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*Mayur SS/OS Gallary#4* NTL on pg 151

Maria. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 December 2011 at 9:03am | IP Logged

Hello FriendsHugHug

i am going to start the 4th thread of my SS/OS galleryBig smileEmbarrassed,well its like dream comes true,I Want to thank all of you from bottom of my heart for liking my storiesHugHugur love ,ur comments has always increased my energy level and i tried my best to write well,it's ur love that i am writing ...THank u so muchHugHug
Love y allHug
Remember me always in ur prayersEmbarrassedHug

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Maria. IF-Sizzlerz

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Mayur OS/SS Gallary...1st thread
Mayur OS/SS Gallary ...2nd thread
Mayur OS/SS Gallary ...3rd thread
IK Love 8 on pg 1
 IK Love Story...last part on pg 11 
MN OS...PG 6
Hamain Tum se pyaar 15
pt 2...19
PT 3...32
PT 4...48
MN 23
MN OS...28
MN OS...36
 MN OS...52
Mn 41
MN OS...75 
MN OS...86
MN OS...129
MN OS...136
MN OS...143
 Mayur SS...yOU ARE MY loVE
PT 1...PG 62,pt2..72,PT 3..PG 81,PG 91,PG 97,PG 103,PG 108..last part
Mayur SS...Arrange Marriage
pt 113,pt 2 pg 122              
 index of 3rd thread
Arrange marriage
pt 1
pt 20 
 pt  5..35
 PT 6..49
pt 7..71 
pt 8   77
pt 9 84 
pt 10  pg 91
pt 11  pg 104
 last part 120
Ye Kaisi mohabbat hai
pt 126
pt 132
Pt 139 9
Mayur 13
Mayur OS..Pg 27
Mayur OS..Pg 40
Mayur OS...Pg 57
 ArTi 65
Mayur Os   98
Mayur Os   112

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Maria. IF-Sizzlerz

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Ye kaisi Mohabbat 1
pt 9
Pt 16
Pt 22
pt 28
pt 35
pt 41
Last part..46
Mayur 49
 SS..The heart and 55
pt 61
pt 68
pt 74
pt 79
Dil Ibadaat

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Maria. IF-Sizzlerz

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Ye kaisi Mohabbat hai





The entire night was restless, long like a years for Mayank,he could not sleep the entire night to think about that he was not with Nupur when she needed him when she was suffering he was not there to hold her, to console her he just thought about himself,

"Why I could be so selfish in my love that I left her alone when I knew she could not take even  decisions for her without my help" he pinched his fist on wall in anger, "ohh GOD why I left my Nupur alone here" he sat on floor holding his head in his hands "I cant see her in pain" he tightly closed his eyes letting his tears to wet his already wet cheeks "she has suffered a lot but now I will not let come even a single tear in her eyes, she deserve all the happiness, Raj cant give her divorce, he would have  to change his decision for Nupur happiness, for his family and I will make it possible" he wiped off his tears. He had been took decision to bring back her happiness but did not know the Game of Fate.



Finally she woke up after deep slumber, her head was still paining as all the event of last night were still flashing in her mind, gaining consciousness Nupur tried to get up "Good morning beta"Shilpa aunty voice distracted her thoughts and she looked up she smiled entering in her room .Nupur smiled back weakly to see her coming closed to her "Good Morning"she greeted back with weak voice,shilpa came nearer her and sat beside her "how are you feeling now?" she asked holding her hand "I am fine now" she assured her smiling back nodding her head but Shilpa could see she was not at all well, how could be she well after whatever had happened the last night but as she promised to Mayank she will try to keep her happy and not let her think about past memories, "that's good, get up,I am waiting for you at breakfast" she said getting up "aunty where is Mayank?"Nupur looked around but he was not seen nowhere .Shilpa turned back and looked at her confused face "hmm he is not at home, he went for office early in the morning as he has some urgent work" she informed her "he went to office without meeting me" she murmured under her breath  "actually beta he has some urgent work, he had came to meet you but you were sleeping so he left for office as he did not want to disturb your sleep"Shilpa added further tried her hard to hide the truth behind his act, she wanted to tell Nupur ,he was weeping the entire night, he could not sleep for a moment to see her in that condition how much he loved her. But she could not as she had promised to Mayank she will never tell Nupur about his feeling towards her.  "Beta I am waiting for you at breakfast table, get up early"Shilpa said and stepped out the room left her confused "I know why he went without meeting me because of his promise, now he will face me when he would bring Ria back to me, why Mayank do you care for me so much that you can anything for me, why Mayank? The same question again started revolving around her mind that she could not get answer yet, his selfless care for her, was it just care or something else?, she could not get answer. But she felt always something in his eyes which she could not understand.




"Benji come to my cabin"

"Ok I am coming" he replied and Mayank kept the receiver back, resting his head at the back of chair,Nupur helpless voice, her wet face with tears still seemed fresh in his mind, he took deep breath trying to control his tears "Mayank!!!"a voice distracted his thoughts and Mayank looked up "come in"he said trying his best to not show of his condition as Benji was his old friend, he has been working with Mayank for the past many years, his parents had died so he considered Mayank as his family,Benji who already had noticed his dull face asked him politely "Are you fine Mayank?"taking his seat Benji asked looking at him "yup!!i am fine"Mayank replied in weak voice "but it seems not" he said and Mayank looked back at his questioning eyes "there is an important work for you," avoiding his questioning look Mayank came to point and Benji understood there was something strong reason behind Mayank's behavior which he did not want to share so he thought to let the topic closed here as that was not right time to ask anything to him "hmm which work? "he asked questionably "he is Raj"Mayank told Benji giving him Raj picture and and Benji gave him confused look taking that "so what I have to do"he was still confused about what was cooking inMayank's mind "I need his all information, he has affair with a model, I want all the details about that girl too, whom they meet? Whom they go? All the information. It's urgent"Mayank further told him getting up from his seat "but Mayank why do you need their information."he cut short by Mayank "I cant tell you anything right now, just want to say you one think, I am doing this for that person whom I loves the most in this world"Mayank said avoiding his gaze "who is she?"Benji asked softly and Mayank turned his face towards him.Benji looked into his eyes but Mayank turned his eyes as he could not tell him her name.. "sir Mr.Rathor has come" his secretary informed him "send him in my cabin" he gave her instruction "ok sir" she replied keeping the receiver .Benji who was watching everything finally spoke u "Mayank what is in cooking in your mind"Benji asked confusedly finally got succeeded getting his attention "I cant tell you anything right now, will tell you later" Mayank said him calmly when they heard knocked at door Mr Rathor entered in room "hello Mr Mayank"he greeted Mayank "please take seat" Mayank pointed towards chair in front of him.

"Mr Mayank we can not submit our case today as there is strike of lawyers and court is close for any activity at least for two days" he told Mayank calmly "court is close? Then how can we get Ria's custody? Is there any other way?"Mayank asked impatiently while Benji was surprised to see him that much impatient just for a little girl. "Mr.Mayank there is no other way except Wait..yeah but if you can talk to him personally and could convince him to give his daughter to his wife. I think it's a last solution of your problem" Mayank who was keenly listening him got his point "I will talk to Raj" Mayank decided, though he did not want to request to that person who have hurt her but he had to do for Nupur, HIS  Nupur..



After Mr Rathor departure,Mayank dialed Raj's number "hello can I speak to Raj?"Mayank said calmly tried to control his anger "yes,I am Raj,who is there?" he replied in quite investigating tone "Mayank!"Mayank could barely control his anger "Nupur's friend"he added further after taking paused "ohh Mayank,she has told me a lot about you,"Raj said sarcastically and Mayank wished to smashed his face but he controlled on his over flowing emotions as that time Ria's custody was most important for him "so Nupur is with you, what do you want to me?"he said coming to point "Give Ria to Nupur,she is child, she needs her mother"Mayank said in requesting tone trying to convinced him "she is my daughter Mayank I know better what is good for her or not,you don't need to tell me,"Raj replied in taunting tone "ohh so you still call yourself of his father after whatever you did with that small girl,you snatched her away from her mother and you still call you as his father"Mayank taunted back "its my personal matter Mr.Sharma,"Raj said in quite loud yet angry voice "it would be personal matter for you but not for me as Nupur is my friend, I am her family, don't think Raj she has no one to take care of her, I am with her and you are answerable to me for hurting her" Mayank loosed his patience "I have no interest what relation she shares with you, I just want escape from her, I want divorce, I am not at all interested to keep Ria with me "Raj said in stubborn tone and Mayank understood why did he keep Ria with him to give torture to Nupur,to give her that much torture so she would get agreed to give him divorce "let make deal" Mayank said thinking something in his mind "which deal?"Raj asked confusedly "Give back Ria to Nupur, you will get divorce paper soon"Mayank said and waited for his answer ,after taking few seconds Raj spoke "what is guarantee that after giving her Ria,she will give me divorce?" Raj replied and Mayank smiled finally he got succeeded in his plan "I assure you, you would have to trust on me"

"ok then I have no problem"Raj got agreed, Mayank closed his eyes taking deep breath finally he felt some peace in his heart and mind  "ok I am coming to take Ria,tell me address?"

Raj told Mayank address and Mayank went out to his office to bring Ria..




The whole day Nupur tried Mayank's cell number but it was powered off or engaged,she was hell worried for him,he went for office early in the morning without eating his breakfast and did not come back yet, "its all happened because of me,"she was feeling guilty for made him upset..he trial of thought got distracted

"Mama"Ria voice hit with her ear drums and she turned her face towards door she was standing there holding Mayank's hand. finally Nupur smiled to see Ria and Mayank felt peace,happiness in his heart to see that smile on her face and his lips too curved into smile..







"what is this Nupur?"Mayank asked looking at tray which she placed infront of him..

"your favourite Biryani..i know Mr.Sharma you did not eat anything the whole day and me too"she said flipping her eyes in most innocent way and for a moment he got lost in her..




here is next part.i hope u ll liked itEmbarrassed


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kirti123 IF-Dazzler

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congrats for ur new thread 
raj is such a disgusting person
hope nupurs gives him divorce
mayank should get his love hope nupur can understand his feeling
coninue soon Smile 

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Angels_Ring Goldie

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Posted: 05 December 2011 at 10:24am | IP Logged
congratulations yaar...
you started 4th thread...
for update, it was amazing...mayank truly loves her and he is the most promising man...but she is not understanding his feeling towards her...
lovely update...
waiting for the next, update soon...

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arjunratirocks Senior Member

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Posted: 05 December 2011 at 10:47am | IP Logged
congo for ur 4 th thread and pupdate is fab luv myank so much in ur ss

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-Anila- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 December 2011 at 10:52am | IP Logged
for another new THREAD...
I wish ap ase hi aur bhi bhttt bhttt bhttt sare THREADS complete karein...ameenDay Dreaming
its a treat to read ur writing master pieces...
love u lodsss SIS...Hug
May ALLAH bless u...Embarrassed

awesome update SIS...
i loved it lodsss...
n i hate dis Raj...
Mayank is sooo nice...
i love him lodsss...
he loves his Nupur sooo much...
now i want ke Nupur jaldi se uss idiot ko Divorce de de...
n Mayank ki feelings ko samjhe...
n MayUr ek ho jaye...
loved it lodsss...
awesome precape...
btw i also love Biriyani...Wink
love u SIS...HugHugHug

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