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Monday 28 / 11 / 11

Well, driver Chinnaiya comes to know that it his mother who died because of the ambulance strike. Cries his heart out - strike is called off . The drivers decide to ask for their rights in a more decent manner. Naren requests Aakash to reinstate Chinnayah. Aakash first declines the request but later agrees to revoke the order as Naren casually mentions about Prince's hospital offering a job to Chinnayah. Not sure if Aakash caught the connection of PK as Naren says that it was PK who offered the job to Chinnayah on behalf of Prince.  Kaasi gets the canteen contract. One guy comes to deliver the letter and nicely pOttu kuduthufiesto Meenu  about Visali akka - " unga hubby Aanand Sir kku romba close, canteen vera unga hubby ella treatments um free pannanum nna 10,000 rs kku mele aagiyirukkum " Meenu is livid " vaa vaa Visali, irukkidi yooy unakku " look Wink

MB is very upset . Devi consoles him saying that a patient's death is not the fault of the hospital. MB says that SN is an organisation which cares for its patients " there is a saying  that nature cures and doctor takes the fees apdinnu. But SN le doctor cures and takes the fees too. What I am worried is about our inefficiency in sensing the strike. A good administration should have known that there is a possibility like this !!" Devi pacifies him and takes him to eat.

Vicky goes to fetch the Alzheimer director  - takes him home , additional work for Shyamala - ellam panam paduthum paadu Wink PK and Prince go to visit Naren's parents - Mission?? To
lure Naren - " Prince is ready to offer that MD post to Naren... pOna varathu...Rathy will never make Naren MD ..." Prince and PK nalla veppilai adikkaraanga...Coimbatore izhuvais rendum fall hook, line and sinker... Mommy says that Naren will not accept. PK innum kOnjam veppilai adichufies "neenga thaan convince pannanum...opportunity knocks only once..."


Folks enjoy double update for this episode
Update by Srima

    Monday 28.11.2011

Recap of Friday episode. The nurse identifies the deceased as Chinnaya's mother & reports  to him. Chinnaya is totally shattered & his friends stand by his side & consoles.

Kasi's house. SN compounder Sebastian comes to give the canteen contract  order letter to Kasi. Kasi not at home , Meenu takes the letter. Vandavan letter kuduthoma ponomanu illama  vilavariya explains about Visalam & her husband's hospital visit for test. All tests which would normally cost not less than Rs.10000 was done absolutely free of cost thanks to Kasi  who has earned the good will of  Anand & Visalam used this to influence Akash to get the free treatment.

MB is tense & worried , skips even the dinner , the days happening in the hospital because of driver's  strike still disturbing him . GDP tries to talk to him & convince it is not his or SN's  mistake , birth & death are common in hospital. So MB should not attach too much importance to the incident & worry over it. MB could not be convinced so easily. Says in SN doctors , nurses & staff  work day & night to save a life. They have successfully treated many serious cases which were rendered hopeless by other hospitals. SN record will show that there had hardly been any death in the past 6 months except that of Jeevan/ Manasi which of course was a suicide case. Even there Rathi really tried her best to save them. But Devi feels otherwise ' it is a profession , one should not get too emotional & sentimental.

Naren tells Akash that driver Chinnaya met him at his house & genuinely  felt  sorry for his action. Naren asks Akash to reconsider his decision & reappoint him. Akash initially refuses , later accepts when Naren told about PK promising Chinnaya a job in Prince' hospital & Chinnaya's refusal to accept it . Akash tells Sathya to revoke Chinnaya's dismissal order & issue a new appointment letter.

Chinnaya thanks his co workers for their help while performing his mother's last rites. Becomes emotional  as his arrogant behaviour  has cost his mother's life. Says he has learnt the lesson the hard way.

Vicky decides to take Kumara raja to his house & take care of him as his care taker is going on leave to his native place. Usual incoherent speech by Kumararaja , when they talk of His will Kumararaja talks about Arjuna's & rama's Will [ bow].

Premkumar takes Prince to meet Naren's parents. After preliminary introduction PK asks about the newly weds.  Naren's mom starts her usual polambals ' we are not really happy with the marriage , ellam vidhi blah blah. Prince adds  more dhoopam for her woes , comments about Rathi's egoistic character , will never give Naren the MD post.  Prince puts forth his  offer  - willing to  make Naren MD of Mark health centre as he is going out of the country. Golden opportunity ' jalra thatting PK ,fortune knocks at the door rarely , pona varadhu , prods Naren's parents to think about it & convince son . Naren's parents mind starts working overtime.


Update for Tues, Nov 29, 2011:

Periappa on the phone with someone.  Sees Kumararaja sitting and eating idlis, asks Shyamala, What's up?  KR is confused as always, wonders where he has met Mohan Bharathy before.  MB wants to know how he came there, Shyamala says the caretaker has gone to his village, Vicky brought him to this house.  MB says he must be watched carefully or else he will get lost.  Vicky comes in , wants to know if KR said anything.  MB says it is risky having an Alzheimer's patient at home, what if he gets lost.  MB is shocked to hear about the will and that Vicky brought him home just for the money.  Shyamala asks KR about the will, he remembers that it is in the almirah in the Adyar bungalow, the top shelf, then he asks, which will?

Visalam in Kasi's house, unpacking.  Kasi and Meenu are looking grim.  They are furious that she has used their name and gone to SN and got all the free treatment.  Kasi says she could have asked him, there are so many other hospitals, he could have done something.  Meenu talks of their maanam, which has gone in the ship, visali pretends not to understand, Kasi says the compounder has come to their house and told them all.  Visali is in tears, apologizes, Meenu tells her not to set foot in their house till she gets back their maanam for them.  Later, at night, Visalam leaves their house.

Great scene - Naren and Rathy being romantic - Naren talks of how their first night didn't work out, so this is the second innings, and he talks of starting melodiously.  They sway together (and look so cute doing this - am I gushing like one of the young people in other sections - you know which section I am talking about!).  Naren is imagining Rathy in modern clothes, he counts down and - she comes in various outfits, and each time he calls out, Dress change!  She keeps changing outfits, there is a nice song in the background (kehne ko jashne bahaar ... which movie is this from?) - this was a beautiful scene, very well done! 

Finally, they drop off to sleep in the last set of clothes, and wake up to find it is 5:20 a.m.  Naren calls out, Dress change!, she comes out of the bathroom, dressed for work, and leaves the room!  He is still looking at her, confused!  Will this idyllic time last?  Doubtful, not with that paambu PK and his buddy around!

Thodarum ...


Sorry, folks!  I have been a little busy, but I will come back and do Wed.

Update for Nov 30, 2011:

Konica is standing in front of her mother's chair and playing the song, "suttum vizhi ...", and asking her mother to forgive her for speaking to her like that.  She spoke out of ignorance, why such a severe punishment, and she hears her mother's voice telling her not to cry.  She runs and brings Vidya to the room, saying that she heard amma's voice but Vidya doesn't hear anything.  Vidya tells her it is only her imagination, Konica insists she heard the voice.

Devi complains that Akash doesn't spend quality time with her and only with his first wife, SN.  Akash says all men think their job comes first, she says he has to take care of her.  Akash says she is from Mumbai and progressive, she says he is a workaholic.  She says he has to keep the kadhal jyoti burning, he says that it will flicker when there are strong winds.  She wants to know what strong winds, he says she gave Rs.15 crores, how did she get that money, that was the first wind.  Who did she give the money to, that was the second wind.  How did she get the missing CCTV footage, that was the third wind, another katrina.  He says he grew up in a straightforward way, but when there is something crooked, he is afraid, but she is unafraid.  He says this fear is what is coming between them.  She says that if he has ice cream in his hand, he should eat it before it melts, not ask where was it manufactured, what the ingredients are, life is in front of you, wife also in front of you, don't waste your time doing useless research.  They make up.

Prem wants to know what happened in the hospital, a nurse tells him that Ezhil has attempted suicide.  He remembers telling her to commit suicide and leave a note that Naren is responsible.  Just then he gets a letter by courier, and it is the suicide note by Ezhil.  He is pleased.

Vidya tells Anand that she is concerned about Konica.  She says that she feels that Konica is spending all the time in the room with Kavitha's things, and now she has started imagining that she can hear Kavitha's voice.  Anand is shocked and says she needs some diversion.  He remembers Rathy asking about Konica and suggesting that she work in SN.  Vidya thinks it is a good idea, but Anand is not sure if she will agree.  Vidya says that she will make Konica agree. 

Vidya goes to see Konica in Kavitha's room.  Konica says it was so good to hear her mother's voice and she is confident that she will hear it again, that is why she has come to this room.  Vidya suggests that she go and work in SN, it will be a good diversion  and tells Konica to think it over and come to a decision. 

Naren examining Ezhil, PK comes in, wants to know if she will survive, will she live or die, if she goes up, he tells Naren that he will go inside, not to Tihar but to Puzhal, so be careful, fanning himself with that suicide note all the time.

Thodarum ...


Thursday 01.12.2011

Pest PK's torture continues. Irritates tense & busy  Dr. Naren  - says if Ezhil goes up , Naren will go inside – jail – not Tihar [Adhu unakkupa , not for Naren] , nearby Puzhal. Naren grrr , but maintains silence. PK says he is not joking & reads  out supposed to be Ezhil's suicide note – reason for her this cowardly act – shattered  due to Rathi/ Naren wedding  . PK puts on some more drama  with umpteen 'Ifs'– If Ezhil dies , if she has written a suicide note pointing finger at Naren , if Naren goes to jail , if Naren career & future spoilt , if rathi stranded at nadutheru  , thus instilling fear in Naren's mind & leaves.

Kasi  informs Anand that as per his instruction has finished the job of clearing  & disposing the items in Kavitha's house , handed over law books to her junior &  donated her dresses to Anadhasram as per their daughter's wish. Hands over Kavi's diary to Anand.

Anand takes the diary to MB & tells it contains some important news pertaining to SN. MB is perplexed.  Anand explains kavitha's worry which she has recorded in the diary the day before her death. It is regarding the CC TV footage of Jeevan/ Manasi suicide which went missing & relocated later. Kavitha is of the opinion it must have been handed over to the police by some black sheep from the hospital. Since the case concluded in Rathi's favour , we have forgotten the matter & taken it lightly. This will encourage the black sheep & can cause more harm to SN. So should make efforts to find out the culprit.. MB agrees , feels negligence on their part being the main cause for recent  unwanted problems in the hospital , the culprit should be nabbed  & punished.

Ezhil's father is very emotional. Dr. Naren consoles him , assures Ezhil will be alright .Rathi comes in to enquire about ezhil's condition. Naren shares  his fear with her . If something happens to ezhil ,his position is at peril.  PK wants it that way.According to him ezhil might have left a suicide note pointing finger at Naren for her suicide. PK would be the happiest man if ezhil dies. Rathi consoles him .

Konica having her private moment with her mom. With closed eyes Prays before Kavitha's photo asking her to talk to her again. When she opens her eyes , gets an illusion of Kavi sitting before her & talking. Kavitha asks her to pay heed to her dad's & sister's advice & accept the job in SN. Kavitha also tells her that she is & always will be with her. Kavitha teaches metaphysics to Konica . While Konical lives in physical world  Kavi lives in subtle physical world , just a noolizhai difference between the two , nobody dies , if you go to the room  in upstairs you will not be seen  downstairs , that doesn't mean you are not not there , one can see you when one come upstairs. This is the truth .Konica realizes  - mom has not died , just changed her form ,  thanks mom for the fruitful revelation

Ezhil opens her eyes.  Dad tells how she is indebted to Naren for her punarjenmam.  Outside Naren meets PK. PK all eager to know the bad news. Yes says Naren – bad news not for me but for you. Now it is Naren's turn to use multiple 'Ifs' – if ezhil survives , if the letter goes waste ,if ezhil start leading a happy life ,if ezhil thank Naren for saving her , if PK's plans go down the drain – poda payithyakara.

Psycho goes to ezhil's room. Tells her – you are a total waste – do not know either  to live  nor die – failed in both. Your letter has gone waste – have disappointed me – anyway better luck next time – this is not for you but for me. Ezhil extends her hand to take back the letter,  PK  quickly withdraws with a nasty smile. [ sure this man has some heinous  plan ]

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