me to accept you. Well, you made a grave error, for I can't be forced. What did you think, that by coming here as my secretary you could inform the office about our supposed relationship?"

"I told you before, I didn't know that you were MK. If I had, I would never have accepted this job," replied Geet, looking him in the eye.

Maan just gave her a contemptuous glare, before saying, "So, you brought a resignation letter. Just as I would have expected. If you run into a problem, don't try to find a solution, just run away. Then the problem is gone. But what will you do about our marriage? That is a big problem, right? So, will you run of to Hoshiarpur then? If all you know how to do is run away, then you should go back to Hoshiarpur and your family, the family that didn't give any thought or care for how you would live married to a man who hates you. Give me the resignation letter and I'll approve it right away. Then you can go back to your precious Hoshiarpur and leave me in peace."

"It would be better if you don't say anything about Hoshiarpur, or my family, as you don't know anything about either of them. My coming here had nothing to do with our marriage, but I doubt you will believe me. I don't bother about what you say anyway, because you just hate stuff without knowing or using your brain."

"I don't need you to waste my time by telling me about myself. Just give me the letter and get out!"

Geet had had about enough of his horrid behavior. Taking a deep breath, she said, "I won't give it. You've been asking for it so much, and if you want to fire me, then that's fine, but I won't resign."

Well, after that Maan and Geet came to a sort of temporary truce. Maan didn't fire Geet, but told her that he would be busy and didn't want to be disturbed for a few hours. Geet could hardly believe that he was letting her stay, but she wasn't going to argue. Back in her own office, she started working on all the files that seemed to be mixed up. She was so busy that she didn't even realize when Pinky came to take her for lunch.

The rest of the day was pretty much the same. Maan had her call the department meeting for the afternoon, where she had her first note taking assignment. That was scary enough, but when Maan demanded that she have the whole thing typed up and sent to him within half an hour, all Geet could do was thank her strict English professor for forcing her to become a fast typist. Maan never said anything about her work when she gave him the typed version, but Geet took that as a good thing. At least he hadn't fired her yet.

"Oh, Geet! What are you still doing sitting at your desk. It's 7:00, and 7:00 means that work is done!" exclaimed Pinky eagerly. "You should come with me now to get some samosas, and we can talk about trying some other agency. I know you were disappointed with the one we went to today. I don't know why you need a private detective, but I promise that I will do my best to help you find one."

"Thanks, Pinky, but I don't think that will be necessary. Anyway, I can't leave now, the boss is still here. If he should need something and I am gone, who knows what would happen. You know how close I was to getting fired this morning."

"That's true. But Geet, are you going to be able to get home okay? I mean, you just came to Delhi no too long ago, are you sure you know the way home?"

Geet smiled at Pinky's concern, but reassured, "I got here by myself, so I can go home by myself too, right?"

Pinky nodded her agreement, but then saw the terror of the office getting up from his desk. Not wanting to come face to face with the difficult MK, she quickly bid her friend a goodbye and left. She certainly didn't envy Geet having to face MK's ire constantly. None of the other secretaries had been able to stand it for very long. Giving one look back to Geet's office, where she saw the two conversing, Pinky hoped that her friend would be able to stick it out.

Once Maan went back to his office, Geet sat down in her chair and began to complain. "This Maan Khurana, just what does he think of himself? Doesn't care about anyone else, that's what. Everyone has gone home but us. It's time for dinner and I'm missing it, but does he care? No! There isn't even any more work to do except answer phones, and I doubt anyone will be calling this late."


"Escaped! What do you mean, escaped?"


"Maan veerji will kill me if he finds out what I have done!"

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lol geet tik gayi maan ke samne...loved the update... and LOL me first at your post... wow great part...

do continue soon ... feeling happy while revising old days...

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awesome update
as expected maan vented out his anger on geet
precap is confusing who has escapedConfused

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Ah the lovely times in the office... great! i am loving it... but please update aankhon mein teri too :D
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superb duper update
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lovely update. was jst waiting for ur updates.
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Haiii that was a wonderful update.
Thanks so much 
Loved it to the core.
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the office part has started...

waiting for more...

continue soon...

thnx for PM...

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