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Tumhari Disha
Tumhari Disha

DK declares luv 4 disha

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Posted: 21 March 2005 at 6:15am | IP Logged
Okay guys this was like the most romantic scene ever I loved it wow the episode was running quite dead until the end but it was extremely terrific and the episode took a completely different turn even though I did not see any promo of it, it was expected and was wonderful when it happened before you lot start wondering what I am saying then I will tell you that I am talking about the episode where DK expresses his love for Disha!!!

The episode begins where it left off yesterday when DK tells Disha that if she wants to leave the house she is free to and he will not stop her. Disha is in pure amazement and you can tell that in her mind somewhere she had decided that she would never have to leave the house, which was so sweet. Disha then went in Sumitra maaji's room and apologized she said "Maaji mujhe maaf kar dejiye please mujhe lagta tha ke jab tak aap theeq hojayengi mein tab tak yahan rehlongi lekin ab yeh mumkin nahin hai aur is se pehle ke mere aur DK keh beech aur dooriyan aur jaghreh aajayen mein ghar chor kar jaraheien hoon" just then Disha gets up and she feels a soft hand touch her and it is Sumitra followed by her saying "Disha".

Disha turns around in shock and amazement and says I must tell DK she also saw Gargi standing by Sumitra's room door. She ran to DK's room in her lovely Black sari, she went and told him and he was really surprised and he had got a beautiful smile on his face and he said "sach Disha" he went to Maaji's room. Disha said "mein sach bol rahein hoon DK, Maaji ne sach mein mujhe pookara that agar tumhe kise aur se poochna hai toh phir Gargi se poochlo who yahan thi" DK looks at Gargi and Gargi says, "Disha, tumhare is jhoot moot ke dikhave mein tum mujhe kyun saath mein le rahi ho, maine toh kuch nahin dekha na suna" Disha then says "Chotti Maa aap ko pata hai ke Maaji ne mera haath pakra tha aur naam bhi liya tha" DK the looks at Disha with a confused look!

DK goes and it's only Gargi and Disha in the room the Disha says "Sorry Chotti Maa lekin ab mein is ghar se kahin nahin janewali kyun ke aaj jo Maaji ni kiya hai use mujhe ek umeed aur honsla mila hai aur mujhe poora vishwas ho gaya hai ke mein Maaji ke liye kuch to zaroor karsacti hoon!" Saying that she walks out of the room and Gargi gets a chance to scare and threaten, Sumitra Maaji!!! Which she obviously does!!

Disha then goes to her room and her suitcase is on her bed her door is open and she has changed her sari again and it is another beautiful one, which is light green. She has a look of relief on her face as she is unpacking and she knows that know she has a reason or even an excuse to stay behind. In the beautiful scene DK is shown walking past her room and stops for a while, just then Disha looks at him, and they are looking at each other very lovingly and kind of smiling to each other which is really rare!!!!!!! He says in his mind "Mein nahin jaanta agar Maa ne tumhara naam pookara magar mujhe is baat ki bahut khushi hai ke tum is ghar ko nahin chod rahi ho aur mujhe bhi nahin" he then goes.

Disha then goes to DK's room and sits down and they both smile at each other especially DK looking extremely happy and anger less probably because his mum spoke. DK is drinking and he says "Disha, kya tumhe mujhse kuch kehna hai" Disha jollily replies and says "tum mere kamre tak aaye the mujhe laga tha ke tumhe shayad mujhse kuch kehna tha" DK then replies "Nahin mujhe kuch nahin kehna tha". Disha then says "DK kya mein tumse kuch kehsakti hoon" DK says of course you can she says "DK tumhe nahin lagta ke tum ab zaida sharab peene lagayho aur tum yeh baat achi tarah se jaante ho ke yeh tumhari sehet ke liye acha nahin hai" DK says "Disha yeh sharab mujhe apna gham bulane ki madat karta hai aur tumhe kya lagta hai mein shauk se peeta hoon".

Disha then says "DK mein jaanti hoon ke tum mujpe barosa karte ho is liye tum jaante ho ki jo maine kaha Maaji ke bare mein woh sach tha" Then Disha says "DK baba kehte the sharab pena bahut bori baat hai aur tumhe nahin peeni chahiye" Disha then goes and stands next to DK and by the sofa and says "Mujhe Maaji ko theeq karna hai aur yeh mere akele ki bas ki baat nahin hai aur mujhe tumhara sahara chahiyeh, please DK tum itna mat peeyo kyunke nashe ki haalat mein tum apne hosh mein nahin ho aur phir tum mera saath kaise de sakte ho" DK then stands up with the glass in his hand, and opposite Disha he drinks the glass and says "You know what Disha you are actually sounding like my wife today (in English itself)" Disha is shocked and amazed and then he gives that obsessive and cheeky smile!!! Disha then responds "Theeq hai DK agar tumne mere baat na maan ne ki thaan li hai toh phir mein yahan kyun hoon" Saying that she walks off and DK is gorking at her!!!

In the next scene Aai comes to meet Disha and is not too pleased, she apparently needs to talk to her in her room as this is very private, so them two go in Disha's room and Aai says "Disha, mein aaj tumhe yahan se lejane ke liye aai hoon, kyun tum apna apmaan kar rahi ho na toh tumhe yahan izzat mil rahi hai na kuch, beta mere saath chalo please" Disha says "Nahin Aai aap se kis ne kaha ke mein yahan pe beizzat ho rahi hoon" Then Aai says "patanahin Disha tum yeh sab kyun kar rahi ho mein jaanti hoon jab tumhe taqleef ho rahi hai aur phir tumhe kiska darr hai mere saath ghar aane ka ya DK ka darr". The Disha says "Dekhyeh Aai aap se kisne kaha, mujhe kisi ka koi darr nahin hai aur waise bhi mein apna khayal rakhsakti hoon, Aai" Then Disha says "aur waise bhi Aai mein yahan Maaji ke liye reh rahin hoon take who theeq ho saken". Then Aai says, "Dekho Disha agar tumhe is ghar mein DK ke liye rehne hai toh mujhe koyi aitraaz nahin hai lekin tum phir DK ko poori tarah se apnalo aur apne patni hona ka farz acchi tarah se nibhao".

Then Disha says "Nahin Aai aap bilkul galat samaj rahin hain" Aai then responds "Theeq hai Disha mein tumse koi sawaal nahin poochongi par tumhe mujhe yeh batana hai ke tum is ghar mein kyun reh rahi ho kyun ke Sumitra Maaji ka toh sirf bahana hai wajahh nahin aur yeh tum acchi tarah se jaanti ho" Then Disha thinks to herself "Aai toh sach kehrahi woh kya wajahh hai ke mein yahan reh rahi hoon" Then the romantic music plays Disha sits on her bed and facing the door and Aai is facing her back to her, then Disha see's DK by her room door and they are looking at each other so deeply its amazing you can tell Disha looks in great thought. For one moment they are continuously looking at each other and it is oh so romantic. DK then sees that she is talking with her Aai and that they are talking in her bedroom it must be private and so he leaves and decides not to disturb them, after Aai has said all that she leaves but she did not see DK at the door. When Aai went Disha was trying to find out why she was staying here and she looked very impatient and uncomfortable, she could not sleep and didn't know what to do.

Finally Disha got up and started walking around and she was outside DK's room she saw him sleeping from the window, and by the way he was looking far too hot to handle and too cool he was wearing a red sleeveless top I think black three quarters, Disha went in and from far she started to admire him and look at him in a very loving way which was wicked. Anyway she stopped staring at him and then she went close to him and switched the light off and her bangles were making a lot of noise (I was thinking I hope he wakes up, I hope he wakes up!!). She switched the light off then was making her way out that the light was back on she stood silent and a bit of a statue for a while then she turned around and looked on the bed and there was no body there she was kind of stunned then she went into some thought but then someone came and held her hand tightly and was practically grasping on to her hand, obviously I am sure you all know it was DK!!!!

He then wrapped her around him and his arms in such a romantic way that I was going to fall to the ground and have a heart attack whoever felt the same please respond!!!! It was so cool and dreamy WOW a wicked start of a wonderful scene. Anyway Disha could not properly turn around as the way she was held but DK was looking at her so beautifully!!! DK then finally said something he said "Disha, tum mere kamre mein kya kar rahi ho" Disha then frightfully says "DK, woh, woh mein light bujhane ke liye aai this" DK replies "Bahane mat banao Disha mein jaanta hoon tum mujhse milne aai this he na" Disha does not know what to say but looks even more guilty in love and even more scared, DK then embraces her more tightly and he says "Disha tum kabhi mujhe apne kareeb kyun nahin aane dete ho, kyun hameesha mujhse itni door rehti ho kyun apne aap ko mere paas nahin aane deti" Disha is gob smacked because she knows that whatever DK is saying is true because when a person is kind of drunk he always tells his true feeling and the truth.

DK then says "Disha agar tum roshni se itna sharmati ho toh phir mein light bujhadon" he then embraces her even tighter and they get so close know I am honest I was really going to have a heart attack then!! WOW I just about managed to control myself!!! She then looked so shy and frightened and then she lowered her eyes. Then the most amazing thing happened DK swung Disha out of his arms but was still grasping onto her hand, I thought she was going to end up on the bed I was going to die if that happened!!! Okay you don't need to laugh at me that's what I thought. Once he swung her Disha looked at him with her big eyes and he then said the most romantic words any lover can possibly say to his lovi "Disha, I Love you, I really love you Disha and I MEAN IT!!!!!!!!!   I wish that something actually happened so that DK and Disha would get together so that Disha gets pregnant. Even if its and accident like why can't Gargi accidentally put alcohol in Disha's drink or you know something like that. It would give another shock and twist to the story not that there is not enough happening already. I know that most people are against this because they don't want it to be a one night stand but neither do I just wants her to get pregnant so even if they choose to divorce each other they don't have to because we all know that once Disha is Pregnant then DK will not separate from her as he knows what it is like to be a child with no father and so he will be a very good father!!!! And so deep down I pray she gets pregnant!!!! WHO AGRESS WITH ME PLZ RESPOND!!        &nb sp;         &nb sp;         &nb sp;     

You can tell by the way Disha was making expressions was that she was not that shocked as I think she knew he loved her and maybe she has already got a soft corner in her heart for him and if not it is definitely developing which is good news for all of the Tumhari Disha fans!!! (biggest 1 ME!!!) WICKED episode lovely scene at the end I don't this it could possibly get any better but guys you have to help me I haven't seen that night video promo of Disha and DK which is such a shame!!!!!! HELP, Please tell me how I have done, as this is the first update I have done and that is because of someone's request if you want to comment it will be greatly appreciated on this forum and you can also reply on my email address at Cheeky_cats@hotmail.com. Thanks for everyone who read this and one last thing can someone add some more romantic pictures of Disha and DK because you lot do such a good job of it. Sorry one more thing does anyone know any more Tumhari Disha websites except for www.TumhariDisha.us that is a really good website but I cant seem to get on Photo's, clips, offline, Episode Guide and I think something else please some1 HELP ME!!!!!!!!

Luv ya all from Mad in the UK!!!!!   

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yeehh todays episode was soo good!! The best sence was when dk and disha were sitting on the bed and dk ave her the cutest smile i was likee awwwwwwww Big smile- Dk looked to cute today Embarrassed
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