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#2 IPKKND FF:Tearing Ourselves Apart Parts 27-29:)

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NOTE : To anybody wanting updates whenever I post a new story, or a new chapter then please email me at and I will add you to my email update list. If you are an I-F member, please state your name too so I know who you are, and if not, then just your name will be fine! Love Hayley ' Please do BUDDY me as well in case I ever need to PM you!
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Hello Everyone Smile  This is Hayley, and here is Thread # 2 to my Fanfic :
Tearing Ourselves Apart !
Thank you to all my readers for getting the first post up to more than 1000 comments and 100,000 views, you have allowed me to share my story with so many people so this is for all of you  Embarrassed
For new readers, I know it must look daunting to see so many chapters but I urge you to give it a read, if it is too much, just stop and save it for another time when you feel you need a dose of ArHi, I hope you guys like it Smile
(150 pages are not yet complete on the first thread, I have left a few pages for people that would still like to comment there)
Link to my other works Please do check them out Smile
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Heart Love Hayley Heart
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 Hello readers, I will be posting the next update here when I get to writing it, I hope you all like it


In the meanwhile, I would like to share a VM with you made by Ammie for my request on Say When by the Fray: a song that I love and have envisioned ArHi with for a long time. Thank you Ammie for making this VM for me and thank you for the gorgeous banner as well Smile
Previous Chapter 26

Hello everyone, I know it has been a long time, but I'm back with an update. Sorry if it isn't too good, Ill try and do better next time. Thank you all for the wonderful messages, encouragement and congratulation posts for my new thread.  Please leave comments and scraps instead of PMs because that way I can keep them Smile. Anyway, anyone wanting PM's for updates please do BUDDY me. Have a good time reading !



"Mr Raizada?"

Arnav looked up expectantly and lifted himself up from his sisters lap, standing up in less than a second to face the old man before him.

"What, what is it doctor? Is she okay, is Khushi okay?" he rushed.

"Mr. Raizada, please calm down, take a seat and.."

"No, I don't want to sit dammit, just tell me if she's okay" he said, anger rising in his voice, he didn't have time for this, she was either okay, or not okay, and he needed to find out now.

"Chote.." Anjali whispered, holding on to his arm, he only shook her away lightly, looking at the doctor with anger slowly rising in his eyes. Didn't they know how painful every second was, he didn't care if he was sitting or standing, he needed to know, he couldn't hold on any longer.


The doctor looked at Arnav, understanding that he was scared for his wife, he placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"She is going to be allright."

Arnav felt his knees give away beneath him with the sound of those reassuring words, he fell back onto the wooden bench beneath him.


The doctor gave Anjali a 'I told you so look' as she smiled, watching as Arnav buried his face in his hands and started to laugh and cry at the same time. He had never felt so relieved before, it was like the weight of the world had been lifted off his shoulders.


He looked back up "Can I see her?"

"Mr Raizada, your wife has suffered severe blood loss and internal bleeding, she is unconscious at the moment and I suggest you let her rest before going in to see her, the nurses are going to move her from the operation theatre to one of the private rooms on the ward."


Arnav nodded reluctantly.

"Mr Raizada, you should be proud of you wife, she was strong and fought through the pain. She looks like an eccentric young woman, I trust you will take good care of her after this, she has had to have quite a number of stitches to put her back together, so she will need plenty of bed rest and limited movement to let it heal."


Arnav nodded, he wasn't going to let her out of his sight, he wouldn't let anyone harm her in anyway, he would keep her safe, near to him, and treat her like the fragile porcelain doll that she was.


Anjali held on to her brother's arm and squeezed tightly, letting him know that it was all okay.

As the doctor turned to walk, he suddenly remembered something else.

"Oh yes, I almost forgot, forgive me."

They both looked up at him in surprise.

"The man that they found with you, the doctors have managed to reduce any permanent effects caused by any spinal injury to his back, he looks like he should be okay with no severe permanent damage, Mr Raizada, I also wanted to let you know that the hospital called the police on arrival, they should be here for questioning soon."

Anjali stiffened next to her brother as they watched the old doctor walk away.


"I want to go home Chote" she suddenly said.

Arnav looked up at his sister, understanding what she was going though, "then I will get you home."


When the police arrived, Arnav told them everything. They spoke with Anjali for a while before leaving. It was a pretty clear case, they had an eye witness, a victim and a criminal. No questions asked, no suspicions raised. The man would be arrested upon his full recovery and convicted for attempted murder.


Arnav stood just outside the large oak doors in the dark night watching as the flashing lights of the police cars disappeared into the distance, he turned around, dialling a number and looking inside at his sister, still sitting on the small bench they had spent the last few hours on.

"Aman, send a helicopter up here, there is a landing spot near the hospital, I'm sending Di home, make all other travel arrangements for her" he spoke into his phone.


"Sir? You want me to send a helicopter up there?"

"Aman.." Arnav warned, not in the mood to deal with questions.


"Ok..Oo..k" he stammered across the line

Arnav turned the phone off as he began to call another number, staring at his sister, she was tired and frail and needed to get away from it all, back to all the love and care everyone would give her at home.



"Nani ji?" Arnav called into the phone.


"Chote? Oh hello Chote, I haven't heard from you and Anjali in a long time, how is the holiday going? I knew Anjali would find a way for you to go!" she laughed into the phone.


Surprised by the silence, Nani became concerned "Chote? Is everything okay? How is Khushi ji and Damaadji?"


Arnav swallowed the lump in his throat, he didn't want to have his Di have to deal with all these questions when she got home, it was better to deal with it now.

"Nani ji, I have something to tell you..."

She had shouted into the phone, angry at him and Khushi for hiding something so big, how could they have pretended like it was all okay? She had then stood, stunned in silence by the phone as he explained what had happened to Khushi. His voice shook as he spoke of what Shyam had done to her.


"Chote, send Anjali home right now, stay with Khushi, and as soon as she gets healthy enough to move, you come right back as well."

Arnav closed his eyes in relief, it felt so good to have someone else take charge, he felt as though he couldn't handle it anymore, he didn't want to hold the responsibility of everything that was going on when he felt as though his world was falling apart already. All he wanted was to be with Khushi.


"I can't believe this, Damaadji? Something so disgusting?" she almost spat in to the phone.


"I'm sorry Nani, you were right, we shouldn't have hid it, this is my fault"


"Chote, this is not your fault, if this was your fault then where does Shyam come into this? You may have not always made the best choices but I understand that it must have been difficult, do not blame yourself, just do as I say"


"Thank you Nani" he replied, tucking the phone away in his pocket after he had ended the call.







He continued to stare up at the dark sky littered with stars, finally seeing a flashing light approach him from the sky.

Turning around he saw that his sister was no longer sitting where he had last seen her. He asked at the main desk where she had gone and followed her down the corridors until he reached a small room bordered by glass on two sides where she stood.


Anjali waited, looking down at the man she had given her life to. His eyes were open and he was breathing deeply, looking back up at her, pleading.

She gave him no heed, he didn't even deserve the smallest of mercy.

She only walked up to him slowly, limping because of her leg and stood next to him. She opened her mouth to speak, only to find that she couldn't find the right words, she didn't even know what to say, how to act. He didn't deserve a reaction from her or even a single word.

She looked down at her ring finger as the images of her time with him went through her mind, every moment spent with him, every moment spent thinking about him. She pulled back her tears, refusing to let him see her upset about this, she slowly pulled off the gold band around her finger that served as a reminder of all she had held dear for so long and gently placed it in his hand.


Without speaking a single word, she turned and left the room, only allowing the first tear to drop along her lashes when she was far away from the man who had given her life, and the man who had taken it away.


Arnav gathered his sister as she began to weep silently, and led her outside to the helicopter where her bags had already been loaded from the hotel. Anjali wiped away her tears, telling herself that she was not going to handle this like she had handled everything else in her life; with tears.


"Chote, take good care of Khushi, and give her a kiss from me okay?" Anjali shouted through the sound of the helicopters blades riling through the air as she caught Arnav in a tight hug "ON THE CHEEK" she added pulling away, as she watched Arnav look down in embarrassment.


"Take care Di" he said loudly, hugging her back "We'll see you when we get home."


After he had watched the helicopter disappear into the distance, he retraced his steps back along the corridors and waited outside his soon to be ex brother in laws room before sighing loudly to help vent his anger and stepping inside.

He thought he would have been able to control himself, after having seen how gracefully his sister had handled the situation, he thought he could pull this off with ease.

He had been wrong.

The sight of this man sent all those images flashing through his mind again, the images of Khushi as she fell, blood pouring out of her, draining away her life. He couldn't handle it, rage blinded him as he rushed up to Shyam lying in the bed and wrapped his hands around his throat, watching as he struggled to breathe.

"I warned you, I bloody well warned you, I gave you a chance, and you, you son of a..." he spoke through a clenched jaw as he tightened his grip around Shyams neck.

"What did you think? You thought I would let you touch her? How dare you even think about her, she is mine, she is my wife, Goddamit.." he spat, pushing Shyam away from himself, running his hands through his air as he watched Shyam struggle to regain his breath.

Khushi wouldn't want this, neither would his sister. He didn't deserve to be killed, because that would be an escape.

He turned, pointing his finger straight at Shyams face in warning.

"I told you I would make a compromise last time, if I was forgiving, I would kill you right now, but you don't deserve that, enjoy your life behind bars" he said, leaning back "Jeeja ji" he snidely added before turning on his heel and walking away.



He waited outside on the same bench he had sat on waiting for news with his sister, taking deep breaths with his head rested against the wall. He needed to calm down from his recent encounter with Shyam.

He didn't know what he was going to say to Khushi and he didn't know how to act around her. Would she be angry? All that he had put her through, all the hurt and pain when he had met her had been enough to make her despise him, all the blame and guilt he had made her feel when he had found out about Shyam, all the pain that she did not deserve. Would she hold it against him, finally give him what he deserved?

No, that was silly to think, his Khushi was always there to make everyone else smile, she had it in her to reassure him even when she thought she was dying, she wouldn't blame this on him, as much as it was his fault. He didn't deserve her love, he thought, fiddling with the stem in his hand, what had he done to deserve someone that loved him like Khushi? So purely and unconditionally? She was his blessing, no longer in disguise.

He remembered all the times he had seen her smile and how wonderful they had made him feel, when he had snuck in two silver coins in her packets of detergent just so she could feel hopeful and feel that someone out there was watching over her, when she had playfully smirked at her plan of keeping him with her on their way to nainitaal, sparkling in a dress that brought out her innocence.

He smiled slowly as he headed in the direction that the nurse had pointed him in, thinking of how wonderful it felt having said those words to her and to have heard them back even through the haze of everything else. All that he had been afraid for, for so long, had been nothing. It shouldn't have taken something like this to get them across, but whatever the case, it was done now.

He wanted to see her, see the smile on her face every time she saw him, hold her tightly in his arms, safe and away from all the bad that the world had to offer. He wanted to finally give into the urges he had felt since the first time he had met her, to kiss her soft skin, kiss her soft lips, caress her silky hair and lose himself in those beautiful shining eyes. He wanted to apologise and make up for every moment of pain he had caused, show her how much he loved her, hold on and never ever let go.


As he pushed the door to her room open, all the thoughts of want swimming in his mind, he looked straight ahead, the single red poppy he had picked from the vase in the waiting room fell lightly from his fingers as he let go.

All the thoughts of want slowly melted away with the rush of blood to his head as he stared straight ahead at an empty room.


 Next Chapter 28

Hi guys, I know, I know, disappointing, but I just needed to tie a few loose ends and it had to come some time or another, sorry for not making it very ArHiful, I know you all will be angry but I promise I will more than make up for it the next update which I hope should be much more exciting Smile, thanks everyone for reading. Do drop by likes and comments Embarrassed

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