Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

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Thanks everyone for all the love and support.  We're on to Thread 2...hope to keep this one interesting for everyone.
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Arohi felt her face turning bright red as she looked from Lara to the article of clothing she was holding.  "What...what is that?" she stammered.  Lara frowned.  "You know what it is!" she replied.  "Okay, but where's the rest of it then?" Arohi asked, looking anywhere but at the tiny red lacy contraption in Lara's hands.  "Where's the rest of it?!"  "We're shopping for lingerie not flannel underwear!" Lara snapped.  "Believe me when I say this will guarantee that Arjun will not let you leave your bedroom for the next two days!" Lara added with a smile.  Arohi stared at Lara with an expression of mortification.  How had this happened exactly?  Was she out of her mind when she had agreed to this silly plan?  "You know what Lara, I think I'm going to think some more about this plan."  "Maybe sleep on it, maybe reassess my decision." Arohi said, swatting away the flimsy pieces of lace Lara kept pushing towards her.  "Try it on!"  "Go and try it on, I guarantee once you see it on yourself you'll feel sexy and want to buy it." Lara pushed.  Arohi shook her head.  There was no way she could try that on.  For heaven's sake there was nothing there to try on!  Arohi continued to shake her head no and Lara continued to glare and push the lingerie into her hands.  "Well what do we have here?" a voice drawled behind them.  Arohi winced.  There was only one person who's voice grated on her nerves this much.  Turning around slowly both Lara and Arohi came face to face with Tania.  "Hi Lara, how are you doing?" Tania asked, giving Arohi a smirk.  Before Lara could reply Tania's eyes switched to the lingerie in Arohi's hands.  She stared at the red lace, her eyes narrowing and turning cold.  "What do you have there Mrs. Singhania?" she asked, in a brittle voice.  "What does it look like?" Lara answered for her.  "Arohi's getting something sexy to wear for her husband."  "Do you have a problem with that Tania?" she asked with a glare.  If looks could kill, both Arohi and Lara would be laying dead on the floor.  "No problem, infact why don't I help you."  "You see I know exactly what Arjun likes and doesn't like."  she said with an evil grin.  "I know his taste and infact I wore this one for him the last time we were together." Tania said, pulling out a black mid thigh length lace slip.  "He loved it!"  Lowering her voice she added.  "I never did get to wear it again since he ripped it off of me in his hurry to get it off."  Arohi felt physically sick as she stared at Tania.  "You're disgusting you know that!" Lara snapped.  Tania laughed in answer and Arohi had, had just about enough.  "No she's desperate is what she is."  "Living in the past, poor girl is not able to move on."  "Obsessed with a married man." Arohi said narrowing her eyes.  "Ever wonder Tania why he didn't marry you?"  Lowering her own voice she added "What's that saying...oh yes... why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free."  Tania's eyes widened in anger as Lara snickered next to Arohi.  "I'll see how long a little mouse like you can keep Arjun's interest."  "In my opinion it won't be long and then who do you think he's going to come back to?" Tania asked, with a mean glint in her eyes.  Arohi felt a knot in her stomach as the words hit home.  How long could she keep Arjun's interest?  "Come on Arohi!"  "Let's get out of here!" Lara said, grabbing Arohi's arm.  Arohi glanced back at a gloating Tania.  So self assured and confident and beautiful but lurking behind that beauty was something cold and ugly.  
"Maria is everything ready for Mom and Nani's visit?" Arohi asked a week  later.  "Yes, their rooms are ready."  "Cook has been told about nani's special diet so there should be no problems there either." Maria added.  Arohi smiled.  'You're awesome Maria!" she said laughing as Maria blushed.  "You are, and we don't tell you enough!"  "Thanks for everything you do." Arohi added.  Maria not used to compliments quickly rushed off muttering something about work she had to take care of.  A secret smile lighting up her face.  Arohi was such a good person.  She'd never quite met any one like her before.  So sweet, always thinking of others.  It wasn't hard to miss the tension between her and sir but it also wasn't hard to miss the attraction either.  They were good together.  Sir needed someone like Arohi, someone to make him laugh.  Someone to stand by his side, someone to love.  She prayed everything worked out for these two.  "Arohi!" shouted a familiar voice.  Arohi looked at Maria and sighed, turning around she hurried away and up the stairs.   "Sweetoo you're going to get us murdered by Arjun Singhania one day!" she muttered as she  rounded the corner and walked into Arjun's room.  "Arohi, I told you to keep this dog away from my things!" Arjun shouted.  "Look at this shirt?!"  'Look at this bloody shirt!" "Here you might as well add it to the others that he's destroyed!" Arjun snapped, shoving it into Arohi's hand.  "Arjun, I'm so sorry!" Arohi quickly replied.  "I'll talk to him, I promise it will never happen again."  she added.  "That's what you said the last 3 times!" Arjun muttered as he pulled out a tie.  Arohi looked away, a guilty expression on her face.  "I will talk to him, it's just that he loves you so much Arjun." "He just wants to be around you and your things." she said sweetly.  Arjun raised his brows and gave her, and then her dog a disgusted look.  Arohi hurried over to Sweetoo.  " mommy's talked to you about this before."  "You can't go through daddy's things like that." He doesn't like it."  "Now promise mommy you won't do it again."  "Oh that's my good boy." she said cuddling him.  Arjun stared at her in shock and then shook his head.  "Way to discipline him Arohi!"  "He seems so scared, and since when did I become this mangy mutt's "daddy?!" he asked, shoving his files into his bag.  "Since I became his mommy" Arohi replied, petting and cooing at Sweetoo who was loving all the attention.  Arjun rolled his eyes at her logic.  "If he touches one more thing, even a bloody sniff you know he's out and then no amount of tears will be bringing him back!" Arjun snapped.  Arohi took her time standing up and walking over to Arjun.  " I promise he'll be an angel." she said, giving Arjun a big innocent smile.  Arjun stared at her for a moment, taken in yet again by her beautiful smile and twinkling eyes.  Snapping out of it he said gruffly  "I'll pick up mom and nani and if everything is on schedule we should be home by around 7:00."  Arohi nodded.  But upon nani's arrival she wasn't sure how the whole sleeping in seperate bedrooms was going to work out.  Oh well she'd leave that to Arjun to explain!
"It's so good to see you." Arohi said hugging her mother in law tight.  Arjun's mom pulled away and looked at Arohi.  She was so happy to see Arohi's sparkle was back.  Thank you god, she thought as she looked lovingly at Arohi.  "You look beautiful."  "Marriage suits you." she said smiling as she saw Arohi blush and glance at Arjun.  "When will I be getting to see my great grand children?" Nani demanded.  Arohi hurried over to get nani's blessings.  "When hell freezes over!" Arjun muttered, walking away.  "What did you say young man?" Nani snapped, but Arjun was already gone.  "That son of yours Amrit, he has no respect for his elders!" Nani snapped, sitting down heavily on the sofa.  Arohi busied herself getting everyone settled in.  Dinner was a louder then usual affair which Arohi loved.  Usually it was only her voice that could be heard but now with three women in the house and so much Chandigarh gossip to discuss there was plenty of chatter around the dinner table.  Arjun ofcourse hurried through his dinner making an excuse about needing to get some work done.  But she knew it was to get away from the over excited women in his life.  "You're wearing sindoor."  "Good, very good." Nani said to Arohi.  Arohi smiled back.  She didn't always wear it but she wore it today for Nani knowing how important it was for her.  And even a little for herself.  Wearing sindoor made her feel like a bride.  Like a newlywed...which she was!  "I'm tired I'm going up to bed." Nani announced a short while later.  "I'll come up too." Arjun's mom added.  Arohi wished everyone a good night, not feeling tired herself she headed for the family room.  Hum Apke Hain Kaun was on.  She was just starting to get into it when her phone rang.  "Shefali, can I call you back." she said, drooling as she watched Salman Khan.  "No, it's important Arohi, I need your help!" Shefali sobbed.  Arohi was instantly on alert.  Turning off the TV she asked "Shefali, are you okay?"  "What's wrong?"  "I've done something stupid and now I have to fix it!" Shefali said in between her sobbing.  "Okay, what ever it is we'll work it out."  "Just tell me what's happened." Arohi said soothingly.  "Fine, but first you have to promise me you'll help me."  "Promise me." she repeated.  Arohi paused for a moment.  With Shefali it could be anything, her and Rashi had been in more then one mess because of Shefali.  But hearing more sobbing on the other end had Arohi finally saying "Fine I promise."  "Okay, well you remember Bobby the guy I was seeing?" Shefali asked.  "Well you know how we were on again and off again for a while."  "Well we're definitely off again!" Shefali said bitterly.  "I found out he's cheating on me!"  Arohi choked back a sigh.  This was not the first time Arohi had heard this storyline from Shefali.  She was a loser magnet!  "I confronted him and he denied it and I told him where he could shove his denial!"  "Okay well what's the problem then?" Arohi asked.  "Well the problem is you know that gold and diamond ring that my grand father gave know the one for my future husband?"  "I kinda sorta gave that to him." she said sheepishly.  Arohi groaned.  "AGAIN!" she cried.  This was not the first time Shefali had done this either.  "Yeah again but Arohi I really did think he was the one!"  "Anyways he won't return it back to me!" "He's says he can't find it but I know he has it!" Shefali said furiously.  Arohi closed her eyes.  She knew what was coming.  "So I was wondering if maybe while I distract him you could break into his suite and get it back for me." Shefali asked softly.  "No way!" Arohi snapped, shaking her head.  "Remember the last time, we were this close to being caught."  "Barely made it out in time and that time I had Rashi with me!"  "No way!' Arohi repeated and then winced as she heard Shefali's sobbing.  "You're right, I am such an idiot!"  "It's too much of a risk, I'll just let that creep keep my grandfather's last memory!"  "I deserve this!" Shefali sobbed.  Arohi fought hard not to react but the crying was just too much.  "Shefali!"  "Please stop crying...oh god fine I'll do it!" she finally snapped.  "Oh my gosh thank you, thank you, you are the best friend ever!"  "I promise I will never forget this!" "If you ever need me to steal something from Arjun I will!"  Arohi had no response to that.  "Meet me tomorrow afternoon at the Blue Lagoon Hotel, he's got a suite there that he's renting until he finds a place to move into."  "I'll tell him to meet me for a late lunch so we can talk and that'll give you time to sneak up to his room."  "Do you have a key?" Arohi asked.  "No, but you leave that to me." Shefali said determinedly.  By the time Arohi hung up she was already regretting her decision.
Arjun yawned as he turned the corner to his room coming to an abrupt stop as Arohi rammed right into him.  Steadying her, he quickly let go moving away from her.  That's when he noticed  a frown was etched between her eyes and she just now seemed to notice him.  "What's wrong?" Arjun asked.  "Huh?"  "Oh nothing, nothing." she said, shaking her head and then muttering something about hair brained ideas.  "What are you two doing in the hallway so late?" Nani asked as she opened the door to her bedroom.  Arohi jumped and backed into Arjun.  Not expecting to see Nani at this time of night.  "Sorry to disturb you nani." she replied.  "You should go to bed now, you young people stay up too late and then are complaining all day about being tired!" she said.  Arohi nodded and turned towards her bedroom.  "Where are you going now?" Nani asked abruptly.  "To my bedroom." Arohi replied, and then bit her tongue.  "Damn!" she muttered.  "Your bedroom is right here." Nani said, pointing at Arjun's room.  "Nani!" Arjun growled, about to tell her to please go to bed.  "Yes Nani, you're right, I guess I'm just so tired I didn't notice my bedroom is right here!" Arohi said, hurriedly grabbing Arjun's hand and pulling him into his bedroom.  "Good night!" Arohi called sweetly.  "It's too hot I'm sleeping with my door open!" Nani muttered turning back into her room.  Arohi shut the door and then stood against it sighing with relief.  That was a close one she thought.  "What the hell was that?" Arjun snapped.  "I told you we're not sharing a room!" he growled.  Arohi looked up at the ceiling, as if to ask god for patience.  "I don't want to share a room with you!"  "But why don't you try to explain to Nani in the middle of the night why we're sleeping in separate rooms!"  "I'm too tired to get into that conversation with her." Arohi snapped.  Arjun folded his arms across his chest and gave Arohi and assessing look.  "You're just bursting with lies today aren't you?" he asked.  "First you lie to me early this morning when you said that dog wouldn't touch my things AGAIN and I get back home to find my sock drawer open and all my socks slobbered on!"  "And now to Nani about us sharing a room!"  "2 for 2!"  "Good job!" he said.  Arohi gulped and stepped away from the door.  How long before Nani was asleep and she could go to her own room she wondered.  Arjun shook his head and walked to his armoire pulling out his sweats and a t-shirt.  And the next thing Arohi knew he was stripping off the t-shirt he was wearing.  Oh god, that rock hard chest and lean stomach.  Quickly looking away she pretended to be immensely interested in her nalipolish.   Hearing the unmistakable rustle of his jeans coming off she had to bit down on her lip to not look up.   A short while later she heard him say "I'm going to bed, feel free to leave any time." And the next instant the light is off and Arohi is still standing against Arjun's door just now in the dark.  She waited a a minute or two for him to realize how ludicrous he was being.  Opening the door a tiny bit she could see right into Nani's room.  Nani was applying some sort of ointment to her hands.  Closing the door, Arohi groaned.  This is ridiculous! she thought, and Arjun Singhania and his I don't care attitude be damned!  The next moment she was flipping the light back on.  "What the?!" Arjun snapped from his bed.  "I have meetings back to back Arohi, I need to get some sleep!" he growled.  "Well, I, I have things going on tomorrow too!" Arohi snapped, walking over the edge of his bed and sitting down.  "I don't want to be sitting here either but Nani is still awake!"  Arjun rolled his eyes.  "Fine, lay down on the other side of the bed as far away from me as possible." he snapped.  Arohi's mouth fell open in shock.  "How rude!"  "What do you think, that I'm just dieing to sleep next to you." she said sarcastically.   Arjun gave her a look and flipped off the light again.  Arohi gasped in indignation.  And here she was planning on seducing this man!  The same man who told her to sleep on the other side of the bed from him like she had some sort of disease.  She walked over to the door peaking out one last time.  Oh Nani she thought, as she saw Nani now doing pooja! In the middle of the night!  Didn't elderly people sleep?!  Shutting the door she walked to the other side of Arjun's bed and laid down.  He was asleep she could tell from his even breathing.  Unbelievable, she thought to herself.  How was she ever going to fall asleep?!
Arohi smiled in her sleep.  Burrowing closer to the source of heat holding her.  An arm wrapped securely around her waist.  Warm breath against her neck.  A leg wedged between hers.  Hmm, she mumbled, clutching the arm even tighter against her and drifting back to sleep.  And suddenly just like, that she was wide awake.  Her eyes blinking a few times as she looked around.  She was in Arjun's room, she'd fallen asleep in here waiting for Nani to go to sleep.  And now Arjun was holding on to her like he was never going to let her go.  Her stomach did flip flops at being so close to him.  Remembering the last time they were this close and how good it had felt.  Then she felt him stiffen, looks like someone was awake.  Arohi quickly closed her eyes.  Her heart beating a mile a minute waiting to see what he would do.  She didn't need to wait long.  Slowly Arjun raised himself up so he could look at Arohi.  His hand moved up to her lips almost on it's own accord as he traced her lips with his fingertip.  Remembering what those delicious lips tasted like.  He could kiss her right now, he thought suddenly.  He could wake her up with kisses and touches that would have her moaning in pleasure.  He could make love to her right now!  It took every ounce of his control to pull away from her and move away.  He couldn't do any of that!  How many times had he told himself he couldn't and still he wanted her like a man dieing of thirst wanted water.  With a muttered curse he got out of bed and headed for the bathroom.   Arohi opened her eyes and stared at the closed bathroom door.  He'd been so close and when he'd touched her she was sure he would have kissed her. Standing up she put her hands on her hips and thought some more about this situation.  Arjun had been acting even more weird lately.  Yesterday her hand had skimmed his as she passed him something and he'd jerked like she'd burned him and then he glared at her.  The day before that, she'd wandered out to the pool to dip her feet in the water and she'd seen him out there doing laps like a mad man.  Seeing her standing poolside he'd muttered something to himself that she didn't quite catch and continued with his laps like he was trying to work off some sort of frustration.  All she could figure was something was wrong at work.  When she'd asked him if everything was okay he'd practically bitten her head off.  What was wrong with this man?  Leaving the room she shook her head.  Men thought women were complicated, she didn't think there was anything for complicated in creation then a MANl!
Another cold shower! Arjun thought as he walked out of his room to find it thankfully empty.  She was driving him crazy and she didn't even know it.  Sometimes he thought she was doing it purposely.  Little touches, little looks.  He'd been very careful about getting too close to her because he'd seen how that had been ending up!  But today her in his bed, so warm and pliant.  Arjun closed his eyes and took a deep breath.  Get a hold of yourself Arjun! he told himself roughly, as he grabbed a shirt off it's hanger.  He had a lunch meeting with a very important client this afternoon.  He needed to keep his mind clear and on the project not on his beautiful, but crazy wife!
"Shefali I don't know about this." Arohi mumbled nervously as she stood in the entrance of the Hotel  "What if he catches us?" she asked hesitatingly.  "He won't catch anyone!" Shefali replied.  "It's very easy, I'll get the key, give it to you, distract him, you go up to his room and you should find the ring in a small box on the left hand corner of his desk. "  "I've seen him put it there before."  Arohi nodded with a gulp.  She just had a very bad feeling about all this.  "Okay I'm going to go see him, why don't you go have a coffee or something." Shefali added.  "Coffee!"  "Like I'm not jittery enough, Arohi thought.  A coffee would have her bouncing off the walls at this point!  Arohi settled herself into the lounge, wringing her hands and wondering how she let Shefali talk her into this again!  Suddenly she heard  "Arohi?" and she literally jumped up from her seat. Turning around she stared at Arjun with her eyes wide.   "Hi Arjun," she managed to say.  Arjun stared at her for a second.  Why was she so nervous, he thought.  "I'm meeting a friend!"  "I'm meeting Shefali!" she suddenly burst out not meeting Arjun's eyes.  Arjun raised a brow.  Why was she acting so weird?  "Okay," he replied.  "I've got a meeting with a client so I better go."  "Have a good lunch." he added, looking at her suspiciously.   "You too!" Arohi said, with a big fake nervous smile.  She was going to kill Shefali!  And why did Arjun have to meet his client here of all places!  Arohi paced and paced.  One hour!  she thought as she glanced at her watch.  Where was she? .  "I've got it!" Shefali said excitedly, racing over to her.  "Shefali, Arjun is here, what if he was to see me."  "I can't do this!" she said shaking her head.  "Arohi, you have too!"  "Bobby is switching into his own place the day after next!"  "This is our last opportunity."  "Come on Arjun will never know." Shefali replied.  Arohi looked at Shefali and then grabbed the room key out of her hand.  "Make sure your Bobby doesn't come anywhere near that room until I find that ring!"  "I'll text you when I've got it!" Arohi snapped.  
"Thanks Mr. Khanna we'll be in touch once the changes you've asked for are in place." Arjun replied shaking his hand.  Turning away Arjun took a few steps and stopped.  Arohi was smiling at some guy as the guy handed her something.  Arjun's eyes narrowed as she saw her laugh nervously and take a room key from him.  A room key? A ROOM KEY! Arjun's brain shouted.  "What was his wife doing taking a hotel room key from some man?!  Then he watched as the two of them got into the elevator together.  Arjun didn't even stop to think he was racing over to the elevator watching what floor it was stopping at.  5.  Wrenching open the door to the stairwell he took the stairs two at a time.  Arohi meeting some guy at a hotel, his brain was on overdrive.  His heart thundering and fueling his anger.  He was going to kill that man once he got his hands on him.  MURDER!   Opening the doors to the 5th floor he stepped out, looking around frantically.  How was he going to figure out what room they went into?  That's when he saw Arohi walk into a room at the very end of the hall.  His heart lurched.  Up to that moment he had been hoping that what he had seen was a lie.  Arohi lieing to him saying she was meeting Shefali and then going into a hotel room with some guy.  His Arohi!  
Arohi felt like her heart was going to beat right out of her chest.  She was that nervous!  Her hands were shaking so bad as she walked into the room.  Taking a deep breath she ran to the desk and started pulling open drawers...nothing!  Shefali! Arohi muttered angrily.  This is where she said it would be.  Looking around Arohi ran to another cabinet starting to search in there.  That's when she heard the knocking, or rather the banging on the door.  Oh my god! Arohi wanted to scream.  But she stood frozen.  This was it, she was going to die right here, right now!  Bobby had found them out and now she was going to die... all over some silly ring!  "Arohi!" she heard.  Arohi furrowed her brows.  That voice sounded very familiar.  "Open the door damnit, I know you're in there!" she heard ARJUN shout.  Oh my god she thought as she ran to the door and peaked out.  There stood Arjun, looking fit to be tied.  Of all the luck!  Of all the bloody luck!  Opening the door a crack she jumped back as Arjun pushed his way through.  "Where is he?" he barked, looking around.  "Where's who?"  Arohi asked.  Arjun's eyes narrowed.  "Where's who?"  "Don't play coy with me Arohi Singhania!"  "Yes Singhania!"  "You're MY wife, and you think you can do something like this behind my back and I won't find out about it?!"  Arjun shoved off his suit jacket and started to roll up his shirt sleeves.  He was going to beat that man to an inch of his life!  "Where is he?" Arjun barked, looking into the bathroom.  "Bobby, are you looking for Bobby?" Arohi asked confused.  How did Arjun know Bobby?  "Bobby?" Arjun repeated, his eyes flashing.  "Does Bobby know you have a husband?" Arjun asked, opening the closet door and looking in there.  Where the hell was this guy hiding he thought to himself.  "Why would Bobby know if I have a husband?" Arohi asked confused.  "Why indeed?!" Arjun snapped crouching down to look under the bed.  "What are you doing Arjun?" Arohi asked, thinking that maybe something was wrong with Arjun he was acting so weirdly.  "What do you think I'm doing?"  "I'm looking for your lover Bobby!" Arjun snapped.  Arohi's mouth fell open. "LOVER BOBBY!?" she stammered in shock.  "Bobby isn't my lover?" she said in a high pitched voice.  Arjun stopped and stalked to her, grasped her arms roughly.  "Don't you dare lie to me Arohi!"  "I saw you take the room key from that man and then get into the elevator with him, smiling and laughing!"  "I saw you with my own eyes!" he snapped, his eyes cold with fury.  Arohi knew he was barely keeping a hold of his anger.  And now she was getting angry too!  "Arjun, let go of me right now!" she snapped.  "You don't know anything!"  "Bobby isn't my lover!'  "He's Shefali's ex boyfriend!" Arohi yelled, still trying to get out of his vise like grip.  Arjun's eyes narrowed.  "So you're still denying what I saw downstairs?" he asked angrily.  "Yes!"  "Quickly explaining Shefali's plan and that after Shefali had handed her the room key in her nervousness she'd dropped the key and that guy had picked it up and given it to her.  It was just coincidence they got off on the same floor!  Arjun stared at her for a second, still suspicious of the ludicrous story she just told him.  But then as the story sunk in he thought about the fact that... Arohi doing something crazy like breaking into a hotel room and stealing a ring back for a friend was way more in character for her then her cheating on him.  Infact now that he was thinking a little more straight, he knew that there was no way in hell Arohi had a lover!  His heart finally unclenched  as that realization hit him. And he loosened his grip on Arohi.  "I can't believe you think I'd cheat on you!" Arohi snapped shrugging out of his grasp and giving him a glare.  Arjun sighed raking his hand through his hair.  "I didn't think you were cheating." he said softly . "Yes, you did you liar!" she replied back.  "I would think you'd know me well enough by now to know I'm not that type of person."  "I'm a married woman!" she snapped.  Arjun stared at her not quite believing he was in this bloody predicament and not wanting to think about how badly he reacted at just the very thought of Arohi with another man.   "Arohi, it was an honest mistake."  "I'm sure you would have thought the same thing if you saw me with some woman too." he replied.  Arohi gasped.  "Don't assume that I'm like you!" she said angrily her hands on her hips.  "I want an apology!" she snapped.  Arjun opened his mouth to say something and then closed it, slowly his eyes narrowed.  "None of this would even bloody well be happening if you weren't breaking into strange men's hotel suites and stealing rings!" he barked.  Arohi glared at him.  "God knows how many times you've done this before!" he said shaking his head.  "Only once before!" she snapped before she could stop herself.  Arjun's eyes widened.  "So you have done this before!"  "My wife the theif!" he snapped.  "You know for a man who doesn't even want a wife you sure like to throw around the word a lot!" she snapped back.  Just as Arjun opened his mouth to respond to that they heard voices at the door.  "Oh my god!"  "Oh my god!" Arohi whispered.  Great, just perfect, he'd never seen the inside of a jail cell and today because of Arohi he'd probably see that too!  Maybe she could give him pointers since she was a regular.  Hearing the door buzz he grabbed Arohi's hand and pulled her into the closet..  Pressed against the wall of the small space with Arjun pushed up against her, Arohi fought to control her accelerating heart beat.  That Bobby was such a big guy, he would kill them once he found them.  "We're going to die." Arohi whispered taking deep breaths.  She felt like she was going to hyper ventilate.  Arjun stared at her face, her eyes wide with fear, her breathing ragged.  Just great, all he needed was Arohi to pass out right now!  "Calm down, you'll be fine." he whispered against her ear, smoothing her hair back.  Arohi still looked like a deer caught in the headlights.  "I think I'm going to be sick." she said, pausing as she heard voices coming even closer.  
And the next second Arjun's lips were on Arohi's.  What was he doing she thought struggling against him.  But he only pressed harder forcing her to open her mouth.  And then as his kiss deepened she forgot all about struggling.  All she thought about was the liquid heat flooding through her as Arjun drove her wild with his intense kisses.  He'd lost his mind was all he could think of as he kissed her and kissed.  His hands moving to her hips as he brought her even closer against him.  Arohi's hands in Arjun's hair as she met his devastatingly delicious kisses.  When he finally pulled away and stared down into her hooded eyes and swollen lips he couldn't help the tiny groan that escaped his lips as he kissed her again.  She tasted so good, she was like a drug and he was an addict.  His hand slowly moving over her body leaving her trembling against him.   It was a long time before he could force himself to pull away and lean his forehead against hers.  Both breathing heavily.  What had started as a way to stop her from having a nervous breakdown and getting them caught had turned into something completely different.  There was a point for a while there that he didn't give a damn if he was caught.  All he cared about was Arohi and him and this intense need he had for her.  "I think they're gone." Arohi whispered.  Arjun took a ragged breath and then pulled away from her.  Pushing open the closet door.  Yes, they were alone again.  Stepping out, Arohi didn't make eye contact with Arjun.  She couldn't. How was she planning on seducing him when she started blushing every time he even touched her?  "Let's go!" he suddenly snapped grabbing her hand.  "We can't, I don't have the ring yet." she said not moving.  "Arohi, don't be stupid!"  "That man will probably be back any second!" Arjun argued.  "No, we won't have this chance again." "I need to find that ring." she replied stubbornly pulling her hand out of his grasp.  Arjun glared at her but he'd learned that when she set her mind to soemthing she wouldn't stop until she accomplished it.  He couldn't risk forcing her to leave and then her coming back here alone again looking for that bloody ring!  His only option was to help her!  The two of them worked together looking through every drawer and box they could find and then finally when Arohi was close to giving up, Arjun found the ring in the bottom drawer of the night table.  Arohi was practically jumping when he handed it to her.  "Thank you!" she said throwing her arms around him and then quickly coming to her senses and backing away.  Arjun rolled his eyes and grabbing her arm quickly ushered her out of the room.  As they rode the elevator back down to the lobby she stole a glance at his rigid face.  She was sure he'd have some sort of lecture for regarding the risks she's taken but she couldn't help the big smile that kept appearing on her face as she thought about the fact that he'd helped her find Shefali's ring and  that he'd been jealous!  He had been jealous, the way he'd bounded in that room looking for another man!  He wasn't indifferent towards her, he did have feelings for her she thought happily.  And for her, how could there ever be another man when she was falling so deeply and hopelessly in love with this man.  
Okay there's the next part and I know some of you are going to kill me for not continuing KI next but I'm actually going to post another update for this one next.  I have a flow going with this one and need to write the next chapter before I lose that flow.    I hope you all liked this one.  Please do let me know and please leave comments!  So this one is next and then KI.  Take care  

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YIPPEE - NEW THREAD - thank u sweetheart for the early updation - we were longing for it-thank u so much
lemme read it now
sorry i forgot to congratulate u for the new thread raman
raman - u rock as always

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Congratulations for the new thread Raman...

Loved the Update...

Loved Each and Every Part of the Update...
The way Arohi handled that Taniya...She deserved it...
Arohi explaining Sweeto and calling Arjun his Daddy... it was so cute and Hilarious...
I already Love Nani she made both of them sleep in the same room...
And the scene in Bobby Room was tooo good...

I hope they realize that they love each-other soon

Update Soon...

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 1 st of all congrats for new thread .. and thanks for early update ..Star

now I am rushing to read it

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First all.. Congrats di for the new thread.. Hope there are many more to this..

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awesomest part ever
congo for new thread
oh i sooo sooo sooo love dis jealous arjun..all ready for murder
m happpy tht m able to reply on first page of ur new thread
i loveee d news tht u updtin dis next...u r a sweetheart 

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yay!!! new thread and an update!!! congrats

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