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Dekha Ek Khwaab

2/11/2011: Written Update (now complete)

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The episode begins with the searching for Murali but discover that no one by the name of Murali resides in that chawl and conclude that Murali had given the wrong residing address to his employer. The scene shifts to Murali who is crossing the road and walking fast but his eyes are surveying the surroundings every few minutes.  Murali halts in his steps and prays to god to save him, saying he can't go home tonight and if anything happened to him to please save Muniya.

Muniya comes out all happy happy and walks towards Akaash's bike who is gazing at her through his bike's mirror. One lady stops Moniya and compliments on how beautiful she is looking and takes her nazar. The music starts playing in the background while Akaash keeps staring at Moniya quite taken by her beauty. Our Moniya is all smiles and excitement as she walks to him, a little uncertainly as she stands before him waiting for him to compliment her but he only smiles at her and says lets go. Moniya climbs on the bike in excitement but then decides that it will look weird to sit astride like a guy hence changes the position but is not comfortable with her sitting. Akaash smiles at her actions and tells her he doesn't mind her sitting astride like guys but to hold him tight because there are too many bumps on the way.

Akaash's parents are shown with a displeasing look on their faces who I believe have witnessed the whole MonAsh interact (don't ask me how, they didn't even have Binoculars!). Anyways the scene shifts back to MonAsh, a song is playing in the background as this couple enjoys their first bike ride together. The scene shifts to the club where there is big line at the entrance, Moniya tells Aakash that she saw such a big line in Ludhiana every ravivaar (sorry don't know what day it is in English) outside the gurudhwar where they distributed ranger (I think it means prasad) and she feels like Daarji will come and tell her to take the Prasad. Akaash laughs and tells her that they will asked to show the passes and then they can enter but Moniya says she is not sure if they will let them enter because they refused one guy's entrance as he was not wearing any shoes. Moniya was biting her nails in her tension but Akaash stops her and tell her we can eat food inside. Moniya says she has the childhood habit of biting her nails when is worried, Akaash asks her why she is worried, he is there with her, she is not alone and tells her not worry and lets go inside, where there is music. He tells her she will forget all her worries when they step on the dance floor , Moniya is still worried and tell Akaash that she only knows baraat dance. Akaash says wow baraat dance, I am not going to miss this chance f seeing her baraat dance. Moniya laughs at his words. The stupid bouncer stops Moniya from entering the club stating she can't go because Indian dresses are not allowed (seriously?). Akaash takes Moniya to a side, styles her duppatta like a scarf and tugs off her ponytail (Don't worry Coco, remember it's Uday who gets to play with her hair,,,. lolz). Moniya is admiring Akaash as he adjusts her hair. She passes by the bouncer and tell him that no one is wearing beautiful sandals like hers.  

The scene shifts to inside of the club where Uday, Unnati and J are having drinks. Uday's tells his sister to first ask J whether she is happy with this alliance or not. J says what's the use of asking her when they all have already made the decision. Uday smirks and tells his sister see who I am marrying. Unnati asks J if she has decided on what she will wear for her roka, J says she has trials with Manish the next day.  Unnati says she is slowly getting excited and asks J whether she is excited about her alliance with Uday.  Uday is watching J closely waiting for her reply, J smiles and says being the queen of Jaighad is not that bad. Obviously Unnati is not happy with J's reply while Uday shakes his head and says you atleast liked something in this. J smiles at Uday and says you truly are a prince, how smoothly you removed all your competitors - meaning Jagat  and got what he wanted - meaning J (poor J doesn't know Uday did it for the title not for love). Uday smirks and says you truly are a princess J as she got what she wanted without any swayamber - meaning Uday. Unnati says they should go take their chemistry on the dance floor and pushes them towards it.

Now comes the scene we all were waiting J and Moniya bump into each other both are shocked, Moniya is even more shocked seeing Uday with J.  J asks Uday what kind of people come to your club. She turns to Moniya and questions her what is a maid doing at a club like this, is the bouncer her relative? Akaash finally realizes Moniya is not with him and sees her standing before Uday and J. Moniya is staring at them with anger, Uday asks J if she knows the girl. J tells him she is the girl who threw the dirty soap water at her. Uday is shocked to know this and asks Moniya you are that girl. He walks up to her and tells her that he should have known first she fought with him but you threw soap water at J? He salutes her saying he respects her. Akaash finally comes between the two and tells Moniya to lets go. Moniya tries to stop him wanting to give back at Uday and J but Akaash takes her away from them. Uday smiles after her and walks up to J and says that Moniya had mistaken fought with him but what she did with you doesn't look like a mistake. J in angry and tells him to stop it, she doesn't want to talk about that girl as it is her mood has already gotten spoiled. Uday is still staring after Moniya.  

Moniya is very upset and questions Akaash why did those two have to come to this place. Akaash tells her to forget about them and just enjoy the moment, who knows they might ever get this chance again. He tells her to listen to the music, rhythm and just let herself go on this dance floor. Moniya ofcourse follows Akaash's advice and they both are enjoying themselves on the dance floor to the song gul methi methi bol.

MonAsh step down from the dance floor breathless from the non-stop dancing. Akaash walks off to get soft drinks for them while Moniya is left to look around the club. She stops in her roaming upon seeing Uday who is walking towards her with his trademark sexy smirk Moniya tires to walk away but Uday holds her forearm and pulls on towards him backing her against the cushioned wall. He tells her to answer his one question before leaving. Moniya is glaring at him with anger and struggles against his hold trying to free herself.  He tells her usually it takes him only two minutes to understand people but he is not able to understand her; a girl who lives in chawl and comes to the club at night. He stares at with curiosity and asks her who she really is? Moniya asks him who she is? And quickly shrugs off his hold on her and angrily says "rishte mein toh hum tumhare baap lakthe hain par naam hain Shahensha" and then she says to move and tries to walk away from him. Uday is simply amused by her answer and her behavior holds her arm again to stop her from walking away from him. Moniya is again shocked and angry at being held and pulled by him as she hears Uday saying he won't let her go so easily without answering his question and repeats his question again. How come a cleaning lady come a nightclub like this one. Moniya once again shrugs off his hold and sarcastically tells him she is here for shastriya sangeet! And then says like others she is also here to dance and why is it so surprising and who is he to question her like that, is his name written on this nightclub? Uday stares at her with amusement and a hint of anger, walks around her with arrogance as he tells her yes his name is written, as the Uday of this Udaynivaas nightclub is he himself. Moniya is momentary shocked but recovers quickly and tells him so what? She has the pass to be here. Uday smiles at her and tells her that there is something in you, circles her again and says someone who challenged J and him must have something special. Uday tells her I will give you an advice for your betterment, the boy who is with you can't handle you. Moniya is confused/shocked by his words. Uday says she needs a real man, Moniya replies really? You seem to know everything, you only saw Akaash for two minutes and you came to know how he is huh? Uday says for now he knows that she is pepper and Akaash is water.

Moniya is upset and tries to walk away again but Uday once again stops her by pulling her and backing her against the wall. Moniya obvious struggles to get rid of his hold, her wide angry eyes glaring at Uday but Uday admires her, runs his hand down her cheek, brushing away her hair with his fingers and tells her she is looking pretty with her hair down. Moniya is shocked, disgusted and angry with his actions and shoves him away from her. Moniya's refusal only amuses Uday who tries to stop her by holding her shoulder, Moniya once again shocked at his advances while Uday loses his smirk upon seeing the mark on her shoulder. Moniya shrugs off his hold, gives him a glare and stomps away from him leaving Uday reeling in his shock as he utter "Princess Manyata" after her.

Akaash comes back with drinks only to see an upset Moniya. He asks her whats wrong and before moniya can reply she sees Uday standing behind Akaash. Uday comes forward still in shock and says nothing, she reminded him of someone and bows dawn before leaving. Moniya is slightly confused by uday's behavior while Akaash stares at her expression and asks whether they should leave? Moniya says she doesn't want to stay in the club for another minute. MonAsh leave from there while Uday is left staring after them with a shocked/nostalgic expression.

The flashback of how Uday gave Manyata that scar is shown. Uday sprangs up from his sleep having dreamed of the past. He has a shocked determined look as he gets off the bed. The doctor is shown yelling at the man and telling him that they have to find Murali before the J and Uday's Roka.

Moniya gets up from her sleep and discovers that her father has not returned home since last night. She goes in search of him and finds Akaash and tells him of her worry for her father. Akaash offers to give a call to her father but realizes he left his phone at home and tell her to lets go to his house. Moniya at first refuses but then follows Akaash to his home. Akaash's parents are displeased to see Moniya, Akaash explains them about Moniya's worry for her father while Muniya is trying to call her father but is unable to reach him. Akaash's father asks Moniya what her father does, Moniya tells him he is a watchman. Akaash's mother says a watchman and yet you have the luxury of roaming the nightclubs whole night? Akaash tries to stop his mother but she continues on ridiculing Moniya and asking her how her father can afford to give her do much money with his meager earnings. Moniya is hurt and embarrassed while Akaash intervenes and says Moniya's father is a very caring father. The mother and father says they know he is very emotional and caring that he is always helping the poor, be it the beggar or an injured stray animal. Akaash defends Moniya and reminds his parents that they also use to live in the chawl before. Moniya leaves from them and tells Akaash that she was worrying for no reason maybe her father had night duty. She apologizes to Akaash's parents and leaves from there.

Akaash is very upset wiht his parents and questions them on why they behaved so rudely with Moniya. Akaash's mother asks him how can he like such a girl to which Akaash replies that she doesn't know Moniya. That Moniya is a open minded girl, her innocence reflects in her eyes, Moniya has taught him the true meaning of life, she is the kind of girl who not only stays happy but makes others around her happy too. Akaash's parents are not happy with Akaash's description of Moniya.

The scene shifts to Moniya's chawl where her two friends are happy to hear about how Akaash defended Moniya before his parents. The friends call him Salman khan and imitates his commitment dialogue from the movie Wanted. Moniya says just becuase he took her to a club doesn't mean he is in love wiht her. Murali calls out to Moniya and moniya rushes into her room hearing her father's voice.

Murali is rushing around the house, filling in their stuff while Moniya unaware questions him where he was the whole night and then goes on to tell him about the meeting with Akaash's parents but soon realizes that Murali is busy packing thier clothes. She questions him on it, Murali informes her that they are leaving from there. Moniya is of course upset and angry hearing this news, asks her father why they have to move again, she tries to tell him that she is happy here, she loves the city and has made friends, why can't they live her, why do they always keep moving, why doesn't he ever tell her anything. Murali doesn't want to hear anything and tells Moniya that whatever he is doing is for her safety only and to not question him. Moniya is adamant in her pursuit, tells her father she is safe here with her friends, what harm can happen to her here. Murali asks her don't you trust your father? Moniya tells him she does but she feels that he doesn't trust her that's why he never tells her anything, he is always hiding things from her. She asks him why he is separating her happiness from her destiny, what is it that makes him move from one city to another, she never questioned him not eve when she had to leave her friends behind, could not complete her education and could not live a normal life other girls because of their constant moving but still she obeyed all his decisions but till when. She asks him when will he listen to her?

Murali places his hand on her head, tries to console her and tell her that she is still a child but he will tell her everything at the right time, now lets go. Moniya shrugs off his hand and tells him not this times, she won't go anywhere this time, she wants to stay in this city. Murali is angered by the refusal and tells her to step it, he is going to get the bus ticket. He orders her not to step out of the house, their will be no letter, no friends and no Akaash. His eyes falls on the lock while leaving he picks it up and tells moniya that he is locking the inside the house. Moniya is shocked hearing this, gets up from the bed and stares at the locked door. The episode ends on her crying face.


Moniya is standing by the open window talking to Akaash who is on the other side of the window. She crying as she informs Akaash that her father is once again taking her to another city and like always she couldn't do anything to stop him. She tells him she will again lose everything - her happiness, her dreams, her friends... and him. Akaash tells her he won't let her go anywhere beacuase he... (well seems like he is about to confess his love for MOniya but according to the promo Murali will come before Akaash can say anything)

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thanks angie!!!

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sweet update Hug cant wait for tmrw
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Nice update thankss ...

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