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ArHi FF: Dildaara - ON HOLD - NOTE pg 90

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GUYS if you want PMs please add the id bluezcreationz...don't add my id (smileyface) or mya's id (aquabluez17) unless you want to read only my work...for this ff we will only send out PMs from please don't add me...unless u really wanna be my friend hehe please and thank you <33

Hey guys!! We, meaning Hershi(SmileyFace) and Mya(AquaBluez17) started a new FF!! Yuppp, we know how much you love our work so we were like lets annoy them even more by joining forces! SO HERE WE ARE =D Yes, yes you heard right!! We have OFFICIALLY COMBINED OUR POWERS! So now you will be DOUBLY irritated. Which means celebrations for us =D Ok just kidding...but we would really appreciate you take a look at it! We promise to entertain you...if we don't you can totally throw designer shoes, some chocolates, and pretty clothes or whatever you want at us!! Even Arnav ;) We don't mind :D OH YEA DEFINITELY DON'T MIND some Arnav lovin ;) We are hoping to make this a little different and would appreciate that you all read it! So without going on and on, we bring to you our new and first creation 



"And who lives in that house?" the lady asked as she pointed to the blue house down the road, at the end of the corner. The lady had just moved to the neighborhood and was getting to know everyone around her place.

"Oh you don't want to go there," came the reply from the group of ladies.

A lady sitting next to her replied. "That house belongs to the teacher. She teaches the kids in the neighborhood. But the girl does not seem to be from a good family."

"Off course she is not from a good family!" the head of the ladies, named Radha, replied.

Radha absolutely hated that teacher. She had been living in the society for seven months by now and yet she lied to everyone. She lied to Radha, the Radha!! No one lied to Radha Sharma! Everyone, in the society, in her contacts, everyone Radha knew, trusted her. They would tell her every little detail about her life, and she would listen..., as if she cared.

That is what had gone wrong. Since day one, that teacher had not told Radha anything. When she had inquired about her pregnancy, the teacher had kept mum. When Radha asked about her family, she would say nothing and would always keep to herself.The only people she actually talked to were the kids she taught. The kids Radha had been teaching, until she came along. Radha disliked the teacher with a passion. Well that is what I tell people, since they don't need to know, that I don't just dislike that girl, I hate her.

Radha had been the one to teach the kids before this girl came along and took her job! She had given tuitions to one of the kids and then that was it. Sweet talking the entire society, everyone now sent their kids to her house. In anger, Radha had started calling her "the teacher", a name most would take kindly, but Radha made sure it was equivalent to a curse. Soon the whole society followed suit, since no one wanted to make Radha mad. The problem was that they trusted her, Radha could never be wrong! And so, the entire society followed everything she did and said blindly. That had just encouraged her to say more bad things about the teacher.

And this new female addition to the society would be no different. She will learn soon. I should tell her the teacher's story to make sure she understands. It is essential that she does not hear good about the teacher.

"The teacher, that is what we call her," Radha explained gently to the new female, not wanting to scare her, "She is not one to be around."

"Why? What is wrong with her? Her house looks spectacular from the outside! Look at it! The way it is maintained, especially that garden! It has such beautiful roses!"

"Exactly hun. She grows roses. Do you know what that means? Roses are pretty from far away, but if you look closer, they have thorns. Just like she does. Her two kids, don't know whose kids they are. Not only that, she wears a mangalsutra and sindoor but no one has ever seen her husband! She always says he is away on a business trip. It has been 7 months and he has not been here even once. He was not even there for her delivery! What kind of a husband does that? A non- existent one.  We don't even think she is married. You know girls now a days, the things they do." Radha replied to the new lady as each word from her mouth dripped with honey as she spat out venom.

"Honestly, we think she either does not have a husband, or a her husband left her. Did you know? She has twins! So maybe her husband was so poor that he could not afford taking care of two babies at once, hence he left her..., alone. If I was her, I would have rather aborted my kids then leave my husband, but obviously that was not the case for her. She chose her kids, which are more his since he is the father, and still goes around wearing the nishanis of a married woman. She is a widowed woman, and she brought the choice upon herself, so why can she not except it? Since she cannot handle the world, she cannot live in a society where she has two kids with no male figure. No one can live that life. Males are necessary to depend on, and since she refused that support, now she is all alone," Radha told the new lady, her eyes shining in pride as she talked about the role of women in the society.

"No one ever comes to visit her. The only person who ever came was this girl who apparently was a friend who helped her with the delivery. Some Lavanya Kashap. But even she stopped coming after a little while. Can't blame her, who would want to associate with such a woman!" Radha explained.

Radha was quite impressed with herself. She knew that this new lady had fallen for her words. Just a little bit more and she would have one more person on her side against "The teacher."

However, before she could go on, a white SUV rushed past them in high speed straight towards the end of the society. The women looked at each other wondering who this big car belonged to. Must be someone rich, they all thought  but didn't say anything since the richest person in the society was supposed to be Radha and her husband but this SUV owner beat them in that category.

This man seemed to be a lot more richer, Radha didn't even come close to matching this owner in wealth. But before they could go on, all of them stood up shocked as the SUV stopped right in front of the one house they never expected it would.

"It must be a mistake," Radha told the females calmly. She was sitting since she did not want to show how this SUV owner had rattled her senses and possibly her position in the society.

The next moment, even Radha, stood up abruptly as she saw who stepped out of the SUV. A very good looking man, with aviators on. He had the perfect body and the perfect features. Everything about him spelled perfection. His clothes were obviously Armani, with an elegant look to them. His shoes matched his high profile look, making him look like a perfect Greek God, and a "businessman," Radha breathed out.

They all held their breath as they saw him take off his aviators and scan the neighborhood. Gasps could be heard around them as he turned around to look at them, god the man was gorgeous, but without a second glance he looked toward the house in front of him. Sighing and taking a deep breath they saw him take a step towards the house and then walked up to the door and rang the door bell.

Radha watched in horror as the door flung open, and the teacher walked out not paying attention and bumped... into the Greek god, falling in his arms. Unable to resist, Radha and the females all power walked to the house, so they could catch anything..., anything the man said.

If that caught Radha by surprise, the next thing had her fuming while the ladies around her gasped once again as they heard what the man said. He had a devilish smirk playing on his lips as he stared at the lady in his arms who was shocked out of her mind when she saw who had caught her.

"Hi sweetheart."


NOTE: we saw a lot of queries about her kids...she has twins...only twins...she isn't pregnant again! =) hope that helps! 

 alright that was the prologue!!! hope you all liked it! please do leave comments and likes! we would love to hear your reviewss!!  

additional note, for pms add bluezcreationz (You just need to scroll down to third post...and press buddy! If you don't add this ID you won't get PMs) 

thank you for reading!!!!!

love Hershi, Soumi and Arnie (and the rest of the raizadas and whoever else we have in our ff) =D AWWW!!! <3 <3 Does that mean that A- Shut it Soumi. Whattt!! You know what I mean! Ugh fine.  Sorry Hershh :)

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part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4

Add the ID in the post after this if you want PMs!

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Okay guys! Heyy Hug Hug

If you would like pms, please add this account if you are not already on the buddy listBig smileBig smile

Thank you all!!

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Omg i loved it!,i hate Radha straight awayLOL,awww please update sooon and please send me a pmWink,really love the prologue,can't wait to read moreBig smile

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Nice story. Do PM me.

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Okay guys, quick note...

ahhh not really lol. Im just commenting for the sake of it! N also since I need this coming up on my watch listt!! LOLShocked

Lol so hav fun reading every1!!

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OMGGG!!! the prolouge has got me under your spell alreadyy!! Update soon! lookin forward to the 1st part!

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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