Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

~Kissey Ek Hazaaron Mein~ NL # 5

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In India there is no greater event in a family than a wedding, dramatically evoking every
possible social obligation, kinship bond, traditional value,
impassioned sentiment, and economic resource. In the arranging and conducting of
weddings, the complex permutations of Indian social systems best display themselves.

Weddings are an occasion rich with traditions. Weddings bring with them celebrations and customs full of fun.

An Indian traditional wedding with its arrangements of RASAMS has
an exigent role for every member of the family to play,
therefore making the presence of these family members an important part of the whole affair.
Have a look into the many rituals and roles playing in the whole wedding ceremonies.

We are beginning from the parents of the bride and the groom.


The father of the bride generally finances the entire wedding day ceremony.
The most important of all rituals is the kanyadaan is performed by the bride's father.
This ritual is the symbolic of the fact that therefore now her husband must take her responsibility.
Among Hindus the father of the bride is supposed to be the one to
hand out the first invitation of this auspicious occasion to the lord of success and prosperity.
And besides this the father of the bride is the first one to perform the milni ceremony,
the custom to welcome the groom and his relatives.


The mother of the bride assists the purohit with the sthapna ceremony of LordGanesha.
Also the mother of the bride performs the aarti to welcome the groom, after the milni ceremony is over.
For the mother of the groom, the wedding of her son is the most important events of her life.
When the groom sits on the horse, his mother feeds him sweets
and wishes him good luck.
She asks him to bring back a beautiful wife.


The brother of the bride and the groom, both play a very important role in a Hindu wedding.
The brother of the groom becomes the best man;
being by his side throughout the ceremony .
He is dressed as sarbala and accompanies the groom till the bride comes along with the groom.
And in all religions, the brother of the bride goes to bring back his sister
a few days after the wedding to her parent's house for few hours till
her husband comes to take her back.

the groom's sister ties sehera to his turban.
The duties of the sister of the groom begin after the wedding,
when her brother brings his bride home.
She welcomes all the guests by performing aarti and applying tilak.
And besides this, she is also supposed to decorate the bed for the
wedding night with flowers and the other decorations.
The first meal of the bride in her new  house is shared with the sister of the groom.

An Indian traditional wedding with its rituals has an important role
for every member of the family to play.
Making the presence of these family members has a vital role for the whole affair.

One of my favorite traditions in Indian weddings is that of "Joota Chupai" or stealing shoes.
So the tradition starts when the groom sits for the puja,
he takes off his shoes. At that point, his saalis or the bride's
sisters/cousins/bridesmaids steal the shoes and return them for some money.
It is the job of groomsmen/groom's brothers/cousins to not
let the bride's entourage to steal the shoes,
and at the same time the bride's side has
to try their best to get the shoes and hide them.
Usually the bridesmaids successfully steal the shoes as it is a matter of their pride and honor.
Once the ceremony is over and the groom needs his
shoes back he and his family start searching for it.
The bridesmaids surround him and ask for a huge sum of money
which the groom pays them and gets his shoes back.

It is not about the money, but the fun that comes along with the tradition.
The bride's side usually comes up with crafty ways of hiding the shoes.
In the movie "Hum Aapke Hain Kaun", Madhuri Dixit and other cousins of the bride
hid the shoes in a "laddoo" box.
Once the time comes to return the shoes to the groom,
the "saalis" negotiate with the groom and his side for the money.

The tradition of "Joota chupai" is a really fun way of involving
the family and friends in the wedding.
We would love to hear about your "joota chupai" experiences!

Me is Team Jeevika  !! I wanna Be viren's SALI u see ;) AADI GHARWALI
so tht later he can do my n Virats rishta ;)  
anyways  ! in us arabs there is nothin like JHOOTA Stealing
and if i tell u guys u will laugh  !!
its NOT the gurls Sisters Askin for money from the Groom !!
in us Arabs its THE GUYS SISTER !!
Askin for money frm her brother  and there is NOTHIN like Jhoota STEALING
but ripping his KANDOORA (the arabic guys clothe) off  !
if he doesnt give u  ! so like 5 months ago ! on my cuzin Brothers weddin
kamina was not givin us money  !!
WE ACTUALLY BEAT HIM up ! n Ripped his Kandoora Off n the
cake we bought for him TO CUT  !! we put it on his face  !!
LATER he gave us DOUBLE thn we asked for  n ALL this HAPPENED
in the HALL in front OF EVERY1  !! he didnt do anyfin tht time buh after his wedding !
he beat the shit out of me  !(as a joke) !
anyways it was CRAZY  I always love weddin !
n wats more xcitin me is ! its my cuzin sis weddin in 10 days
so there r crazier things we gona do !!
n GUESS WAH  ! we doin Mannu's Sangeet wala idea *EVIL*
wait i talked alot  thts it

Jeevika's side cuz
a) I have a girl crush on Krystle
b) Maanvi's more fun then the Vadhera's and
c) I refuse to be on the same side as Virat when soon me and him are eloping *hmph*

Wedding experience Well my cousin's wedding took place and her doli left from my house
but I didn't pay much attention to it I helped
make food though like mithai etc (since we usually eat langar at the gurdwara so not a lot was required)
and helped decorate.In India though we went
to a wedding and was half asleep but there was a mishap with the guy's shoes Turns out he didn't wear
the traditional jhooti and wore running shoes cuz they were more comfy
and the girl's side took the bride's cousin's shoes by accident ..They still got money though.

I'm taking Viren's side!
Obvious reasons, groom's side is always having a heavier play
since at the end of the wedding, they take the bride away
Well, personally, I have two elder brothers, so I never experienced being
in the bride's side, & maybe I am happier with the groom's!
My elder brother got married 3 years ago,
and when his haldi ceremony was going on, the entire bowl fell on him  poor thing,
seeing his face was worth a million dollar!  good times.

I pick Jeevika's side because Manvi is there
...and i LOVE her
...and...im always on the girls side!!
my joote stealing story...ok ...so my cousin brother (Bhaia)
dated and eventually married an old friend of mine
...keep in mind...we moved to the US back in '89
and i was never close to Bhaia until he moved out here in 2000
but that Di...i had known her and she'd been like an older sister
to me since i was 4..so when the wedding rolled around..
i was on the girls side..we had planned on taking the shoes but it was
hard because my whole family was against me!! any way...come time for the wedding day
and the Baraat just arrived at the hall...hum ladki wale are standing
at the door not allowing entry until a fee was paid
...we started bargaining and yelling and just having a ball...thats when another of my Bhaia's says...
"tik hai...hum paisa denge magar ek shart hai...tum
ladkiwaloon ko dulhe ko godhi mein uttake andar lana hoga"
...us girls...freaked out...how can we carry my Bhaia...who isnt fat but
"healthy"...lol...just then another Didi's husband comes (also part of ladki wale)
out of nowhere...he picks up Bhaia in his arms...how that helped us steal the shoes you may ask
...well...the entire Baraati was still outside the gates...with Bhaia in Jiju's arms.
his feet were up in the air...i grabbed one shoe...and another of us girls grabbed another shoe
and we ran...we ran for our lives!! oh it was hilarious...to this day...
best shoe stealing ever!! we also got around $1000 from him...
of course it was split many ways...but worth it...

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Nov 28: The epi actually reminded me of the sequence from the movie Hum Saath Saath Hain,
where in the new bahu is made familiar to her new family. In this episode,
Maanvi and Dabbu imitate the members of the Vadera family.Its actually fun
to see Maanvi dancing and enacting the role of Jeevika, where in Dabbu enacts the role of  the members.
At the beginning its fun, Virat too joins and dances with the her.
Swamini is bit furious, she is unhappy with the play.
Viren and Jeevika do a small dance, at this point
we see the Shooter,
aims at Viren with a laser gun, Virat notices him and goes to catch him, but the shooter runs off.
Virat is worried. Later after the Play, Swamini is not happy with the play,
when Viren and Jeevika go to take her blessings,
she walk away. Leaving everyone stunned and shocked. Maanvi in tears.


Nov 29: The epi was really a sad one. After Swamini leaves,
Maanvi is left crying and apologzing to everyone for her act.Virat goes to talk to Swamini,
and somewhat takes the blame on himself.But She is not convinced.
Beeji comes in, and apologizes,Swamini is really unhappy with Maanvi.
Beeji therefore tells her that Maanvi will never come in front of her.
Maanvi is still crying and asking for forgiveness.Viren was really sweet
to her, She goes to Dadaji, who apologizes..and he says
that he will talk to Swamini. later on, everything is kind of fine.
Swamini gives her blessings to Viren-Jeevika.All are happy, Manvi goes to apologize but Beeji stops.
We also got to see an emotional scene between the sisters.
Virat later talks to Dadaji about the shooter.

Nov 30: The epi starts with Chaudary's and all emotional. They talk about stuffs and Maanvi makes fun ,
Jeevika cooks for everyone. Back at the Vadera's Virat is still tensed about the shooter,
and  asks Viren to withdraw fromt he case, but Viren refuses
that  he cannot think about his happiness since the happiness of the poor people living in that area is
involved.Maanvi is thanking BG for handling the situation.
She adds that she will personally thank Swamini tomorrow.
But BG tells her that she doesn't want
Maanvi to attend Viren-Jeevika's wedding!
Maanvi is shocked. She begs for forgiveness,
but Beeji reminds her of the promise. After much of talking and explaining from beeji,
Maanvi gives in and promises not to attend the wedding.

Dec 1: We see Jeevika finding Maanvi alone and the two sisters have a sister
moment .Jeevika tells Maanvi never to leave her side.Later , we see the Choodi ceremony
Wherein maanvi tries to avoid the ceremony, but Beeji suggests her
to enjoy the function admists her family. The choodi ceremony,
Mama does the honors. We get to see Maanvi dancing.
Dadaji tells Virat that Viren's life is in danger.Viren overhears this .
Dadaji reveals everything to Viren.The Vadhera ladies arrive with Virat and soon the
ceremony proceeds with Manvi watching the ritual hidden.

Dec 2: We get to see the leaf dropping ceremony.The leaf falls on Dabbu.
Virat and Maanvi have a convo regarding why she is standing separate.
He makes her come down.At the Vadera's , haldi ceremony is in full swing.
Virat also calls up Maanvi's to ask if she is okay ,but he feels she is hiding something.
Jeevika is all set for the wedding. Maanvi dresses her up,
and Maanvi is giving instructions.But Jeevika refuses to listen, saying
Maanvi will be by her side throughout. Maanvi is saddened by this.
Lets wait and watch , whether Maanvi will come to the wedding or not.


 "Tu meri padchayi nahi meri aatma hai" "You are not my shadow, but my soul".

There were many dialogues that caught our attention this week,
but this particular one emerged as the best of it all atleast for me.
Throughout the week we have been shown both the sisters getting
emotional thinking of them being separated soon. Manvi being told not to attend the wedding,
kept her sister's happiness on top of hers and decided to not break the promise she made to Biji.
There were so many instances were we were shown
the deep heart wrenching bond these two sisters share,
it's the highlight of the show! I loved this particular dialogue not only because it
tells us what these two share, but what they mean to each other.
Jeevika's world revolves around Manvi and vice versa, they are ready to do anything and everything for the other one.


So who was the character of the week?

I think you all will be thinking along the same lines as me'because in my opinion'

it was MAANVI.

For me, she HAD to be the character of the week. I can't even imagine how hard
it must be for her to stay away from her own sister's wedding,
the sister she loves more than her life but yet she agreed just for the sake of her sister.
Though I believe that Beeji is being completely unfair in asking Maanu to stay away from the wedding,
I give her kudus for her understanding, maturation and dedication.


Our cute and adorable who are able to get married.For their scenes this week,
the sangeet scene with their short dance was too adorable, and they went further
than just their fingers hooked together..lolz...but it was so cute.
And the scene when Viren imagines Jeevika in a pink sari..short but totally adorable.

Hmm'I think it was a quiet week for VirMan as their interaction wasn't
much this week. But a scene I liked was when Virat takes a stand for Maanvi
in front of Swanini Bua telling her that he told her to go ahead with the act.
It may not seem like much but I think it shows the care he has for her.
And Thursday's episode when he comes to the outhouse with his family to drop off
Jeevika's bridal dress, the way he was looking for her. He comes in a room
and his eyes are searching for her..hayeee'I found that cute.

I think the producers can make tons of money if they were collecting their viewers' tears..
lolz..but seriously, the scenes this week with Jeevika and her family
made me cry not to mention Jeevika and Maanvi's scenes. I know the wedding
bidaai scene will make us cry too, so be advised, don't watch the wedding in a public place..lolz

We'll all probably have our own views as to which character this week was the 'best dressed'.
All the characters were dressed exquisitely for the various rituals that
took place this week, the colourful clothing, and the (almost) cheerful atmosphere
made the decision for the 'Best Dressed Character' more difficult.
Maanvi looked stunning with her brightly coloured outfits and range of hairstyles,
Jeevika looked unique with her stunning outfits and colour coordinated accessories,
both sisters as well as brothers (Viren and Virat) were extremely well dressed during this week's functions.
Yet one particular character stood out from the rest: dashing, handsome and a complete Hrithik Roshan
(hint hint) would be the words used to describe the character chosen for this week's
BEST DRESSED; and yes don't worry,
I'm not talking about Shlok- though if I had my way, he would be
chosen for this week's best dressed :P his lavish dress sense
make me as well as other Shlok fans fida,
but then again I want to avoid chapals from members when
I enter the forum so I will obviously need to chose another character for best dressed hehe-

So the Best Dressed Character for this week, goes to'

*Drum Roll Please*

This week's Hrithik Roshan'


Here is an image so we can re-witness the extravagant Hrithik like beauty we saw this week.

In this segment, I will overall rate the week's episodes, based on the current track as well as the pace of the story.
The pace of this weeks episodes have been quite average,
though it could have been quite faster. Starting from Maanvi's performance
and ending with the dangers lurking above Viren and his family,
the week has held interesting episodes to keep the audience hooked!
Swamini's reactions to Maanvi's performance, and the consequences of this performance
resulted in Virat's concern for Maanvi growing-this was a plus side to VirMan fans to this weeks episodes.
The sisterly bond between M & J was continuously reflected through the week's episodes;
Maanvi hiding her grief and worries from her sisters to prevent Jeevika from becoming worried,
touched many members within this forum as that episode clearly illustrated M's love for J.
The ceromonies and rituals that took place this week took up quite a bit of time-
this was the down side to this week's episodes, therefore resulting in the pace of the week's episode to decrease.
Yet despite the pace of the episodes, the content within this week's episodes
were enough to keep EHMMBH viewers glued to their seats,
as the suspense of 'anonymous killer' is continuously being built up. Kaun hai ye mystery killer-
it will hopefully be disclosed through next weeks episodes!
Till then keep on watching EHMMBH and push our show to TOP RANK!

Considering all this, the overall rating for this week's episodes would be:

Overall Rating: 9/10

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All posts made during this week have been judged with: The contents, whether suitable,and whether it led to a good discussion or not.

Post of the Week goes to:

Post: Absolutely beautiful & heartbreaking!!

Link: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=2209284

Reemz has continuously shared great posts on this forum, and has brought great discussion on this forum,
I felt this week she deserved Post of the Week.
Her post consisted of a scene between the two sisters, she shared her view
regarding this scene, which in turn led to a great discussion amongst members.
Great job Reemz!! Hoping for a lot more great Posts of the Week coming from many members in the upcoming weeks.

This award is lil familiar for us naa ? i guess all viraat & kushal's crazy fans are dying to get it naa ?
i wish i could get it too :d But i cannot !! you know why ?
becoz i'm the judge in this game so how can i choose myself ? ROFL !!
too easy this week : the lucky winner is a loyal Virman fan
who's always around the forum and who was always supporting
EHMMBH from the 1st daay !! this person is none other thaan

congratz honeey  this one for yew

yeaah !! this one is my faav award !! coz we're all girls so obviouslyy i cannot choose any bandar !!
naah ...kidding ;D simplyy because i love maanvi to the core <3
she's awesome !! so this week our the bandariya title goes to ...*

*:) coz she's very active inVirman AT  + she's their big Faaan <3 congraatz honey

Anyone ? who wants to be THE mrs.Viren vadhera this week?[.CENTER]
Well i already know about the winner tought :D nobody cannot be on the hawt seat *sorry*
so according to you : who should be the winner this week ?
any guesses ? hmm...koi baat nahi : main hi bata deti hoon !!
LOL ... the person i chose is someone who spoils us with her wonderful creations , a big fan of Kryran&virika : its none other thaan

our own yamz ! congraatz love <3


so to end it with the awards : i'll present the "jeevika award" of this week
and it goes to her supporter thought there are many but i can't choose
everyone so this week  the hawt seat is taken by ...our lovely mods ravz <3

truely deserved <3

Haan , haan : its the end of our award ceremony :)
be ready to win these 4 awards : not a difficult task !
rofl so see ya on next sunday : same time , same place

with love...maria

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Developing Characters

Recently various characters have been seen showing a development either in their character or in their relationship. Each episode brings out another side to a character, perhaps something we may not have expected. One character that has been seen developing continuously throughout the last few weeks is: Virat. As viewers we have understood that Virat's character is not always to be 'mischievous' and 'troublesome'; in fact we have seen some glimpses to his character that have been quite the opposite.

What developments have been seen within Virat's character? After the mischievous side of Virat that has continuously been portrayed to us by the CV's, the sudden shade and change to his character surprised many viewers. The developments taking place to his character has made many viewers aware that there is more to what the eye can see- Virat's character can be seen as quite complex with the sudden changes that have been taking place with his character.

The confrontation Virat had with Maanvi illustrated''


 This is the preview to the mag section we have considered to place within the NL as part of the issue, do share your views on this and as to whether or not it should be continued. Thanks.

Hope you all enjoyed reading our edition.. Do show your support by making more posts , VMs, Siggies and Avis.. 

Here I would like to Thank and give credit to the Media Gallery , Creation gallery and Picture Gallery , without your support this wouldnt have been possible.All the winning siggies are made by Komal. Full credits to her..

All the above winning awards were given to those whose links are there in the galleries only, so make sure to give in your links there.

Last but not the least, We thank the members who made this edition possible. Thanks and enjoy reading.

Komal, Maria, Naila, Reya and Sangs.

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The FIFTH edition is up.. Party

Thanks to all who have contributed to this NL.. I really appreciate it.. 

Thanks a lot to my partners. Love working with you guys.. Hug

We really thank you all for the tremendous support you have been giving throughout..Hope you guys have a great time reading the edition! Please leave your comments, criticism, suggestions! 


PS: Congrats to all the winners... Keep up the good job guys..

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Great Job Everyone
YAMMZZZ PartyCongo Yaar. Hug Same to you Aishh and Manal and all of the 'Character of the Weeks'

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Yeaaah !!
 congraatz on the 5th NL everyoneHugone more tyym it caame oout awesome Big smile i'm proud of me , myy whole team : twinoo , sangz , naila &  reyaApprove the song has its dhinchaaak effect !! loved it saangzBig smileLOL  thaat's it from me i guess :: congraatz to all the winner<3 !! Clap
feel free to saay whatever you feeel huun EmbarrassedBig smile
keep rocking everyone !! Love yew all

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Nice edition :-) you can go ahead with mag but I think this is alright with only a nl

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