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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

NL AK Droolers#8: PayAsh confession Spl Edition

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^^Thankew so much Khushi for wonderful bannerHug
ArHiliciousDroolers #8: You and Me Mission impossible

Maria:  Hey Janu today I will join u guysEmbarrassed
Shine: Yayyy my bakri is joining inStar
Fairy: Yup she is here now so can I go and studyTongue
Shine: Yup go and study *evil laughter
Fairy:Shocked Did u do something
Maria: Yeah she gave me grassBig smile
Fairy: From where did u got grassGeek
Shine: I gave her ur booksCool
Maria: Dont worry ur books are safe
Shine:Shocked Then what did u have
Maria: I ate real grass and ur Jalebis tooBig smile
Shine: Now r also in my Hit oops hot list welcome to thatTongue

A BIG THANKYOU and3 BIG CLAPS to ALL membersof the IPKKND NL teamClap

Well done to you all for your hardwork and getting your assigned tasks in to Sanju (--sunshine--) and Neethi (PurpleFairy) by the assigned day.

Dialogue of the week: ArHi4ever
Song of the week: --sunshine--
Poem of the week: Cute.Sadaf
Summary of the week: Tanthya 
Funny scene of the week: the_rain

Picture of the WeekDaShIng_GiRl
Blooper of the Week: ArHi4ever
Filler of the Weekcindrella255 
Rating of the Week: --sunshine--
Videomix of the week : Miss-Pakiie-KMH
Joota Scene of the Weekrechup
Rakshabhandan Scene of the Week:aquablue17
Achari Scene of the Week: Miss-Pakiie-KMH and --sunshine--
Most Irritating Character of the WeekShinningStar18
 Funny Character of the Week: -Ammie-
Video avi of the week: Miss-Pakiie_KMH
Icon of the week: Miss-Pakiie-KMH
Best FF of the Week, Best OS of the Week: --sunshine-- and aquablues17
Message to CVs, Siggy of the week, Video siggy of the week: minuu
Most Active Thread of the week, Most Active Member of the Week: -Fatz-
Best character of the week: shobrakapoor

Winner animated avis: --sunshine--
Newsletter Banner/logos/animations: khushix
Getting everything together & working on the final posts and layout:--sunshine-- & Miss-Pakiie-KMH

Much love,
Newsletter Heads: Neethi (PurpleFairy) & Sanjana (--sunshine--)
and offcourse Minu (minuu) CoolROFL

Sanju(--sunshine--) Neetz(PurpleFairy) and Minu(minuu)

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Laavanya purchses  her engagement trousseau  on the advice of Khushi..while Anrav decides not to get affected by Khushi anymore..Arnav walks into his house only to be confronted by La dressed like Khushi.. A edgy Arnav loses it and snpas at Lavanya telling her to change her refuses ..Arnav storms awat leaving La Teary eyed ..Khushi  goes to Arnav , gets him to realize the error of his ways .. leading to an apology from Arnav ..Khushi leaves for home ..

Maamiji begins to think of getting Akash married, which sends Akash into a tizzy..he calls up Payal and fixes a meeting with her for the next day .. The next morning  Arnav and Khushi end up at the same cafe where Payal and Akash were meeting led by the erratic behavior of their respective siblings ..ARHI  are stunned to discover that their siblings are in love .. but their love is held in check by Payal who fears that this alliance will not have the approval of Akash's parents.. She rejects Akash's proposal and leaves the cafe followed by Khushi..

Khushi realizes that Payal does love she begins to plot and plan her move to get Payal to confess her love.. She enlists Arnav's help to bring the love birds PAYASH closer .. Khushi  stages a elaborate charade with Arnav acting as her willing assistant ..Together they concot a plot which makes Payal think that Akash is going to commit suicide unable to face her rejection   of him..A panic stricken Payal goes with ARHI to the suicide point and confesses her love for Akash.. The foursome are happy at the positive outcome although Payal is bit worried but her fears are addressed by Arnav and he assures that he will take care of his family members..

 The brothers head home after dropping the girls.. Akash cant stop himself from praising Khushi's innovative plan and expresses his approval ..Arnav has a affectionate smile on his face when Akash is speaking about Khushi.. Aksh enters the drawing room and is met by Ms.India ..His prospective Bride chosen by Mamiji ..A  firm Akash refuses to marry anyone, emphatically declares that he will be marrying Payal  .. Mami is angry, she tells her husband to talk some sense into Akash but Mama expresses his support to Akash...The rest of the family are happy and bless Akash ..

An wrathful Maami calls up Payal and humiliates her .. A distressed Payal  rings Akash, informs him that their relationship cannot be built on  his Mom's rejection and  tries to call off the relationship.. This conversation is overheard by Khushi.. A tensed Khushi goes to RM, takes Arnav to task for not handling the job properly and tries to conduct a rehearsal on how to tackle Mami ...

Anjali suddenly seems to have become suspicious of Shyam but ehr suspicion is allayed by a clever Shyam and Anajali begin to trust Shyam again ..

If this were a paid job, I'd have asked for overtime this week! 

I literally had to pull my hair out to make the decision this week. Which scene am I supposed to choose as Funny Scene of the Week? Arnav-Khushi's Halwai vs Lard Governor vocal boxing match? Table for two? Khushi Kumari Gupta's 'chai-biscoot' show? Khushi imitating Aakash wearing Buaji's glass or KKG's full dose filmy training to ASR to help him 'manaofy' Mamiji?

What Crap!

So, I decide to play safe and declare the whole suicide fiasco as Funny Scene of the Week! 

After letting their ego get better of them, Arnav and Khushi comes to realize soon that they have placed a huge obstacle in the way of their respective siblings' happiness. So, they decide to call truce and hatch a plan together to get them together. And what a plan that was! Khushi lays the foundation of doubt in Payal's mind by stating the not so comforting horoscope update. There Arnav, as a dutiful big bro makes Aakash call Payal, giving him tips to finalize the 'deal'.Payal acts the way they wanted her to react and refuses to talk to Aakash.

The second stanza of the play scripted and directed by Khushi Kumari Gupta and performed by a very gobsmacked Arnav Singh Raizada starts then. Arnav rushes to Gupta houe with a suicide not written by Aakash and blames Payal, when Khushi kept adding spices in her own style. Though Arnav almost mess things up when Payal throws him a question that he hasn't been taught by KKG. But by doing full-time nautanki, they manage to convince Payal that Aakash is indeed on his way to commit suicide.

Their nautanki continues up to the extreme till Payal finally confess her love and Aakash and Payal unite.

The whole segment was so full of fun that it's hard to put them in words. Be it Arnav-Khushi's eye and hand motions, their bickering in soft voice so that Payal wouldn't hear them or their body-language - the total effect was hilarious. Who could keep their face straight when Arnav blurts out "Kya bolu aab?" or when Khushi so dramatically mentions that Aakash must have jumped leaving his spectacles behind as it would've been easier to jump without seeing the height.

A standing ovation to Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani for their impeccable comedy timing. They were simply out of the world in those scenes. There aren't words enough to praise what they delivered this week. So hats off! They've certainly made this week a memorable one.

So, this is it for this week. Judging by the Friday's precap, we are in for more of it next week. Until then, happy Weekend!

Joota scene of the week is after watching which we all are about to break our TV screens.
This week was amazing with many funny scenes.
It was almost free from disgusting scenes.
 It was full of Payash and Arhi. Payash confession and Arhi playing the role of cupid was awesome.
 It was easy for me to select the joota scene as there was a scene in which Mamiji called Payal and gave her a disgusting bhashan in her terrific language.She reminded Payal about her status and told her that she could never become her daughter in law.

Whole Thursday episode was filled with Achaari scenes but best scene was when Khushi ties to Scare Payal by telling spectacles and the way she asks th ASR that KYUN Arnavjee and the wa he steals that KILLER SMILE  was just killer now I am moving DEAD BODYBig smile. Okay yeah coming back to scene this grls really can make him smile,

Another droolicious scene was when ASR is like plan was stupid he and she is over-confident. What I liked the most now Khushi is making ASR to do thise things which he dont like. He didnt liked the plan but still he was part of that planWink

Well this week's best rakshabandhan scene of the week was definetly the Arnav and Akash's scenes. Man they were soo cutee!!

                Poor Arnav was giving his little brother all of the advices he could think of even though they were all related to business. I mean it is not the poor guy's fault since he has never been taught anything else so off course he gives only business related advice.

                I thought it was so adorable how Arnav went to all of that extent just to see the small smile on his brother's face. When Akash was standing up for himself in front of Mami, then Arnav watched with a smile on his face, as little brother finally gained a back bone.

                So all in all, the best scene was definitely of Arnav and Akash. Let's make some noise for the Raizada Boyzz!!

This s week was funny and there was  huge development in Payaash track...
Fillers were quite less...Can't even say fillers but some scenes were draggy
On Monday's episode , Mami unnecessarily phati sareeing Khushi and getting glares from Nani, which was absent for last 1 or 2 weeks once again repeating...

And Shyam slithering away once again from the ring rigmarole...Anjali getting strong doubts about her Hubby dear, and whoosh! a candle light dinner...doubts washed away in no time...
Yeah, necessary for the establishment of the track...could have been shorter...

Hope next week will be a treat for us...Looking forward for Monday


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before comin to my topic i juz want to thank sanju aka --sunshine-- for helpin cz this two weeks i couldnt do my work cz of xams nd she managed d whole mess created by me! im so sry di nd thnku so much 4 helpin me. im so grateful to uSmile
                              on to my topic so who will be d BC of the week. hmm mami ,lavanya , anjali.LOL ok ok suno frnds before throwin chappals on me ive come to a decision. nd after a long tym presentin u d bc of week is none other thn... oops! its a tieWink so frnds d BC is...!!!???

now i dont need to xplain the reason rite. arnav nd khushi both were d best in this week's epi. they both inspite of their ego stood together to unite payaash. dat was d best quality abt them. nd arnav he even frgot his anger, ego twrds khushi nd stood along with her crazy plans. have to say he enjoyed her plans. it was clear when he smiled when khushi said abt akash to payal. khushi is ready to do anythin for her sister. she is even ready to sacrifice her happiness for her sister. nd arnav he is such a lovin brother nd he is everytym wit akash. even though he doesnt believe in love he stood with khushi to unite them. nd arhi are nw frnds bcz of payaash. even though at first both were fightin with each other after understandin their siblings love they stood together nd made d plan succesful. i have to say dat d transition in arnav was fab! khushi's plan was silly but he too cooperated with her. barun's expo was  juz awesme nd sanaya too rocked!
nd nt dat they were too much funny dialogues in this week's epi. will post d best among them!
 first of all i juz lovd d rickshaw walla's dialogue hey hero dekh ke nahi jaa sakthe hoon!!! thn after dat arhi dialogues!!!
 Arnav: tum! yaha kya kar rahe hai!
Khushi: hum woh... ek minute. aap humse kyun pooch rahe hai. hum aapse pochenge aap yaha kya kar rahe hai.
Arnav: mujhe tumhe jawab dene ki koi zaarorat nahi. mera jaha dil chahega mein waha jaaengaClap tum yaha...
Khushi: tame to you!LOL
Arnav: what [awesme expression]
Khushi: matlab same to u
god thn comes d funny waiter wit this dialogues! lol it was d best.
waiter: excuse me. table 4 twoLOL
khushi: ji too too. ek in ke liye aur ek inki akad ke liye!LOL
d waiter was smilin. arnav gave a tough look nd he got scared nd escaped frm d placeWink
in nxt epi too there were awesme dialogues b/w arhi.
Arnav: akash tell me tum shaadi ki baat nahi kaha
Khushi: aap beech mein
again comes d waiter nd asks 2 couple tables. arnav asked tumhe hume couples nazar aa rahe hai. d waiter got scared nd said somethin nd left d place. thn...
Arnav: toh tum doodna shuru karo. kyunki mujhe aapne bhai ko halwai bana ne ka koi shauk nahi haiLOL
after khushi tellin her part. this dialogue of her was my favourite!
khushi:aur humme bhi apni jiji ko aap jaise laad governor ki hukumat mein rakhna nahi chahti. arey  angrez  chale gaye aapko chodkeLOL
this quite enough to proove dat y ive choosen them as d BC! nd arnav's care nd love for akash is quite prooved by this dialogue:
akash lookin at d gift he bought for payal nd thn he xpreses his feelings for arnav. hearin dat arnav tells...
Arnav: akash! mein tumse sirf ek baar poochunga. iss ladki ke liye jo bhi tumhari feelings  hai kya tum unke baarein mein sure ho!
Akash: haan bhai mein payalji se bahut pyaar karthi hoon
Arnav: dekho yeh pyaar vaar ke baat mujhe nahi samajh mein nahi aa raha hai. mein bas ithna jaan na chahta hoon ki tum iss ladki ke saath apni puri zindagi bithana chahte ho. kal ko pachtawo toh nahi
akash: nahi bhai. mein payal ji ke saath apni puri zindagi bithana chahti hoon.
Arnav:ok thn its done. agar yeh tumhare liye ithna imp hai toh mein tumhare liye yeh deal final kar wake laaonga!
arnav nd khushi both were so xcited in organisin d plan. but arnav wasnt showin dat. khushi made arnav smile with her funny dialogues.
Khushi: jiji humme lagtha hai ki akash ji chashma uthar ke koodhe hoge. oh kya hena unn hone socha hoga ki uchayi na dekhne se kam dar lega. aur khudne bhi aasan hogi!LOL kyun arnavji! [sanaya awesme style of presentin d dialogue]
nd arnav smiles wah wah!!! ithna cute smile!!! 
nd khushi too was d best. after understandin dat her sis loves akash alot she supports her instead of goin against with her cz its arnav's brother! but arnav's transition is somethin spcl rite!Wink nd khushi was too jollyful in organisin d plan. she winked arnav two times nd he was juz lookin at herWink but wat was arnav goin to tell her. well dat's a mystery. this payaash prob will surely make arhi realise their love twrds each other. u can see dat they r cumin closer to each other. when khushi was scoldin arnav for plannin wrongly arnav instead of tellin wat the! nd scoldin her he tells her to relax!i nw cant believe d change in arnav! oh unbelievable.
                       so bye everyone! im stoppin with my bhak- bhak. enjoy ur arhilicious life nd see u next week!!!!
                                    love shobra!Wink

Most irritating character of the week is that character who usually annoys the hell out of us the whole week. Well, since we did not have such a character this week, I'll go with Mamiji this time. Though we all knew that she would oppose Payal but it was honestly really irritating to listen to her high pitched voice today.

The woman wants to fetch a Miss India for her son but doesn't know his choice and liking. Her insecurities are probably because of her own complex of being from an inferior background. Still, she should seriously do something useful like getting her son married to his choice rather than waste time on girls Akash clearly isn't interested in. 

Hi everyone and welcome to the funniest character of the week section. I'm hoping u guys are liking the current track cause guess wat?? I am loving it...its romantic, funny and the story is progressing too...!! i just love how ArHi are playing the cupid in Pyash cute...Embarrassed

So this dhamakkadaar week we got to see some Hil-a-rious the chai biscut scene, Khushi's filmy yet interesting  plan and then Arhi's Kuch Kuch hota nahi samjho ka wala dialouge..Wow super sweet and funny...
So this week i got a bit confused and decided that giving the funny award to only one person would be unfair..cause both Arnav and Khushi had a equal share in making this week so after bitting all my nails and scratching my head so many times i have finally decide that the Funny character award this week goes to two people...and you would have figured out who those two people are by now...but if u are pretending to be Gajni and still have no clue then let me tell you that this week both arnav and khushi get the Funny character award...yay...clap karo na yaarLOL
If Khushi was the one making jokes Arnav surely knew how to spin them around and throw them at all i can say is keep up the good job ArHi...i hope u always keep smiling and making us say "awww"...
Now m gonna zip my mouth and get out of her...but no worries guys...will be back next week..same place same time...see u then...bye bye...
P.S The funny dialouge this week is...Kuch kuch hota hai app nahi smajhoo ga...and wat crap??
Love Ammie...Embarrassed

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--sunshine-- IF-Sizzlerz

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kyun arnavji?BlushingWinkLOL
the second time HE smiled because of HER.. go you two..!!

Maria wakes Shine from the sleep. Wake up its ur section.
Shine: Ohhh yeah its my section so yeah we had confession right??
Maria: Yah PayAsh and ASR smiledDay Dreaming
Shine: Bakri cant drool Angry okay so be in ur characterLOL so how abt this song from desi boysWink. its totally rocking song believe me

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One Scond Khushi Was Remeber That Aksh Told To Payal That Jijo Aka Snake Kehti Hai Ki Jaise Be Dard Or Something this Will Always Work
But 2nd Scond When She Hard That Dialogue By Buaji Khushi Was Not Remember Whom Have Siad This Dialogue Lolzzz I mean That Was A Such Blooper

2nd Dec 2011

khushi Kumari Riazada::  Kuch Kuch Hota hai  App Nahi Samjiya gayi

                     2nd Dec 2011 

Arnav Singh Riazada When Khushi Act To Be Mami And ASR Said : Kahye Ki

Pride and Glory
" Companion, Soulmates In Every Path Of Life "

Twisting and Burning, thoughts are compassed
For a while, they've became smooth as Leaves
Became a companion as True Faithful pals,
Sharing laughters and sorrowness
Hanging out in lovely places
Talks about memorable things on the way
Doing simple things together
And turn it into a special memories,
Winking Eyes of Glory, Softness of Pride,
Things began to floating in a same Ship
A ray of sunshine begin to smile like an endless glow

Their Existence is feeble without Each Other,
Their World lies in each other's Breath
Like nothing or no one else can make them feel
Butterflies, a constant smile, happy thoughts,
What lies ahead, down the road to love?
Can it possibly be what they've been hoping for ?
She makes him warmth Inside
She makes him bewildered,
She makes him feel Annoyed,
She makes him feel Comical,
She makes him Smile in a Beautiful way,
How simple his life rotated in a Glittering way,
How acutely he cherish each breath,
Their paths never gets distinct, even if they're far apart

Their Love always surround them with a Breezy Winds,
Paths are not a mere Delusion, it carries a weight
It gives a tinge of fiercing and piercing affection of Love
Love Abides, Love showers Blissful Fragrance,
Time is yet standstill, their Heart are still Frozen as a snow,
How long they'll get to melt away ?
A Bond so strong and right, with a notion of surge,
Their Lives entwined as one, for the eternal,
A Voyage of Two Soulmates is yet in between Crossroads.

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i should saay : best avis of the week coz once agaain :) i haave two winners !! was too difficult for me too choose and as i want to give the chance to win to everyone !! i decided to be faair and not stict at the time :DLOL so the winner of this weeek is )=)Big smile
*Make some noise for the desi girls *

& Aish

Here is ur gift guys

this award is like a family member noow :d atleast for me its like myy bro !! ROFL kidding :) so to present this award :i'll call myyself :) lazyy brain of the daay !! once again !! LOLLOL Anways so this special award goes to ...anyy Guesses ? anyone ?
hmm ...won't waste time so here i announce the lucky winnerHug
and it is : Joo <3 ...Jojo...
for these amazing icons)=Big smile

congraatz honeey <3Hug

Here's a small gift for you to use during the week (:

This weeks SOTW is not going to be of ArHi, but its our new jodi which has been formed which is PayAsh.. This weeks SOTW is:

Made by: JanakiRaghunath

Her is gift for u

This weeks Video Siggy of the week maker goes to the creative head who made this FABULOUS video siggy:

Made by: -Komal

by ashoo07

by ItsMnK

Here is gift for u guys

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This week was just mindvlowing and we got awesome episodes like back to back. Thursday episode rocked big time. So rating is 4 out of 5. Cutting one smiley as Anjali's character is geting messy once she has doubt next moment she is okaySmile.Smile.Smile.Smile

What a week CVs.. such a good build up to the storyline, FINALLY viewers got to see Payal and Akash's love story bloom. Loved the whole weeks concept the way ArHi worked together to get them together, the episodes are getting interesting.. lets see what you have in store for us next week!

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--sunshine-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 December 2011 at 1:18pm | IP Logged

Arhi SS: All I want is to be with you by Murphy

His mistress by swapdmg

Dildaara by Smileyface and Aquablue17

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