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TD Fast Forwarded!!! Check it out :-) (Page 11)

ugababe Senior Member

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Posted: 25 March 2005 at 8:07am | IP Logged

wow diksha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

another amazing clip!!! can't wait for the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also enjoyed reading your version of T&D Veda!!!!!

You guys are doing a superb job with this!!!!!

Thanks a bunches!!!!

Happy Holi!!!


lucky-moon Goldie

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Posted: 25 March 2005 at 8:09am | IP Logged
diksha i am waiting for the final part of ur prediction come on can't wait to longCry how long would it take
keshp15 Senior Member

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Posted: 25 March 2005 at 9:15am | IP Logged

hey diksha

its kpSmile

love itEmbarrassed

i come to check fast forward every half hour to see it u posted next part

cant waitCry

love kpLOL

you got us all excitedClap

diksha Groupbie

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Posted: 25 March 2005 at 9:22am | IP Logged
Part:8 (final part)

Dk's grip gets tighter and he wants to hear whatever she said once again..He is not able to believe what she said just now...He knew that Disha has long stopped hating him, but that never meant that she loves him...She never told him in so many words that she loves him...And being a man of action he failed to understand her subtle feelings....

His eyes suddenly fall on her mangalsutr and sindoor in the maang...Now he doesnt know that eventhough it was a fake marriage, Disha was never able to remove them inspite of him signing the divorce papers and all...Because for Disha marriage is a one time thing and also since she loves DK now, all the more the reason...

Dk:huh..you like me?...Come on Disha...grow up....understand the difference between liking somebody and sympathysing with somebody...I know all you have for me is sympathi....If you have liked me then why the hell you never reciprocated my feelings?...you say I'm egoistic, but was I not the one who confessed my feelings to you?...not once not twice...so many times I made it clear that you are my love...But you never understood my feelings....You never trusted me Disha...You thought I was faking my feelings to you....You thought one day I will be with you and the next day I will be with somebody else....You did not even have patience to listen what I have to say in Porineeta's matter....

D: I did not have to listen anything from you cos I knew you were not like that....I knew you could not have possibly stooped to such a low level....Is that the reason why you left?

DK:Disha dont force me to ask you more questions....Your mangalsutr and sindoor have answered a lot of my questions....

D:what's that got to do with my mangalsutr and sindhoor?Is it so unusual  a married woman wearing these things?

DK looks at her defeatedly.....
"that;s why I'm asking you to go away from here....If you stay here for any longer I dont know What I will do...I will probably force you to tell me why were you not able to love me and God knows what else I will do...So please Disha listen to me and GOOOOOOOOOO"

D:No they are not the reason I should be going away from here, but they are the reason that I should stay here and clarify things with you....

DK looks at her puzzled..."Disha what do you mean by that?"

D: You should have asked me this 3 years back Dushyant....I had so many chances to break away from you even during those 6 months...you have humiliated me so many times and I took everything...You know why?For me marriage is only a one time deal....Ha when I came to you that night asking you to marry me, that time I was in a revenge mood and all I wanted to do was to destroy you...But gradually the values that my baba taught me have overpowered my revenge...And when that revenge blurr is removed I was actually able to see the real you and without even being aware of it I started liking you...I did not even know when that liking turned into love....Its true that I was not able to tell you what I feel about you...But I wanted to be sure of myself first...Love is not something that you give today and take it back tomorw...You have to stand by it and should be able to defend it for life...But by then I did not know that it will be too late....you just...you just....

She could no longer control herself and breaks into tears...

DK is spell bound...He keeps staring at her with disbelief and his heart gets squeezed looking at the tears falling from her eyes...
he hesitantly mumbles"but this mangalsutr....."

D in a hurt tone..." My mistake Dk...I should have removed it the day you have left me...But the values that my baba gave to me...did not allow meto remove it....leave me now...I have to go....Its my mistake that I had any hopes on you....You will never ever come out of your stubbornness and ego...."

DK is totally awestruck now...He has never been so happy in his life...He feels like he has got a second life...

She tries to shrug him off....But Dk's grip only tightens more...he lifts one fingure and wipes off her tears nodding his head indicating her not to cry...

And then with all the inhibitions dropped he takes her into his arms...She resists initially but eventually she too gives in...They just forget the world...

After a while they come out of eachother;s hold and DK whispers to D"Thanks Disha...You filled my life with happiness...I lost hope on it...Life without you seemed like a drag to me....from now on no more misunderstandings and no more tears...Its going to be only happiness....I promise you that I will never ever let you down...."

D: I too will make sure that I will be a nice and supportive wife to you and promise to you that I will never ever give you a chance to complain...I will do my best in taking care of you and mummyji...

From behind they hear a female voice saying,.,,,,"No Disha I cant accept it"

DK and D are stunned....

Its sumitraa maa...she continues: Disha you have taken away my son from me and I cant forgive you for this...you have to pay penalty for this...you have to give your son or daughter to me...(and in a happy tone) so that I can play with them for the rest of my life and see you all living happily....

Disha blushes and DK winks at her secretly...They both take mamma's aashirwaad(blessings)...

Sumitraa says now wait I have to thank Vedant for all this....

Both of them collectively say..."VEDANT....WHY?"

S: why?arre baba he is the one who helped me in getting you two strong heads together....

They both look at her puzzled...

"yes my dear son and bahu...Disha after you left that day I knew there was more to what I knew between you both...Just to make sure I called you on your cell phone through Dushyant's cell"

Nobody picked it up...But immediately to my surprise Vedant called back...He thought he will get Dushyant online but instead he got me and we both talked for a while...He told me that he sent you here....He is a nice kid and I alwasy knew that he was not like his mom....He and Inder and Rano must be coming here anytime....

Before she could complete her sentence they all come there and all of them hug eachother...DK applogises to Inder and so does Inder for his brash behaviour with him.....Rano asks for DK's permision to call him Jeeju(brother-in-law)

Vedant comes and hugs DK and asks for his forgiveness for not listening to him on Porineeta's matter and misunderstanding him...DK tells him from now on no more unhappiness at our home....of course I have one worry...
Vedant:what's that?

Dk tells D, :Disha from today your responsibilities as my wife start....Your first project is to take care of my brother and find a nice girl for him....

V:I know why you are in a hurry...You dont want me to come between you both but that aint going to happen...Dish is first my friend and then only your wife....

D:vedaaaaaaaant.....call me bhabhi...okay? I would love to hear that from you...I'm so lucky to have my devar as my friend....\

Inder:Disha I'm so happy for you....

D:Inder I know you and Rano are always there for me....I want to thank God for giving me all you nice people....

Rano also joins in and all of them have a great time....

Disha looks up and says thank you to her baba and also prays her bappa for the happiness of her family......

DK keeps looking at her with a content feeling as he knows that his happiness is in his wife's happiness...He determines to himself that he will never do a thing that will hurt her...

Disha also looks at him and their gaze gets locked for a second and both of them look at eachother in an assuring way that they are there for eachother.....


That's it fellas...Hope you all enjoyed the little ride I gave you into what I thought should be the future of TD....

Thanks to all fo you for being with me during this ride and give me the much needed support and company...


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bluejalpari Goldie

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Scene 3:

  After Disha goes away with the plate of prasad...DK is amused and thinks " I dunot know what happens to Disha..wether i behave well or not she always seems to be running away from me...Will she ever see anything good in me? "

  And Disha is cursing herself ..." what does the future hold for me..that I care about him so much..after all its a contract..what kind of a relationship is this?


 DK gets a call from Taaj...He tells DK about a party with his new clients.DK is again floating his own company after he gives up kanaka ..the Keyura Jewellery..
He comes to talk to Disha..she is in her bedroom..

Disha: " whats the matter DK? "
DK " I have some work with my new company..." Dishas face glows with pride..she thinks " i knew he can stand on his own ...i didnt know he will do it so soon..." Her face reflects the awe she feels ..He tells "Disha I will be away in the after noon for some talks for this new deal..take care of Mummyji.."
Though he says nothing..his face shows the tension and anxiety, but poise and nerve...the mark of a man who has lost everything and dares to build everything from rock bottom again..As he leaves..D calls him from behind and says.." DK..I wish you all the best.." very softly.. DK just smiles to say thanks..and leaves.

In his office DK gets the deal and finalizes it..The other group party congratulate him and ask him to come for the party they have organised today evening in honor of the new deal with  Keyura Jewellwery. They specifically mention that he and Mrs Disha Sehgal are most invited.

 DK comes back home ..with happiness and a little of his arrogant " i can do anything i want " gleam in his eyes. He sees Disha in Mummyji's room. He goes and nods his head to ask her tocome out. As she does that he tells her.." I told you Disha..DK can build a big empipre out of nothing..I got the deal."..disha is happy..but winces at his arrogance.  "Im happy for you "she says..
Before she can say anything more he says" Disha..I want you to take care of the advertising section for me..since this is a startup I dont have many people here..can u help me till I find someone for this position? "
Disha is amazed.." DK ..me? remember you didnt like my previous ad campaign? You thought I was crazy..now why are you asking me "
DK..with voice amazingly soft " But Disha..you did get the deal..and you proved that you are worth the position..I know you Disha..you will know exactly how to market my new line of jewellery..I trust you..." Disha now lowers her eyes..blushing a little but trying not to show it.

When she doesnt say anything..DK assumes she said yes..and says " today evening there is a party for this deal. As the new AD campain manager you have to come with me . Get ready by 6.00" So saying he goes away...

Behind him Disha is furious.." What? Party...What does DK think? Why does he think he can order me like that..?"

DK to himself while going to his room " Disha...sometimes I dont know how to deal with you..We both are invited for this party today..and I want you to go with me..but I don't know if you will come as my wife..so I have asked u in the business way..but hope you want to come as my wife.." with brooding eyes..thinking resignedly "Disha.."

Meanwhile Disha is getting ready..but she is angry and thinks to herself.." If he thought of me as his wife he would have asked me to come that way...then why this Ad manager and all..Does DK manipulate everyone that way..Are people just toys for him..use and throw.." . With disgust she comes out of her room..

 As she comes out in a beautiful white and red saree looking radiant...DK stares at her..with an expression of " which world does she come from" ..As she nears him he smiles..and says "lets go?"

In the party..DK introduces Disha as Mrs Disha Sehgal and says " She will manage the AD part of it . She knows how to win the hearts of people" and everyone congratulates her. Disha is surprised with his introduction, stares at his compliment blushes a bit.

After they talk about the detials of the deal DK and Disha return to the a table...Disha feels awkward ..she realizes this is the first time she is out with him. As DK orders some drink..his eyes fall on Disha 's glare of dissaproval for his drinking habit. He cancels the order and asks Disha what she wants..Disha is surprised at the change in his attitude..She looks at him with affection and sees that he has this soft look on him..she cant meet his eyes and looks away...at the crowd dancing.

 DK follows her sight and sees the crowd dancing.." thats not for me he thinks..the world has never been nice to me anyway" looking at his left leg. Disha looking at his forlorn expression feels bad..wishes she could do something..

Here one of the guys from the other business comes over and asks DK if they are having a good time. He says " Everybody is saying that you and Disha Madam make such a nice couple..Made for each other..why dont you both join the dance floor."saying so he goes off. DK and Disha look at each other ..and the awkward moment is full of shyness and confusion..DK stares at Disha and Disha looks away in embarrasment .DK thinks " made for each other " smiles and continues to look at her.
As he stares at her she is more embarrased and looks away at the dancing floor. Wanting the awkwardness to end..she says the first thing that comes to her mind.  ." do u want to dance ?"

At DK's shocked but pained expression she just realizes what she said..She is surprised because she herself needed lot of cajolling in the past to join in the dance floor.." what did i just say..what was i thinking " she thinks. Meanwhile DK looks at her and says " Are you making fun of me Disha..you know very well I cannot dance " ..in a very serious and pained manner. Immediately Disha shoots back " NO DK..im not making fun of you ..why will I do that..I just...I just..." not knowing what to say..Then with a resolve she says " DK..who said you cannot dance..? Will u try at least? " DK is shocked..staring at her with murderous expression...she says " im there no DK..trust me ". She gets up and moves to the dance floor..DK follows her like a little lamb..just staring at her.




Thats all for now...
Takes so much time with my spelling mistakes and editing..
enjoy this for now..
and do let me know ur response..

PLEASE let me know if im boring you!!!!




SALESHNI Senior Member

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Posted: 25 March 2005 at 9:43am | IP Logged

thanks very much

Raelly apprecaited ur time and effort put to write a Future of TD. for instance i cannot write like u did . U r a god Gifted.



Here isn USA its  HOLI.


Soo Happy HOLI to everyone

bluejalpari Goldie

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Posted: 25 March 2005 at 9:48am | IP Logged





Im in tears at your finale...so beautiful..just theway i wanted it to be...and your words and expressions are so blissful...Mam u have to write a book..at least for all of us.Ur too good. Especially the bonding between Vedant and Sumitra is very beautiful....im going to take printouts of our version of the story..and keep it with me.

Asli TD ka antha jaise bhi ho,..i will rejoice in ur version of it...

 kudos diksha..and please keep writins something..




diksha Groupbie

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Posted: 25 March 2005 at 9:52am | IP Logged

Simply superb and outstanding!!!

What else can I say? you have said everything in your story...

I simply loved the arrongance the guy has even in asking his wife to attend a party with him!

Makes me ask for more....


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