Kkusum Update 14th October by MISBAH

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Hi Frndz,


I am an avid fan of Kkusum, and watch it daily and update it for the people who can't watch the show for some reason, and also for those who want to know before hand what transpired in the show.

I have created a Yahoo Group for the updates, Videos and Pics of Kkusum. And the group has become arguably the most active group on Yahoo, what with more than 1100 members and over 7000 message posts by members within just 2 months !! There are regular updates, weekly video uploads of some interesting clips, and wonderful collages made on Kkusum, and not to forget the wonderful discussions members share by posting their views.

From the past few days, I noticed that some members started to post my updates here on their names. They didn't even bother to tell you that the update was by me, r the place from where they got it. I requested them not to do that but my request fell on deaf ears.

I did all the hard work, and those who posted my updates here walked away with all the accolades from the  people, who read those updates.

So, from now on, I will be posting my update here. Normally, I will be doing it within 1 hour of the show ending in India. (i.e., by 10.30PM IST ).

I also wanted to inform u all that till now, all the updates you have been reading here, have been written by me.

Also, if are interested in getting the videos, pictures, and participate in great discussions, and participate in collage competitions, you are all welcome to join my group, whose link is provided below.


Sorry for my long tallk but I had to clear some misconceptions the people here had about the updates. Enough of my talk now, please enjoy the update.





Warning : This Update is for Personal Reading only. No Copying Please.

Hi, This is Khaja Misbahuddin updating Kkusum for 14th Oct, 2004


Kali is happy to hear what Garv said and turns back, and she sees Kumud. Seeing Kali's facial expression change, Garv turns back and is shocked to see Kumud standing behind him. Garv looks at her totally dumbstruck, but Kumud walks away without saying a word to him.


Kumud comes into her room and sits down on her bed crying. Kkusum, Sarala and Ksh*tij follow her into her room. Kkusum goes and stands near Kumud. She asks her as to what happened. Kumud keeps on crying. Sarala asks Kumud but she doesn't reply. Now, Sarala asks Ksh*tij to tell them what has happened. Ksh*tij tells her that when they went to the hospital with Sohan, they came to know that Garv has agreed to marry Kali. Sarala is shocked, and so is Kkusum. Kkusum comes and sits infornt of Kumud on her bed. Kkusum tells her that she can understand Kumud's pain, and tells her that she knows that Kumud tried her best to keep the relation alive. Kkusum tells her that she knew that Kumud never lost hop even thought she was disappointed with Garv 'coz somewhere down the line, Kumud had some hope that Garv will return to her. Kkusum tells her that Garv has not returned to her, and she should not cry for him. Kkusum tells her that she should cry if she lost someone dear to her, or if something very dear to her was taken away from her but not for the one who left her. She tells her that Garv has not left Kumud but he left his luck, and he can't get a better girl than Kumud. Kkusum asks her to stop crying, and tells her that if today something wrong has happened to Kumud, this might be 'coz of some good for her is in store in the future. Kumud tells Kkusum that she is missing her mother today. Kkusum tells her that she is also like her mother, and then Kumud hugs Kkusum and cries. Kkusum also has tears in her eyes.


Ksh*tij is in his room and sitting on the bed concerned. Aryaman comes there and asks Ksh*tij if he is thinking about Kumud. Ksh*tij gets up from the bed, but doesn't reply anything. Aryaman asks Ksh*tij if he remembers what he had told him erlier. Ksh*tij tells him that he remembers his words, and that is why he is hurt more when he thinks of Kumud. Ksh*tij tells him that he feels that he is also responsible for Kumud's misery even though he took the decisions at that time in the best interests of Kumud. Ksh*tij tells him that what can anyone do now 'coz whatever had to happen has already happened. Aryaman agrees with him, and tells him that they have to think of the future now. He asks Ksh*tij if he still loves Kumud. Ksh*tij is taken aback by this question, but replies that how does it make a difference if he loves someone or not. Ksh*tij tells Aryaman that Kumud loves Garv very much now, and things are different now, and he only hopes that Kumud abd Garv can unite somehow. Aryaman places his hand on Ksh*tij's shoulder, and tells him that he is proud of him. He tells Ksh*tij that he feels that Ksh*tij should support Kumud as a friend lest she should take a drastic step. Ksh*tij is worried, and tells Aryaman that nothing of that sort will happen, and he will fully support her.


Just then, Aryaman's Mom comes there, and asks Aryaman as to where is Nakul. Aryaman tells her that Nakul left the house. She retorts back asking him whether Nakul left the house or he threw Nakul out of the house. She tells him that Saakshi told him everything, and that even though Nakul accepted his mistake, he still didn't forgive him. She tells him that this was the reason that prompted Saakshi to go to America, and tells him that Saakshi had told her everything. She tells Aryaman not to be so strict with his own son, and tells him that he is still a child. She tells him that his decision may force Nakul to do something drastic. Aryaman tells her that he doesn't have any objection if nakul stays there at his house, but as far as forgiving him is concerned, then…Aryaman tries to leave. But his Mom stops him, and asks him to forgive Nakul. But Aryaman leaves.


Aryaman's Mom turns to Ksh*tij, and asks him as to what kind of big brother he was. She tells him that she agrees that by hiding the fact that he had cancer, Nakul did a big mistake, but asks Ksh*tij if he will punish his brother for the whole life for that one mistake. Ksh*tij tries to explain but she tells him that maybe Kumud was not meant to be his, then why he is punishing Nakul for that. Ksh*tij is concerned.


All Kapoor house members are at the breakfast table. Kumud comes there. Sarala asks Kumud to join them and have their breakfast. Kumud tells her that she has to go somewhere, and is waiting for Ksh*tij to pick her up. Suddenly, the servant comes there with some clothes and asks Kkusum if he has to give all these to the laundry. Kkusum tells him to do so and also tells him to be careful with the coat 'coz it's the favourite of Abhay, but Abhay stops him and shouts out that the coat which he is holding is very old. Abhay gets angry at Kkusum as to why did she touch her wardrobe. Kkusum is annoyed at Abhay's reaction and reminds him that this coat was given to him by her parents. Abhay tells her that this coat is very old and asks the servant to give it to someone. Kkusum is dejected. Nitin tells Abhay not to take too much tension just 'coz of a coat. Abhay tells all that since the button of the coat was broken, he told so. Kkusum tells Abhay to relax, and tells him that she will put a new button to it. Kkusum asks Abhay as to why he takes too much tension on these petty things.


Just then, Ksh*tij walks in. Sarala asks them as to where they are going. Kumud tells them that they are going to prepare the divorce papers. Kumud leaves. Everyone is shocked.


At the lawyers office, the lawyer Mr. Sharma tells his assistant that he is going somewhere, and tells him that one of his client is about to come, and asks him to make them wait. His assistant is weak in hearing and is unable to understand what he said. The lawyer puts the hearing machine on the ear of his assistant, and then shouts at him asking him to make his clients wait for him.


The assistant sits at the computer when Kumud and Ksh*tij come there. Ksh*tij asks him for the papers but his assistant frustrates both Kumud and Ksh*tij 'coz he is unable to understand what they are saying 'coz he doesn't have his ear machine on. Kumud takes a paper and writes down the lawyer's name in anger, and seeing that his assistant tells them that the lawyer is not there, and asks them to come later. Kumud and Ksh*tij leave the office in frustation.


Ksh*tij comes out and is frustrated at the assistant's behaviour. Kumud laughs out seeing Ksh*tij's reaction. He turns back and seeing her laughing asks her as to why  was she laughing. Kumud keeps on laughing. He asks her if she wants to eat something, and tells her that there is a nice restaurant nearby. Kumud agrees.


Kumud and Ksh*tij enter the restaurant, and see Garv and Kali together. Kumud just walks away from there. Garv and Kali also see them. Ksh*tij goes behind Kumud, and asks her to stop. But Kumud walks away from there. Ksh*tij stops near the road and asks the sho fellow to give him some "gol gappas" ( I don't know the English word…lolll ). Ksh*tij starts to eat it, and asks Kumud to join him. Kumud looks back at him, and remembers the scene from the past where she is eating the thing, and Ksh*tij is trying to tell her that its unheigenic, and how Kumud makes him eat it by force. Kumud smiles and goes to Ksh*tij, and she also eats one.


Aryaman is in his office, when Abhay and Kkusum come there with a gift. Kkusum gives him the gift, and wishes him. Abhay hugs Aryaman and he also wishes him happy birthday. Aryaman tells them that he was about to come to their house to invite them for a small party at his home. Kkusum agrees to come, but Abhay is skeptical. Aryaman tells them that he too was against arranging this party 'coz Abhay is in tension regarding Kumud and Kali, but his Mom wanted the party and so he had to agree. Kkusum tells Aryaman that she knows Abhay is tensed about Kumud and Kali, and she too is, but why would they let the concern for unknown people ( she refers to Kali and Kumud ) come in the way of happiness of the people who are near to them. Abhay asks Kkusum to wait for him outside. After she leaves, Abhay tells Aryaman that he is concerned 'coz Kkusum might be attacked again in the party. Aryaman tells him that he has a very tight security arrangement but still if he wishes then…Abhay tells him that its fine and they will come..


Kumud, Sohan and Ksh*tij are in ACP's room. He tells them that they have a last chance in the party tomorrow to catch the killer. He tells them that it is possible only if Kkusum is left alone with no security. He tells them that after all these attacks, the killer might expect that the security will be on a all-time high and so he will try to kill Kkusum. Kumud is skeptical about this. Ksh*tij agrees with ACP telling that seeing no security around Kkusum, the killer will try to attck Kkusum, and they can catch him red-handed. Kumud is still not convinced and tells them that there is a lot of risk involved. Sohan asks Kumud not to worry, and tells her that they have to take this risk. He tells Kumud that they will be there anyways. Sohan tells them that thuis party culd be the last chance.



Please comment. Waiting for ur reply.





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manimau Senior Member

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Posted: 14 October 2004 at 11:33am | IP Logged
Thank you very much Misbah!
npanchal Newbie

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Posted: 14 October 2004 at 12:23pm | IP Logged

thanks, that was an excellent update...very detailed... Smile

anitha.b IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 October 2004 at 12:27pm | IP Logged

good job misbah. I think you took a wise decision.....

atleast it will stop people copying as you post in your forum.

vijay Admin Group

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Posted: 14 October 2004 at 12:42pm | IP Logged

Hi Misbah,

Thanks for the update on Kkusum. And I am sure soon you will also be getting addicted to this site like us. I am also posting an announcement on the Forum that now Misbah will be posting the updates on Kkusum on the Kkusum Forum.

Vijay Smile

anam Groupbie

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Posted: 14 October 2004 at 1:09pm | IP Logged
Thanks MISBAH for the great update.Wink
TiN24 Goldie

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Posted: 14 October 2004 at 1:51pm | IP Logged

Thanks Misbah!

You have made my life so much easier by posting these updates all the time. I completely understand your point of view in people copying updates and presenting them as their own. What's wrong is wrong and no one can change that.

If you took the time out to write this detailed update for the unfortunate people that don't get a chance to watch, out of the goodness of your heart, then YOU should recieve FULL credit for that, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

For all those who are copying these updates saying they are yours........PLEASE DON'T. You have no idea the time and effort it takes people to write up half and hours worth of writing to summarize what happened in the ENTIRE episode. I hope people will listen.Confused

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thanks for the update MISBAH.

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