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                            Monday 5.12.2011

Beach's prestigious project site ' preparation on for bhoomi pooja . Snake mopam pidichu comes to the spot & hissing , Beach counter hissing , snake refuses to leave , the officer  annoyed , wants to call the police. Beach dissuades him , samjafies snake & sends her home , promising to be back in half an hour.


Snakeku  head ache  , Goms giving her medicine & asks what happened at the site & what is Kadakarai's reaction. Snake avoids the question , she has other plans for Goms , thrusts  wads of currency notes in to Goms hands , tells her about the arrangements made for her at Singapore .[ Aha ' Gomsum following chithaps to  Singapore . sema Jodi porutham, 2 kullanarigaL , same mental wave length ,Narimoon at Singapore. Was chitaps drooling over Goms photo?].


Beach storms in to the room. Goms tries to hide the money. Beach notices , shouts she is the main culprit spoiling Snake , drives her out of the house. Snake -  Karayan yudham starts . Snake lists down her conditions . Condition No 1 ' She should be handed over the complete management of Beach's latest 10crore project. No.2- All his future contract should be in her name , No.3- Beach's cheque book should be given to her , No.4- should be given signing power ,No.5- MA veetu vassal midhikkak koodadhu , should not see her & not even dream about her , on the whole should divorce MA. If Beach disagrees , Snake threatens  will commit suicide , summa illai with a suicide note holding Beach responsible. Beach looks in to her intently for a minute  & says ' sethu Tholaidi" & leaves.


V V Hospital. Mr. & Mrs. Karuppu sitting in front of the doctor ' ada the same doctor who spoke to CM . Dr  asks why CM has not come. Gone to temple , will be back soon says the couple. Dr. asks them to be ready with the money  , 4 lacs , immediate payment 2 lacs. Karuppu asks for 2 days time. Not possible , Malaysian specialist leaves immediately after the operation. The couple kai pisaindhapadi walking in the corridor , bump in to Mr. Mrs. Sundaram. Kusalam visariching over. Kalaivani informs about Vadamalai's condition & need for money. Palliyarai is not amused , tells them to inform concerned party ' CM . Husband wife fight & livid  Palliyarai leaves . Sundaram assures to get money from his savings.


CM & Amudha arrive at the hospital. CM tells that she is going to buy some time from the doctor. The doctor & his Malaysian counterpart checking Vadai & discussing among themselves. Outside at the reception , CM worriedly waiting for doctor's call.


Updates by Shree

Tuesday 6-12-11

Hospital...Receptionist calls CM and tells her to fix an appointment with Dr.Paranthaman...CM agrees and goes insearch of Dr.para's assistant...Kalavani tensionaa walking outsie the OT and amudha comes there and seeskalai and asks her inga enna panra?is everything ok with mama?...Kalavani says mama is fine...But annan dhaan...Amudha super shocked to hear annan;s name...And kalavani updates her...says annan kku operation on the way...

Amudha says anni is here...Kalavani shcoked...amudha says come lets go and meet anni...Kalavani stops her and says annan sonna thittuvaru...Amudha starts crying and says anni thavichufying there and u r talking abt sathiyam??...Kalavani says annan is very angry with anni...Pls dont tell CM now...we will inform her later...Amudha continues her RKO padalam...

Operation serious aa going with a terror BGM...Amudha crying outside saying we r doing wrong...kalavani consoles her saying we dont have any other go...we have to hide this from anni...
There CM comes out after her meeting with Dr.para's assistant and amudha peyarainja maahdiri sitting there and crying...CM asks her enna aachu...amuha says nothinga nd she leaves with CM...

Karuppu coffee vangittu coming and CM shcoked...and same with karuppu...CM asks abt vadai to karuppu...Karuppu says no...he says iam here for my friend...CM tells him that she wants to meet kalavani in the evening...Amudha says she is having somework in office and tells CM to leave...CM leaves...

Karuppu and kalaivani waiting outside OT and Amudha comes running...Says anni anuppitten...but she is having some oubt on us...Kalaivani and co worried...amudha again singing the anni kku theriyamaseiyaradhu thappu song...

CM thinks abt amudha's azhugathci face and she tells the driver to go back to hospital...Hospital vandhachu...CM comes in and searches amudha...She sees there and calls amudha...Amudha super shocked...She signals karuppu and kalaivani to stay there and she comes out...

CM says..mariyadhai ya tell methe truth...u r hiding something from me..what is it?...Tell me...CM says nee ennai anni ya nenekirahda irundha tell me the truth...Amduah kadhai kattufying ...she is here to do a check-up ...CM consoles her and says she will take her to doctor...CM leaves with amudha...Karuppu and kalaivani releived

Doctor comes and asks abt the fees...Karuppu says panam vandhukittu irukku...Doctor asks abt CM andkalaivani says CM ingadhaan irundhanga...She will come soon...Selvam comes with ,money and doctor asks...who is he?...CM dhana money kondu varadha sonnanga?...karuppu in saigai bashai tells selvam to say yes...Selvam says aama doctor...CM sdhaan gave me the money...she will come soon...

Amudha comes back again..and starts her oppari...polambing...ellarkooda serndhu iam also lying...Selvam consoles her...amudha vittufying dose and continues her polambing...Kovama moves from there...adhu oru orama ninnu crying and kalaivani at the other end...

Snake sneha recalls kazhuthu nerikkum scene by beach...She calls someone and asks abt beach...Andha mand says beach valasaravakkam guest house kku ponaru...Sneha takes her gun and gives a kolaikari look...Loads the gun with bullets...and says poi sethu ponnu ennaiya sonna?...innaikku un saavu en kaiyaladhaan!...



Updates by Srima

Wednesday 7.12.2011

1st part ' Camera main hero.

Snake loading the pistol with visions of Beach's words sethu podi flashing on & of. Pistol is fully loaded , konja neram  aim & shoot practise session goes on , again flashes , mind talking ' ennaya paarthu poi savunu sonne, inniku unnoda savu en kaiyalthan. Oru vazhiya leaves for Beach's guest house. Camera captures Snake slowly climbing the staircase with the gun. Just as she reaches the topmost step Beach goes in to the bathroom. Snake position herself with the gun outside the door. Flash flash flash. She keeps changing position. For every change of position flash flash flash. Camera now moves inside ' Beach opening washbasin tap, flash flash ,outside snake changes position ,flash , Beach takes the soap , flash , snake taking aim , flash ,Beach applies soap on face , snake walks up and down for sometimes ofcourse with flash flash  camera rotating upside down all the while irking us , finally Snega stands just  behind the door with gun pointing. Beach opens the door slowly , count down starts 10,9,8,...1, there Beach comes out. Damal dumeel ,adhan illa...Snake  kaka oosh . In another room Snake is struggling to wriggle out of a powerful hand .The unknown hand seizes the pistol from her hand & releases her. Yaar indha marma manidhan????Kasikku pona sanyasi , sadhi seyya thirumbi vandachi ' yes right guess ' it is Thavasi ' Snakes darling dad.

Snake veetu motta madi ' appa peNN sadhi thittam arangering. Daughter is angry that dad sabotaged her plans on the other day. MuttaL magaLe says dad , teerthu katting just Beach is not our plan , motha kudumbathayum Kailasathukku anuppanum , Beach should stand as single tree [ Thani maram]. I have plans for this ' your kazhuthila thali aeranum , then  I will ethufy him on the kazhuvu. I have made all arrangements for that. Coming Friday Beach will kattufy thali on your neck in a temple. Snake is surprised at dad's war footing preperations. Tavasi explains his modus operandi.

Back from Banaras Beach was the first person he met ' where ? outside Snake's house .Eavesdropped Snake-Beach conversation , accompanied Beach to Guest house ,sweet talked  his way & convinced Beach for Friday wedding. Tavasi then apologises to her for using her to serve his purpose. But assures all for her good . Says in a year's time [innum oru varushama ?] we will finish off everything  & joottt from here.

Vadai back in ward from operation theatre. Opens his eyes ' looks at sisters & brothers .Thiki thinari says Ch Ch Chellama.

On the whole today's episode was a total waste. The whole episode doesn't deserve more than 4 lines update. 


Updates by Nithya

Thursday December 8, 2011


Suresh gets ready to wok.. searches for his phone.. Satish comes with the phone and Suresh is happy to see Ratna's photo back on the phone.. he thanks Satish for the same.. Satish says sappa matter and shows Suresh a framed photo of Ratna with different coloured rose flowers decorated around it.. Suresh gets emotional and declares that Satish is his only best friend.. Satish says I know love is a pain.. but you have to come out of it.. by accepting another Ratna in your life.. Suresh denies.. Satish says If you just loved her face you will not find another one.. But if you loved a heart then you will find many other good hearts like her.. please think over.. Satish walks out with a villainous look and Suresh stands crying..


Vadai opens his eyes and is happy to see Art, Wood, Sundaram and Amudha beside him.. Art says operation success, you will walk in a week's time.. Vadai does not want CM to know.. he blackmails all saying if you want to see my alive none of you should tell CM.. Nurse comes and says only one in all others out please.. Amudha decides to stay and others wait outside.. Art, Wood & Sundu wonder what is the problem between CM and Vadai.. Art decides to do a round table conference after Vadai is back home.. Sundu says Bedroom ( aka Palliyarai) is preggers and I need to go.. Wood says new job I need to stabilize I cannot stay.. Art says work at home I cannot stay.. Sundu says I will convince Amudha..   Art and Wood leave.. Sundu updates Amudha about the trio leaving and asks Amudha to stay overnight and call me if any emergency..


Sundu back home.. Palli lage lage.. They want money that is the reason we are involved.. Why not seek help from CM.. Sundu updates about Vadai's blackmail.. Palli is surprised vadai does not wifey to know.. Sundu says operation over.. Palli asks how did you guys arrange 4 lakhs for the operation.. Sundu says I gave 2 lakhs and rest Wood did it.. Palli says no more monetary help.. Better be away from them.. Vasu calls Amudha.. She cuts the call.. Visa fuels her son against Amudha.. Amudha calls up and says I am not coming home tonight, I am going to CM's home since the baby is sick. I am informing you so that you don't go around searching for me.. CM did not call me.. I am going there by my wish. Please don't call her up and verify.. Vasu nods.. Amudha hangs up.. Vasu updates Visa.. Visa is angry.. CM calls Amudha and Amudha gets tensed.


Screen splits on CM and Vadai..




Updates by Swash

Friday, December 9, 2011

Sorry guys, this is going to be brief.


Amudha answers Chellam's call who has scheduled an appointment with an ob/gyn; Vadai observes amudha talking thru the glass door and hears her saying- I will wait for u; he is wild and accuses Amudha for being a dhrOgi; she says he is the real dhrOgi for absconding on his wife and kid; he asks her to get out and she waits outside.


Seashore is vaanam paarkings near his car and flashbacking the time he first met Snake and all that happened after that, when Garden comes over; Seashore asks garden to look after the contact business while he has to travel.  Garden asks bro to be responsible and cutoff Snake and says ever since Snake entered Sea's life, things have been going downhill; Dhavasi gets down from inside Seashore's car and warns Garden. Garden leaves.  D asks Seashore to be ready to marry Snake that Thursday and Seashore says he hasn't decided yet and leaves leaving D behind.


A vaadhyaar comes in search of Aavudai and asks Chethappu who says wait until A dies; Chellams questions vaadhyaar who has come for chellam's mom's death anniversary. Chellams sadly recalls the day and sends the vaadhyaar away. Chethappu talks bad abt A and Omni warns him that all he does is insult her dad who had kids and grandkids while he is thanimaram. Chethappu warns Omni that let it be; but I will never let my son – Vadai be thanimaram (chutney kuduppaarO).


Aavudai comes in search of Seashore to Muthazhaghis place and gets insulted by Pearl's mom; she recalls Aavudai being slapped by Seashore; Pearl comes with the baby and invites FIL inside; her mom says look at ur DIL who has lost her senses and calls a roadside orphan as Rathna; Pearl slaps Mom; all shocked…




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Srima thanks for the update!  Kovil vecchu updatersa kumbudanam - honestly this serial does not deserve all this attention!!  I really admire the patience of our lovely team - thanks a lot everyone!
No comments about the serial - as usual meandering senselessly...

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Thanks Srima for the update.

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swash2 Goldie

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well, at least with sulaiman babu, we get to see the old family. they all seem to be coming together. that is a good sign. and from the promos, looks like Omni will see vadai in the hospital, coutesy - Amudha.

and i missed the episode where chethappu is leaving for singapore. ippO indha Goms and Chethappu jOdiyaa? sahikkalai.
and looks like real Goms is pregnant. she hides her stomach in chellame and mundhaanai mudichu.

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Yes, all the old characters are coming back again and yesterday Delhi Ganesh made a comeback and the only one left is Vadamalai's second sister and her husband. Somehow its going back on the track like how it started.

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Thanks Srima & Sree for the lovely updates. 

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Thanks Shree and Srima..

ennada kodumai idhu..

Thursday kashtam will be up in a couple of hours..

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thanks a lot for the update

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