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<3 Happy Birthday Radha, (MP_Radha) <3

Aahaana Global Moderator

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Posted: 30 November 2011 at 5:55pm | IP Logged

There's a miracle called friendship

That dwells within the heart,

And you don't know how it happens..

Or how it gets its start...

But the happiness it brings you

Always gives a special lift,

And you realize that friendship

Is God's most precious gift!

   (~Author Unknown~)

Welcome friends...   

Today is a special occasion... an occasion to celebrate a miracle called  "FRIENDSHIP"

There are so many people that we meet in our lives but only a very few will make a lasting impression on our minds and hearts. It is these people that we will think of often and who will always remain important to us as true friends. She is such a precious gift sent to us by God.

December  1st, 

marks the birthday of a person who's not just a great friend and a loving sister but a very kind and wonderful human being too! 

In few days , it will be her 4th year here in I-F as she joined this forum on 6th December, 2007.  She started off her journey as a silent member and observed the forum before her finally one fine day decided to break the silence and came out of her shell. She posted a link about her then favorite show and since  that day, there is no way back for her, her hard work got her promoted as viewbie . And today,  we know her as a dedicated and hardworking moderator of the Chat Club  and Sensational South  forums.

Once upon time,  Franklin D. Roosevelt said "Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort" and in her case, it make sense. She is someone who thinks, nothing is impossible and overcome the challenges thrown away on her way to achieve her goal. She joined the crazy creative team in 2009 and soon found out this was the place for her to explore her multiple talents  and expand them out.  She has captivated many of our hearts with her creative and interesting GA posts  every month.  Her incredible multiple talents be it Photoshop, Video mix, fan fiction , spoof interviews, or other fun related activities as part of CC shows how she put her soul and heart into her work, an perfectionist.  She is a dedicated crazy creative team member who never fails to come off with flying colors on her work and commitment. That's why she was recently promoted as the Head of I-F Crazy Creative team, indeed a well-deserved promotion . ClapClap

As a person,  she is loyal and trustworthy and a good friend to anyone who approach her. Words to describe this young lady are just too little'she is precious gift to her friends.  She is one of the most fun loving people on this earth we can come across. She loves to pull her friends legs and bring smile on their face. She is a gem of a person who value true friendship. She can go any length for her true friends and stay by their side during good and bad phases.  She is honest and straightforward, and always wants the best for her friends. She is a good adviser and mentor who direct her friends to the right path and cares for them when they need a good friend the most to lend a shoulder on.

A true friend is the greatest of all blessings and its rare to find a true friend like her. 

So today is all about her and what she means to us as she is turning one year older so lets make her day special everyone.

Its none other than our very own


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Posted: 30 November 2011 at 5:56pm | IP Logged

Casanova Radhas New Affair!

Stay tuned for more surprises coming your wayEmbarrassed

Enjoy this video:

(credit- Sangs)

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Aahaana Global Moderator

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Posted: 30 November 2011 at 5:57pm | IP Logged

You are always my friend.
When I am happy or when I am sad.
When I am all alone or when I am with people.
You are always my friend if I see you today or a year from now
You are always my friend...
and though the years will change
It doesn't matter.
Throughout our lifetime, you are always my friend.


 Aishu!!! HugHugHug
Wishing u a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!... May all ur dreams & wishes come true!
wish u all the best on this special day & have loads of fun!..hoping that this day always be a special one to remember.
On this very special day of urs i want to let u know u r bestest friend ever that anyone can has been great knowing u...we have shared countless of good memories & looking forward to add more into them... its always fun talking to u & having blast with our PL Gang!ROFLROFL ...
once again wish u a very Happy Birthday!
& our gift to u is on its way Wink
May God bless u with happiness & success in life !!!
Luv ya loadsHug

What can i say about U Radhu angel!!! Ur so sweet, helpful, kind, funny!!You wont believe that I am a secret admirer or your Birthday Threads and any topic u open..iI would keep following u without u knowing it LOL but one day i finally decided that i need to talk to her and it was because of you I got introduced to so many loved ones in the SS forum along with Mokkian LOLLOLLOL

Hey Radhu, wish u a very very Happy Birthday sis.. you are simply rocking..i luv to chat with u ...i luv ur posts..ur soo cute n adoreable..EmbarrassedMay this Bday b the best bday of ur life..Big smile Have fun n enjoy loads! dont forget me on this berry special moment..may god bless you billions of bdays like that!Big smile

Ill b surely dere at ur bday party thread with loads of gifts for u..Big smile

It's your birthday and I can't be there
But I'll send you a special birthday wish and a little prayer
Have a happy birthday
I hope that all of your birthday wishes come true
May you have a great time today and find happiness in everything you do.
take u loadss..mwah!Embarrassed

When i first met her i tho she was after my man... and i still think that but no worries i'll fight it out with her..Wink

A very very Happy birthday Radha.

Im very happy that i met you. Your one of the best person i met on IF. Your always there for help when i need it and you care for everyone a lot. Hope we get to know each other more in the future.

Have a very good birthday and i hope you get everything you wish for.

Today is a birthday of a special person
She is like my mother ROFL
I always call her entamma or amma ROFL
She also call me call me son LOL
Radha akka celebrate your birthday with all your brother, sisters, son and daughter in IF ROFLROFL
Ungaluku Make Up set thaana ellarum gift ah thanthanga? ROFLROFL
Wish your many more Happy returns of the day Radha akka ...
Ensoy your Birthday

Happy birthday radhaaa!!!! I hope you have a fantabulous birthday!!! May you get everything u wish for! It has been great knowing you! We bonded as soon as we talked, and then we were unstoppable! I love our silly time on msn or when we have our serious convos. Thank you for being there for me when i need u and for making me understand and giving me advice! u are an absolute doll! Party hard and have a ball! Be sure to save some cake for me! and yes i dont mind presents either ;) heheeh!

Your present i will get to you shortly!!! Love you so much! Happy birthday again!


Wish you many more happy returns of this day..
May god give you all happiness and success in life..

Happy birthday to you my dear sister...

With regards..

Dear Radha,

A smile a day, keeps the heart breaks away...a dance a day, keeps the sadness away...a hug a day, brings your happiness always to stay.

Aah i know that sucked, but somewhere a sad you makes me sad too. So always smile and keep shining like the sun with equivalent power and that too either in cm or mm ROFL

i don't know what to say or how to, but all i know is you. ek tu hi tu hai sirf tu hi tu hai...whom i know i can share things with and always find a shoulder to lean on and vice versa...

always know i am there...jaane kyun dil jaanta hai tu hai toh I'll be alright. Hug
god bless and cut that cake...i will sure come over for that chocolate ROFL


Happy Birthday Aishu @ Radha. Many more happy returns

She is one of the most charming, helpful and wonderful person. Tongue. A very nice and sweet gal. She is famous for giving us "song translation", athuvum enna mathiri thathuvamana paattu teriyuma LOLLOL. Hot seat le iruthathaan teriyum.LOL
Her gift from me.

Dear Radha...Hug...
Wish U Many Many Many Happy Returns of the Day!! Big smile Hug
May God Bless u with loads of happiness and good health all through the years ahead...
Enjoy the day with loads of fun and have a blast !!PartyDancing

wishing you a very happy birthday radha akka..
Your's loving

wish you many more happy reruns of the day radha akka
may god bless you and let this birthday be a special one to you and
let all your dreams come true ..
let this bithday bring you joy and happiness
and filled with every thing that your heart desires
happiness,love and peace always

moonlight ;sunshine and many flowers..
lovely smiles and wonderful friends
May god bless you always


with bad net Only gifts I can come up with are many prayers and loads of love for you
and some coffee so u can tolerate my bakbak..

Dear Radha aka Aishu Chellam,

Wish you a Very Happy Birthday

A Great Year and many more to come

May your special day be filled with Memories, Friendship and
Lots of

Cake SmileSmile

God Bless you and may all your wishes come true!!


I thought she was very pretty elder with her name Radha and suddenly I got to hear her sweet voice from one of the interviews and changed my opinion...Embarrassed
For the sweet teddy celebrating her birthday today ...May the alighty bestow his blessings upon you and your family and keep you as happy as ever...
Dear Radhu ...Hug

I was a quite member basically only following up stuff at SS when one day Radha send me a pm for a member's wedding tread Big smile that is where started our friendship. She invited me into the lovely family of SS and made me feel so much at home there.
Funny incidents Shocked oh yeahhh right .. it wud be she making a fool of me numerous times Ouch But once she called me up Shocked i was shock to hear her but at the same time was happy to hear her voice. Annalum she never gave me a gap to talk ROFL she continued talking and talking
Always the same. Never she is one type at one moment and the other type another moment. She is very friendly and treats and respect you sincerely and expects the same too.
Your birthday is finally here, so lets get the party started! Cakes, candles and gifts can be mine Wink, after all this birthday is already yours LOL! Sharing is caring my friend. Just kidding.ROFL It's your day! Have a rocking birthday. You deserve all the success, happiness and love in the world.Once again radha wishing you a happy and cheerful life ahead. Happy birthday. Live every moment, today and always.!

Our first interaction was in the Onam thread where you had welcomed me to Sensational South. I was quite suprised that a Mod had welcomed me LOL Embarrassed Biggest funny incident with you is the whole drama you and Ravi created with someone named Jas Angry Such a fool proof plan that was ROFL LOL But you are a good sport when you saw I was shocked with your plan you was more than happy to get Ravi this time Evil Smile LOL Thanks for everything yaar ..I hope to can add more funny incidents to my list with you Embarrassed
My first impression: Radha I didn't think you were a strict mod at all because of the one million ROFL's you always use ROFL you are one of the sweetest mod I have met on IF. I hope you always stay like this Hug


Cute Dior dress for the girly girl you are HugWink

Jimmy Choo high heels ROFL...please don't fall Wink LOL


I think the first time I ever had interaction with her was during the Zombie/WW/Vampire Game where in she had attacked me and made me a Zombie ! LOLLOL
I had always thought of her to be a fun loving person and even today I feel the same. I am sure she can crack anyone with her humorous posts !
Many Happy Returns of the day Radha , may God bless you and fulfill all your wishes ! Hug Enjoy your birthday to the max ! :)

 I met her in the sensational south section. funny incident with many in recent that i can remember from the top of my head is her declaring Homework as my husband...ROFLROFLROFL
radha akka!!! happy birthday!!! may this year rock for you and hope you will find it to be a prosperous year...Party

I met her on IF..i remembered i scrapped her..LOL..then it continued on msn..Embarrassed..Funny incident..Ermm..yeah it includes Melz and her..the first time she came on msn and she was not in my friend list so while i was chatting with Melz..she invited Rads in the convo and made me believed she was not Rads but another person..ROFL..but i knew it was her in my mind..LOL..
First thought: she is very strict..ROFL.. My thought now: She is still strict but dil se she is a sweetheart..Embarrassed
Wish you a very Happy Birthday my Hitler didi..PartyParty..may you get everything you want in life..HugHug..may i get my jeeju soon..ROFL..i love you my di..just don't ever change..stay the way you are..Embarrassed..Enjoy..muaah<3


Today as you wake up in the morning

may sunshine fill your heart with joy

may you spend the day like a free bird

doing all that you love to do

may all that is bright n beautiful

fill your heart with happiness

have a very happy birthday!
















Have a best day, Radha!

Wish u all the happiness in the world...Let your life path be strewn with blessings from GOD ALMIGHTY...May success and prosperity kiss you and let good friends surround you always...Climb high on the ladder of success.Enjoy this day!
What can I say about  a special angel who graced the portals of IF???
I just got to meet Radha very recently...but it feels like u have known her for ages...She just breezes into your life amd makes a spot in your heart...Very warm hearted and generous in her encouragement of new people in the forum...As a moderator she has a very hands on and is very   practical   in her approach in doing stuff...Hard working. encouraging ,loving are some of the qualities she has...but what shocked me was her funny sense of humour...Recently when she was grilled as MOTW ...she had all of us in stitches with her FF...every line was a punch.
Radha...have a wonderful birthday and here are some treats from meBig smile



Apppiiieee birthdayyy Aishuuu!! Hug
May you have many many more! May All your secret dreams and wishes come true! LOL
You are such a beautiful and The best bestest friend one can have! I m sooo lucky to have a friend and a sister like you! Cool I remember our friendship started because Of Iq's FC! The pm's and all and then we started chatting on msn! Tongue Ahhh i loved those rofls hehehe 
Your gift is pending! Tongue its a lil surprise will give you sooon! Wink
Once again wishing you a very very happy birthday! Hug

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The day you and I met
Will always be cherished
We've grown a lot together
Done a lot together
And no matter what
We always let each other know
That we love and care about each other.



Hi Aishu dear,

Happy birthday to youClapClap and all your dreams comes true.
Aishu you are the one who made me to come to tamil section. I was little hesitated to talk to others but u made me comfortable and even encouraged me to write updatesBig smile. I feel more comfortable when u are around chatting. I loved your CM updates and even I learned few things from you and other updaters how to give names for the charactersLOLLOL. I love your sweet comments and that makes me to write update without any problem. I feel You are a multi-talented person as you make siggy, avatar, VMs, and also you are a moderator and some times come here to chat, write updates, and ask many different questions for MOTW etc., Still I want to learn more things from u but time is not permitting us to do that. I admire your efforts in making the forums to a position. Efforts will never be a waste. All the Best! Thumbs Up

You always Rock!!! And you make others also to Rock!!! That's your specialty.

Enjoy your birthday with full of happiness.PartyDancing



 Wishing You Many Happy Birthday*hugs*
 Now am not as creative as u and others so i my msg is all i can send for u. Okhay ... You know best thing is on ur bday i made it to come early to talk with u guys on MSN. So that makes it so much fun to re-live old days back.
 And Radha ... how can i forget the Bday thread u guys made for me was extra spl bcoz of that BG Song which played each time. All thanks to you. I must thank that mad gang of ours and also IF for getting me some great friends. And Your one of them. Its so good to seee u on early morning when nobody is there. And i have someone to do my bak bak with=)
Happy Birthday RadhuHug
Lots of love,


I used to think she wd be a little apprehensive types but now all my apprehensions abt her being apprehensive has biten into dust...ROFL she is not tht seedhi saadhiLOL ermmmROFL
Happy bday to you Radha...may god bless you with all your dreams come true and a great life ahead...Hug


I think we both interacted for the first time via a PM on some matter related to IF and what started off as a very formal talk later converted into informal one when the base shifted to MSN and yahoo mail LOLLOLEmbarrassed..There is no funny incident as such but whenever I hv interested with her on PM or MSN ,I found her really witty and creative Embarrassed
My first thought was "Woww she is the atom bomb of IF for sure "ROFL and my thought now is "She is going to bring a new revolution on IF in the coming months for sure" Evil SmileTongue...In short I love her way of thinking and wanting to always change things for the betterment of all Thumbs Up
Radhaa many many happy returns of the day dear Hug ;May all your wishes come true on this day and may God bless you with lots of love and happiness in life ;May you continue to climb greater heights of success in your life...Enjoy this day to the fullest Party...You are really very creative and dedicated towards your work and I hope your creativity and dedication gets all the deserved recognition one day Star
I wish I can give u some real gift ..but for now virtual gift se kaam chala lo WinkLOLEmbarrassed..Since I cant make siggies or anything ,so a birthday cake from google is all I can gift u ...mummmyyyCryLOLLOL...

Jadha! Hug Happy birthday! You just keep getting older and older don't you? Shocked ..I always say that to everyone on their birthday but you already know i love you so it's all good right? ROFL Anyway, you're amazing and i love our MSN conversations because their always funny. XD Well, i think you're a bit mad at me right now so i don't know what to do but i do hope you have a great birthday and enjoy every bit of it. I know i've done a few things that haven't made you very happy but i think of you as my friend from the bottom of my heart. Embarrassed Eat lots of cake and have a great time R! Big smile And i'm sorry if i have ever hurt your feelings.

Mine is not a funny incident as i did get to know radha first thanks to an issue.I am glad that the issue actually made me do something that i lack at getting to know people. I got to see her perspective and realized more about her and got ot learn a lot in the process.
 I had followed radha's post long before i actually got to know the writer behind those posts. She is really good at what she does and I am so glad to be her friend. I love her creative side and no wonder she is the IF head . .I continue to the think the same of her even now. Her posts are always interesting to read and gives me food for thought. So what has changed between then an now is the id to the real human.
Wishing you a very happy birthday May all your dreams come true and that you succeed in all that you venture out to do. Have a rocking birthday and make sure you celebrate it to the fullest as it comes only once a year. Have lots of cake and make sure you keep some for me. Enjoy the day and the year ahead and hopefully we will hear of some good surprises in the year ahead. 
My gift to is that whenever you dream of anything you will see it fulfilled.

Dearest LK,

Both my LK's have their birthday together *Wipes Tears* Finally you are turning a year older and I am glad you are not spoilt like other one. Now where should I begin from about you. Expressing in words is indeed a difficult task for me but let me try for my LK. You are one of the most creative hardworking person I came across. Inspite of you ill health you will work which is common between factor between you, spoilt brat and me for which we keep scolding each other. You already know this ILU LKHugHug

Now let me wish the birthday girl. Wishing you another wonderful year of happiness and joy. May your special day be filled with memories and flowers, friendship and happy hours. May all your dreams come true.

Loads of Love,


Dearest Radha,

 Wishing you many many happy returns of the day Radha... Ur an amazing person just always stay the way you are...Ur dedication and Creativity is something i really appriciate and applaud...Love the way you put
 in your heart and soul for your friends on their special day infact on any special occassion, is so wonderful that anyone who sees the efforts would say "Wow, too good can it get better" And the phrase" Better than the best" applies since you come up with something more beautiful next time...Outstanding hun... Just onething i really pray and i hope that you do take care of yourself always as we all love you...Always remain d same hun and remember "I will b day for you" I am really lucky to have u as a wonderful friend in my life Love u

Radha.. What to say about this gal, She is a gem. She is one of the most helpful person I have ever known. Very very friendly. Well, she is a true gem.. a rare diamond you can say.. I am glad that I met her, and became friends..Big smile love you da..
I met her in Sensational South forum. Funny incident.. well, every time we talk there is a one or more funny incident that has happened. There was a time when I used to be intimidated by Mods..LOL but interacting with her made my fear go away LOL I just love talking to her, can talk to her non stop.LOL

Dearest Radha Chellam...
Many many happy returns of the day..May god give you loads of success and happiness in life. May your life be  filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter and love. Keep Smiling and Keep Rocking da chellam.. Love you loads.. HugHug

Coming soon...

Loads of stuff coming on your way...!

on the way!!

Coming sooon...

Wishing you a birthday that's a very special day..a day full of smiles and laughter and fun,a day for enjoying all of life's little pleasures, a day for enjoying yourself...and most of all wishing that this very special day is only the beginning of a very beautiful year!!! Happy Birthday!!! Hug
You are the best person who is so caring, loving, friendly and most helpful that I have ever met in my whole life and simply awesome to have around<3. i consider myself to be so lucky that i have beeen blessed with a wonderful friend as you. i enjoyed every moment spent with u especially KMH times where u use to write those wonderful horoscopes and pull our leg<3ROFLour MSN convo's with random talks and filled with laughter are unforgettable..pranks, dramas we use to do on eachotherr were sooo much funn..ROFLROFLthank u soo much for being an amazing friend and giving me wonderful memories which will always stay with me>3.Embarrassed
Have a rocking bday and plz do save some cake for me and ur secret crush Ganesh..pee loonROFLROFLROFL
Your gift will be coming soonWink
Love u lotsss..

Big madal on the way babeCool

On 17th November 2008, I met my partner in crime.  Although, I had seen you active in a few forums, little did I know that you would become my partner in crime,  fellow DT member of Chat club and friend come sisterHeartHug. Hmmm. You were this person who used to hang around my favorite forums and when I tried to take contact with youCry. You seemed to so full of  yourselfStern Smile but on 17th November,  things changedLOL'PM from me to you and we finally started to connect with each other  and we landed up on YM and after few incident , we quickly moved permanently to MSN, which is our home and rest is history daEmbarrassed.  As soon as we broke the ice, we clicked right away, it was so easy to talk with you and you always let me rant my random talks..LOLLOLLOL. Whenever I think back, it's funny how both were so wrong about each otherWacko. I am still trying to figure out what made you think I am such a strict principal, LOL.GeekLOL

All of the encouragement, inspiration, joy, and motivation and laughter dose you gives me daily'that's makes my day whether I am happy or sad or just need  to say a simply bug youHug. We have been through a lot, many testing, many up and down but we have overcome all of this TOGETHER.  We have made it through a lot together and that is what made our friendship strong. Sometimes to find the good in a situation you must first see the bad and I guess that's what happened between us.  Whatever happened, happened for the best and we have learned  alot since than cause we never let go off each other's hand and now our bond is stronger than everApprove...  I  know I can always count on you; you will always be there to hold me whenever I fall downHug.  After my parents and siblings, you are the one I can fight with and however hot our fights are or mad we are at each other, the words we exchanges, it will just vanish next minute with a simple hug and our love for each other will never be any less and nothing changes.Hug

So I went and dig into our old pms..Do you remember those lines, PM titles?

"I did daa chella kutty... i just replied to you heeh...howz studying...are you roaming around IF now then???...aww my afro kutty's hair looks pretty "


 "I luv you daa afro kutty...ei nee rombha azhagaa irukka payama irukku"


RE: yee pulle meli thaayeee...

RE: anbe en anbe

RE: oororam puliya marom peyi vanthu padu

RE: yeee pottu thaakku matcheee

And do you remember those PMs from moi:O



 een priyamana thozhiye...

 nee than een swasakaatru...

 een uyrie moochu nee than...

 nee pogom pathai ellam naanum varuven...

 mounam pesiyathe...


 nee than enn anbu thozhi

 Nee ilamal..naan ilai...Blushing

And your replyShocked:

"So unmaiya sollanuminna..

I'm willing to marry you daa

ROLF.."Shocked ShockedROFL ROFL ROFL

SO cute you wanna marry me and we loved happily ever afterROFL

I bet our PM exchanges are one of the most funniest and cutest...I have treasured all of themEmbarrassed We should make scrapbook out of it daShockedROFL I miss our old moments, however busy we used to be or while chatting on msn, we will happily spam each others dabba with pour lovey dovery PMsDay Dreaming Our old golden momentEmbarrassed You used to be so sweeet and nice and adorable but these have turned into a white mailer Broken Heartyou are  indeed the one who blackmails me and gives out death threats with your waat (aapuUnhappy).  However, I have not meet any hardworking, honest, inspiring person like you.  Ypu puts 100 % in everything you do, and never says NO ( i tell got to start to say NO *hmph*Angry). A great team worker and a good leader, who knows how to guide your fellow team members..I see it through your CC teamStar and how you lead those bachchasROFL 

I am glad and proud to have found you and you has been with me in every step of the way hereEmbarrassed.  Be it good or bad... you has always been there by my side and has always helped me make decisions and tried guiding me in a positive way  A true gem of a sister ..i am not saying a friend cause you are more than a sister and MI jr..(cant believe the same poeple I use to fight a lot with also share many of the same qualities aka you and meri mother india seniorStern Smile ) No wonder we clicked so wellLOL

I am so happy to have you in my life...enn thozhi..en sagothari...en guru ji...I LOVE you , Radha DIHug nice and make me a nice siggieEmbarrassedROFL You never gifted me your wonderful creations to me this year *hmph* Okie..chalo..i need to reply on my birthday msgShocked before poeple thinks i am meanStern SmileLOL

once you meri Radha diEmbarrassed

teri Mappz, Jerry, Pucca, afrohaired kutty, Elena and lady BillaEmbarrassed

( know why i call you stefan can go any length to sacrifice for the people you love and at the same Stefan the ripper whenever someone mess upEvil Smile)

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Exclusive Gifts From

*Sublime Fantasy*













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Mystery Romance 2011

Radhas Kisna!

Radha though born and bought up in canadapur she always had 'this' tendency to run to indiaranapura.


When she was born  prophets said "one day she will go to a place where she will find her Krishna", she wanted to meet her Krishna from the time her conscience developed . Once while flipping through the channels she has this feeling she saw her 'J 'J S(Janam-janam saaathi) in TV . She scanned the channels so as to see a glimpse of her 'hero' .She  was disappointed because she couldn't see 'him'. But she got to know the channel was from indiaranapura from the amount of glycerin used in the serial . 

She always wore blue because her hero was wearing blue  . Yes in a glimpse she saw he was fully bluish. She jumped in joy yes  her bluish Krishna is here

. She wanted to go to Indiaranapura as fast as possible. Years passed she was dying to see a glimpse of her bluish handsome Krishna. She even started teasing her friends with her blue man so that they tease her back with him .


Many years passed Radha even made a blue statue so that she can see always remember in thoughts. She used to dance with the mannequin in the song


yo boys i am singing song
soup song
flop song
why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
rhythm correct
why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
maintain please
why this kolaveri..di


distance la moon-u moon-u 
moon-u  color-u  white-u
white background night-u nigth-u
night-u color-u black-u

why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di

white skin-u girl-u girl-u
girl-u heart-u black-u
eyes-u eyes-u meet-u meet-u
my future dark


why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di

maama notes eduthuko
apdiye kaila snacks eduthuko
pa pa paan pa pa paan pa pa paa pa pa paan
sariya vaasi
super maama ready
ready 1 2 3 4

whaa wat a change over maama

ok maama now tune change-u

kaila glass
only english.. 

hand la glass
glass la scotch
eyes-u full-aa tear-u
empty life-u
girl-u come-u
life reverse gear-u
lovvu lovvu 
oh my lovvu
you showed me bouv-u
cow-u cow-u holi cow-u
i want u hear now-u
god i m dying now-u
she is happy how-u


this song for soup boys-u
we dont have choice-u

why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di

flop song


Then she thought of watching the TV in the hope  of that she will get a glimpse of her lover boy. Then the history repeated again. She again got a glimpse of her guy in bluish ---err Ermm it wasn't blue this timeShocked . she saw him in yellowish-orange and violet outfitShocked. YES she confirmed it's her Krishna onlyEmbarrassed . Krishna wears yellowish-orange and violet dhoti . She has got the modern kalyug ke krishna . She danced in joy  . She even painted the mannequin yellowish . She couldn't sleep for 2 days because of the joy of meeting him.


Agar tum mil jao

Zamana chod denge hum

Agar tum mil jao

Zamana chod denge hum

Agar tum mil jao

Zamana chod denge hum

Tumhe paa kar zamane bhar se rishta tod denge hum

Agar tum mil jao

Zamana chod denge hum

Agar tum mil jao

Zamana chod denge hum


Bina tere koyi dilkash nazara hum na dekheinge

Bina tere koyi dilkash nazara hum na dekheinge

Tumhe na ho pasand usko dobara hum na dekheinge

Teri soorat na ho jis mein

Teri soorat na ho jis mein

Woh sheesha tod denge hum

Agar tum mil jao

Zamana chod denge hum


Tere dil mein raheinge tujhko apna ghar bana lenge

Tere dil mein raheinge tujhko apna ghar bana lenge

Tere khwaabon ko beheno ki tarah khud par saja lenge

Kasam teri kasam

Kasam teri kasam

Taqdeer ka roog mod denge hum

Agar tum mil jao

Zamana chod denge hum


Tumhe hum apne jism-o-jaan mein kuch aise basa lenge

Tumhe hum apne jism-o-jaan mein kuch aise basa lenge

Teri khushboo apne jism ki khushboo bana lenge

Khuda se bhi na jo toote

Khuda se bhi na jo toote

Woh rishta jod lenge hum

Agar tum mil jao

Zamana chod denge hum

Tumhe paa kar zamane bhar se rishta tod denge hum

Agar tum mil jao

Zamana chod denge hum

Agar tum mil jao

Zamana chod denge hum



Years passed and 2011 came .She was travelling to buy a new mannequin as the old one grew so much curly hair on head, then she met an old man who was going to indiaranapura , he told her " this year you must go to indiaranapura , you will meet your lover there this year in the world cup stadium ".Radha couldn't believe her ears Shocked she removed the hearing aid of her neighbor ROFL and put them in her own ear and asked the old man to repeat the words again. When she heard again she thought her ear was finally gone that she is hearing weird things. The old man then had to write in braille fonts ROFL so that Radha would believe and not think that she lost her visual senses too.ROFL


 Radha was super-duper excited . She jumped thrice . because she dint like odd numbers she jumped once more. She dressed up in the long dress and ran to indiaranapura ..she continued running up to the stadium and reached there by 15 minutes Game had started but Radha was busy searching for her dream boy in the crowd. she searched and searched the entire crowd but dint find anyone even similar to her dream boy .


She was heartbroken . She was walking away from the playground



Main toh jiya na mara

 Hai ve das main ki kara

 Dil jude bina hi tut gaye hath mile bina hi chhut gaye

 Ki likhe ne lekh kismet ne

 Baar baar rod akhiyan tainu jo na vekh sakiyan

 Khole aaye aaj kudrat ne

 Kataan main ki ve din teri soth tere bin

 Main toh jiya na mara

  Chan Se jo tute koi sapna

 JAg suna suna lage

 Jag suna suna lage

  Koi rahe na jab apna

 JAg suna suna lage

 Jag suna suna lage

 Jag suna suna

  Hai to yeh kyun hota hai

 Jab yeh dil rota hai

 Roye sisak sisak ki hawayein

 Jag suna lage

  Chan Se jo tute koi sapna

 JAg suna suna lage

 Jag suna suna lage

  Koi rahe na jab apna

 JAg suna suna lage

 Jag suna suna lage reee

  Suna Lage Reee

  Roothi rothi sari raatein

 Fikhe fikhe sare din

 Virani si Virani hai

 Tanhai si tanhai hai

 Aur ek hum hai pyaar ke bin

 Har Palchin

  Chan Se jo tute koi sapna

 JAg suna suna lage

 Jag suna suna lage

  Koi rahe na jab apna

 JAg suna suna lage

 Jag suna suna lage

 Patharo ki is nagari mein

 Pathar chehre Pathar dil

 Phirta hai mara mara

 Kyun rahon mein tu awara

 Yahan na hoga Kuch hasil mere dil

  Chan Se jo tute koi sapna

 JAg suna suna lage

 Jag suna suna lage

  Koi rahe na jab apna

 JAg suna suna lage

 Jag suna suna lage

  Hai to yeh kyun hota hai

 Jab yeh dil rota hai

 Roye sisak sisak ki hawayein

 Jag suna lage

  Chan Se jo tute koi sapna

 JAg suna suna lage

 Jag suna suna lage

  Koi rahe na jab apna

 JAg suna suna lage

 Jag suna suna lage reee



Then she heard a scowling voice and immediately she had this inner feeling that it's her dream guy standing in the field .

she turned back to see her dream boy in bluish outfit.

 Ta ra ra.. ta ra ri re' ta ra ra


Come around' it's time to baby

 Come around..

 Come on now' come around'

 It's time to baby' come around

 Come around' come around


Khwaabon bina, nigahen meri jee rahin thi

 Koi nahin tha yeh akeli meri thi zindagi

 Ohhh yehhh'

 Khamosh tha honthon pe baatein nahin thi

 Koi nahin tha yeh akeli meri thi zindagi


Tum mile toh mil gaya yeh jahaan

 Tum mile toh har pal hai naya

 Tum mile toh sabse hai' faasla

 Tum mile toh jaadu chaa gaya

 Tum mile toh jeena aa gaya

 Tum mile toh maine paaya' hai khuda


Come around' it's time to baby

 Come around..

 Come on now' come around'

 It's time to baby' come around

 Come around' come around


Palken moondein chaahat meri so rahi thi

 Khushboo hawaaon mein thi

 Maine nahin mehsoos ki


 Jaane kahaan bahaaren meri khil rahi thi

 Khushboo hawaaon mein thi

 Maine nahin mehsoos ki


Tum mile toh mehki baarishen

 Tum mile toh jaagi khwaahishen

 Tum mile toh rangon ka hai silsila

 Tum mile toh jaadu chaa gaya

 Tum mile toh jeena aa gaya

 Tum mile toh maine paaya hai khuda

Ta ra ra.. ta ra ri re' ta ra ra


Radha ran towards her dream boy and surprisingly  the boy ran to her and they hugged'


3rd umpire announced "Sreeshant ne chowka maara aur ab doosra chowka"



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One cold and silent night ...

Radha is fast asleep but wakes up upon hearing some cracking sound. She opens her eyes and quickly picks up her ever ready gun ROFL only to find her Pappu Melz standing beside her. Meli ask Radha to be silent and just to follow her ... Embarrassed 

All set. Room looks beautiful with glittering words
balloons on every corner. 

All SS'ians look proud with the outcome.  The work, the fun, the laughter they all had while preparing this was fantabulousEmbarrassed. Avi who has hurt her ankle was unable to do much but was a good observer who corrected and amended things as they were doneWink. All members with their special SSian caps has taken their special seat and getting  ready to rock the party.

Hopper hops all around for one last time to check all foods are ready. Sangs was feeling too hot as the grilling temperature was still high ROFL decided to sit beside Supercool for comfort ShockedLOL Somehow everyone has smile and excitement on their faces except for Ravi Ermm who seem to have sum plans rolled up his sleeve! His conjoined twin Mal was looking out of placeROFL Lavanya is watching out for Ravi as he had already fooled them  all recently with his Jas fantasy: therefore she was determined never to fall on his pranks ever! Melonie is right beside Avi ... somehow getting little tensed up with Jake tagging along behind wit sum nicknames for her LOL

Kritika and Zee are whispering and talking while Vanadhi joins in with her non-stop lollu ROFL and only Nisha would be able to keep up with her! Sue finally appears and made a point this time to stay much longer rather then doing her hi and bye act again ROFL Cuty comes in with all her cuteness and is ready to rock and have fun.

Harhem is all restless waiting at in front to catch Meli's glimpse. She keeps looking at her watch and becomes more tensed. All of a sudden she has a big grin and immediately tells the SS'ians to get ready.

Meli brings Radha in with her eyes closed. Meli looks at Avi and Avi shows thumbs up. Meli slowly remove the ties and Radha looks around 

... " aaahhh" dat was all she Embarrassed could say while the rest jumps in shouting Happy Birthday while Ravi and Jake burst few balloons LOL Radha is impressed with the Southern combination. Looks at everyone and says thank you.

Candle is blown and cake is cut. Foods are served. Karnataka, Andra, Kerala, Tamil nadu dishes was splendid. Everyone was having so much of fun. Finally it is late night and Radha says thank you to everyone and leaves with Meli taking her again with eyes tied ShockedLOL.

Radha wakes up next morning. Shocked dat was a good dream. She smiles and gets off the bed only to find loads of gifts on the floor for her from her SS'ians and the scarf that Meli had used to tie her eyes. Dream or not a dream .. wonders Day Dreaming

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Graphics headers -   Gk_09

Banner - Shagun

Name tags - Zunni

Helping with sending around PM - Ravi

Radhas Kisna - story Tanu

Emotions- Hopper_Ocean

A day with SSians - Hopper_Ocean/ Avivakrik

Casonva Radhas new Affair - GK_09/Ravjot

Mainpost - Aahaana

Avis of Sreesant - HoneyLimeUsha

Videomix - -Sangs-/sue101

Thank you to all the siggy makers who took time to make the gifts upon request Hug

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