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Kriyaansh FF-Unexpected date(Chapter 2 UPDATED) (Page 6)

varshasubramani Senior Member

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 11:17am | IP Logged

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The007Shivani IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 1:36pm | IP Logged
please update chapter 2 soon and plz pm me even though i m on the pm list and thanks for the part 1

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Hot.Pink.Heels IF-Rockerz

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plz add me to the pm list :)

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pls update soon and add me to the PM list

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"Hie guys.So ready for practice?Kriya,Rey are you'll ready to practice Rumba???"
"Hello Nicole,Ma'am.",they greeted her back in chorus.
"Yes,Ma'am .We are super-excited.We cant wait to start! ",Rey added in as Kriya nodded in agreement.

"Ok then,what are we waiting for.Let's start the practice!!"



"Kriya!  Rey! What are you'll doing? You are doing the step all wrong!Here,let me show you.",Nicole scolded both of her students as she headed towards them.

"Kriya,can you please step aside? I will show you how the step is to be done,then you do it, OK? I will show this just one more time.So the two of you,CONCENTRATE!",Nicole sternly addressed Kriya and Rey to pay attention this time as they were giving her a hard time learning the steps,with her patience thining by each moment.

Kriya stepped back from Rey unwillingly as Nicole took her place as Rey's dance partner.

"Rey!Place your hand on my waist,just like that!Keep your arms a bit higher and you have to guide Kriya while you dance.",Nicole instructed Rey while carefully explained the steps to them.

On the other hand,Kriya eyes were focussed on Rey's hand that held Nicole's waist with seething anger and jealousy rather than concentrating on the step.

'I thought only Nilesh was interested in Nicole,fir Rey unko line kyu de rahe hai? Saab boys ek jaise hote hai.Aandar se kuch aor & Bahar se kuch aor.
And who does Nicole think she is?Sirf use dance aata hai kya?
I'll show her who is a better dance partner and...that mine and Rey's chemistry is the best.Wait...what am I thinking...not chemistry...better dancer...that's it! I'll show that to Rey!',Kriya talked to herself all the while,her determination marking its peak.


"Yes Ma'am!"

"Did you follow this time?Please get it right,Ok?"

Kriya looked at Nicole with piercing eyes as she half-heartedly nooded in agreement to her teacher's words.

Rey looked at Kriya with a questioning look on his face,looking completely clueless.He himself looked tired with the continuos practice  and Dance-Fest duties.This was enough to melt Kriya from her anger and at the same time determined her resolve.

"Rey iss baar I want to do it right.Aap mera saath dooge na?",she whispered to Rey looking into his eyes.

"Tum ek baar pooch ke to dekh lo,poori zindagi saath doonga!",Rey whispered back to her but in an inaudible tone.

"Kya kaha aapne??"

"Haan...I mean yes,We both will get it right this time!",Rey replied while snapping out of his thoughts and at the same time he tried to convey her the hidden meaning of his words.

"Ok guys,now take your position and begin",Nicole instructed the two of them to begin the rehearsel once again.

The moment Kriya and Rey began dancing,she sensed a different kind of chemistry altogether.To her amazement they performed the steps so beautifully and the moves came out fluidly.It was a picture perfect scenario as the couple literally danced as 'two bodies and one soul'.The lifts was as elegant as it could be and it relieved her from all her stress.

"Beautiful guys!Excellent work.Perfect chemistry.Mind-blowing.I don't have enough words guys.You both are absolutely brilliant.I don't know what came over you Kriya,but it surely worked.Keep up the good work.If you both dance the same way at the stage,the entire audience will get blown away.",Nicole cheerfully complimented both of her students patting them on their backs in appreciation.

Kriya beamed with happiness as she was showered with praises and immediately looked at Rey with her wide smile on her face,to which he smiled back at her sweetly.

'Baat-cutter tumari iss smile ke liye,main kuch bhi kar sakta hun.Yeh baat na jane tume kab samaj aayegi.',Rey thought to himself as he lovingly admired Kriya getting lost in her beauty.

"Ok!G.S & A.G.S of St.Louis,I'll take a leave now.But you two continue practicing and keep up with the same chemistry and determination.I'll see you guys later.",saying this Nicole left the rehearsel hall leaving the couple alone behind.

Kriya then faced Rey with a look that read out 'Victory' all over.


"Kya Dekha,Kriya?"

"I was right!Hamari chemistry sabse BEST hai."

"Aacha!Aur ye sab tumne muje kaab kaha?",Rey asked her raising his eyebrows in a teasing manner.

'Oh no,why did I say that? Hey Universeji! Mein aapna muh kabhi bhand kyu nahi rak sakti ',she mumbled to herself while her facial expressions made Rey laugh invardly,but he controlled himself.

Finally Kriya snapped out of talks with UniverseJi,when Rey snapped his fingers in front of her face.

"If your talks with your UniverseJi are over.Can we begin our rehearsels?"

"Aapko kaise pata ki...Ya I'm sorry...Lets practice!"
Rey offered his hand to Kriya for the dance;in return Kriya placed her palm on his,giving him one of her sweetest smiles.

They both took their stance while they were facing eachother;Rey looked at her and thought to himself,'Kriya,to yeh tum bhi maanti ho ki humare beech Chemistry to hai.Then why don't you get it? Or are you just pretending?Aaj toh tume realize kar vake rahunga.Yey 'Reyaansh Singhania' ka WADA HAI!'

Just then Rey pulled Kriya closer to his body by catching hold of her waist encirling it by his arm.A suprised gasp escaped from Kriya at Rey's sudden move with their face inches away from eachother.
(Imagine the song-Kuch khaas hai Kuch paas hai playing in the BG)
Rey twirled her in spins as she followed his lead.She performed each of the steps gracefully like a swan,while Rey accompanied her keeping the proximity alive.

Each brush of his fingers against her skin felt like jolts of electricity running through her spine.She could see a fire of passion in his eyes like she had never seen before.
He made sure that their eyelock was not broken even for a single moment.

Each step that Rey took towards her made heartbeat rise faster by every second.At each lift,he held her with so much care and grip making her feel safe and comfortable.

Why did she feel all of those things around him was so confusing.This boy made a feel a different feeling she never had before.

Kriya desperately wanted to get away from him right now,but she just coul'nt do it.
She knew something was defintely wrong.It was making her feel guilty,but why coul'nt she did want to say that it was wrong or a lie.

When they finished the entire routine,Kriya panted heavily,her chest heaving up and down at each deep breath that she took.Sweat trickled down her neck and forehead,she could feel the beads slip through her skin.She closed her eyes concentrating on the serene silence with only sound of the pants of her company.

Just when she felt hersef regain her composure,Rey came next to her,hovering behind her back.Kriya stiffened her shoulders at his presence;her breath catching in her throat when he caught her by her shoulders.

Rey came closer to her bringing his lips near her left ear,close enough to hear him though he never let go off her shoulders.

"Tumne saach kaha!Hamari chemistry saab se BEST hai!",Rey whispered into her ear.His breath tickled the skin on her neck,bringing goosebumps all throughout her body.

He ran his index finger along her bare arm to her palm lightly and interwining her fingers with his.Kriya let out her breath that she did'nt realize she holding from so long.The warmth of his fingers felt like fire on hers.He turned her around so that she was facing him,as he lifted her chin with his fingertips.

Both felt like ages gone by,as they stared into the depths of eachother's eyes burning into the passion of their love.Kriya could no longer bear the uneasiness that she felt inside herself and just wanted to feel secure.Then,she did what she felt right at that moment for need of comfort.She suddenly embraced him in a hug,nestling her head on his shoulder;while Rey was shocked at her sudden move but still enclosed her in a secure hug.


The couple was lost in their own private moment unware of a pair of eyes watching them from the door at the rehearsel hall.However,the concentration of the latter person was disturbed when a fourth person tapped him on the shoulder.

"Vicky what u doing?"

"Neha!Tum!",Vicky exclaimed loudly but stopped himself from being too loud.

"Aur whom you expecting?",Neha questioned in a demanding manner.

"No Deewani.I'm not expecting anyone else.I can't think of any girl except you."

At this reply,Neha looked into her new boyfriend's eyes,while blushing in her typical filmy way,but snapped out again when she saw him looking into the rehearsel hall again.

"Vicky,kya hai aandar?Kaun hai aandar?",Neha asked loudly while entering into the room,but before she could go in,Vicky pulled her towards him.

They collided into eachother because of the harsh pull and Vicky caught Neha by her waist avoiding her fall.Neha retorted to him but he hushed her by placing a finger on her lips shutting her for good.

"Shh...Keep quiet and look there.",he said while pointing out to Rey and Kriya inside the room.

Neha's eyes widened at the site before her while looking back at Vicky with questioning eyes that said,'What on earth is happening?'."Haan,isilye chup raho aur dekho",Vicky told her while he again peeped into the rehearsel hall to watch the other couple around apart from them.


Vicky was still holding Neha by her waist,keeping them close to eachother. Finally Vicky's brain clicked at what Neha was trying to say,but the naughty side of him was already knocking at his door.

It was one of these very very rare moments that his beloved was this close to him,so he decided to play along with this situation.Neha was shy enough to say it out directly,and he was'nt doing anything wrong now that she was his girl.

"What happened?Maine kaha nah chup raho aur concentrate karo",he told her cooly pretending to not notice anything.

Neha then innocently decided to ignore the situation and concentrate on the main situation being her best friend and Rey.

She too began peeking into the hall,while Vicky was still holding her.Vicky silently rested his chin on her shoulder,keeping his hold on her steady while Neha looked at him with a tensed look but Vicky still chose to ignore it.

Likewise Neha hestitantly tried to ignore it and focussed on Kriya and Rey's situation.

"Vicky yeh sab kab hua?"

"Woh to mein bhi soochu.Rey ka to pata tha,par yeh Kriya ka pata nahi tha"

"Rey ke baare mein kab se pata hai?"

"Jab se Kriya college join kia?"

"What itne time se pata hai?Why you not telling me?"

"Mein bulgaya!"

"Vicky how you forgeting such important thing of Vicky friend?"

"Because I fell for you,isiliye!",Vicky replied in a flirtaceous manner.

"Aww!!But Vicky Rey never told you again? Kriya not telling me anything!Why Best friend she calling me then?",Neha replied pouting.

"Rey stopped mentioning her after the slap incident.Then it did'nt click me ,fir mera dyaan sirf tum pe focussed tha na!"

Neha blushed at his reply and also noticed that he held her more closer now.Vicky found it so adorable and this gave him pleasure because he would be the only one who could hold her this way and call her as his.

'Meri deewani kitne cute hai.Aur problem hi kya hai.Agar ye dono unofficial hokar khula-khula romance kar sakta hai,then why not me and deewani.Hum to official hai.
Rey ke baache mujse chupa raha tha,meri help to kar di,but you wont ask my help?'

"Neha,Rey helped me alot to bring us together,so its my turn to help him back.Are you with me?"

"For Kriya and deewana,Neha can do anything."

At this,Vicky who was still resting his chin on her shoulder,kissed her on the cheek.

"Thanks dewaani and Tit-for-Tat".(Those who are wondering-read my Viha FF:)

Neha was shocked at this recalling what he was actually referring too,but before she would run away he distracted her by saying,

"Chalo!Ab Mission Rey & Kriya hum complete karenge" while they clasped hands in agreement.

Finally Neha pushed him away and said,"Now Vicky concentrate on mission ,not Neha!",while running away from him with Vicky following behind her. 



P.s:Guys sorry for updating after so long.Hope you liked it!
And the Viha part was just an extra treat because they hardly have any scenes since they are official and I really love Viha. 
Guys do leave a comment.
Stay tuned.

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"Rey iss baar I want to do it right.Aap mera saath dooge na?",she whispered to Rey looking into his eyes.

"Tum ek baar pooch ke to dekh lo,poori zindagi saath doonga!",Rey whispered back to her but in an inaudible tone

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Originally posted by khushalee

"Rey iss baar I want to do it right.Aap mera saath dooge na?",she whispered to Rey looking into his eyes.

"Tum ek baar pooch ke to dekh lo,poori zindagi saath doonga!",Rey whispered back to her but in an inaudible tone

wow what a line yaarBlushing

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it was awesome part kriyansh hugging each other and kriya jealous of miss nicole and cute and romentic viha part...loved it very much
its greatThumbs Up

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