Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update


Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update
Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update

Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin: Update 21/03/05

anitha.b IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 March 2005 at 1:58pm | IP Logged

Ok, Let's start with today's drama.....Today watch out for a beautiful scene.....very very beautiful... Clap


Purab is both shocked and embarrassed at Jassi's denial. He asks her what she has done. He says that it is really a big contract that he's offering and she will really benefit from it. Jassi is enraged. She tells him clearly that he is her friend and not her God. She says that he can choose to appear and disappear from her life when he pleases; but he cannot take her decisions for her. (Way to go Jassi! Clap ). Purab looks hurt. He says his intention was not to hurt her. Jassi says that he has no right on her life, how could he even think of doing such a thing? The press then starts pestering Jassi on why she refused the contract and if she already had one in her hand. Jassi tells them plainly that she is NOT the face Mr. Purab Mehra was looking for. Purab looks more hurt and annoyed Jassi walks off. He runs behind her and tells her that if she ever changes her decision, his offer is open for her. Jassi tells him that she will NEVER change her decision. Purab then says that if she cares even one tiny bit for him, she should keep his respect in front of these people and accept the contract, at least in front of them. (Please, mera maan rakho Jassi). Jassi angrily snatches the paper from him and walks away.

Nandini comes up to her and asks her what she has done. She says that this was a big chance for her to earn a living. Jassi is almost in tears. She says that she just wants to go back, and then she can search for a job. Nandini says that she knows Jassi wants to earn basically for her family, and what better chance than this to get a decent amount? Jassi says that she knows this world. Here the starts shine and fade with equal caprice. She says that she is not interested in this fashion, glamour and modeling. Nandini asks her painfully straight, "You want to run away from fashion, glamour and modeling or you want to run away from Armaan??" Jassi turns to look at her with shock.
Nandini continues her torture," Why do you have to look at every thing from Armaan's point of view, Jassi? Why can't you separate him from yourself??"
() Ahem, I thought that was a stupid question. Confused )
"I don't know Madam...." cries Jassi softly.

Nandini insists, "You have to forget him Jassi! You have to remove him from your life, your heart!"

"That's NOT possible Madam! In my each breath.....my each cell.....my each dream....there is Armaan Sir....... Even if I want to, I cannot forget him! And it's because of what he did to me, that I cannot bring myself to trust anybody else!"

"You have to remove him Jassi...from your life, from your world..." Nandini says.

"But how???" cries Jassi.

"There is only one way for this......" says Nandini wisely. "And that is: TO FORGIVE HIM."


( This was a very beautiful scene....beautiful is the word....just loved it. I request you all to actually imagine this scene as you read it, it's so peaceful.) Smile

Nandini & Jassi are sitting on the beach, practicing yoga. Both are dressed in white. Jassi looks simply pure....and lovely. Nandini tells Jassi that by forgiving Armaan, she will get rid of the bitterness in her heart and be able to live life with respect for her own self. She asks Jassi to close her eyes and call Armaan.

Jassi closes her eyes. She calls, "Armaan Sir! Armaan Sir! Come to me Armaan Sir!"

Now there is a peaceful silence....a calm darkness envelopes the air......white smoke adds to the serene beauty........and then........clad in white too......looking as pure as his love....and sweeter than ever........walks slowly to Jassi........her Armaan Sir.

Jassi stares at him. "I've come Jassi!" he says softly, his big brown eyes piercing her heart. Jassi opens her eyes. The old romantic music plays in the background. Jassi looks shocked.

"No!!!!! No!!! Go away!" she screams, all her bitterness and anger flowing out.

Nandini looks at her. "No Jassi! See him....talk to him!" she tells Jassi.

"No Nandini Madam! He will not listen to me! He has never listened to anything I say!"

"Today he will, he will listen to each word of yours." Nandini assures her calmly.

Jassi closes her eyes and goes back to her Armaan Sir. Tears roll down her face.
She tells him painfully, "Even now Armaan Sir, in spite of all that you have done to me, you are everything to me! My eyes..my dreams...my breath......is full of you and only you! But suddenly so much happened and then one day...my life was set on fire.....and my dreams, my wishes...all were reduced to ashes!" she sobs." I could even give up my life for you Armaan Sir.....but you betrayed me....abandoned me......killed me!"

Armaan's eyes fill up with tears.....and the tears start streaming down his cheeks......"Forgive me Jassi!" he says softly.......his eyes full of infinite love.

Slowly, Jassi raises her hand and touches his cheek. Armaan closes his eyes.
"I forgive you!" she says....and then holds his face with both her hands, ever so lovingly.
"All the pain that you gave me.......all the lies that you gave me.....I free you of it all!"
Both are crying pitifully.
"Today, I release you...from my self, from my heart, from my soul.........." the words seem like thorns pricking her as well as his heart. "I release you.....with a prayer that what you did to me, let no one ever do unto you....that what happened to me, should never happen to you.....that you remain happy always!"
She takes back her hands from his face. "Go! Go Armaan Sir! Go!" she cries out with deep anguish. Armaan looks sad and shocked..........and slowly walks away from her.

Jassi opens her eyes. She looks at the evening sky, the clouds, a serene orange. An infinite peace is written all over her face.

"You said right, Nandini Madam.....my world has changed. I can face life anew now!" she says quietly.


(Watch out for Mallika in her meanest avtaar. Dead No, not even Nandini or yoga can make me forgive her for what she did today.). Angry

Mallika is frantically searching the drawers in Armaan's cabin. She then has a victorious look on her face as she gets hold of Kohinoor's chequebook. She discovers that there are 10 crore rupees in Kohinoor's account. "All right! Now in my one move, I'll defeat you Jassi!" she says evilly. Evil Smile She then calls her dear brother and says that she needs his help


Jassi is peacefully sitting in her room when the phone rings. A voice says that he is her fan and wants 5 minutes from her. Jassi says that she does not even know him and hangs up. A second call says that he is her "deewana "and asks her out for dinner, begging her not to refuse as its his b'day. An irritated Jassi slams the phone. Her 3rd fan then directly starts singing "Tujhe dekha to yeh jaana sanam...." and Jassi loses her temper. She bangs the phone and is all ready to throw it when Nandini comes and asks her what she is doing. Jassi tells her about the weird phones. Nandini laughs and says they are her fans. Jassi says she thinks it is insane. Nandini says that she ahs 2 options: either to accept this new life or throw the phone. Jassi says that she is missing her home too much


Mean Mallika is sitting in front of her laptop, talking to Aryan. Aryan says that he has created an anonymous account starting with letter "J". Mallika smiles. Aryan asks her what she is up to. "You'll soon know big brother!" she hangs up. Evil Smile
She then transfers Kohinoor's money to Jassi's new account created by Aryan. She smiles like a vamp and says that she is now ready to destroy the pride and honor of Jassi and her family and that Jassi's destruction has begun.


Raj is asking Armaan to see some figures when Mallika enters with her "Armaan!" shout.
She says that she needs to pay the suppliers and there is no money in GM's account. Armaan looks quite exhausted and tells her to take the money from Kohinoor's account and that he will sign on the cheques. She has them ready with her and quickly gives them to him. Raj looks at her very very suspiciously but our bhola bhala Armu signs them innocently. She thanks him and says she'll inform the banks right away. She calls the banks and starts her first class natak. She appears shocked. Armaan looks scared . Shocked (What next??) She shouts, "What?? No money in Kohinoor's account??" Armaan yells at her to tell him what has happened. She shouts that the girl in whose memory he sheds tears, whom he trusts so much has run away after stealing Kohinoor's money. "Your Jassi has stolen the money!!" she shouts. (I fail to understand how can she call the real owner a thief!" ) Confused
Armaan again looks like tsunami has struck. Dead


Jassi is removing her earrings and make-up. She ties her hair into a simple bun and puts on the baggy salwar.


Back in GM, there is a swarm of journalists, questioning Mallika on the "fraud". Mallika says to herself that this is Aryan's kamaal. She says that unfortunately this is the truth. They ask her if the person behind this is their ex-employee Jasmeet Walia. Mallika shakes her head and says that it is sad, but true.
( And right, Armaan has to disappear at this moment ) Ouch

Meanwhile, big brother Aryan is bribing a police officer to do "the work."


Nandini is surprised to see Jassi like this. Jassi tells her that her face may change, but not her habits and lifestyle. She says that this glamour, these parties are not her life, and further her family is used to see her simple.


Billu and Amrit are worried that Jassi has neither called nor written since a long time. Bebe assures them that she may be fine, in fact she nay even surprise them suddenly! Just then the bell rings. Amrit goes to open it and is surprised to find...............the police, not Jassi.
The police barges inside asking for Jassi. All are scared. Billu asks him why he wants Jassi. The police ignores him and says eh has a search warrant. Billu yells at him and asks him what he wants. The police loses his temper and says that he looks decent, but inside there is a different picture


Aryan and Mallika together. Aryan says that this is the extraordinary story of greed, avarice and theft: the story of how a family used their daughter for their selfish needs. Mallika says that she wants to defame them more. She says that she wants to see the headlines as :ARMAAN SURI AND JASMEET WALIA'S ILLICIT RELATIONSHIP

Urghhhhhhhh Mallika!!!!! Dead Angry


The police clutches Billu . Bebe says they are respectful people. The police says that not after what their daughter did in Gulmohur. Billu is surprised. He says that he will talk to Armaan Suri, he knows him ...Armaan Suri has even come to their house. (Poor Billu Ouch ).The police says that for his kind information, Armaan Suri and the board has out charges on Jassi. (Urghhh again). Billu is shocked. The police drags him out. Billu asks the police if he has an arrest warrant. The police loses his temper and raises his hand. Billu is utterly shocked.


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rose85 Senior Member

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Posted: 21 March 2005 at 2:09pm | IP Logged
thnx a lot esp daisy and smisha..
finally v got to see armaan and jassi together Embarrassed even tho in a thought but still loved it cant wait to watch it ..thnx again Smile
cndguju Groupbie

Joined: 11 January 2005
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Posted: 21 March 2005 at 2:11pm | IP Logged
thankx fo the update!?!?
purelight Newbie

Joined: 21 March 2005
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Posted: 21 March 2005 at 2:13pm | IP Logged
awesome update. thanks.Clap
fingirl Senior Member

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Posted: 21 March 2005 at 2:14pm | IP Logged
Thanks Daisy and Smisha..another great update.wow lots happening today..can't wait to watch it Big smile

Edited by fingirl - 21 March 2005 at 11:25pm
sukh IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 March 2005 at 2:14pm | IP Logged

thanks a lot.


masoom Groupbie

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Posted: 21 March 2005 at 2:15pm | IP Logged

Thank you so much Daisy you are the best!!

plz tell me does malika do the same in blf?

bystander IF-Addictz

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Posted: 21 March 2005 at 2:15pm | IP Logged
thanks for the update. Man! Mallika was really abnoxious!

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