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ArHi FF: Dildaara - ON HOLD - NOTE pg 90 (Page 36)

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Plz plz plz update asap

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Hey peeps!! We are back again with Part 2!!! Soumi and I are thrilled with the amount of appreciation we are getting for this FF! You guys are all amazing <3 Thank you so much for reading our ff!! We are sorry we can't reply to all the comments, but do know that we read each and every one of them and we love them all! Your comments keep us going so please keep on commenting and liking!! Oh and once again, for PMs please don't add my id or Soumi's id. Add the id bluezcreationz if you add us, u will get updates for only our separate works, not for this! thanks again <3


Part 2

Arnav looked at her as she turned around. She was still just as beautiful, just as fragile. But then, scanning her from top to bottom he really looked at her, and he saw she looked really tired. He could see she had lost a lot of weight from the last time he had seen her. There were dark circles under her eyes, which showed she hadn't slept properly. Finally he looked in her eyes, and saw there was a hint of a twinkle in there, but along with that he saw pain. Lots of pain.

Arnav felt a stab in his heart because he knew, he was the one who had given her that pain. He had let her down, disappointed her and broken down his own image in front of her, as a good husband.

Knowing, what he had done wouldn't be easy to forget, but he was back to make things better with her. And no matter what, he was not leaving until he got Khushi back. She would not live here anymore in this strange house when she has her own house. With that resolve in his mind, he slowly walked up to her and stood in front of her.

Khushi looked at him as he walked up to her and stood in front of her. Her treacherous heart leaped at the sight of him as it always had, making it perfectly clear to her that it still beats for him. She was lost, having no idea what to say or do. What was a woman supposed to say to the man who she loved but hated at the same time? What was a woman supposed to say to a the man she had not seen in months? What was a woman supposed to say to a man that had been, and will always be the most important part of her life, knowing that the feelings were not returned? What was a woman supposed to say to the man who was the father of her kids, but he had no idea?

Her kids, she snapped out of her thoughts. What will he do if he finds out about them? A fear creeped in her heart as it finally dawned on her that her whole family was under the same roof. That he would find out about her... his... their kids now. In her desperation to keep any voices of her kids out of his ear, she turned away from him and started to question him.

"Aap yahan? Kyun?" Khushi asked, trying to keep her trembling voice in check.

"Oh I don't know. I was just driving by and saw a house that felt like it was yours so I just knocked to check! Look! What a surprise! It was yours...! What do you think?" he replied to her sarcastically.

"I am serious Mr. Raizada what are you doing here?!" she asked making sure to call him in a formal way so he knew that this was a cordial conversation, nothing more then that.

"Mr. Raizada? Since when am I Mr. Raizada..." Arnav started, speaking through gritted teeth.

"Always. You have always been Mr. Raizada and since you are such, I will refer to you in that manor. This should not bother you Mr. Raizada, it is just a formal way to have a conversation after all," Khushi replied, stopping her mindless talk only when she felt his grip on her arm, turning her around so fast that she landed straight into his arms.

"Well I didn't know we were having a cordial conversation or else I would have called upon you in the same fashion, Mrs. Raizada, and really shouldn't I be the one asking questions here?" Arnav told her, pulling her more into him so there was barely any space left between them.

"Why? Why should you be the one asking questions?! You are the one that randomly popped up in front of my door!" she replied back with a firm voice, trying to show that the close proximity between them did not affect her, but clearly her racing heart said otherwise.

"Yeah I wasn't the one that left leaving a small letter!" Losing his patience, he gripped her arms harder and pulled her really close and stared into her eyes. He could hear her heart clearly, or was it his? He couldn't tell. But he knew, that he affected her just the way she affected him.

Before she could go on, all hell broke loose as the entire house filled with loud cries from upstairs. Khushi's breath hitched as a confused look took over Arnav's face. Before he could react, Khushi pushed him out of the way and dashed up the stairs forgetting about Arnav being there all together.

Looking around once, Arnav decided it was best to follow her, so he went up the same stairs he just saw her disappear at. Once he got up to the top, he walked towards the room she just went into, but before he could step in, the sight in front of him stopped him in his tracks.

She was standing there, with a baby in her arms?? What the?!?! Who's baby is that damnit!? She is babysitting for money!?, he thought, not even understanding the full situation until he walked completely into the room and saw what was happening.

There wasn't one baby, there were two of them!! Khushi had one of them, a girl, in her arms as she juggled the poor thing to try to calm it down, but the baby was stubborn too. It, she, refused to calm down and just started to cry even louder at Khushi's attempt at trying to calm her down. In frustration, Arnav watched Khushi turn on the other baby, a boy, and started to tell him off.

"Ari! Why can't you leave your sister alone?! I leave you two for five minutes and there you go annoying her!", Khushi chided the little boy that was in the crib, who in return just looked at Khushi with big brown eyes which were now tearing up.

Even before Arnav heard the noise, he knew what was going to happen. The baby in the crib started to cry to, confusing Arnav highly. Was he crying due to the lack of attention or since Khushi had just yelled at him? he thought curiously. Thinking it would be better to be of help then just standing and watching his wife struggle, Khushi walked into the room so he was standing right behind Khushi.

Not realizing what she was doing, Khushi turned to Arnav and handed the little girl to him. "Hold her, calm her down, do something!" With that she turned around and picked up Ari, cute name, and started to soothe him by murmuring sweet things in his ear.

"I am so sorry sweetie, you know I love you both the same. But you need to stop riling up your sister like that." Khushi patted Aryan's back as she tried to calm him.

Arnav looked at the little girl in his arms and was surprised when the girl, in return, stared back at him. He had never really handled kids before so he was completely lost on what to do. He held her up so she was hanging in the air and meet him eye to eye. No one has the guts to stare at Arnav Singh Raizada in the eye and look at this baby. She is staring at me as if she will kill me right on the spot..., kinda like I do when I am angry. Unknown to him, a small smile creeped up on his face as he thought that. He looked up at her and gave her a small glare, but in return he got a glare back. Shocked he gave her a small smile, and once again in return he got a small smile back. This is fun! He saw her trying to touch his face so he brought her a little closer only to get a small nudge from her tiny hands.

He brought the baby girl back down into his arms, hugging her into his chest. She instantly closed her eyes when she felt his warm arms around her, feeling a sense of security? Arnav stared at her, not bothering to hide his awe at the little bundle of sunshine in his arm. She looks kind of like Khushi! She had the same type of fire in her eyes that Khushi has when she gets mad, though Khushi does not usually stay mad. This little girl stayed mad, almost like I do...

A thought dawned on him as he looked at the little girl in his arms, then at the little boy in Khushi's arms. He noticed the boy for the first time close up since the girl had caught his attention more. Now as he looked at the boy, he noticed something that shook him. The little boy looked exactly like he had, when I had been young.

Di always kept around pictures of his birth and made him look at himself. She would always compare him with his younger self, telling him that he had changed so much. There was one picture especially that Arnav loved. It was one of him when he had been around the same age as the boy was now. Arnav  had been crying in the picture and he looked just like the little boy in Khushi's arms, or rather the boy looks like me. Arnav's mother was holding on to him, trying to soothe him so he would just stop crying, just like Khushi is.

He looked up at her and examined her closely. The moment which was unfolding in front of him frightened him a bit. The boy exactly like him in that pic and Khushi was acting as protectively as his mother had been over him. Could it really be...But before he could think more, the next words from Khushi's mouth froze him.

"Shhh, Ari, it's okie. Don't cry! I am not mad at you. Shh, mommy is here." Khushi kept soothing little Aryan who seemed to be finally calming down since he was getting the attention that he was craving from his mommy.

"Mama! Mama!!" Ari cried, waving his hands around at Khushi's face, telling her it was okay. He was fine. Finally getting her attention, he rested his head on her shoulder and started dozing off.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Khushi gently patted Ari as he fell asleep within minutes. All of a sudden she realized it was way too quiet in the room. Then it struck her, Rani wasn't crying. She looked towards Arnav and gasped as she saw Rani comfortably sleeping in his arms. She was sleeping? After all of that? How? She never does that! I have never been able to get her to go to sleep once she has woken up fully, be it day or night! Then how?

Khushi then looked up at Arnav's face and saw the shocked expression on his face. Khushi's face expressed a look of confusion and then horror as she realized what he must have heard while she was trying to calm Aryan down. Well he had to find out some day. I might as well just tell him the truth, they are his blood and I can't keep him in the dark for any longer.

Turning around mechanically, she put Ari into the crib. Then she walked over to Arnav, took Rani from his arms gently and put her in the crib. After covering them with a small blanket, she turned towards Arnav.

"Khushi...yeh...", Arnav had finally found the words in his mouth, as he tried to ask her something but she cut him off and grabbed his hand.

"Shh! They will wake up again!" Khushi whispered furiously and she dragged him out of the room before he exploded.


Alright! That was the part! hope you guys liked it!! Once again please add the id bluezcreationz for PMs for future updates!! Thank you for reading!

You know the drill please press the LIKE button and leave lots of comments! We love reading them =)

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Hmm! Why do I feel like this story is going to have lots of sad parts in future? But I loved this sad, emotional, affection in this part. It was a mixture of all which made it soothing. Enjoyed reading the whole update and seriously, the kids are a lot of Arnav. Especially loved the scene when Rani gave him his reflection. That was awesome. So in next update, she'll tell him they're his? 

Ahh! I still cen't geet over the kids name Ari and Rani. Day Dreaming Need I say update ASAPApprove

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Kya Socha Aur Kya Hua :( Broken Heart This Story Will Be Painful . This Part Cracked Me Up When Arnav Is Giving The Baby Glares & Get Them Back ;) ROFL That's SOOO Damn Cutee Embarrassed & I Can Imagine The Scene <3 Day Dreaming Ohhh, I Want To Know Their Past Jaldiii : P LOL UPDATEEE Hug

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lovely update...cant wait read more!!!!

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so so so so chweet update!!!!!!TongueTongueTongueTongue
Loved the entire thing...especially when Arnav was glaring at Rani and she glared back at that cracked me upROFLROFLROFLROFL
i could imagine his reaction for thatROFLROFLROFL and i loved the way he relates Rani to Kushi...Smile that was good...
And also Arnav thought that Kushi should deserve happiness and that he will give her everything that she deserves...ClapClapClap
And yes he knows about his kidsDancing
waiting for him to blast her and stay till she agrees...
Also i want him to play more with his kids...LOLLOLLOL
continue soon...

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