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Tumhari Disha
Tumhari Disha

TD Fast Forwarded!!! Check it out :-) (Page 8)

ugababe Senior Member

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Posted: 24 March 2005 at 1:49pm | IP Logged

Diksha!!!!!!!!!!!!! your gonna drive me crazy!!!!!

What happens next?

Oh please do tell!!!


SALESHNI Senior Member

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Posted: 24 March 2005 at 1:59pm | IP Logged
waiting for next updates
Ninelives IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 March 2005 at 2:16pm | IP Logged
keshp15 Senior Member

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Posted: 24 March 2005 at 2:50pm | IP Logged

hey diksha

its kp

again loved ur part 5

eagrly waiting for part 6Big smile

hanks for entertaining us

love kp

bluejalpari Goldie

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Posted: 24 March 2005 at 3:32pm | IP Logged


  Hi..love ur story writing diksha..ur toooooooo good.

  Here is my version of the story...but i dont plan for the 3 year leap..my story starts off where DK is calling out for Disha since his mom Sumitra  is calling out for her..but disha is not at home...he thinks she is with vedant ..

     DK keeps trying to call disha and vedant on cell phones but doesnt get any response..DK like a enraged lion keeps pacing his house thinking "what has happened to Disha...why is she going with Vedant everytime inspite of knowing i don't like it ......

  Disha enters the house looking lost and kind of troubled...there is a hint or tears in her eyes but she is not crying...just then DK sees her.

  DK with his ace full of anger and disbelief " DISHA.. Mummy is asking for you from such a long time...and you were not there..how can you do this Disha.." . He doesnt see that she herself is looking worried about something..and goes on " Its my mistake i place so much trust in you..mummyi is also getting attached to you and asking for you..and you are dont bother at all? It took along time for me to put her to sleep . from today you dont come near her again. I dont want her to get used to you. "

 Disha " what are you saying DK..I checked on her before i went and i has to go in a hurry...actually I .."

  before she finished she is interrupted by DK.hurt and saddened.." dont tell me anything Disha..enough with your excuses...you still went with Vedant and you forget all about Mummy..." saying so he leaves her and goes to his room..

 Disha hearing all this feels very pained..." why does DK assume everything...I haven't even met Vedant since morning...why is this happening to me ..i have to explain to DK.." so saying determinedly walks to his room..While she knocks on his door apprehensively there is hesitation in her .warily she knocks:

  DK opens the door..with a hateful and angry expression" now what..what have you come for..."

 Disha follows him inside.." dushyant..please listen to me..its not the way as you think it is.."

  DK in his anger.." Disha please..." he has his back to her..and with his hand motions her to go away..he doensnt see the lamp next to him..and his hand hits the lamp..the lamp falls with a big crash...

 he turns around to see..there is this big mess of glass and fibre on the floor between him and disha..Disha looks upto him and sees that there is a big stream of blood running fomr his elbow..

 disha : " DK...blood..oh my god why did you do this.." so saying comes near him and holds his arm ..DK still in his anger goes farther from her "  Disha no need for your concerns...this small wound is nothing..i have faced much bigger painsin life...i dont need your help " . Disha looking very concerned and worried about his pain " what is this Dushyant so much blood is flowing wait let me clean it"..

 DK in his anger pushes her away.." No Disha " ...Disha meanwhile is very angry and determinedly shouts " shut up dushyant...who the hell do you think you are? u think you can order me around? "..Dk looks at her dumbfounded..he wasnt expecting her anger...Disha with a firm hold on his hand ..and fierce expression on her face " i will not go anywhere..untill i clean this wound...just shut up and sit here " so saying she pushes him to sit on the bed..."

 Dk just sits looking at her with " what has gotten into her " expression..Disha fiddels around in the drawers to get some cotton and bandages ( now dont ask me who kept it there..the producers of course )and comes and sits near him with a very sad but purposeful look on her face..Silently she starts cleaning the wound..removing the blood from the 3/4/5  inch long cut...Her expression changes from anger to tenderness..she is cleaning ever so slightly hoping she is not hurting him..in her stance and pose..she looks angelic to DK..who is just staring at her and awed by her loving gesture...

  Suddenly he winces as the wound hurts him..and she looks up at him..afraid that she hurt him she asks gently..as if she were asking a child" is it paining? " he looks at her...his face showing no traces of the anger which was there minutes before..full of tenderness and confusion..he just shakes his head to say no. Disha realizing that he is in pain lowers her head..and starts applying the cleaning lotion gently..before she realizes her face is wet with silent tears..she doent realize it untill a drop falls on DK's hand that she is cleaning..there is agony in her eyes as she thinks " why dushyant ..whya re u doing this to yourself..your anger overpowers you..and u dont allow me to heal you.."

DK meanwhile is stunned even more to see the beautiful tears running done her cheeks as her face reflects the misery he is feeling..in that mone t he feels that she is the most beautiful woman on earth..and it honors him to realize that she is crying for him..for his pain...

 She looks up at him...and there passes a most tender moment  between them so many questions in her eyes..and so much pain in his...he realizes that noone except for his mom ever did something like this for him,..and she wants to continue holding his wounded hand and comforting him...and in silence he raises one finger from his hand and wipes off a tear from her face...

  The contact breaks thier reverie..thier dreamworld and Disha bluhses to see she is still holding his hand tightly..suddenly her face gets clouded ..and the mask she wears on her face to hide her pain from the world is back in place...curtly she lets go of his hand and gets up..

 " DK...I had something to talk to you about when I came home today...but you started assuming things and shouting before anything else...you talk about loving me..but you dont even know the meaning of friendship" ..DK keeps looking at her..still shocked by the experience of her comforting him...Disha continues in  sad and dissppointed tone " I have some problems for which I needed someone to talk too..I was coming for your help..I thought at least you will support me..but ..anyway "

 with an expression of indifference..she says " now i dont want to talk to you about anything..nor do i want to give you any explanation..as you say i will stay out of your way"

So saying she goes out of his room without looking at him...on the way to her room she is thinking " I had gone home because Aai had called me ..the things happening in bhonsle house are going out of control ..I wish Baba was there to look after the house...I cant bear Azuba's condition...I thought I will talk to dushyant ...and request him to come and see Azuba someday since Azuba is very worried about me since my marriage to DK...if he sees us together he will feel better...but anyway reality will surface once contract is over..."

  In her room she thinks with tears " but DK..our relation comes to square one always...now i will not ask for ur help..Disha has solved problems on her own and will do so"

  Meanwhile DK in his room is staring after she leaves..his hand on his wound where she was cleaning and comforting him..remembering her face..and feeling  " so was Disha not with Vedant? what was she wanting to talk to me about? hope she is not in any problem....I have to find out"

So thinking..he looks at the wound on his hand and thinks "Disha you have comforted and put medicine on the wound on my hand..but what about the wound on my heart? "His expression profound and lonely..there is flashing of love and pain in his eyes..and then ..

 ..man se man ka kya rishta hain...

  tumne yeh samjhaya.............."


 okay guys..thattttttttttttttttttttt was bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbiggggggg...hope i didnt bore you guys..let me know if i did...and tell me how u liked it.frankly guys this is my first attempt at writing after college..so i would appreciate ur frank responses....






ugababe Senior Member

Joined: 17 December 2004
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Posted: 24 March 2005 at 3:43pm | IP Logged

Wow bluefish!!!!!!!

I'm just lovin it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we have so many creative and imaginative writers on this Forum!!

I wish all those producers and directors would give a look at these stories!!

I swear they're even better then the actual serials.


can't wait to read some more from you and Diksha!!!


diksha Groupbie

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Posted: 24 March 2005 at 3:52pm | IP Logged

Disha feels very bad and disappointed with DK's behaviour...

She for a second loses hope and wonders if anything good can ever happen to her....She remembers various incidents from the beginning and has tears in her eyes...But she regains and reboots herself and says to herself that she cant lose hope at this point of time...She has to get her life back on tracks no matter what....She remembers DK and how he became such a hero for so many people in the ashram and also how he changed his life for better...she thinks no matter what she cant lose such a jewel again ever....

Here Vedant keeps asking Inder what's the problem why are you tensed...inder says rano wants to say that only to D...

D comes there and asks them why they called her what's the problem...then they tell her abt Rano and they all rush to rano and Inder's suite...They get surprised seeing all the decorations done there...Rano comes and hugs D very happily...Then Rano tells that she wanted to give the good news to her first and then only to everybody else..that's why she has asked Inder also not to tell anybody...Vedant comes and wishes Inder and Rano and D is also happy for them and wishes them and pulls rano's leg a little bit as she is going to be a mom...They all wanted to celebrate...of course D is not that interested.....But she just had to oblige...

Dk is sitting on his rocking chair and going over what happened that day between him and D and feels very bad for his behaviour with her....He thinks to himself: Disha you have always been patient with me...If only you had a little bit trust also on me...Knowing very well that I love you, you have never ever reciprocated my feelings...and you just believed in whatever Vedant had told you....Why Disha why?

He has tears in his eyes"I really miss you Disha"


Disha,Rano,Inder and Vedant are sitting in a nice Restaurant...Vedant realizes that Disha is not all that happy....

He knows the reason also....In fact he also saw DK that day in the restaurant and knew that D came back to again meet him...All three of them purposefully did not go to the party so that D can be with DK and they can sort out their misunderstandings....Even the next day they did not pick up her call so that she will ask DK to pick her up...

Now he is thinking hard as to how to get these two to come out of their shells...He very well knows that DK is the hard nut to crack and very egoistic...

Disha had to go to the rest room and in the meanwhile she has a call on her cell phone...that's from DK...Looking at that Vedant suddenly gets an idea...and he discusses that with Inder and Rano...So they are all set to fool Disha and send her to DK's house somehow...

Disha comes out and Inder in a complaining voice says, D you did not tell us that DK is here only and you met him today morning?

D:surprised...how did you know Inder?Actually I wanted to tell you all...

I:Just now there was a call from DK and he left a message with us saying that he wanted to speak to you urgently,.....he really sounded disturbed...

D:what?I think I must go and meet him right now...wonder how mummyji must be...

V:uff Dish...Lets finish the party no? you can go first thing tomorw morning....

D: gets annoyed...Vedant..please I need to go...

And she rushes to DK's house....


End of part 6


diksha Groupbie

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Posted: 24 March 2005 at 4:04pm | IP Logged
Hey Bluefish,

That was brilliant!!! I just loved every letter of it....I would just love it if it really happens and there is every chance for it to actually happen in TD....Cant wait to read more from you...You seem to be gifted with natural flair for writing....Good Job !!!


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