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Well, the introduction of the first episode says it all. Baba Bakri (goat, lol) says that in everyone there is some sort of animal, and the world is one huge chidiya ghar (zoo). Actually, Chidiya=sparrow Ghar=house. So the hindi word for zoo literally means the sparrow house.

All the characters have some animal aura in them. Babuji, or Kesari Narayan, the master of the house and previous school principal, is the Lion. He is first shown teaching his two grand kids, Gajgamini (her aura is the elephant) and Gillu. They have this funny comedy scene where he tries to teach them that Shakespeare "What is in a name." The servant, Gadda Prasad, walks in and Babuji makes fun of him. Gadda sounds like Gadha, which means donkey in hindi and it's funny because Gadda is also an illiterate. He basically does anything anyone asks him to do. Once, when asked what he should do with the water he brought, Babuji answers sarcastically that he should dump it on his head and he even does so.

Gomukh (the cow because he is fat and nods his head like a cow) is a school teacher. He asks his students to draw pictures of animals that live in zoos, or chidiya ghars, and is made fun of when a girl draws his picture. He comes home with the groceries to give to his wife, Mayuri, who taunts him that he can't choose anything right as all the vegetables are rotten. But then she later says that she's the best thing he's chosen.

Koyal (songbird), the other daughter-in-law of the family, wakes up her husband, Gothak(horse), for his morning tea. He works as a ticket checker at the train station and is obsessed with his job. You can see how he decorated his room like a train compartment, replacing the glass windows with the train bars, stealing a train's fan, drinking tea from a koolad, etc.

Some tourists arrive in their town and ask where the local zoo is. The neighbors say that it's right in front of them and it's completely free. When Ghotak comes out, they think that he is some sort of janvar(animal). The woman even tries to offer Ghotak some bananas and channas. Gomukh comes out and they scare the people away. Both decide that enough is enough and that they should change the house's name. They all confront Babuji about it, who says that Kapil (monkey) should also listen of what's going to be said. Kapil is busy trying to drop a love-note, which he has attached to his kite, on the neighboring Kerali girl's balcony.

When Babuji finds out that his children want to change the name of the house, he gets emotional because it was named after his late wife, Chidiya Narayan.



Episode 2 starts with the Narayan family discussing their problem. Kapi, meanwhile, is trying to land a love note in their neighboring Kerali girl's balcony via his kite. Gadda Singh, who is on the roof with him and holding on to the string, accidentally steps on his foot and Kapi looses balance and lands with a big splash in the tank of water. Babuji makes a comment on how he always makes an entry like a monkey. "Why is that?"he asks.

Maina, the daughter of Kesari Narayan, walks in with her husband Totha, and he says that it must be because his name is Kapi, which means monkey. They are welcomed in the house. Maina explains that she came only because her elder brother had told her that there was some problem and she should come. Kesari gives a questioning look to both of his sons and they quickly blurt out that they want the name of the house changed, that they are constantly being insulted because of it. Ghotak gives him the example of how the tourists had taken pictures of him and given him snacks, thinking that he was an animal. Even Mayuri and Koyal say that now, since people are actually mistaking their house for a zoo, is the time to change its name.

Babuji becomes emotional and starts walking towards a photograph that is hanging on the wall. And then he speaks:

"5th July 1971. That was the day that your mother and I had taken each other as husband and wife. That was the day that we both had dreamed of this house together. I was a school teacher, and couldn't earn much, but I worked day and night for this. But more than me, your mother gave up more. She killed her own wishes so she could keep you children happy. She had the biggest hand in making this house happen, but she never had the chance to see it while she lived. That's why I named this house after her, Chidiya Narayan.

Her soul is in this house. But no problems. If you guys want to change the name, then it's fine. Your mother would always want what you wanted. She would still be happy. Make sure you think of a good name."


Ghotak and Gaumukh are having second thoughts about renaming the house. They decide that they shouldn't remove the name "Chidiya Ghar" from the house, but instead place another sign on top of it. Then they pray to their mother, so that her soul wouldn't be saddened. Water splashes on them, and they think that she is crying. It actually turns out to be Gadda Prasad who threw water on them. After the two brothers stomp off angrily, we can see that even Gadda Prasad doesn't want to change the name of the house because he prays to the idol of Shiva to not late the renaming happen.


It is night and Gaumukh is dutifully serving his wife by showering compliments on her and pressing her feet. They both discuss on what the new name should be. Mayuri tells him that there is a name in her mind and looking at him, says, "it's right in front of you!"

Gaumukh looks past at her to the bed and says "Bed House! What a great name!"

She angrily moves to the chair and again points to herself.

"Chair House! Briliant!"

"No! Mayuri House. It should be named after me, I am after all, the younger bahu. I should have a little of dhinak dhinak dhin dhina of myself."

Gaumukh nervously comments, "This name won't go down well with the family. Instead of dhinak dhinak dhin dhina, there'll be a tandav!"


Meanwhile, Koyal is planning to rename the house after herself. She tells Gothak about it.

It should be named "Koyal Nivaas" she tells him.

"Naah! Koyal Junction will sound better."

Gillu chimes in that he want's the house to be named after him, but Koyal quiets her son, saying that the house should be named only after the Lakshmi of the house.

Gillu replies back that there are two "Lakshmis" in the house, her and Mayuri. Koyal is angered and tries to convince her husband to get her idea to Babuji quickly. He explains to her that he situation is unsure in terms of train-talk, but agrees.


Babuji is reminiscing in the memories of his wife.

A flash back is shown of where he is singing to the young Chidiya, in hopes of wooing her. The song itself has the wordings "in front of your house I will build a house of my own, I will set up my own little world." She seems annoyed at first, but her father agrees to marrying her to him only and only if he can buy a house of her own, and then she is quickly won over.

When he comes back to the present, he is daunted by the agreement he has made with the children. Seeing that he is deeply saddened, Maina comes over to comfort him and feeds him biryani that she had made especially for him. He comments that she has gone after her mother and tells her that she should think of a good name for the house, one better than Chidiya Ghar.

"Chidiya was mother's name, Pitaji. How can any name be better than that?" she asks.

He answers back, "But Beta, everything is in the children's hands. They should be able to change the name of the house if they want. But what should be name it?"



Episode 3 begins with the introduction of the chatty and chirpy Billo or as we should more respectively say, Buaji as she is Kesari's sister. She is known to ask a question and then answer it herself. Arriving in a hand rickshaw, she dismisses the driver with a mere 10 Rs after asking him if he wants to take all her money, and answering that he must, but this is all he'll get. She is greeted at the door by Gadda Prasad, who touches her feet, but she walks past him.

Kesari goes over to say hi to his sister, but she doesn't give him the chance to even say that.

"How are you bhaiya? Well you must be well. I came because I heard you were changing your name. Why are you changing your name? Well, if the times are changing, then one should change their name too. So what are you going to be your new name? Pintu, Pinku, Pillu. That's a good one."

He quickly corrects her by saying, "Who told you I'm changing my own name? We're changing the house's name!"

"Well, why didn't you tell me before?"

"I would if you let me. Since the beginning, you've been talking yourself."

"What are you saying? Since the beginning I've only been asking you! You just didn't say anything in return."

She dismisses their banter quickly by calling in all the younger family members.

"How are you my children?" she asks. Then she cuts them off by saying "you must be well. And you should stay well too."

"So why are you changing the name of the house? Well of course. People must be making fun of you. It must feel insulting. So have you thought of a name. No, you must not have thought of one already. So how would it be if we asked a pundit to name it? So did you call a pundit. I don't see Kapi. He must have gone to bring the pundit." Turning to Mayuri, "Bahu, will you make me a cup of tea? Of course you will! Why won't you, I came from so far away. And with the tea, also bring me something to eat."


Kapi comes home with a pundit, Pundit Prashnapuri. He sneezes a lot.

He asks the inhabitants of the house where "uttar" or north is. After finding the northern spot in the house, he asks where the first stone of the house was placed. Babuji answered that it was placed right where he is standing by his wife Chidiya, it was her birthday that day. Knowing that much, he says that the name of the house should be "Chidiya Ghar" as Chidiya had so much to do with making it.

The family then decides to call a Muslim wiseman.

The Wiseman advises that they name their house, "Ajayb Ghar," which also means zoo. He further says that it is useless to change the name of anything and a name is given only in accordance to how something is.

And finally, the family decides to consult the Father of the Church.

The father asks who the landlord is, and once Babuji is identified as that, he says, "Oh, I know you!" And then he names the house "zoo." The family is exasperated by this time, and the father quiets them by quoting Shakspeare, "what is in a name?"

The two bahus, seeing that this is their opportunity, express their wishes at having the house named after them, and soon a fight ensues between them. Koyal tells Mayuri that she shouldn't make her open her mouth. Mayuri retorts that it is better if she doesn't as she sings really bad. Ghotak then confronts his brother in full Dabang style. Actually, it seems that neither of the husbands want to be involved with this at first, but soon get reeled in as well.

Babuji stops the fight by scolding them all. He tells them that whatever the name of the house, they will still be like animals. They should at least think of their mother before fighting like this. If the name of the house changes, that won't affect their qualities. They shouldn't identify themselves with their name, but with those qualities. Then the grandchildren, finding a link between this and their morning lesson, quote Shakespeare. "What is in a name?"



This episode starts with another one of Babuji's morning lessons. This time it is about honoring others. He explains that one should always speak with love for everyone. If we give one bad word to another person, then we get that same word back three times. But surprisingly, when Gadda Prasad questions this, Babuji calls him a gadha, to which Gadda Prasad says will make Babuji thrice a gadha. Later on, when Ghotak and Gaumukh bump into Gadda Prasad, they call him a gadha as well.

He replies, "Now you thrice, six times, nine times, etc."

The kids show up and explain the concept.


Mayuri prepares the morning nasta with her usual dance routine. She brings it to the table in the same way. Babuji says that she dances very well, but one should do so at the table. How can one eat and dance at the same time?

Mayuri shows how one can by clapping out a beat and having her husband eat to it. Before they know it, the whole meal is finished, with nothing left for the rest of the family.



Ghotak and Gaumukh are taking Babuji to the Mandir on their one scooter to save money and gas. Koyal keeps bringing up the possibility that they might fall, but Ghotak silences her. Babuji, on the other hand, is unsure, so he makes Gaumukh drive because he doesn't trust Ghotak.

On the way, they are stopped by a policeman, who asks for Gaumukh's driving license. Ghotak has one, but Gaumukh, who on that one day is driving, doesn't. So Ghotak decides to try to bribe the policeman, which apparently insults the policeman, who makes the two brothers squat on the roadside holding their ears. Babuji is very ashamed of his sons and brings them home.


At home, the two brothers have to face their punishment. They are to stand on the cot with their hands up for three hours. If either one puts their hands down, then Gadda Prasad is to report them. Frustrated, the two break into a fight. Ghotak blames Gaumukh for slowing down in front of the police and forgetting his license. He even says that Gaumukh has no common sense and should be called Gadhamukh instead. Gaumukh replies with, "Now you're a Gadha thrice."

"No, you're a Gadha thrice!"

"Now you're one 9 times!"

They continue like this for a while. Ghotak is especially insulted because his little brother is calling him names. He warns him that Gaumukh better stop or he'll give him one under the ear. Gaumukh replies that he is no longer a kid and that he can raise his hands as well. Ghotak gets emotional now because he is hearing this from his little brother. He tells Gaumukh that from now on, he had better not call him "bhaiya."

Mayuri and Koel are both trying to calm their husbands down and trying to get them to apologize, but neither is willing to budge.



The episode starts with the grandchildren saying "bye bye" to their Dadaji for they are going to school. Dadaji teaches them that one shouldn't say "bye" but instead "Hari Om." He tells them to read from their hearts, but Gillu they take his words literally and reply that they can't read from their hearts, they need books. They are both troubled by the fact that their fathers are not speaking to eachother, and tell this to their grandfather. He promises them that by the time they come home, all the problems will be resolved.

He then calls on Gadda Prasad to bring him the newspaper. Gadda Prasad brings him an old print he found in the kitchen cupboard. Dadaji tells him that he can't read that, he needs the day's newspaper. Gadda Prasad tells him that he can read this as well, and if he doesn't want this one, where is he to put it. Dadaji replies sarcastically that he should place it on his head, and Gadda does as he is told.


Gaumukh and Ghotak get up at the same time and both lay claim to be the first to go to the bathroom. Gaumukh calls over Kapi and tells him to heat the water. Ghotak calls him over to himself and tells him not to do so, as he wants to bathe in cold water. Both keep calling Kapi to their own side, as they don't want to talk to eachother, and tell him to heat the water/not heat the water. They even start slapping him and he screams out, "Babuji!!"

Afraid that Babuji will rush over and punish them as he had threatened to do the previous day, they quiet him. Poor Kapi is smothered between the fighting brothers. Mayuri and Koel have to step in and break up the fight. The two brothers complain about each other to their wives and are one upping each other. The wives have nothing to do with the conversation. It is almost as if they're fighting with each other, just faced in the opposite directions.

Babuji walks in and tells them that neither of them will get to take a bath. If they want to live in this house, they will have to stop behaving like animals or they could go find a place to stay in a real zoo. After they all leave, Gadda Prasad hands over to Babuji a bucket of water. Babuji had asked for drinking water not bathing water. Gadda Prasad, like always, asks him what to do with it, but this time Babuji is smart enough to tell him to pour it over his own head. Gadda Prasad does so.

"And now what?" he asks.

"Move your hands like a bird, it'll dry by itself." Babuji replies and walks away laughing.


Kapi is out flying his kite on the roof, but the wind just won't pick up. The Kerali girl next door laughs at him. She replies back in Malyalam, but he doesn't understand and takes his frustration out on her.

Ghotak comes up with a kite of his own and notices that Kapi has an interest in this girl. Kapi is surprised that he isn't going to get beaten, but Ghotak only lovingly teases his little brother. Then he gives him the new kite, and apologizes for beating him in the morning. He is trying to get Kapi on his own side, and soon leaves when he hears Gaumukh coming up. Gaumukh has a kite of his own that he gifts to Kapi and tries to get Kapi on his own side. Ghotak, who is listening to them talk, comes up and confronts Kapi. Ghotak and Gaumukh fight over whose kite Kapi will fly, but when they fight, they only raise their hand on Kapi, who suffers yet another beating. Again it is Babuji who comes in and breaks up the fight. He listens to both Gaumukh and Ghotak go on and on, and is caught between them. He finally chides Kapi for doing nothing but flying kites all day and brings him downstairs. Then he makes Ghotak and Gaumukh stand in the hot sun with their hands up.


Babuji's sister, Billo, pays a visit again.

She is greeted by the two bahus, but she does most of the talking.

She then asks where her brother is and Koel replies that he has gone upstairs. Buaji thinks that this means that he has died and starts panicking and talking 100 mph. The bahus don't even have a chance to correct her. Babuji hears her and asks her what the problem is.

She looks up and there he is, upstairs. Then Koel has to hear a truckload of Buaji's scolding.

Finally, Buaji, once her brother is sitting beside her, tells him that she has come to invite them all to the Satyanarayan Pooja at her house. Soon after that, she leaves, claiming she is very busy with the preparations.

Gadda Prasad is the one who presents the problem to Kesari. Will his two sons be willing to go to the pooja together?


It is the next day and everyone is getting ready to go to the pooja. Koel and Mayuri have gone early to help with the preparations.

Ghotak and Gaumukh start a fight over who will take Babuji to the pooja. Babuji comments that there is only one of him and two scooters, so how will they decide who gets to take him? They obviously cannot all three go on the same scooter like last time. That was too humiliating. The two start their fighting again, and then Babuji decides that he will go with neither of them. He sees Kapi and tells him that he will go on the bicycle with him and that Kapi will sit in the carrier seat. He says that Chidiya and he used to often ride on the bike together. Kapi doesn't want him to do so as his father is wearing a dhoti and tells him that he will be the one who rides and Babuji should sit in the carrier seat.

The two are late to the pooja and there is nothing to eat, so Gaumukh is stuck in the kitchen cooking, while Ghotak is flying a kite on the roof. Ghotak is wondering what Gaumukh is cooking up in the kitchen and bends over the edge of railing and falls over the edge, being saved only because he is quick enough to graph on to one of the bars. He cries out. Gaumukh rushes out to see what happened and when he looks up, sees his brother. Ghotak doesn't want Gaumukh's help and asks if there is anyone else and there isn't.

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RESSS for my comments!
Btw, thank you SO much for this, Aishu, really appreciate it! :D

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finally updated last week's
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