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IPKKND: All I want: Chap-5:43

.hea. IF-Sizzlerz

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All I want.

Sometimes people make us realize how much we love our dear ones, no matter what. We don't realize when we see them in front of our eyes; safe. But when we see them wounded, the fear of loosing them grips us. It's then we realize how much we missed the person; how much we loved the person.


I saw him smiling, his usual, honey coated one. He spoke to me in his cool, sweet voice, and it was difficult to believe that he had a rod in his hand. I saw the moist fluid flow through my body and soaked the surrounding area. A few drops rolled and dropped in the pool, the blood red color turned faintish red when mixed with water. His eyes shone in the dim light of our room, the metal rod was stained with my blood. He took out the knife and pierced my wrist. It hurt badly; and I lay helpless waiting when he will be satisfied and leave me, alone.

I waited in vain. He went one; and I listened. I wondered where he was; and I hoped wherever he was, he was safe.


Color Coding:

50% Grey ' Khusi's perceptive.

Blue Grey ' Arnav's perceptive

Italics ' flashbacks.


Keep in mind the color coding while on flashbacks as well.


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.hea. IF-Sizzlerz

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I   N   D   E   X

0.1.  Prologue [Page One]

Chapter One : Blur

Chapter Two : Corpse

Chapter Three : A Dark Corner

Chapter Four : Broken Melody

Chapter Five : Two Steps Back


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Also, I hate pming if you don't bother to like or comment. Comment occasionally, or at least LIKE. It's a tough job for me to pm so many people. If you think that you don't like the story anymore or you can't like, scrap me out of your list. Saves me my precious time :)


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update soon dear my hon obligation is dont have a sad ending that's it 
plzz pm me

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.hea. IF-Sizzlerz

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                                              1. Blur

'Khusi!' Arnav entered the house; there  was pin drop silence. It had been a tiring day, he needed sometime to freshen up. But before all, his beautiful wife's face. She was the only one who tolerated all his wraths; and still managed to keep him calm. 'Khusi' he called once again. Where was she? He mentally thought. 'Om Prakash,' he shouted, the voice echoed in the empty hall and came back to him. He frowned. 'Where was everyone?'

He hurried through the stairs to his room. The corridor was empty. 'She didn't call me up and say that she will not be at home,' he mumbled. He kept his mind away thinking of something bad has happened. Once more, 'Khusi.' No response. He picked up speed. What's the matter? He was worried.

He strode into his room, it was night time. A dim light tried to light up the room, darkness gobbled it up. The pool reflected it's sparkling water on the walls. 'Khusi, are you there?' he gently called out. His eyes fell on a broken bangle. He bent to pick it up; the broken glass pierced his skin. 'Ah' escaped from his mouth. It was the same bangle he had gotten her on their anniversary. A moist red substance glistened in the light. He smelled it; it was blood. 'Khusi?' his mind refused to think she was alright. He went to the pool side and was dead at the sight.

Khusi was laid there, seeming lifeless. It felt he forgot how to breathe. He sprinted towards her and bent down. She was bleeding profusely; there were cut marks on her wrist, broken bangles tangling to her soft wrists. Blood had oozed from the skin and dried.

'KHUSI!' he screamed. The water of the pool rippled. 'Jai Prakash!!' he screamed. The poor man came running and jumped out of his skin seeing her bleeding. He had the problem of fainting at the sight of blood. He immediately turned round; 'Kya hua memshaab ko sahab?' he voice was choking. 'Call the ambulance Jai Prakash, immediately.' Jai Prakash ran off downstairs.

Arnav scooped her in his arms and took her downstairs; his life.

Within a couple of hours ambulance took her, Anjali and Nani came horrified, he hadn't told them about this yet. She was sent to the ICU. Arnav told Anjali to wait outside; meanwhile he would have a word with the doctor. The doctor called him to his personal chamber and made him sit.

'Mr. Raizada, how did this happen. And you came with Mrs. Raizada two days ago for her check up. She was ill. And this loss of blood; it's terrible for her health. No one was at home?' The doctor said in one go.

'Mr. Seth, if I would have been at home do you think it was possible for anyone to TOUCH my wife. I mean, how'how the case is?' he said in a lower tone.

'It depends Mr. Raizada, I think it's not pretty much serious,' he didn't sound convincing.


'Tum hume bataoge kya hua?' Anjali asked horrified at the sight of her brother. 'I'll explain you Di, come downstairs,' he took them out of the hospital.

It felt like something cut through my skin; it was so painful. I could hear the doctors murmuring, and a blur vision of their lips moving, but my ears failed to catch the exact words. I was in  a room; it was closed from all sides. I was laid down on a flat surface, it was hurting my back. I sensed something flowing through my nerves, and my cheeks were burning. I was having difficulty in breathing. Why was this room so suffocating? I always told Arnav to keep at least one window open; will he ever listen. He had so much trouble in breathing in his sleep; wait, where was he?

I tried moving my hand but I was resisted. There was a thing tube attached to my wrist. It felt like a needle was piercing my head. What was it? I could feel a doctor murmuring near my ears. What were doctors doing here? There greenish blue dress, white aprons, white mask, was it something to do with me.

The doctor was saying something, a little bit louder, my ears were not able to catch,

Blood'''glass bangles''something like syringes...

Nothing more, the doctor was now not to my height. It was so frustrating seeing someone talking, pointing towards me and yet I was not able to listen.

A girl put something thin through the skin, it slid into the skin and then it became all dark'''..



I was having a difficulty in breathing. She said I would ventilate in sleep, she did have a difficult in breathing too. I would see her getting up in the middle in the night and opening a window near the pool side. She would stumble with her sari while getting off the bed.

I would explain her that windows shouldn't be let open when AC was on; she would say she wouldn't listen anything when she would see me taking deep breaths frequently.

When I saw her near the pool, with only the dim light in the room to see, I blinked and refused to think my Khusi was laid there. She looked paler than a corpse; blood seemed to have drained off completely. For once I thought if my heart was still beating, I forgot how to inhale.

She was ill seriously for a week now. Something was bothering her; she would tell me, but not clearly often, she would ponder over one line; she would change the topic midway. I would stroke her hair and cup her face and tell it would be alright; she would give me a nervous smile and lay back to my chest; listening to the heart beat, which beats for her.



'Arnav?' she was unnecessarily low. She tiptoed to where he was sitting and slowly sat on the cold floor; he was on a low chair near the bed. He sensed his wife fidgeting with her pallo of the sari, she was quite.

'What's it?' he gently stroked her hair. Her eyes were grave; dark circles under her eyes, she wasn't sleeping.

'I was just...I mean'I was wondering'..will you ever throw me out if you think that I hid something from you which I shouldn't have?' she was merely whispering now.

'Why would ever think that? Can I separate my life and still breathe? Or you think I would rather die?' he murmured. The room was strangely quite, his laptop stopped giving off the sharp light; he had switched it off.

'Or that's because I shouted like an idiot yesterday? Trust me Khusi, that at all wasn't for you; Aman, you know him, he just messed up a file, I couldn't, I am sorry if I'd hurt you, I never meant that way. I don't know what happens to me when I'm angry, it succeeds in getting the best of Me.' he sounded sorry.

'I don't mean that way Arnav, I was just thinking if you would ever get angry on me for keeping secrets, you know what I mean, I would not ever want to get away from you,' her voice was low again.

'People can keep secrets, you'd share them if you ever wanted someone to hear it out, and I'll always be there. People have right to have secrets, then why would I..' he trailed off.

She hadn't seen when he slowly slipped off beside her; leaving the chair. She placed her head on his chest and murmured, 'If I'd ever keep any secrets, it would be for you and our family, trust me, do you?'

'Till my death, and I know you wouldn't do anything which will hurt us, sweetheart' and he cupped her face and kissed her on her forehead.




The doctor came out of the ICU, he was still stuck to the seat. Was it something he overlooked? The doctor came and patted his shoulder; 'Mr. Raizada, you can go and meet her, she is back to senses,' he sounded a bit tensed.

Without a second word, he slowly went to the ICU; he didn't want his wife to see so pale, so colorless.

She was laid with a white cloth drawn up to her waist, she was looking even paler. She smiled at him; how does she manage that even in the toughest times?

He sat on her side and held her hand ever so gently and smiled back, 'You smiled,' her voice sounded alien.

She would have expected him bombard her with questions, he merely uttered, 'How are you feeling?'



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devishree IF-Dazzler

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nice one but killing me see them like this seriously i yelped out of cry and pain dear 
murphy buddy me ...plzzz
thanks for the pm dear 

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.hea. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by devisridhar

nice one but killing me see them like this seriously i yelped out of cry and pain dear 
murphy buddy me ...plzzz
thanks for the pm dear 

thanks buddy!
you'll get to know the reason behind this soon...but I assure the ending is pretty good
sent you a request...!!
thanks :)

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very nice start..add me in

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meenaluma IF-Rockerz

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very nice ss pls continue thanks for pm

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