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PriDa/GauChaholics thread#59'

Jin. IF-Rockerz

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WELCOME TO PRIDA/GAUCHAHOLICS THREAD#59   -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-

"Love is friendship set on fire"


Prithvi Saxena & Damini Gujral - PriDa

played by

Gaurav Khanna & Chandana Sharma - GauCha


Strong, silent and a short tempered guy.He is basically a
chivalrous guy who thinks that its man duty to protect woman.Actually
he is not clever or street smart but he is just simple at heart and really
protective towards his family and brothers.



Strong headed, arrogant and thinks she knows it all.She works
with her mother and looks down upon the poor, she is engaged
to a rich guy who pretends to love her.Her redeeming factor is that
she is very protective towards her mother and sister.She is like a mother
to her son, but she is very emotional and always misses a strong guy
or a father figure but doesn't show any weakness.

                                                Credit: Sarah

Is it a fairytale? Is it a beautiful dream? PriDa's story is simply mesmerizing, and it has gripped countless hearts around the globe, cast a spell on so many people, and made them live, sleep and breathe these characters. We are so into their journey that it feels like its our own tale, our personal story. We dream their dreams, fear their fears, are angry during their rages, think their thoughts, feel their feelings, and fall in love with them and love every time we see them weaving magic with the poetry in motion these two create together . PriDa are no more just two fictional characters to many of us, they're like real people, and we care about them to such an extent that sometimes we scare ourselves. PriDa and time are out to charm us with this tale which has come to life with GauCha's wonderful portrayal of these two characters with so much spunk.

Fate brought these two face to face when his brother was about to kidnap her sister. Their first encounter set the perfect stage for a love story to cherish in the days to come, and their chemistry crackled, burned and sizzled. Half of his face was hidden, they just looked at each other, and there was nothing there, no emotion, because they had just met, and that too in the most bizarre of situations, but the moment was enthralling and the air trembled. Then their first proper meeting happened, and nobody could miss seeing the admiration for each other on Prithvi and Damini's faces initially during their first official meeting, but they stayed true to their characters, and their pride and ego won the race. There started a battle of wits, which saw them mostly at loggerheads, then and afterwards, both of them trying to outplay the other, trying to come out as the winner of every argument and situation .There were sparks, there were mad rages, there was fire, and the atmosphere burned with their chemistry. The attraction they felt for each other was undeniable, but they hated each other's guts and the thick veil of anger, ego, and hate kept their attraction and the remains of their former minute-long admiration for each other buried deep.

Then a stage called 'The knight in shining armour, and the falling princess' made an appearance. This phase involved the hand of fate and some beautiful and mysterious incidents trying to bring these two closer in spite of their own plans. The princess couldn't help but trip or end up being in awkward situations in his presence, and the knight was always there to lend a helping hand, to save her from falling and other disasters. But she still hated him apparently, and he seemed to be softening towards her, though he didn't let go of the tough exterior. The next stage was the start of a sense of companionship between these two. He started to feel her pain when her fianc hurt her, and he admitted his confusion to himself and asked the question why he couldn't help but stare at her. She began warming up to him too because he had been there for her in her tough times, and he became a kind of companion to her. They shared an awkward phone call, which clearly showed the tension between them, and how two people act when they are starting to put their initial resentment aside and suddenly find themselves softening towards someone they have mostly had a difference of opinion with.

But the death of his father changed everything, and he embarked on a journey of destroying her mother to avenge the death, because he held her responsible for it. He was all set to hurt her in order to hurt her mother. He suppressed his feelings for her, and vengeance shadowed and hid his budding affection. He came back in her life with a dark purpose, but he should have known better. He started acting according to his vengeful plan, but he could not stay businesslike and hard when she was involved in the equation, and when his plan began hurting her, he felt her pain too. They shared their first hug; He got to witness her vulnerable side, her tears and her pain. He couldn't help it and tried to comfort her. She was sad, broken and emotionally shattered because of her fiance, and he was confused about his feelings and his plans, and suffered with her when she was suffering. This established his battle within himself, a battle he would have to fight no matter what. He took a bullet for her too in the process. She started feeling the distant footsteps of the first stages of the thing called love. The following days saw Damini Gujral softening towards him, attending to his wounds, and him not being able to resist her softer side. He had come back with plans to destroy her emotionally, but he couldn't help caring about this girl. She was falling more and more for him, and he was getting impressed with her guts, was starting to admire her strength, and couldn't help getting lost in the feeling and gazing at her. She made him forget all about his revenge plans whenever she was in the same vicinity, and he couldn't help but lose himself. They shared a fairytale ride on Toofan, their cupid, which only made it clearer how happy his presence made her feel, and how he couldn't remain himself, and stay true to his plan, when she was in close proximity.

One fine day, her mom sent them on a date. They had their first date and bonded. Even though he remained mysterious and she was the one who mostly opened up, but he still couldn't help getting involved and living the moment, and showed his jealous and possessive side when someone else tried to dance with her . They shared their first dance and some moments where they got lost into each other's eyes, but in the end he remembered his mission and freaked out. A heated argument brought them back to square one, and on the surface, they again became an employer and an employee. In the following days, they went back in their shells, and some lines were redrawn. Formality and distance entered their relationship again, though deep inside, both of them knew that they had never been an employer and her employee. And then there was time for some awkwardness, and they started behaving like teenagers in love around each other.

Her mom had other plans, and she asked Prithvi if he would like to marry her daughter, Prithvi couldn't believe his ears and his stars and left. PriDa had a battle of wits again and were back to their old snarky selves. Then he saved her life again from the horse on the loose, they had their silent moment when the songs of silence told tales and time stopped when they got lost into each other's eyes. She took care of his wound again, and they exchanged some meaningful lines. The time that followed witnessed the best of PriDa ever. There was cuteness, there was awkwardness and there were these two proud people, in a beautifully uncomfortable situation which left them tongue-tied at times..They had a marriage talk where she questioned him about the proposal, and they couldn't even dare look at each other. He emotionally supported her when the news of her mom's illness shook her, and they shared some poignant moments when he promised her he would always be there for her. They found comfort with each other and then they both said 'yes' to the wedding in front of her 'mom'..One more milestone in their relationship was achieved when she wanted him to drop the 'Aap' and start calling her 'Tum.'

One month passed which the world didn't get to witness. In that one month they have come closer than ever, he isn't sure whether he is going into this marriage for love or for revenge, but he deeply cares about her and respects her, and is touched by her concern for his family..Damini Gujral has come a long way from where she started. She seems like a lady in love, and is positively glowing these days. She respects him and seems like she (almost) loves him. He is still fighting a battle within, between duty and his feelings for her. And they are about to get bonded in holy matrimony.

They got married, but circumstances didn't allow them to be much with wach other. It was fate's own plan to keep them close, yet far apart, and one after another, things came up.

Her feelings for him knew no bounds, and she was all in. Her marriage to her beau made Damini look more beautiful than ever, and nobody could miss the glow of love Prithvi's presence added to Damini's face. But Prithvi's demons didn't let Prithvi come close to his wife, and he did everything possible to resist her, despite yearning for her, despite caring about her, and loving her.

One fateful night, Prithvi could no longer keep playing 'resistance-resistance' and he surrendered to his feelings. PriDa came quite close to becoming one, but Prithvi's demons came back to haunt him and he pulled away before they could go all the way.

He decided that he couldn't let this happen again because of the complications surrounding them, and that he would drive her away from her. Hurting her pained him too, but he thought he was acting in her best interests.

Damini's love for Prithvi didn't let her see and investigate the real reason why her husband was acting strange, and she came up with one excuse after another to justify his actions. She was hurt by his indifference, but did everything to please him and even started changing herself, or rather trying things she never imagined she would try for the sake of love..

Prithvi came to know about his mother-in-law's innocence, and this realization changed everything. Finally, it was time for him to repent and make up for the lost moments. But by that time, Damini had decided to leave him.

He tried to win her back, and PriDa finally admitted their love for each other and became one. He decided that he would tell her the whole truth.

~To be continued~


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Jin. IF-Rockerz

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:::Rules of the AT:::

1) Discussions should be on PriDa or Gaucha (mainly).You can discuss other topics too.

2)Comparison are not allowed, either with other LNMDJ couples or any other show.
3)Constructive criticism is welcome. But bashing will strictly not be tolerated.
4)Follow I-F COC rules.
:::Tips to keep the AT active:::
1) leave atleast two posts each time you visit. since three or more would lead to spamming.
2)you can post your fav prida scenes and rekindle those memories.
3) read any new one shot or fanfiction on prida? then do share it and make discussions on it. If you have visited some really old threads like JIIP thread or prida writer's corner and read anything there then do post it here and share it and discuss on it, since those threads are old and closed.
4)watched any video mix on prida? post its youtube link here. share it with other pridaholics and discuss.
5)post the pictures of prida or gaucha, old or new here to revive the good olden days. limit to one or two pictures per post. this would not cause heavy load on the servers for the one's who use i-f through mobile. (i know they are posted in picture gallery, but share them here too)
6)share your creations like avis and siggies here along with the creations gallery. we can treasure exclusive prida stuff here.
7)share the actors' new projects and articles here. this is very important. if possible we'll index them.
8)conduct any quiz, like asking questions or guessing pictures or giving captions. you can make PJs and fun posts in this thread.
any other suggestions are welcome.

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Jin. IF-Rockerz

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if anyone wants their name to be added in the fan list please leave a post in this thread or PM me (Tich).








angelic shaz

Total 127 fans

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Jin. IF-Rockerz

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42 http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1383258

43 http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1386321

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49 http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1405528

50 http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1415323

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52 http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1432881

53 http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1450285


55 http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1498991


:::List of Prida fanfictions, short stories, one-shots, video mixes and more:::
(credit: khwaish)


:::List of Important Prida posts:::
(credit: khwaish)


:::Prida scenes youtube link channel:::
(credit: ILuvPremeer)


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Jin. IF-Rockerz

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This section contains the current hot topic discussion in the thread
The page numbers of the important posts like siggies, avi's and writing or games.


Shwetha's magical post on prida.

Reliving Prida Magic - Prida in Black and Rain


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Jin. IF-Rockerz

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Pridalicious Journey so far

(credit is unknown, do notify me if you know the writer of this passage)

They came from two completely different worlds. Damini came from the rich and popular world. Prithvi came from a world full of hardship. They couldn't have been any more different. Their relationship started off as mere employer-bodyguard and once Prithvi set his eyes on Damini, the girl didn't stand a chance. But revenge came in between them when Prithivi's father died and Prithvi thinks that Damini's mom is behind Saxena's death thus he is taking revenge against Damini so he decides to break her engagement by revealing the true face of her fiance inder in front of her so he can weaken her, but dami proves to be a strong girl more than pri has ever thought the time gives them chances to know each other more and they do by getting closer inspite of being fire of revenge burning in prithvi's heart he could'nt resist himself from loving damini, damini by the thought and fear that prithvi will become her habbit one day tries to stay from him but ila who is so impressed of prithvi specially his care towards her eldest and stubborn daughter decides to make him her son in law she
talks to prithvi who declares that he will not answer till he gets one from damini
and very sweetly she agress to to marry him, and they both get married with damini
having her new dreams for prithvi and prithvi having the thoughts of taking
revenge from damini but even after getting married the cricumstances lead prithvi
to think about damini and her family who is reponsible for his distruction instead of taking revenge but now the cirucmstances have changed again
his mother's condition reminds him everytime about his purpose but the pain still haunts him that he is hurting an innocent damini who is now his wife, now he has got the power of attorney and he is kept on hurting damini so he can changed her love into hatred where as damini is doing every possible effort to win prithvi's heart but in return all she gets is disappointment and prithvi has played his last and most dangerous shot to completely destroy ila gujral and in a day everything is going to be changed and damini is hurt but than comes the truth in front of prithvi that ila gujral is not the culprit instead she was the one who tries to help his father, and prithvi gets feels extremely guilty and ashamed for what he did to damini and for the pain he caused to her, but now damini has decided to get a divorce from prithvi, and prithvi apologizes to damini and is still doing all efforts ot correct his mistakes but damini who is hurt deeply is not at all ready to forgive her love, will damini ever forgive prithvi or will she give her love a second chance or is too late for prithvi to ammend everything he did wrong????Damini forgives prithvi and both starts thier married life again, but than Inder exposes Saxenas that shatters Damini, and ila who was already sick dies too and taking the promise from prithvi that he will always keep her daughter happy,damini tells pri that for the sake of her mother's last request only,she will give their marriage another chance, and amidst all this tension Prithvi's mausi and her nephew arrives at Gujral Mansion and are shocked to see her nephwes, pri,sameer and varun like this and she is all set to create troubles in their messed lives. Will PriDa be able to fight all these circumstances and will find their lost love again???

married life...

Congratulations on the 59ththread pridaholics.
In the next thread, i.e. on the 60th thread we'll organize AT awards
Now this thread is ready.
you can post here.
:::Happy PriDa Discussions:::
But first post your suggestions for the title of this thread.

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Reasons why we love PriDa
(compiled by Zeustina)

Because he's protective of her
2.Because we love their
3.Because he's her 'bodyguard'
4.Because they're hot.
5.Because Damini yells at Prithvi to avoid her feelings
6.Because Prithvi is like a coconut hard outside,soft inside and this shows he cares for damini
7.Because Prithvi calls her 'baadimagh' and Damini calls him 'baadtameez'
8.Because he splashed water on her
9.Because black is their color and they sizzle in it
10.Beacause prithvi saves damini all the time from danger
 11.Because damini hugged prithvi when she was heartbroken
12.Because he punched a guy over her.
13.Because he's not gonna take her crap forever.
14.Because the eye contact says it all.
15.Because they deserve a chance.
16.Because they're Prithvi and Damini, need we say more?
17.Because Damini knows hes gonna be her boyfriend/soul mate sooner or later.
18.Because he will adore her to the point of obsession.
19.Because Gaurav and Chandana has undeniably awesome chemistry together
20.Because we can't wait for another romantic scene!
21.Because it's them against the odds!
22.Because with Prida one look was all it took 
23.Because Prida are a lovestory in the making
24.Because Prithvi saved Damini from the biggest mistake she was going to make 'Inder'
25.Because even toofan loves them
26.Because he's always there for her
27.Because she's softening up to him
28.Because she wants him to be around her 24-7
29.Because she took care of him
30.Because damini can't stop herself calling 'Prithvi' by his name ever since she started
31.Because he calls her damini 'ji'

PriDa fanmade love scenes
(compiled by Euratn99)

PriDa love scenes
(Compiled by Ramsha247)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Heart~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Happy new thread guys!!!!!!!!!

Dancingwe have made it till 59Party

Lets do the Shri Ganesh :)

Btw Tich lovely Thread layout..Good workClap

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Sun10. IF-Dazzler

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at last v made it to 59 Big smile

Congo ppl..

I hope i wil b active dis time Tongue


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