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TD Update for 21.03.05

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Posted: 21 March 2005 at 11:14pm | IP Logged
Tumhari Disha Episode dated 21st March'2005

 This was an awesome episode nothing happened much, but you will thoroughly enjoy every bit of it and yes there were some great DK- Disha scenes and undoubtedly the chemistry b/w Dk and Disha is simply enchanting. Goes without saying DK rocked in this episode and looked dynamic and smashing and Disha looking radiant. And there were some spectacular confrontation scenes b/w DK and Vedant and offcourse Dish with them. This episode also marked the entry of Porineeta…..eeesshhhh…

 Episode begins with Vedant coming to Disha ( not in her bedroom for once). She as usual gets panicky seeing him fearing what if DK comes there. She asks him as to why he came to meet her. He tells her that he wants her to know something about Badi Mom. He tells her that there is some mystery behind the whole thing. He tells her that the moment his mom came to know that Badi Mom spoke, she started packing her bags and told that else she has to face DK's wrath. I really wonder what could it be and he tells Dish you need to be with Badi Mom always and take care of her. Suddenly from behind we hear the voice vibrating and that is DK's, looking absolutely rocking in a denim blue shirt and stonewashed off white coloured jeans ( Sorry Memsaab you need to spend some more sleepless nights  to get the videos of the pics for all)  He tells Vedant that you don't need to tell us how we have to take care of my Mom. Neither me nor my wife, saying this he goes near Disha and spreads his broad shoulders and holds her hands hmmmmmm…..tightly….he actually hurts her. She cribs and tries to let go off his hand. She tells please DK leave me. He is still holding her tightly……ooffff… Vedant looks at all this. He comes to Dk and tells him, which husband are you talking about and what wife, is it the contract marriage of 6 months that you are referring to, or the different rooms that you'll have been staying in, or this feelings that you have for Dish that you are talking about , he points to the tight grip that DK is holding Disha. He tells DK that Dish trusts me and she knows her limits and will not go beyond that. DK still holding her tells Vedant, Who are you to tell all this and you are noone to come b/w us, just stay out of her, saying he walks away.  When he takes out his hands, we can actually see the red marks on Disha's hands. Vedant looks at her and tells her why do you tolerate all this Dish, what for? She again asks him why does he want to come in b/w her and DK. Vedant tells her for you Dish, cause I care about you. I know yours is a contract marriage, your contract papers were in b/w the company papers in the file that you gave me, I tell you even now this relation is not going to give you any happiness and its better you think about it again…….Disha just keeps looking at him.

 She goes to her room and thinks that why is DK behaving like this, I know he has fallen in love with me and feels jealous when I talk to Vedant, but what is happening to me, what is stopping me from loving him, have I still not got over my past. I keep telling everyone to forget their past and move on but why am I still not getting over my past. Mujhe pata nahin meri zindagi kis Disha par chal rahi hain ( I don't know my life is leading me towards what direction). Saying this she opens the box and looks at the locket that Inder gave her during Darwaaza Rukhwaai. Heart shaped locket which has her and Inder's pics in them. ( stupid girl really……)

Background the slow song is being played.

Anchaahe jis Rishte ko, majboori ne sweekar kiya,

Kyon lagta hain is rishte ne, mere man ko yuhin baandh liya,

Ab kya mein karoo, kuch kar bhi sakhoo na….

 ( Why is this unwanted relationship, which has been unwillingly accepted by me, looks as if this relationship binds me nowwhat am I supposed to do, there is no way I can do anything about it )

 Now here they show two cartoons Inder and Rano. Inder is getting ready to go to work and Rano comes and hugs him and tells him not to go to work.  He tells her that he has some important work and will have to go. She stops him and tells him that she will let him go on one condition and she just pushes him and he falls down on the bed…..

 Now another romantic scene.

 Disha( looking ravishing in a peacock blue sequined saree )  is busy doing some work in the kitchen ( I suppose). Someone comes from behind and strokes her face with a red flower ( not rose). She gets tickled and again the person does it. She tells Veddddanntttt……and turns back. Dk's face really turns black and his eyes has a sad expression on hearing Disha telling Vedant's name .  It is our Hero DK and not Vedant. ( unbelievable isn't it?). She becomes all coy and tells softly DK its you……..I thought…….DK ( looking hottttt……in a dark grey coloured sweat shirt and can't miss noticing the biceps…..) DK tells her I came to apologise for my behaviour and he notices her hand which has still the red marks from his tight grip. She blushes and tries to cover up with her saree Pallu. He tells her that I came to tell sorry, but it looks like you had been expecting Vedant…. She tells him that its cause Vedant keeps doing this childish pranks and so I thought……Dk tells her in that case I will tell Vedant to not do such pranks ever… Disha tells him Dk please don't why do you have to get angry at this…….Dk tells her so that means you want Vedant to keep doing such childish pranks and keep troubling you ( with jealousy in his eyes). She tells him DK I want to know what is the enmity you both brothers have and tell me who is this Porineeta… Hearing this Dk tries to avoid looking at her eyes and goes away. He suddenly stops and comes and takes out a cream from the fridge and gives Disha and tells her to apply on her hands……..( wish he applied it)….. He then goes near the door and without looking at her with his back turned , he does not notice that Disha goes away from there ( now this will create another misunderstanding and may increase the distance b/w both D's) , he tells her Disha I am going to do some paper work and I want you to stay with mom today and from now onwards, I want only you and me to take care of mom and noone else ( looked like a child when telling that).

He says this and goes off. They show Disha is not around and only the red flower lying on the table.

 Now Azoba, Aai, Sukanya, Anil are in their office. And even Vedant was there ( for a moment I thought it was Gautam…I wonder where he has disappeared ). Azoba hands over a file to Aai and tells that from now on you have to take over this business. Disha comes there smiling and Vedant congratulates her. She thanks him and goes and hugs Aai and tells that she is so happy today. Anil and Sukanya keep making crooked faces and looking at everything going on. Disha is happily going to get something when Vedant stops her. He tells her he is sorry for all that he told her in the morning. Disha tells him that this is neither the place, nor the time to talk about it. He looks at her hand which is still red. He tells her Dish why do you have to tolerate all this. Brother is only taking advantage of your situation and once his work is done he will not bother about you ( how cunning this Vedant can be). Disha looks at him and tells him irritatingly Vedant if this is what you want to tell me, I don't want to talk or listen to you.  Disha's expressions were really superb here. She tells him again that if he is so very concerned about her then why is he not telling her about Porineeta. Hearing her name Vedant gets angry and tries to control himself and tells not again, why do you have to take her name always. Aai comes there and tells them what is going on and what are they murmuring. Azoba also comes there and tells that all this happiness and everything was possible only because of Disha. Aai also agrees and tells her that Disha there is one more work I need you to do for me. Disha looks surprised.

 DK goes to his Mom's room and sees she is not in her bed. He calls out to her and wonders where could she go. He comes down and desperately keeps calling out Ma……Ma……..now his desperation turns to anger and he calls out Disha…….Disha……..but no answer…He keeps prancing up and down…….Gargi comes there as usual dancing. He asks her if she has seen his Mom. She tells him rudely how do I know, why are you asking me……ask your Disha about it……DK tells her that Disha is not around that's why he asked her. Gargi tells him that oh ya I saw Disha going out a few minutes back…how careless can she be. If she had to go out she could have told me and gone so that I could be with Didi……..DK bangs on the chair and tells that if anything happens to my Mom I am not going to spare Disha….saying this he goes out. Gargi smiles wickedly and tells that Gargi now is the time for you to put more oil on the fire.

 Disha and Vedant go with Aai and she tells Disha that she needs one more help from Disha. She tells her that I had sought Ganpati Bappa's blessings and promised that I will be going to Titwala ( it's a famous Ganpati Temple on the outskirts of Mumbai). She tells Disha that since I am tied up with office work at the moment, I want you to go there. Disha tells but Aai, Aai tells her that she knows that Disha is really busy these days but pleads her to go this time to Titwala. Disha agrees. Vedant who is sitting there tells that why not , I will also accompany Dish. Disha refuses and tells him not to come with her. He asks her why, whom are you afraid of, If you want you can phone and ask Brother. Disha tells him there is no need for that its ok. Aai tells that yes Disha you and Vedant go together, its all the more better, two's company. Disha hesitatingly agrees and tells Vedant she will allow him to accompany her on one condition and Vedant agrees.

 DK is in his car getting more and more impatient. He is for the first time getting out of his house and moving around casually dressed ( wearing the same sweat shirt). Gargi calls him up and tells him if he has got any info about Didi. Dk tells not yet. He tells that he has been trying to contact Disha too but there is no reply. Gargi tells that she has been trying to contact Vedant too and there seems to be no answer from him too. DK screams at her as to why does she have to contact Vedant. Gargi tells him that I thought if Disha is with Vedant then he can give her the message. She again fakes and tells DK that she is so worried for Didi and where could she be and how to find her in a big city like Mumbai. She tells him its better if he informs the police. She tells him that she has not even drunk a drop of water since Didi has been missing. Saying this the lady disconnects the line and they show her drinking a glass of juice and she smiles and tells herself…..ooff Gargi you are too much……

 Disha is in the car with Vedant on her way to Titwala. They show her mobile ringing which has been lying in the car but on a silent mode. Vedant looks at her hand and tells her if it is hurting her still. She smiles and tells that the person who gave me the wound, himself gave me the medicines for that. Vedant looks surprised. Disha again tells that Dk himself gave her an ointment in the morning and after applying that she has got real relief. She then tells Vedant now don't try to avoid my questions, you had promised me that you will tell me about it. She again asks him about Porineeta. Vedant's face lights up when he tells Porineeta, those days have  been one of the most memorable part of my life. Porineeta is one of the most beautiful Woman I have ever met…….they show her getting drenched in the rains…….eesshhhhh.he then tells that Porineeta's life has always been around drama, acting which she was found of………they show one lady dressed up in a typical Bengali saree…praying near Tulsi…….doing the Aarti and the Ghanti( bells)…..she tells the spot boys please how long should I give this take my hands are paining………then they show her face …eesshhhhh….( Kavita Kaushik as we all know by now)……the assistant tells her cut…cut….Parineeta…….She goes upto him and tells him how many times have I told you its not parineeta, it is Poroneeta….is it that difficult to tell……please……he tells her Poroneeta and she tells ya that's better……..then she calls out Poltoo…chaataa le aao...uri baba…..ki Gormi…..ekto cold drink le aahooo….( that's in Bengali…Poltoo…bring me the umbrella , oh GOD its so damn hot……just get me a colddrink.)….then she sits on her chair and again the spot boy calls out Parineeta….she tells in bengali…..oh no not again…….and gets irritated.the episode ends on her face….eeshhhhh…..

( this is the music that is played in the background when they show her and not my words as you'll must be thinking by now…….)






fingirl Senior Member

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Posted: 21 March 2005 at 11:24pm | IP Logged
Thanks Lata..another gr8 update. Clap Clap Clap I hope Disha is not in trouble again...i really want her and our Dk Embarrassed to get along..gosh how long do we have to wait.i am getting REAL impatient Wink
PriyaS Goldie

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Posted: 21 March 2005 at 11:27pm | IP Logged

Thanks for the great update Lata.

I wonder where Sumitra is? 

seethat Groupbie

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Posted: 21 March 2005 at 11:28pm | IP Logged

Thank you for the update

have been waiting for last 2 hours for the update

dkaddict Senior Member

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Posted: 21 March 2005 at 11:43pm | IP Logged

Someone once referred to Disha as a blonde..... I would certainly agree. Does she ever use her head? How could she not turn to see who was there, before proclaiming, "Vedant...."? And leaving while DK was still there, without saying anything? And why didn't he even turn to look at her before leaving? Ugh, these writers have got to come up with something better- they are making our Ds look like morons, what with all this completely avoidable, totally improbable misunderstandings at every turn! Angry

Anyhow, thanks for the update, Lata!


P.S. And have they gone off and done another kidnapping??? How original! And realistic to boot! Why, I know at least half-a-dozen people who've been kidnapped at least once, a couple of them twice! Usually by the last person they would suspect, but the first one they should have suspected!

Nishani IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 March 2005 at 11:44pm | IP Logged
Thanks Lata!
memsaab IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 March 2005 at 12:00am | IP Logged
thank you sweety.. my night pills..

won't be able to do much for sometime.. my tv is Dead but my vcr is hooked to my cable line with timer for TD to dub.. so.. if not now..later I would definitely put stuff here.. unless somebody wants to buy me a new tv.
queen-bee Goldie

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Posted: 22 March 2005 at 12:01am | IP Logged

Hi Lata ,

Thanks for the lovely update.

Now guys hold on don't get impatient------The 2ds will get along coz lady D would find mummyji standing in the next cross st. & lady d will bring her home after the darshan of the holy shrine mummyji happy & here our D seeing his 2fav ladies together overjoyed & then will come the "happy holi scene".

Good night for now I'll write the rest of the episode in the morning.

Till then u guys keep gussing.hehehenhehehahahahahahBig smile

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