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Tumhari Disha
Tumhari Disha

TD Fast Forwarded!!! Check it out :-) (Page 18)

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wow all of u!! yall all wrote soooooooooo gr8 i truly enjoyed readin ur stories n i really loved them all keep up the good work!

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hey guys its KPBig smile

i just wrote a future for TDLOL

its from the ending of the holi episode

sorry for any mistakesConfused

reply back

love KPSmile



As disha and Dk go inside with sumitra,everyone goes away from dk's house.Disha and Dk are both sitting with sumitra as the nurse makes her go  to sleep. Gargi and vedanth get inside the house and go to their rooms as they are tired of all the excitement and events going on. After sumitra is asleep, nurse tells Disha and DK that she needs to go somewhere and that its an emergency. Dk gets very angry and Disha puts a hand on his back as to stop him from bursting out. Nurse tells them that she will be back by morning. Disha tells that its ok and she can go. The nurse leaves and Disha turnes to DK and tells him that she would take care of sumitra. DK has no idea what to say or do and then he turns to leave. Just then Disha tells him ' DK tum fikar mat karo, main hoon na. mai mummyji ka khayal rakhungi'. Saying this she smiles at him and he smiles back and tells her that he trusts her.


It is 2 am in the morning. DK cannot sleep coz he is too worried about his mother. He gets up and goes to her room and sees that Disha is still awake and is reading a book. HE then shifts his eyes to his mother and sees that she is sleeping peacefully. He goes inside the room. Disha has not yet noticed that DK is standing there. DK puts his hand on Disha's shoulder and she gets scared.  He asks her what happened. She says that nothing happened and that she just got scared when he suddenly came and touched her. She tells DK to sit next to her by sign of her hand. He sits next to her and she tells him that she didn't expect anyone to come at this time. He tells her that he could not sleep and that he is too worried for his mother. He tells Disha that 'I don't know what happens to mummyji suddenly. One time she is normal and the next second she gets all hyped up.'

Disha is worried and looks at DK with concern and love. She is wondering if she should tell DK about the red color. She is still looking at DK when he looks at her and asks her what she is thinking. She tells him………


DISHA- DK main tumse kuch kehna chahti hoon


DK- haan disha bolo


DISHA- DK  jab bhi sumitra ma red color ko dekhti hai to who abnormally behave karti hai.


DK- yeh tum kya keh rahi ho[looks all shocked and sad]


DISHA- mai sach keh rahi hoon Dushyant. Jab bhi kuch hota hai tab kuch to red color ka hota hai unke paas.


DK- yeh tumhe kaise pataa hua


Disha- [thinks that if she takes gargi's name, then DK wouldn't believe her and it is imp for him to know this] DK maine yeh notice kiya hai ki har baar aisa hi hota hai. DK I haven't told anyone about this but I think that it is imp for u to know this. WE have to take care of the most minor incidents that go on around maaji if we want to make her better.


She looks at DK in his eyes and tells him that' DK mere liye yeh jaanna zaruri hai ki tum mujhpe vishvaas karte ho'


DK- [who is sooo shocked and has just come out of his stance realizes that he has to believe her and knows that she wont do anything right] Disha mujhe tum pe poora bharosa hai and I believe whatever you said.


Disha- relieved that finally her hubby believes her] Dushyant thanks a lot.


DK- mai chahta hoon ki hum dona mil kar maa ji ko theek kare and be with each other all the time


Disha- [who is happy after listening to all this] haan DK hum dono mil kar sab kuch theek kar denge.


Disha smiles at DK and holds his hand and presses gently to show assurance. He also puts hishand on top of hers and they both are literally lost in their own world. Disha then suddenly realizes that she has been holding his hand for a long time and gets ahy and lowers her eyes. She looks up at DK and tells him that it is late and he should go to sleep. DK tells her goodnight and tells her that she should also get some sleep, Mom will be ok now that she has taken her medicines. Disha tells him ok and when DK and Disha  turn off the light and are about to go out of the room, DK turns around and HUGS Disha very tightly. Disha is surprised.


Disha- kya hua DK. Tum theek To ho naa


DK- haan Disha main bilkul theek hoon. Thanks a lot for doing all this for me. Only u can do such nice things for  me


Disha- Its ok DK


AND THEN she too hugs him back and smiles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tell me how u all liked it

lucky-moon Goldie

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wow this is awesome Wink
bluejalpari Goldie

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Next scene 6
   Takes off from where Disha tells her Aai that she will not come to bhonsle house for her birthday..

   Disha starts making her favourite dishes...thinking about how the evening will be. DK will be so surprised to see her set the table ..she hopes that the last time she made paranthas ..DK was very upset and had told her not to cook for him. She hopes that now things have changed for the better..so hopes there wont be any problem.
She thinks : " it must have been ages since DK has had nicely prepared food at home...since its my birthday hope he wont mind...today i will ask him not to drink..i hope he will accept.."

By the time its evening and its his usual time to return..she ia dressed in a nice green and brown saree..with flowers around her hair..she remembers her last birthday where her Baba had blessed her and told her that she should always be bubbling and happy like flowers. She thinks after such a long time there is a hint of normalcy in her life..very enthusiastically she goes and tells maaji..that maaji once DK comes home all of us will have dinner together ..

 Having set the table, her wait starts. He must be busy she thinks..he has been working so hard. She keeps waiting..its one hour late..whats holding him up she thinks. She calls up at his office . ..they tell her that he has already left early today!!!

 She is shocked...where did he go she thinks...She keeps waiting.She takes a littel nap..when she wakes up he still hasnt returned home . As time passes her relaxed mood dissappears. She gets more restless and agitated. She gets angry at first. Then slowly anger turns into something different..bile rises up her throat as she thinks "..i hope he is alright...i hope nothing unthinkable has happened.".With this strain of thoughts her mind gets full of tension. She starts pacing the house.She thinks" even when we were fightring so much..when things were so tension full when i used to make his life difficult..even then he never kept away from home..and now even with Mummyji here..what can keep him away from home?"

Fear gives into tears of frustration. She has called him at every possible place..and he is no where. Since its already dinner time..she feeds Sumitra  and puts her to sleep..all the while her mind is elsewhere...thinking about DK.

Controlling her tears she wills herself to think positively...where must he be?

Here DK is sitting in a room in his office...he has stopped taking calls or meeting anyone.Since afternoon he has been willing himself to concentrate on work and not on Disha. He is working on his new deal very hard. But he still cant keep Disha away from his mind. Angered at his lack of focus...he tells his assistant to tell any person who calls that he is not there in the office.He wants to concentrate...he keeps working. He takes a drink or two ...when his mind gets dull..he gets up and drives home..with no mind at what the time is.

Coming home..he sees that Disha is sitting on the sofa with her head in her hands..eyes closed..tears falling off her cheeks. In his dull and dazed mind somewhere it registers that she is looking exceptionally good tonight..there are flowers in her hair and faint nice smell..He asks "Disha? Didnt u sleep till now? "
On hearin his voice Disha opens her eyes and gets up : " DK..Oh thank God..are u alright? " saying so she runs to him..and hugs him..: " oh thank God DK..i was so so worried..i was waiting for u since evening and when u got late i was worried..i tried calling in ur office but u werent there.. thank god ur fine.."

DK confused and dazed " waiting for me? and what will happen to me..what are u asking? " The moment he speaks ..Disha smelss the faint flavour of liqour..
She instantly goes away.." have u been drinking she asks..? "
DK " none of your business..."
Disha hurt and angered by his tone.." whats this DK? where were you..why are u so late..do u know how worried i was..i was waiting for you? "

Now DK in has dazed,and a bit tipsy mood..says " i was working..anyway i dont have to answer all ur questions..as u alwsy remind me..this is a contract marraige and i dont have to tell u anything.Who the hell told u to worry for me? And why were u waiting for me all of a sudden? "

Hearing this..Disha is totally stunned and hurt. With anger rising with every breath.." DK...do u know how many tears i have wasted on you in the  past 3/4 hours? I spent the whole day waiting for you today..thinking that i want to spend this time with you and maaji..and you are asking me these quesions? and on top of that ur drunk? It was my foolishness to think that you could be capable of giving or receving affection DK...ur a heartless creature and u will always be so. I wanted to spend today evening with you..but now.."
She breaks down and runs away to her room and closes the door..all her anticipation since morning is crushed and she breaks down crying on the bed.

DK is meanwhile stunned to see her breaking down..seeing her cry and run brings him out of his drunken stupor..with a sinking heart he realizes something is very wrong....he has hurt her vert badly..but he doesnt know whats wrong.
The phone's shrill ring breaks the silence. DK picks up the phone. Its Aai on the other line. Aai tell DK to ask Disha to call her back again. Azuba wanted to wish her for her birthday and couldnt so so since morning..he wanted to talk to Disha. On hearing this DK goes still...Aai further tells him that she had invited Disha to bhonsle house for her birthday but Disha refused..so everyone on bhonsle house was missing her a lot.Saying so she keeps the phone.

DK keeps the phone ..very shocked..So it was Disha's birthday today..and he didnt know about it. His eyes fall on the nice table set..with so many dishes..he realizes Disha had made all that and was waiting for....HIM.!!! AS realization strikes..he sits on the couch with a bang..Disha..his Disha wanted to spend her birthday with him..had gone to the lenghts of preparing a nice dinner..had dressed like a dream..and was waiting for him!!And he had come home late, drunk and was rude and angry to the core! So it was right..she had rightly called him heartless. She had hugged him, cried for him and he like an idiot and cruel person had thrown it all away.

bluejalpari Goldie

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He sat there stunned for the next 10 min. When he got up his face was resolved . He changed, checked on his mother.took something out of his cupboard  ...and then knocked on Disha's door.Disha answered that she was going to sleep. DK persists and asks her to open the door just once. AS the door opens he sees that she has also changed..into a usual saree. He goes in her room.Disha : i dont want to talk to you DK...just go away i have a headache".
DK with a pleading tone " Disha please...im very very sorry..I didnt know it was your birthday..."
Disha " no DK..i dont want to hear anything...you were ruthless and will alwys remain like that "
DK : " Disha please.." holding her hand " if i had any idea that its ur bday today then believe me ..i would have done anything for you today..i had a lot of work in the office..it was frustrating and i had told that anyone who calls should be told that im not there. I had no idea u were calling or that u would be waiting for me...please believe me Disha..."
After a lot of cajolling Disha looks at him..and says " and what about how rude u were..when u came home..i was gone nuts worrying.." DK says with a soft llok in his eyes.." Since our conversation in the morning..u were in my thoughts Disha..so much so u were affecting my work..I was angry with you..and myself.." Hearing this Disha's expression changes to bewilderment.
DK continues" I wanted to put u out of my mind...so i drank too..belive me Disha i was away from u but all i could think about was you...Im very sorry i spoiled ur day.."

Hearing this..Disha doesnt know what to say..she is surprised to hear these things from him. DK assumes Disha's silence to be her anger. DK : "I know Disha..i have been very rude and bad today..im feeling very bad about it.You even cooked for us today..ur right i deserve ur anger.." His eyes fill up with water..
Disha looks at him and is moved to see him that way. But the long hours of waiting for him make her doesnt allow her to give in so easliy. She stands mute.
Seeing this DK :" I know u wont forgive me..but please accept this. " Saying this he takes out a beautiful small chain fomr his pocket. It has the locket of " OM " in it. Dk " happy birthday Disha "..Disha just keeps looking at him.
DK : " Disha i know you. I can offer you the best diamonds of the world or most beautiful jewellery..but you are not the kind to be happy with that. So i want to give you this small but most valued possesion of mine..the om locket. "
Disha ..all anger gone form her face..looks at him surprised.
To her DK explains" Disha..this is a chain my Mom made for me. I never used it much..but i always kept it as her rememrence ..even when she was not with me. Its the most important possesion i have. And i want you to have it.Happy Birthday Disha. .."

As Disha does not move..he keeps the chain on the bed..again apoligises and  leaves the room feeling miserable and rotten .

Disha slowly assimilates everything .." he was thinking about me in the office? is he saying the truth..? she remembers his eyes filling up and accepts that he really felt bad and was feeling guitly. " she quietly picks up the chain..she remember her bappa locket which she gave to rano..and smiles. Now DK had given has something..something to hold even when the contract ends..even when the mangalsutra would have no meaning for her..this locket would still be there for her. She decides to forgive DK..

She goes into the hall and sees food is untouched.She fills a plate and goes to DKs room. Seeing he is not there she goes finds him on the terrace..looking lost and sad.
Disha jokingly says " whats this DK..its my bday and u have not fed me any sweet." On seeing her DKs face lightens up and his features soften.
Disha silently offers him the place..and DK takes the sweet ( say gajar ka halwa) and feeds her..both  smiling at each other ..and enjoying the moment. DK observes that Disha has worn the chain. He looks very happy and thanks disha for forgiving him.
DK " I wish you all the best in all that u want Disha.." with utmost sinerety.
On hearing this disha is coy and thanks him. He also tells her" you were looking so beautiful when i came home..i thought i was dreaming..." and is quick to add " ur beautiful now too..as always". And for the first time..Disha accepts his compliment with a smile.
disha " im very hungry..waiting for u i didnt eat anything.."
they both start eating and joking and laughing..like they both were waiting for this moment for ages. All her pain of waiting and worrying gone, all his anger and frustration gone..they were enjoying these moments of bliss with each other.




swathi Goldie

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I can see that a few of our friends have donned their thinking (creative) hats and have started penning the way we want TD to be....All of you are brilliant and as I have mentioned earlier different !!!!

Diksha ..as you have finished ur version of the story.please create a new thread....it makes reading easier....I wanted to read ur posts once again and its quite hard navigating through 15 pages of topics...and ya I should congratulate you for igniting the interest (or should I say creative urge....) among all our fellow IF members....

Bluefish, KeshP15 (aka KP), miss.england (Have I missed out any other names then am sorry) Please do keep your posts coming...thanks to the new promo for this week I think that I rather prefer your posts....at least its the way we want TD to be....

and ya last but not the least..thanks to TD and all you people...you guys have made me post more than 50 messages which has made me a 'Groupie' in IF now....Smile

Swathi !

bluejalpari Goldie

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Posted: 27 March 2005 at 10:13pm | IP Logged



 Sorry for a late post for the next scenes.its sunday and i was caught up with my hubby and son..:)

but to make up for that i have penned down 2 scenes at the same time..hope u read them and enjoy!!

Welcome to the writing club to mink and Keshp..you both are great too and miss england..where are u? hey its so nice to read ur stories...keep em coming..mink thanks for ur analysis of my writing skills and belive me ur better than me:)

Diksha madam u are the one to inspire us all..c'ommon pen something for us!!

Okay thanks everybody ..as usual ur comments good or bad are most appreciated...i need them to go on..write in ur comments surely.

Have a very nice day..thanks


queen-bee Goldie

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Posted: 27 March 2005 at 11:30pm | IP Logged

Hi Veda,

Brilliant writing.U R awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ClapThumbs UpApprove

minkBig smile

PS:  Hey kp,

Your depiction of the scene is wonderful.Big smile

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